Valent USA Orthene PCO Pellets

Valent USA Orthene PCO Pellets

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  • 1 box = 10 * (1.40 oz packages)
  • Active component: Acephate 97.4%
  • Not for Sale: AK, CA, CT, HELLO, NY

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1 box = 10 * (1.40 oz packages) Active component: Acephate 97.4% Not for Sale: AK, CA, CT, HELLO, NY

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While it holds true this things does have a rather bad odor that sticks around, ultimately that sour odor disappears. If you have german roaches you understand there’s absolutely nothing out there that eliminates them. Those things decline to pass away. This things eliminates germans. You do not require to spray them straight with it either. If anybody out there has german roaches and you enable a bad odor to stop you from acquiring this, then what? you ‘d rather deal with the roaches? we treat our home every 6 weeks or two and poof, no more roaches. We moved into this house and within a week or two began to recognize we had business. Attempted whatever and we suggest whatever. Even the pros. Till this. Thank you for bring it.

We like this product, we utilized this product with”gentrol insect growth regulator (igr)” We would stated this product emitted a strong fragrance. The day of the treatment, our spouse and we left your home for days and 2 nights. On the 3rd day, when we returned house, we were remarkably delighted to see a great deal of dead roaches. We would buy this product once again. Upgraded: after utilizing this product with the cultured product, we see less and less roaches. If there were any left, the majority of them were either passing away or has some sort of flaws. They could not reproduce or mate. We resided in an apartment building and when we relocated, it was truly bad, however after using this product. It appear no more roaches. We still sprayed a minimum of as soon as a a year, due to the fact that our next-door neighbors position were still plagued with it.

We utilize it on the outside of the entire home, due to the fact that we have animals. After treatment no bugs inside house however the uncommon lagger. Disadvantage a little smelly after application. So worth it.


We have actually attempted numerous things to attempt and eliminate annoying german roaches however we find this is the just one we have actually utilized that works. The odor is extremely minor however it’s still there so keep that in mind.

We constantly like to buy this product. It works truly well. Utilized this product for numerous years. Constantly present pals tobuy We hope you do not miss it.

Worth every cent. This product works fantastic. We blend one pack per gallon rather of one per 2 gallons of water. We sprayed every other day for 2-1:2 weeks. It s been a month considering that we last sprayed and all insects are gone. We extremely suggest this product.

This things works fantastic,,.

Functions fantastic keep all insect away.


It is a genuine killer.

Work as explain. Utilized as it directed then leave it for a great 2-3 days. When returned and tidied up whatever, we can see the distinctions.


Or then pco pellets great cost. And great things. We us every summer season.

Extremely helpful.

God do we dislike pests in your home. This thing eliminates them little suckers.

Excellent product for eliminating pests. Quick shipping.


We utilize for roach every efficient.

Functions truly well. Extremely suggest this product.

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