Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Snow White/Cream Area Rug

Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Snow White/Cream Area Rug

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Snow White/Cream Area Rug.

  • This rug is best for those high traffic locations in your house. It’s likewise kid and family pet friendly.
  • This rug is water resistant, mold and mildew resistant, stain resistant, and does not shed.
  • Cleaning Up Directions: We suggest area cleansing with willpower, and routine vacuuming is great, however you can’t utilize the beater bar (spinning brush) on the vacuum. It requires to be suction-only or take it outdoors and shake itout You can utilize a carpet cleaner (shampooer) however it need to be dried instantly and uniformly.
  • Colors found in this rug consist of: Snow White/Cream.
  • This rug is 1.5″ thick.

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Size: 6′ 0 x 9′ 0|Color: Snow White/Cream Our Solo Solid Shag Collection includes elegant shag carpets in 22 (count em.) stunning colors. Lavish and soft, you ll fall for this remarkable rug. Picture sinking your bare feet into the luxurious stack of this lavish rug. You ll be the envy of everybody who visits your house with the spectacular color from your Solo Solid Shag rug. All maker made carpets (made with polypropylene) will normally have some degree of odor which is just an off-gassing which is brought on by the polypropylene stack. This product is drawn out from propylene gas.The smell will go away naturally in an open aerated area so in cases of a strong odor, we recommend to leave it outdoors on a bright day which will permit the smells to make the most of aeration which must then reduce the effects of. For much heavier cases, including sodium bicarbonate while outdoors will be useful to accelerate this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Snow White/Cream Area Rug.

Question Question 1

Is The Runner 2′ 6″ X10′ Or 3′ X10′? It Says Both.?

The measurements for this rug are: 2 feet 6 inches wide by 10 feet long.

Question Question 2

Can We Have This Rug Professionally Cleaned With Steam Cleaner? Why Doesn’T It Say How To Clean These Rugs In The Description?

That’s a great question.We have now put the cleaning instructions in the product details.

Question Question 3

How Do You Clean It?

We recommend spot cleaning with resolve, and regular vacuuming is good, but you can’t use the beater bar (spinning brush) on the vacuum. It needs to be suction-only or take it outside and shake it out.And you can use a carpet cleaner (shampooer) but it should be dried immediately and evenly.

Question Question 4

Does It Pick Easy?

we are not sure what you mean by pick. If you mean do the threads come out easily, then no.we vacuum this rug also, and it hold up nicely.

Question Question 5

How Thick Is This Rug? The Description Says ” This Rug Is 1.5″ Thick.” Is That When The Stack/Shag Is Standing Directly Or When It Is Resting?

That’s a terrific question.That is the measurement of the stack standing directly.

Question Question 6

Am We Able To Get A Sample Of The Terracotta Color?

That’s a terrific question.There are sample colors offered now for each color in this collection.

Question Question 7

What Is The Real Size For The 6 X 8?

We have a 5′ x 8′ or a 6′ x 9′. There are no 6′ x 8′ carpets in this collection.

Question Question 8

Whats The Material Material?

That’s a terrific question.This rug is made from polypropylene.

Question Question 9

Does This Rug Have A Harmful Offgasing Odor?

That’s a terrific question.We do not treat our carpets with any chemicals, so it must not smell bad.

Question Question 10

Is The 7 X 7 Round Or Square?

The image with your question is ROUND. The one we purchased is 4′ X 6′. Check out the descriptions.we would presume a 7′ X 7′ to be ROUND. we actually like our rug.

Question Question 11

Do You Required A Rug Pad To Keep In Put On Wood Flooring?

That’s a terrific question. We do suggest acquiring a non-slip pad if the rug is going on a tough surface area floor covering.

Question Question 12

Can Somebody Who Has Bought The Red Rug Inform United States If It Could Pass With Burgundy Design? Or Would It Be Too Brilliant?

our company believe it could its more of a neutral gray

Question Question 13

We Bought 3 Carpets And Just Gotten 2 Of Them.?

Email an call custumer service have your order information all set

Question Question 14

Is The Yard Green Super Bright Like Phony Yard Or More Like Genuine Yard Color Of The Photo With The Furnishings In It?

Hey There Williams, The color of this Solid Shag rug is more genuine Yard Green. Likewise you can see this rug with furnishings on 3rd image.

Question Question 15

How Do We Return A 4 X 6 Rug When The Original Plastic It Was Covered In Is Gone?

That’s a terrific question.You can utilize tarpaulin, plastic, or any sort of wrap to cover it up once again.

Question Question 16

What Is The Distinction In Between Orange And Tiger Orange?

That’s a terrific question.In this collection, we just have the tiger orange, which is a brighter orange color.

Question Question 17

Is The Cloud Gray 8 2 X8 2 Round Or Square? It Reveals It As Round However Refers To As A Square.?

That’s a terrific question.Everything, even the images, portray this rug being a square.It’s a square rug.

Question Question 18

Is It Soft And Shaggy Or Seem Like A Restroom Rug?

That’s a terrific question.This rug is made from polypropylene.It’s really soft.

Question Question 19

What Type Of Support?

That’s a terrific question.This rug has a cotton support.

Question Question 20

We Have A Customer That Requirements 2 To Be Appeared Together.Is It Possible Si It Can Be Installed Wall To Wall?

That’s a terrific question. It might be possible, however you would need to employ an expert to do so.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Snow White/Cream Area Rug, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

** upgrade october 2019 ** all our carpets are taupe colorwe have actually had our carpets for over a year now and believed we need to upgrade our evaluation. One rug remains in a space with big windows and gets the direct arizona sun for 5 hours a day. We keep the couch covered to safeguard it. We simply moved the couch and the rug has no staining. No fading at all. We like these carpets. We the other night our feline ended up being ill and threw up an unplesent green onto a rug. We tidied up the liquid and left the balance to dry. After an excellent vacuuming the next day all of it came out and no stain. Whoohoo. Likewise, when we vacuum we utilize the beater bar simply as if they were carpets. We have actually had no issues yet and we are an agressive vaccumer. You will like these carpets. We simply purchased another. We have actually acquired 5 of the solid shag collection carpets in the last 2 months. We have actually not had a smell or a continuous corner rolling issue as discussed in other evaluations. The carpets have actually been plush and laid flat after a few hours. Today we got our 5th rug. We observed a distinction in the weight instantly. After vacuuming the rug and looking closer we observed a number of more distinctions. The brand-new rug is identified solo collection. It appears thinner, has a solid color back, does not ordinary flat and has a smell. The solid shag collection has a multi-colored back and a broad rubber cut on the edge that includes weight and holds the rug down. Perhaps those who do not care for the rug have actually not gotten the proper product. We have actually consisted of pictures of the 2 carpets for simple contrast.

Truthfully, you can t beat the rate on this rug. Our hubby purchased this for us a couple months back and it suits well with our living-room. When you initially get it, you re going to have the edges holding up however no concerns since all you need to do is location something heavy on the corners and leave it for about 20-30 minutes and ta da, issue resolved. We likewise vacuum this every now and then and it appears to still remain in fantastic condition.

The rug far surpassed our expectations. It is plusher and softer than the rug we are changing which was from ikea. Our only grievance is the preliminary smell. We suggest airing it out a few days prior to putting it into your home.

Lovely shag. Not expensive, not too low. Got the cloud grey & it is best. Greyt rug for the rate. Unrolled beautifully & isn’t shedding. Finest thing is our greyhound believes it’s her brand-new pet bed.

We enjoyed this carpet a lot we purchased another one the next day. One for under our economy size bed and the other for our living-room. Size 8×11 snowwhite.

Extremely great quality for the rate. When we unrolled it, it instantly later on flat. No insane smell, best color. Not as soft as we were hoping it would be. We are utilizing it on a tile flooring, and we will need to include something beneath to keep it from moving. Over we are really happy with our purchase.

Incredibly pleased with our purchase. Fantastic product specifically for the rate. Quick shipment.

We want it were a bit thicker so that there s no desire for a pad for cushioning and the measurements were more precise (the rug has to do with 9. 8 by 13). Other than that the sandy brown color is fantastic. Not too light or dark; best for family pets that might have a mishap or shed. We sanctuary t vacuumed it yet so we are unsure about shedding there however the shag appears well built. We are likewise unsure about the color fastness yet however we will report back after our very first vacuum and area cleansing. In general it s an extremely great rug. It s not better or even worse in quality nor rate than in shop carpets however there were more color choices here. For everybody still browsing understand that late fall/early winter season is when on the ground fabric shops restock for the year and provide the very best discount rates. We found this out from more than one supplier so if you can find a color/style that you like on the ground you might well have the ability to get $1k carpets for about the very same $250 as this. We simply could not find any for our family pet friendly requirements (marked down pricey carpets were natural fibers/ wool/ silk) so we came here for artificial products and a color that were more most likely to be pet friendly. Update: we have area cleaned up and dyson vacuumed this sucker and it s still going strong. Likewise among our puppies is terribly scared of thunderstorms and pulled lots (we indicate a huge hand complete) of the fibers out in one small area once fluffed we can t even find the area to picture for y all. There s had to do with a lots family pet mishaps which we have actually fixed with natures wonder family pet carpet cleaner, puppy pads, and an indoor fenced area for the pet dogs throughout the day however it left no staining or smell. It didn’t alter the rug texture either.

Is it elegant and elegant? not rather. However for an artificial rug, it ain’t bad. It’s soft and thick, the color is abundant and precisely as guaranteed, and for the rate, it’s magnificent. The only drawback is that our feline definitely declines to go near it for some factor. We have actually attempted to present her to this rug however she demands going all the method around it, completely out of her method, simply to prevent stepping on it. So we think the feline would offer it less stars, however she’s a freeloader so her viewpoint does not actually count.

We love this rug. We bought the 10 x12 dark grey rug and it is stunning. It is more lush/piles than we anticipated and feels so great on bare feet. The shipment was on time (within a 2 hour window) and they brought it inside your home however did not open it (which we didn’t anticipate). It was packaged nicely/safely covered in clear plastic and after that another tarpaulin layer more resilient for the weather condition and possible shipping damage. We would not be reluctant purchasing this rug once again, fantastic worth and quality. The only concern is it s so high stack that our roomba like vacuum can t browse it so well.

Love this rug. The color is real to promoted, simple to vacuum, and soft.

General the rug benefits the rate. Bought for bed room simply to break up all of the wood floor covering, and on a tight spending plan. It s absolutely an extremely artificial product, however is soft. Extremely real to color, however was a little shaken off by the really dark colored support. This reveals through when the shag fibers are moved and bare areas reveal through. They absolutely need to utilize a white or light colored support. We are pleased with the rug however would not put in a high traffic area, it absolutely would not hold up gradually.

We acquired this rug (white shag) for our newborn children space. We had actually taken a look around in your home depot’s “rug sale” just to find a 800 dollar rug marked down to 499. Ugh ya. No thanks. Not for a rug that’s gon na get all sorts of infant goo all over it. We found unique loom on and saw all the favorable evaluations. So we figured we would inspect it out and acquired. It was without a doubt the very best priced we might find anywhere. It originates from the east coast and took 5-6 days to show up. However that’s ok. We weren’t in a rush. We unrolled it and put upside down for 40 hours to get the rug to lay flat. Turned over and offered it a vacuum. Looks remarkable. Soft on the feet. No problems after an excellent vacuuming. Barely any fibers cameout We are really happy with this purchase, and would absolutely buy more in the future from unique loom for other parts of our home.

After all set as lots of evaluations as we might in the past our vision began to blur lol we chose to simply attempt it. They’re extremely economical so all right whatever right. 1. There is no smell2. They are much softer and thicker than we prepared for and idk what every else issue exists lol3. They lay flat4. Color is amazing. Simply as shown5. Got here a day earlywe lovethese The only factor we offered it 4 out of 5 and not 5 out of 5 is since they are a little unequal. However that extremely well might be that it requires to be extended or utilizedmore Does not trouble us that much at all.

Excellent rate. Looks alot better personally. Fits well under our 6 chair table.

We checked out the evaluations on this product prior to bought and, rather honestly, believed that we would utilize it and toss it away for the rate. We have actually purchased shag carpets for triple the rate that were not as great as this one. Good, thick, high shag. Color a little darker than pictures however totally appropriate. It took a day or more to “uncurl” with weight on the corners, however that is anticipated and it is simply stunning and luxuriously soft. We will be bought from this business once again.

It is relatively affordable. Color is fantastic. No problems. Looks great. It is yellow.

Up until now so great. It is a bit thin however hey you buy another 9×12 rug for under $500 and see what you get. Completions were what we were stressed over however they are well stitched and appear strong. We have not had any curling of completions like other evaluations. We would nevertheless probly keep away from the light colors- we get the charcoal and if you run your hand through you do see some of the black coming through. Might be more of a concern with a lighter rug. It is comfy to rest on however might be better with a foam mat under it. We would buy another one.

We were a bit uncertain about acquiring this rug, as the evaluations were rather blended on the quality of this rug. The majority of the evaluations for the slate blue rug were good, so we chose it. We are soooo pleased we did. The rug is precisely what we were searching for. The color is excellence in our space and actually anchors all the gray. Like others have actually stated, it came folded due to its size (12×13). The was a minor smell, however absolutely nothing that a few sprays of febreze and an excellent vacuuming didn’t repair. The stacks were flat due to product packaging and shipping, nevertheless it perked right up after being vacuumed. If you are thinking about the slate blue, understand that it photographs more green than what it actually is. It’s sort of like a grayed variation of the tiffany blue color (our favorite) and it’s stunning. It’s an artificial product, so not extremely soft, however soft, nevertheless.

Outstanding. It’s soft on the feet, best play area for our 3yo child. High quality. Given that they do not make paw patrol boats that actually operate in water, we purchased this– being imaginative– to turn part of our living-room flooring into a sea. Given that the pp boats do not enter water, we put them on this carpet so our child can pretend the boat is at sea and do water rescue objectives. We have a difficult time getting her to remain off the difficult floorings, so this carpet served a double function of providing her carpet to use and fixing the “water” issue. Our child likes it. She gets distressed when we put the carpet away. Initially, we could not constantly keep it down because given that it does not match any of our relative’s interior decoration -being acquired for the function of making a sea for the boats and the submarine to take a trip on– our relative makes us roll it up when business is coming that might not comprehend the performance of a blue-green rug when all the other space design is light brown. Now our relative is beginning to like it too, specifically because it keeps our child off the flooring. It remains in location, it’s soft, best size, and the color is best for a make-believe sea. Initially we didn’t inform her we were purchasing it, understanding that she would not accept the color, once we shocked our household with it, and set it up with the toys and a background we acquired, a number of visitors stated that our house was a kid’s sanctuary. Everybody likes the concept now. See imagesbelow This rug is a need to have.

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