Tic Tac Tiles 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen

Tic Tac Tiles 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tic Tac Tiles 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen.

  • HIGH-QUALITY: Reasonable tile result with 3D texture (10 Sheets of 9.81″W x 9.25″ H Made in Korea)
  • QUICK & EASY: Simply peel and stick. No glue, no grout, no mess. Perfect for a Do It Yourself task
  • STRONG STURDINESS: No staining, no peeling after setup. Resistant to heat, water, and humidity
  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Anti-bacterial and anti-mold product that does not discharge dioxins
  • ASSURANCE: Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. Email us at contactus@tictactiles.com for any questions or issues.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tic Tac Tiles 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen.
Easy Peel and Stick No additional glue or grout needed. Simply peel and stick. Reasonable Tile Look Our exclusive 3D-epoxy surface offers texture of genuine tile Environment Friendly and Water Resistant Anti-mold, anti-bacterial product is likewise resistant to heat, water and humidity Product Quality Assured We support the high quality of ourproducts We provide replacement of any Tic Tac Tiles with style or production flaws. Improve Any Area With Tic Tac Tiles Kitchen/ Restroom Perfect backsplash Utility room Illuminate laundry day Fireplace Distinctively accent little areas Recreational Vehicle and Mobile House Effective option for Recreational Vehicle remodellings Check out more How to Set Up Polito Fresco Polito WhiteComo CremaBrick Metal GreyComo SandMarmo TravertineSize10 x 10 10 x 10 12 x 12 10 x 1010 x 1010 x 10Style MosaicMosaic MosaicBrickMosaicSquarePeel & Stick

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tic Tac Tiles 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen.

Question Question 1

What Is It Constructed out Of?

It is a soft pvc type plastic. It looks astonishingly genuine & is simple to tidy

Question Question 2

Are The Tiles 3D, Like Raised? Or Are They Flat Picture Images? Thanks?

They are raised.They appearance good.:

Question Question 3

If We Utilize The Bonus Recommended Spray Adhesive Is It Still Easy To Eliminate These If Required?

we did not require additional adhesive. They are challenging to get rid of either. we required to rearrange and it was pulling the paper off of our sheetrock. On the brilliant side you do not need to fret about them dropping.

Question Question 4

We Have Existed Ceramic Tiles With That 13″ Height, Are The These Tiles Available In 13″ Size To Stick On Ceramic Tiles?

They work fantastic

Question Question 5

For How Long Do They Stay Adhered For?

We purchased ours the start of Dec 2017 and they are still up and looks simply as great as when we at first positioned them.

Question Question 6

Can You Utilize This In A Recreational Vehicle Kitchen?

You can utilize this anywhere you desire. we put it in kitchen and restroom. Simply use spray adhesive for additional hold

Question Question 7

Can You Put This Over Wood Paneling?

Do not understand if it would stick. You better ask the maker.

Question Question 8

How Do Corners Deal With This Product And Do You Need to Caulk It?

You indicate flexing the tile around a corner? we have actually not attempted that however we seem like they are too thin to look great being bent that method. we would cut them at the edge and utilize corner round. we just caulked a few locations out of choice, however we didn’t “need to”.

Question Question 9

Can These Be Utilized On A Fire Location Surround?

If the location postpones heat, they would most likely melt.If the surrounding wall remain the exact same temperature as the other walls, it would work simply great, in our viewpoint.

Question Question 10

Do These Look Genuine, Or Does The Silver Tile In It Provide It Away And Make It Look Inexpensive?

They look truly costly. Great quality. we have them in our kitchen as a synthetic backsplash and everybody believes they’re genuine. we extremely suggestthese Excellent product for a great cost.

Question Question 11

Is 9.3″ The Width Or Height?

Hi John,Thank you for your interest in Tic Tac Tiles.9.3″ is the height and 9.84″ is the width. Hi John,Thank you for your interest in Tic Tac Tiles.9.3″ is the height and 9.84″ is the width. Please let us know if you have any questions.Thank you.

Question Question 12

Has Anyone Peeled These Off? Did They Damage The Wall?

They will RIP the top layer of the drywall.we found out when we tried repositioning one on our wall.

Question Question 13

Does This Pebble Version Have Brown In It Or Is It Gray? Hard To Tell In Pictures?

It has a brown square but it’s mostly grey and silver.

Question Question 14

How Many Tiles In A Package?When It Says (10)-Does That Mean Ten Packages Or Pieces?

(10) means 10 tiles. Thank you.

Question Question 15

Would These Be Recommended For A Rental Property?

This would be perfect for a rental in our opinion. Since they re peel and stick it they aren t permanent, so they can be removed by the land lord once you move out if they chose to do so.

Question Question 16

What Can We Use To Trim Raw Edges?

we just used scissors that we normally use in the kitchen when we trimmed mine

Question Question 17

What Brand/Type Of Glue Can We Use With The Tiles?

These are self adhesive so no glue was needed.

Question Question 18

Will These Bend To Do The Inside Corner?

Thank you for your interest in Tic Tac Tiles.If you have a round shape corner, you can apply our tiles as you bend it little. Thank you for your interest in Tic Tac Tiles.If you have a round shape corner, you can apply our tiles as you bend it little. However, if you have a perpendicular corner, you need to cut the tiles. You can easily cut tiles with a pair of scissors or a box cutter.Please let us know if you have any questions.Thank you.

Question Question 19

Are We Able To Purchase A Sample?


Question Question 20

What Is The Size Of Each Sheet?

As mentioned in the description,” one sheet is 9.84″ x 9.3″ x 0.13″

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Tic Tac Tiles 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Removable Stick On Kitchen, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We truly didn’t understand what to anticipate with this product, however we understood that we disliked our unsightly rental kitchen and requires a momentary option that will assist us be better while living here. We were happily amazed when these showed up. The grey within these tiles matches our unsightly rental counters practically completely. Truthfully, we are not even sure our photos do the sticker label tiles justice to demonstrate how gorgeous and reflective they are. The truly do look fantastic, they shine, and appear simple to tidy. We liked them quickly. They are simple adequate to set up, however by no ways are they easy-peasy. It is easy-ish. It requires time, persistence, and great cutting abilities if you do not have a completely square wall. Take your time, follow the instructions, view a few youtube videos and you’ll do great. It took 2 individuals about 2/2. 5 hours to do this area. Our pointers are to lay the tiles out in your area and take a look at them to see which tiles lay over and other the others. This will assist you out a lot when you start to stick them. Likewise, just work from one end to the other. Do not attempt to be a wise kid like us by beginning on both ends. It will ruin your over/under pattern and the 2 instructions will need to satisfy in an accident someplace. Smh. Likewise, get rid of socket covers prior to cutting the tile. This offers a cleaner appearance and was most likely the very best suggestion wefound Finally, when cutting: procedure, procedure, procedure. Do not simply cut. However if you’re not truly into that or not sure the number of boxes you require, order bonus. This little area took the whole of 2 boxes. We had no tiles to extra or ruin. If you’re uncertain, simply order additional anyhow. There’s more work to do on this unsightly kitchen, however in general we would extremely suggest this tile. We can’t wait to have individuals over to get their ideas and responses.

These are incredible, very simple to set up and you do not need to be ideal. If you make a small error, nobody will every understand. The distinction is incredible. Extremely suggest these.

It is an expense efficient and simple set up peel and stick product. We were hesitant initially, however presuming you prep the surface area correctly and take your time, it truly looks sharp. Even up close it is truly tough to inform it’s not genuine tile or grout. Appears long lasting. It’s raised up like genuine tile so you get the exact same textured appearance, however thin so you do not need to change the depth of your outlets and changes so the covers fit right. If we owned the location we would opt for the genuine thing, however this is plenty great for a leasing. So simple and reasonably low-cost we want we had actually done it quicker.

We truly like this product. We have actually desired a backsplash because we purchased our home 3 years ago however the job appeared overwhelming and the pricetag expensive. We were happily suprised at how simple it was to set up (although set up isn’t truly the best term because your simply putting sticker labels on the wall). We got pebble and we like the appearance. It’s not low-cost and scrappy appearing like we feared and everybody who’s seen it believed it was real tile. The metal tile are fantastic to conceal any flaws (we had rather a few ruin) and it magnificently shows whatever your surface area is making it an ideal match to our various colored counters. We purchased adhesive spray and didn’t require it even after managing the sticker labels and restocking them a few times. (like we stated a great deal of trial and mistake) we ensured to clean the textured wall there prior to with dawn meal soap and a sponge. We cleaned it down with a dry fabric and got to working about 5 minutes later on. We have a great deal of outlets so we did a great deal of cutting, o our utilizing sizzers. Our spouse enjoys how it turned out and we simply bought more to do the opposite of our kitchen.

We have actually gotten many compliments because we put it up. Individuals do not think that we did it ourself. The very first few pieces were tough, once you get the very first ones lined up it gets simpler. Simply beware to keep positioning them level. A line all the method throughout the wall would be valuable too. Didn’t assist that we were attempting to put it under 20+ years of age cabinets that were not completely level. It is extremely reflective nevertheless. The metal emerged tiles are extremely shiny, practically mirror-like. However we like the result it offers when we switch on the under cabinet lights. Appears to be holding up to the heat from the range and the water spray from cleaning meals. Extremely pleased with the product.

We utilized this in our recreational vehicle for our kitchen and restroom backsplash and it turned out fantastic. We had our spouse monitoring however we basically did the whole thing ourself so truly anybody can do this. The product is simple to cut( we utilized scissors) and simple to use. There were a number of times where we screwed up the positioning and we had the ability to peel it off and putt back on and it didn’t lose it’s adhesive at all. We utilized 2 packs of 10 tiles and we had one additional sheet once we completed our kitchen and restroom locations.

Easy to set up and looks gorgeous, simply a little costly otherwise we would offer 5 stars.

If you have any doubts at all about this product, ideally this evaluation will assist you decide. These tiles definitely changed the appearance of our kitchen, and they were exceptionally simple to use. We can not rave enough about what a distinction they made, and how exceptionally long lasting they are. We like them and everybody who goes to remarks at how fantastic they look. No one thinks they aren’t the genuine thing. 10/10. Fabulous product.

June 2019 upgrade: these tiles are still holding up with no peeling or anything. They look simply as ideal as they did when we initially installed them in 2015. We will be reordered more this year to complete another part of our kitchen. Lovethese Initial post: we bought these as a backsplash for our kitchen, as we have actually been attempting to conserve cash refurbishing. And these are definitely fantastic. We bought the como pebble one, and we need to state that it is much more shinier than what the image reveals on, however it still looks truly fantastic. They are thin however long lasting and truly simple to cut. We utilized a set of scissors and liquid nails as an additional adhesive. There are few flaws from our non-professional abilities however you truly can t inform that there are flaws unless you are standing extremely carefully to the tiles and analyzing them. For the corners of the walls where the tiles satisfy, we intend on including a thin layer of caulking to offer it more of a completed appearance. However all in all, these were fantastic. P. S. Neglect the dreadful paint task in our photos. The seller of our home did not have any sense of a color design prior to we bought.

So we saw variations of these tiles on various websites and in the shop. Was grateful to find them here bc they followed day. We were remodeling our utility room and didn’t wish to deal w/ the additional work of a genuine tile back sprinkle so we chose to take the route path and attempt these rather. We took our time however these might have quickly been set up in a couple hours even w/ the cuts required around outlets and rack brackets. We did this by ourself and we are 7 months pregnant so that need to inform you how easy they are to install. Our walls are orange peel texture which the label alerts versus however they stuck well adequate for us. Included a stylish touch to our little utility room for less time, cash, and effort than genuine glass tile. Def would suggest for comparable jobs and for individuals who do not wish to trouble w/ a complete tile task.

We have actually been wishing to attempt peel and stick backsplash tiles for our kitchen for a very long time (as we understood we didn’t understand enough to do genuine tile ourself), however we were stressed they would look low-cost. These look so great that if we didn’t do them, we wouldn t understand they weren t genuine. When we look carefully we can see the lines, though we believe that s since we did them as our spouse states he can t see them. They were reasonably simple, however it took us about 7 hours as we rapidly found out neither our cabinets or counters are level, so the very first strategy of putting a level line on the wall and following that made the tiles look off – so we wound up following the cabinet line and working our method down. We absolutely suggest getting an exacto knife and a ruler for accuracy cuts. We seemed like scissors were simpler to cut, however for accurate cuts like around the window molding it was required. We could not suggest these enough. We are so grateful we did it.

We have a little kitchen, bought 3 packs of these and wound up just doing one row all the method around, rather of following all of it the method as much as the cabinets as we would initially prepared. We did go all the method as much as the cabinet’s underside straight above the range, which turned out to be a good result. We messed up one tile as part of our “learning process” and actually have a number of remaining. A couple things we found out, desire we would understood ahead of time: on one side of these tiles there is a little strip of silver that comes off initially, the part that you will “marry” with the previous tile on the wall. We had a hard time to get the adhesive support off till we recognized it was simpler to eliminate it from the front. When that a person row is gone, the rest is simple to get rid of. In our kitchen, we didn’t recognize till it was far too late that the left hand counter top backsplash was simply somewhat greater than the main field of counter top and backsplash – so our very first a number of tiles sit right on the edge of our counter top backsplash piece, once we turned the very first corner, all subsequent tiles have a small space in between the bottom and the bottom of the counter, in order to keep them level. Aaaghh. In hindsight, had we discovered that, we would have represented it in the very first tile left wing. Recommendation – inspect the level of your pre-installed counter top backsplash initially. As other customers have actually stated, if you need to rearrange a tile you can. Mainly. However the adhesive is major company and it will pull paint off with it. We got better about the positioning as we went however still wound up bring up and rearranging a bit. We found these extremely simple to cut – scissors was all we required, believed we would likewise suggest having a speed square on hand – makes marking up the cuts easy. In general, i”m immensely pleased. Not terribly expensive, not labor-intensive at all. Just take it slow and pay attention to what you’re doing. Oh, and have a big trashbag ready – the backings and little silver slivers create quite the mess.

Only been installed for a few days, but so easy and looks great. We are ordered more to put over tile at kitchen sink area. Pics attached were installed over wall with no tile. So we will update our review after we install over tiled wall.

So a couple things to note. Easy to use if you note a few things. Only one end peels off backing with connection tiles pronged. The opposite side remains flat with silver overlay sections. Important when you cut so you cut correct side. Also if you notice in some pics some tiles appear black while other pics do not. Those tiles are mirrored so it reflects what you have on counter. If you have dark or cool tones on counter those tiles appear black. You re preference will matter. Took us a bit to figure that out. One side in kitchen of backsplash did other did not. Once we removed the dark items then tiles no longer appeared black and both sides matched.

After shopping in local home improvement stores for adhesive tiles to use as a backsplash around the stove and sinks in our camper, our relative and we were shocked at how expensive her ” easy task” was going to be. (the same products were almost $10/sheet. ) she read reviews of a couple different tiles online and decided to go with these. She installed them herself and said it was pretty easy. We’re both very pleased with the results. We used a good clear caulk around the edges and in the corner hoping to prevent any moisture from getting behind the tiles. As far as longevity, we don’t know yet, but we don’t expect any problems. The adhesive was very sticky and they seemed to be made of good quality.

As described. No issues at all. The silver in these are more ” chrome” and reflective than we anticipated and seem rather black in the image however it still looks incredible and gets the color around them.

Easy setup utilized our relative’s paper cutter to cut. Has actually been an excellent addition to the camper. Has actually held up to -2 to 125 degrees in there without any concerns.

Excellent quality product with simple can do application. It has actually changed our unsightly occupants kitchen. We picked this pattern since of the glass like metal, which shows light splendidly. We bought affordable under cabinet lighting to display this fantastic back splash. 9nly dissatisfied they did not consist of more tile in package, for our little kitchen we at first bought 2 boxes and then lastly an extra one. A little more than we wished to invest in our occupants kitchen however our young child is mesmerized by charming light showing off of the tile and we like it.

We were extremely hesitant about utilizing this product. The high evaluations assisted us choose to proceed and do it. We like love like it. It’s extremely simple to set up. All you require is a clear ruler and a sharp energy knife. The adhesion. We used over a wall painted with flat paint. The tile held, however it is extremely simple to manage. A true blessing and a curse (perhaps). As it was our very first time, we made lots of lots of errors in positioning, however in our case we were very happy that we had the ability to eliminate it and reapply it. It does manage the underlying paint, however that’s ok. We will absolutely utilize this once again.

These are the best creation. Takes a little care to set up, so you do not have spaces, however our normal eyeball measurements workee fine. This restroom backsplash took 1 hour and utilized all however 2 of the tiles (nevertheless we still have quarter areas of every piece as residues to utilize somewhere else). The colors are brilliant and enticing. Neutral adequate to utilize in all 3 of our restrooms, which is now the strategy. We likewise prepare to utilize them in a rental home for a fast fixer upper.

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