THENA Natural Wellness Organic H Salve Soothes & Relieves Hemmoroid & Fissure

THENA Natural Wellness Organic H Salve Soothes & Relieves Hemmoroid & Fissure

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of THENA Natural Wellness Organic H Salve Soothes & Relieves Hemmoroid & Fissure.

  • Quick soaking up simple to use, efficiently relieves itching, discomfort, burning, bleeding, pain, diminishes and lowers irritated cracks, anus, pregnancy stacks, inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue;
  • Apply with assurance, natural plant based astringent anti-inflammatory recovery residential or commercial properties and pure healing grade vital oils that supply max relaxing relief without adverse effects;
  • Help avoidance from future reoccurrences – organic st. john s wort, witch hazel, yarrow, white oak bark, comfrey, arnica, plantain understood for supplying extensive preventive care and securing versus flare-up;
  • Speeds up the healing development, for pregnant or postpartum mothers throughout pregnancy, prior to and after labor shipment, a little goes a long method;
  • Made in United States with the finest organic & 100% natural active ingredients, ruthlessness totally free, for females and males, external usage just. Spot test initially to make sure compatibility. See discount information below when purchasing sitz bath set (THENA H Salve & THENA Sitz Bath Salts).

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More Info:

Here are some more information on THENA Natural Wellness Organic H Salve Soothes & Relieves Hemmoroid & Fissure.
H Salve Balm 100% Natural & Organic Herbal Recovery Solution, Women & Guys

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on THENA Natural Wellness Organic H Salve Soothes & Relieves Hemmoroid & Fissure.

Question Question 1

Can Somebody Explain The Texture?

It s has a comparable texture as vasoline. It has a minty type odor. It does work. It did take about 2 weeks however.

Question Question 2

Is It 100% Natural?

Yes it is natural, was available in a dark glass container that natural products generally utilize.

Question Question 3

Exists A Cooling Experience?

The majority of those cooling things are just momentarily, at some point we find them can be stingy. This product feels extremely mild and it truly assists. we likewise like it 100% natural.

Question Question 4

Does It Work Like Preparation H?

we believe these are 2 various kinds of choice, one is 100% natural, one is OTC product, both can work (or dont). we purchased this product for our mother she likes it. Preparation H worked for her too issue is she has hypertension, among the active components in Preparation H is phenylephrine which is a vasoconstric we believe these are 2 various kinds of choice, one is 100% natural, one is OTC product, both can work (or dont). we purchased this product for our mother she likes it. Preparation H worked for her too issue is she has hypertension, among the active components in Preparation H is phenylephrine which is a vasoconstrictor. Likewise personally we would prevent skin care or body care products that consist of Petrolatum and Mineral Oil which are 2 main actives in PreparationH Some individuals spend for outcomes put on t mind what s in the formula and how it s made, others look after both outcomes and prospective negative effects, this is the main distinction we see.

Question Question 5

How Is This Delivered? We Don’T Want Individuals In Our Service?? Its Sort Of Embarrassing. Does It Can be found in A Box With The Name On It?”?

Mine arrived in a cushioned UPS type envelope.The only name on the outside of the envelope was mine.This jar is very small.Hopes this info helps.

Question Question 6

How Big Is It?

The jar without the lid measures 2 1/8 inch high, and the base has a 2 inch diameter.The label says net weight is 2 oz.

Question Question 7

Does It Smell Medicinal?

No it does not smell medicinal.Just a slight herbal odor – not unpleasant.

Question Question 8

In The Instructions, Does It State To Only Use 5 To 7 Days?

No. It doesn’t come with separate instructions, only what’s on the container, and it doesn’t say anything like that. But honestly we have never needed to use it for that long. It usually clears us up, at least temporarily, after just a couple of days. And our issue is severe.

Question Question 9

Can Someone Kindly List The Ingredients?

It doesn’t work and we would list the ingredients but the font is about a 2. With the use of a magnifying glass, we can tell you that it’s a lot of different organic oils such as avocado, coconut, lavender, grapefruit, etc. plus St. John’s wort, Vitamin E, beeswax, arnica, and various barks, roots, and leaves,

Question Question 10

How Often Should We Apply To The Affected Area?

The jar says, several times daily.With that said, this appears to be a safe, all organic product.

Question Question 11

Can You Use This On A Postpartum ” Padsicle”?

we are do not understand if you can. we just recently utilized this product and got an allergy.

Question Question 12

Can A Male Usage This?

If a male has piles. They do not discriminate.

Question Question 13

We Just Received Our H-Salve And It S A Very Runny Texture.Should We Return It?I Thought It Should Be More Like The Texture Of Vaseline.?

we believe your instincts are correct.Mine is thick, like Vaseline.we would return it.Maybe yours was in a hot place.we do not believe it should be runny.

Question Question 14

How Does This Compare To Organic Perineal Balm By Earth Mama?

Haven’t tried that brand, but pretty much have tried a lot of similar products, this one is by far the best.

Question Question 15

Is It Homeopathic?

The label does not indicate that it is a homeopathic remedy.

Question Question 16

How Do You Apply It?

Simple.just open up you butt chics and use your left or right index finger to deep into the salve than apply it to the hemorrhoids. we suggest two to three times a day.

Question Question 17

With So Many Great Organic Ingredients In This Product, Why Would You Add Canola Oil? Canola Oil By Itself Test Energetically Off/ Toxic. Almost Good.?

From what we have read canola oil isn’t toxic, it s actually better for you than someOf the other oils out there, we guess unless an allergy is a concern.

Question Question 18

Can It Be Used For A Lengthy Period Of Time Or Only A Week Like Preparation H?

we have used it multiple times since we purchased it and have not had any issues. It has become something of a daily routine for us. Love the stuff and works for us.

Question Question 19

What Are The Active Ingredients?

An active ingredient is not listed. However, over 16 therapeutic/preventative essential oils and essential oil carriers and other natural ingredients, e. g. plantains, st john’s wort, etc are listed.Most are organic.Canola oil is also an ingredient, hopefully not much.

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: found See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon buy work )on

&(* )&than,”distract” may be beneficial formore understanding.

Ladies weactually our recovery. This is our 2nd night utilizing this product using on our vaginal location. We got ta state we see a substantial distinction. We got this refrain from doing to publish pregnancy or pile. Ive never ever experience this prior to and simply began taking place number of months back. We went to the physician did blood work and sonogram all our outcomes returned great. They still could not figure

why we were getting embolism. Physician recommended we go under the knife or laser and drain it. Uuummmm hell no. We kept doing our

and run into this product. We purchased the bath too and like it. We felt so unwinded and slept terrific that night. This is the fact, this is our very first evaluation we are publishing on. We hope this is useful to the girls are going through with pain.

We like that whatever is organic in this salve. We want we had actually discovered it faster. We had truly bad hemeroids after our child was born and now just get them every when in a while. We utilize to utilize preparation h, however we are so delighted to have this now. It is clear rather of white which is incredible. The organic witchazel is so relaxing. We would certainly suggest this to all brand-new mothers.Soothes Our anal fissure started 3 months back, and we can now state we are the happy owner of every non-prescription cream hemorrhoid/fissure cream from wal-mart and walgreens. We can truthfully state, besides tooth abcess discomfort, this (anal fissure) was the worst discomfort we have actually ever experienced. We made a visit with the gastroenterologist who composed us a prescription for lidocaine and mentioned they would do no some for us till we had a colonoscopy. After our comprehensive

, we checked out the recovery impacts of coconut oil and vital oils on anal cracks. We encountered this product on our search and chose to offer it a shot as we truly liked the active ingredients in the salve. After our sitz bath in the early morning and in the evening, we put a percentage of this salve on and we are discomfort totally free all the time. No found discomfort after toileting. It may appear costly, however you just utilize an extremely percentage of salve. This product has actually provided us our life back.

This things

works. It truly relieved all of the discomfort and pain we were having after having our child. Certainly suggest to other mothers in requirement.

This is the very first evaluation of a product that we are doing after bought 100s of products on. This formula worked like magic. After weeks of discomfort with piles. We lastly chose to offer this a shot and within hours our discomfort was down to no. We would definitely suggest this to anybody trying to find discomfort remedy for piles.found So, we had actually purchased the preph wipes and creams and got extremely little relief. Seen the evaluations on this product and figured we would attempt it. Well after a year or

, we have remedy for hemmroids and a fissure. Once they begin to recover which, feels instant, they do get ichy. However we will take ichy over the suffering any day.some You all require to get this product, we have actually attempted numerous nonprescription medications and we will inform you this is the very best one without a doubt. This concern has actually been with us for many years,

days more others, had an extremely bad

days & bought this product, very first day utilizing this we felt (*), now on day 3 and what a distinction. In sort yes we extremely suggest this product.(*) We got this product to try out our current back surgical treatment scar as the scar itself was extremely unpleasant even a month later on. As soon as we got the product we attempted a little in the locations that were inflamed and still unpleasant. What do ya understand it took the swelling down and numbed the discomfort.(*) Throughout giving birth we established extremely bad piles that we re so unpleasant as we were recuperating. We were doing whatever the physicians and nurses informed us to do however we might inform healing was going to be long and very unpleasant. We began looking online for something else to assist and we are so grateful we (*) this product. We didn’t like the concept of investing $25 on butt cream however all we can state is we want we bought this earlier. We experienced instant discomfort relief and within a number of days we seemed like we didn’t even require the cream any longer. We are still utilizing it 2 weeks postpartum simply to motivate recovery and take full advantage of convenience. Simply (*) it, you ll be grateful you did.(*) We have actually attempted every treatment on the marketplace for piles and a bad fissure. Some not did anything; others had a lot menthol or eucalyptus in them that the cold sensation was nearly even worse (*) the burn (well, among them did state that it would (*) from the discomfort. ). And all the creams and gels, beyond truly not assisting quite, diminished extremely quick. Thena is various. We like the texture, which is a soft mix of oils and beeswax, and the organic active ingredients make the hemis (*) comfy and certainly assist with the fissure. It likewise smells great– entirely non-medicinal– and the little container is simple to bring in bag or knapsack for reapplication. It melts extremely quickly, however, so you may wish to put it in a plastic bag in heat. For those of you who have actually never ever been affected with piles or cracks, count your true blessings; they’re unpleasant. For all others, offer this product a shot. At least, it will keep the skin soft and and less most likely to itch and burn.(*) Love this things. We are very first -time hemhoroid victim. The discomfort, the itch. The discomfort, the itch. Preparation h not did anything for us. Tucks pads just served for health. We did a prolonged search on for lotions. Whatever was so costly. We nearly quit. However then we saw this thena salve. The st. John’s wort active ingredient captured our eye. We have actually utilized st. John’s wort creams and salves prior to. Years ago we got steam burned extremely terribly on our arms. The discomfort was extreme. Lidocaine burn cream offered us no relief. We were thinking about going to the er, however then we remembered we had a container of st. John’s wort as the main active ingredient. It stopped the discomfort instsantly, and the burns recovered extremely quick. So that is why we gambled and purchased this, specifically because it is created particularly for hemhoroids. Immediate relief. Remarkable. And, yes, it is costly, however not compared to blue emu. A little goes a long method. And we make sure this lotion would make a fantastic burn salve and assist with cuts etc. All this being stated, we have not been utilizing it enough to understand if it will (*) recover the hemhoroids. However we are inclined to believe so.– leah b.(*) We will not bs about this product. We just recently established pile. We were unpleasant looking for something to sooth us till we see our physician. Well let us inform you this entirely deflated our inflamed pile. We attempted whatever even prescription medication. Not everybody is the very same so what worked for us may not work for you. However certainly worth the shot. We utilize a lil daily to avoid flare till our consultation.(*) This salve is amazing. We have actually had piles for many years due to having kids. Otc lotions were rather useful however never ever diminished the piles down entirely or closer to entirely. We used the salve most likely 4 times in the course of 24-36 hours and the outcomes are extraordinary. We sanctuary t utilized it once again yet since the shrinking of the piles has actually not made us think it requires to be utilized day-to-day. Any included pressure to the location would be a factor to reapply.(*) Natural services are struck or miss out on, however this one is a a guaranteed hit. (*) and soothes the worst discomfort without offering an oily feel upon application. We have actually seen (*) enhancement because utilizing it over the previous week and have every self-confidence it will continue to assist in the recovery procedure. Pricy however worth the cash invested.(*) Definitely like this product. We established a pile in pregnancy and one postpartum. This salve relieves our signs and we feel it is likewise making them smaller sized. We use it 2-4 times a day after cleaning and drying the location. So grateful we (*) relief. Our physician recommended a steroid cream however that truly didn’t do much for us. This salve is the method to go.(*) We want this would have included our birth set. When we lastly did buy this for our postpartum troubles it did marvels. We are gifting it to every pregnant female we see. You ought to too.(*) This is the very best thing for hemmoroids. We have actually had persistent hemmoroids, for many years. This is the very best hemmoroids salve we have actually ever attempted. And we have actually attempted numerous. Extremely relaxing and cooling. Fantastic things.(*) They state you get what you spend for. When you have truly bad piles and you desire them to disappear, do yourself a favor and spend for this. After using this for 2 days piles that persisted for 2 weeks disappeared right away. This sought utilizing dr. Butler which is likewise extremely costly however we (*) to be not that terrific as far as outcomes.(*) A terrible unpleasant topic however all of us wind up with piles at (*) time in our lives. We purchased both the bath salts and cream and they worked within the very first day to ease that discomfort and swelling to the point we had the ability to take a seat without discomfort. This has actually been the very best service we have actually ever utilized and suggest it extremely extremely.(*) Worked like an appeal. Don t understand if it s us or the product however it assisted in 2 days. It s the very first time we have actually had external impacts or any piles impacts. It was extremely undesirable. We bought this natural organic cream with the hope it ll assistance and it sure did. 2 days. 3 times a day and it began itching rather of hurting. 2 (*) days of lotion treatment and it s gone.(*)

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