Syngenta - A20380A - Advion Fire Ant Bait - Insecticide

Syngenta – A20380A – Advion Fire Ant Bait – Insecticide

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  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Advion fire ant bait reliable and quick performing. Integrated with an appealing formula, Advion makes sure control of imported fire ants in 24- 72 hours for quick nest control.
  • Broadcast or mound treatment
  • Entertainment locations in addition to institutional or personal service locations
  • Other noncrop/nongrazed locations

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Suggestions fire Ant bait is a reliable, quick- acting bait with an appealing formula. Faster than any other fire Ant bait on the marketplace, guidance fire Ant bait makes sure overall nest control within 24- 72 is very important to keep in mind that to utilize guidance fire Ant bait for sod Farms & pastures grazed by horses & other buddy animals, The applicator should have the authorized additional label with them at the time of application.

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Question Question 1

Has Anybody Utilized A Broadcast Spreader To Use This?If So, What Spreader And Setting Is Correct?

we looked for the closest setting we could. we utilized ‘2’ which related out to about 1 pound per acre.

Question Question 2

Does This Product Damage Free Variety Chickens In The Backyard?

We keep our family pets far from it, so we would not utilize it around grazers either, simply to be safe

Question Question 3

The Majority Of Ant Killers Simply Make The Ants Transfer To Another Place. Has Anybody Actually Observed Great Deals Of Dead Ants On And Around The Mounds?

The ants take the Advion into there nest.In about 2 days they are gone.Great for fire ants and the big red ants.

Question Question 4

Do You Know If This Will Deal With Branch Ants?

It does not define that specific ant.However it has actually eliminated every ant we feed it to.It does not permit them to move numerous feet away like all the other ant killers we have tried.Not low-cost however works.

Question Question 5

For Mound Treatment We Comprehend You Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons Around Each Mound. What Size Mound Does This Apply To 6″ Or 2 Feet?

Definitely under two feet. What we found to be the best solution was puffing (turning container on side and squeezing quickly to get that puff of treatment out). we would puff the mound then circle around it puffing every two feet until about seven feet out from center. Once all our mounds were dead, we puff our yard twice a ye Definitely under two feet. What we found to be the best solution was puffing (turning container on side and squeezing quickly to get that puff of treatment out). we would puff the mound then circle around it puffing every two feet until about seven feet out from center. Once all our mounds were dead, we puff our yard twice a year unless we see activity.

Question Question 6

Can Anyone Give Us An Idea Of The Approximate Square Footage One Of The #2 Size Jugs Will Cover?

Syngenta says 1.5lbs covers an acre.we have yet to find a spreader that’s capable of spreading it that fine.we usually ” puff” some out around the mound and it does the trick.2lbs can go a long way.

Question Question 7

We Need To Apply About 3/4 Pound For Our Half Acre. What Spreader Setting Is That?

There are parmesan cheese-like holes in the lid. Just walk your entire yard, sprinkling as you go. No need for fancy equipment, it’s ant killer not grass seed.One whole jug should just do a half acre.

Question Question 8

Will This Control Asian Needle Ants?

Dear WBRead more at: Dear WBRead more at: present, there is no formalized management recommendation. However, because this species is predatory and scavenges on invertebrate carrion, it has been noted that they will recruit to protein-based insecticide baits. Professional products such as Extinguish Plus , Advion Fire Ant Bait, Optigard and Maxforce FG are suitable baits for this pest.Thanks

Question Question 9

Will This Work On Red Imported Fire Ants? Ive Tried Many Different Solutions And Nothing Has Worked.?

Section 3 Label(s)Ant, PavementAnt, turfgrass Section 3 Label(s)Ant, PavementAnt, turfgrassBig Headed AntImported fire antsSupplemental Label(s)Ant, PavementAnt, turfgrassBig Headed AntImported fire antsIt does list imported fire ants so we believe it would be effective.Thank YouNina C

Question Question 10

Can We Use This In The House?


Question Question 11

Does This Product Expire?

HI, Just checked our container and find no expiration date.It does have a release date which means when it was manufactured and put into container. we have been using this product for over 4 years now and wouldn’t use anything else.

Question Question 12

Is This Safe To Use In A Vegetable Garden?


Question Question 13

How Is Esteem Fire Ant Bait Rated?

Not sure what the rating is but we had over 30 mounds in our gone.after years of chasing fire ants with ortho products,we are sold for SC fire ants

Question Question 14

How Many Sq Feet Does This Container Cover?

Application rate is 1 1/2 lbs. per acre. Container should cover 4 acres. Be sure to read the label thoroughly

Question Question 15

Does This Kill Regular Household Black Ants?

Should. we have had good luck with all varieties of ants. From tiny to large carpenter ants.

Question Question 16

What Does Rel Date Means?

It is the date the product was released by the manufacturer

Question Question 17

Will This Product Work On What We Call Sugar Ants Or Little Black Ants Or Other Pests Besides Fire Ants?

It worked great on fire ants but it did nothing for sugar ants.

Question Question 18

How Long After Application Before Kids And Pets Can Play In The Yard?

Dear V Travis.As per Advion fire ant bait product label, Only the time of application keep Dog, cats, children out from Lawn. Once your application is done in a Minute cat, dog, children can go in lawn. Dear V Travis.As per Advion fire ant bait product label, Only the time of application keep Dog, cats, children out from Lawn. Once your application is done in a Minute cat, dog, children can go in lawn.Thanks

Question Question 19

Does Anyone Know If This Comes Also In Liquid Form As A Concentrate? We Think We Used A Liquid Form In A Sprayer Before But Can T Seem To Find It?

If you can find it in liquid maybe you can drown them since the crystal form sucks.

Question Question 20

Does “Advion Fire Ant Baits Has Expiration Date? Should You Utilize All of it Simultaneously Or Can You Keep The Left Over? If Yes, For The Length Of Time?

we have actually been utilizing product for over 2 years and like it – it works.No expiration date and often we have actually left over as we are not spreading out whole residential or commercial property with product.When we require once again in a few months (3- 4) we choose left- over initially prior to opening unused and unopened container.we reside in FL and fire ants are just ina we have actually been utilizing product for over 2 years and like it – it works.No expiration date and often we have actually left over as we are not spreading out whole residential or commercial property with product.When we require once again in a few months (3- 4) we choose left- over initially prior to opening unused and unopened container.we reside in FL and fire ants are just non-active throughout the brief duration of cooler weather condition state has.All we can state is it beats Amdro and lasts a lot longer with having no fire ants.We have 3 lap dogs and need to keep fenced location without fire ants to safeguard our pets.This product was extremely advised by our home insect control male (he does not do yards).

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Syngenta – A20380A – Advion Fire Ant Bait – Insecticide, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are brit living in the southern U.S.A.. We do not have fire ants in the uk. So, although we would became aware of them, when a nest of these monsters moved into a corner of our flower spot, we left them well alone, as we quickly found absolutely nothing might cope with them – our garden was bug totally free. Well, as numerous americans understand, it turned out we could not cope with them either. Seventeen nests later on, and enough bites to make the most starved mosquitoes envious, we would had enough. Cue a succession of weapons of mass damage. War had actually been declaredwe attempted drowning them with a hosepipe. We dug them out and blasted them with boiling water. We attempted grits. We attempted diatomaceous earth. We attempted every ‘off the rack’ brand name our regional garden centre had. Hell, we even attempted setting fire to them. Yet all they did was offer us the finger and move 6 inches away. We understood that the issue, was some constantly handled to get away the carnage – they simply got an egg and established a brand-new nest with the orphans from the nest we would simply ruined (or something like that). Hence, as we ruined one nest, 3 would emerge close by. Ultimately, we talked to a friendly landscape garden enthusiast and asked what he utilized. He used some unpronounceable chemicals, which, when examined out, were practically as hazardous to us as they were to fire ants. Without any intent of poisoning ourself, we needed to look somewhere else. Cue the discovery of advion. The tub shows up half empty, it smells bad, and it’s damn costly, however it works, and at a dispersal rate that will guarantee our single purchase will last all year long (and possibly then some.) it likewise has absolutely nothing like the toxicity ranking of other things on the marketplace. Its active component (indoxacarb) for instance is utilized in canine and feline fleakiller. So, we opened the cover flap and sprayed gently (as though you would from a spice container), over the fire ant mounds and waited to see what would take place. Within minutes of being disrupted, the little sods began taking the granules into the nests. What makes this the straight-out winner in managing these deviants is that it seems sluggish performing. Hence, while some of them might believe they have actually gotten away being poisoned by establishing a brand-new nest, it appears to get them in the end. From seventeen nests to no in a week, and they have not been back – however if they do, we are prepared for them. Keep in mind: this evaluation has actually not been sponsored in any method whatsoever. Nor am we a staff member of the business. We are simply a grateful brit who can now lastly get to enjoy his english garden in a little corner of the southern U.S.A..

We have 1 1/2 acres around our house and there were over 100 fire ant mounds. We utilized a broadcast spreader and put out snuff out plus initially. Then returned and dealt with the bigger mounds with advion. It drizzled greatly 2 days later on, so we weren’t sure if it was going to work. 2 weeks later on, we had less than 20 mounds. We find treated them with the snuff out and the advion. Within a week, we just found one mound. We are surrounded by pasture, so we understand that we will need to re- use. However this is the very first time in the 6 years we have actually been living here that we can state we have had a product work so efficiently and we have actually attempted variousproducts It’s great to be able to stroll in the lawn and not get bit by fire ants.

We moved into a home in eastern north carolina and rapidly found our 1/4 acre lawn plagued with fire ants. Ultimately, when they took control of our raised garden and our compost heap we needed to do something. We put an exceptionally percentage of this things (a teaspoon or less) by the installs and covered it approximately safeguard it from rain. Of the 4 initial test mounds 3 were entered a week. Another remained in an uncomfortable area however in 2 weeks it was gone as well. We kept track of the location however see no proof that 3 of the 4 mounds moved. It appears like they simply passed away which is what we were searching for. We are not exactly sure what took place to the 4th mound. The initial mound was plainly deserted however we found a “new” mound about 10 feet away. This might be proof the mound moved however it might simply as well be a mound that existed prior to however we had not discovered it up until it got bigger. All in all we are extremely happy with this product. We did not utilize the broadcast technique of application however selected to restrict direct exposure by targeting specific mounds. The compound is intense yellow so it’s simple to see if something brought it off. It appears to be extremely reliable in small dosages. A bit goes a long method. We purchased the 2lb container and anticipate that to be enough for our lawn and our next-door neighbor’s for the foreseeable future.

My only problem is that we want it was more economical. Otherwise, we truly do not comprehend these individuals who state “it didn’t work, did nothing, no results. ” we are baffled by that due to the fact that this things works quick. If we find a fire ant mound on our residential or commercial property, we somewhat tap the mound, squashing simply a little bit of it with our foot (rapidly due to the fact that those suckrs harm like hell if they bite you) when we do that, they immediately swarm the entire mound, countless them. Then we spray some advion on the mound, to sort of cover it. Not covering or dousing, simply covering, like cleaning it. Then we dust the location around the mound, in a radius of about 2 feet. The next day, that mound is a lifeless stack of sand. We suggest, a lifeless stack of sand or dirt. One can of it lasted us for a year. After we did the concentrated treatment on the mounds, we put some in the fertilizer spreader and strolled the lawn all around your home, to get the employees who go out foraging. After that, we would find mounds every now and then and focus system those. Kept the residential or commercial property great for about a year.

We get our drinking water from a well on our residential or commercial property so we greatly research any chemicals we put down prior to we buy them. This without a doubt has the least influence on the environment when it concerns fire ant products and it actually works. You need to be client with it (it might take 3- 5 days to lastly eliminate an install) however it will work. This container is a terrific size if you have a bigger residential or commercial property or an excellent size invasion. We have actually utilized it both for area treatment and in a broadcast spreader. Both approaches work terrific.

Functions well for our fire ants. Utilized a broadcast spreader for our whole fenced backyard, aside from raised beds for veggies, mounds empty now. Nearly creepy how quick they vanished (1- 2 days), didn’t utilize quite. We utilized some orange guard around the beds, however they appear clear, too, most likely didn’t require it. We weren’t paying much attention the very first time, so we did the beyond the fence the other day and examined today. Streams of ants bring eggs far from the mounds and out of our lawn. Crazy. Does appear to have actually left the smaller sized native ants alone, which is excellent. Tough to inform if the fire ants simply got to it much faster or what. #antocalypse.

Idea two times about purchasing this as it’s pricey. Nevertheless we had paver ants all around your home and believed we would attempt anything as soon as. We sprayed a little where the ants were entering into the lanai and after that a little in the flower beds front and back and kicked back and waited to see what took place. Next early morning we saw no ants, all the noticeable nests were dead and there was simply the odd random employee ant roaming around without any function. 2 days later on not 1 ant, and we utilized possibly $4 worth of the product to deal with around our entire home. Up until now so excellent appears like the very best ant product we have actually ever utilized.

Advion fire ant bait a long with temidor sc termiticide insecticide are the 2 finest things that interacts to eliminate red and black fire ants outdoors. The label mentioned that both products are pet friendly. Advion fire ant bait is utilized by shake around the mont and temidor sc termiticide insecticide – mix 4 oz. With a gallon of water and spray yarn. Our lawn was so bad with fire ants, we might not sit outdoors at all, we might actually see the lawn moving like the wind was blowing, however no wind was blowing. Applied at the very first of june, within 3 days after using we delight in the outdoors the remainder of the summer season and fall month. J bridgestone.

We have actually evaluated this product from youtube and chose to attempt it, being that this is our very first house, we weren t mindful that ants would welcome themselves into your home to consume the canine food?? we simply attempted to put some down and we works. St. Augustine lawn is great with out ant mounds all over. We did observe that even when it drizzled, it still held and didn’t see a mound we dealt with. Every number of weeks we reassess to make certain there are no more mounds, if there is we simply lay out the advion and see it work it s magic. You can instantly see when the ants get the product and bring it back. Thank you.

It works for southwest florida (naples). Spread it, see the ants bring it to ant hills, 3 days later on, ant hills has no activity. It’s been 2month, up until now so excellent however the boundary of spread line beginning to get some brand-new install. You can inform the residential or commercial property line where we ran out of this things.

Spread dry granuals around a fire ant mound, the ants gather the bait and take it into the nest. Functions within a day or 2. Black ants need a various technique. Put the bait on the mound and spray with a percentage of water. We did not find that the black ants gathered the bait in the very same method that the fire ants did. The watering in technique took roughly 3 to 4 days to efficiently eliminate the nest. This product is pricey and need to be utilized moderately. Application of extra bait does not eliminate the ants any more rapidly than following the instructions.

We have actually constantly had actually blended outcomes with the other ant baits you can buy at regional house enhancement shops. Advion (active component indoxacarb) has actually been greatly more reliable, entirely wiping out the mound within two days whenever we have actually utilized it. It even concerned the rescue for a buddy’s big day; 4 days prior to the wedding event, she found her outside reception website was covered in fire ant mounds. A couple days later on, advion made certain not a single ant was moving. Beware to follow the directions for using (simply spraying this on top of the mound at 5 on a summertime afternoon is not likely to yield any outcomes. ). On an associated note,.

advion’s cockroach gel bait.

( likewise consisting of indoxacarb) is similarly fantastic for managing german and american roaches. Your home we just recently purchased was plagued with them. It took about 3 weeks of constant cleansing, application of advion gel in essential locations, and a smattering of boric acid and diatomaceous earth for excellent procedure; however after that, didn’t see a single roach.

We purchased these for our yard which appears like the lawn for fire ants. We purchased this due to the fact that we formerly utilized the roach variation for our house last month when the next-door neighbor bombed her home. We can state we werent dissatisfied when we did the lawn for the ants. Quick. Functions marvels. Finest product we have actually utilized to date. We put it on the mounds. Around. Then utilized a spreader to sweep the lawn. Ewell worth th cash.

This is without a doubt the very best fire ant killer we have actually ever utilized. We have actually attempted a great deal of various ant killers and none work in addition to this one. It eliminated all the fire ants within 24 hr. Other killer simply make the ants transfer to various places. Not this one. This really eliminated them all and they still have not return more than 2 weeks later on. Extremely advise. While it might appear costly for a percentage, it goes extremely far – covered practically an acre and we still have some left.

We utilized it for area treatments. Our experience with other antkillers that we would buy in your area is that they appeared to “chase” the nests around the lawn. This, on the other hand, has actually truly eliminated them, and if they are forarging, done them in rapidly. The 2 biggest nests took practically a week to pass away, however 2 smaller sized ones (columns of ants crossing a wall and an outdoor patio) were dead in simply a few hours, never ever to be seen once again.

Finest things ever to eliminate fire ants. It is a bait so it doesn t start eliminating on contact however will be visible in 1 to 2 days. Doesn t eliminate all your other ants however beats the huge box shop by far for fire ants. Put it out in the spring once it remains warm and the ants are foraging, wear t cut the lawn for a day approximately in the past and after. Put it out once again in the fall while the ants are still foraging prior to the very first frost.

Our old standby fire ant killer had actually stopped to be reliable. We had mounds all over. A person we understand that operates at an insect control business informed us this is what they utilize. We followed the directions and used in a circle the mound. We used it in the cool of the night when no rain was anticipated. Every mound is dead. Over a week later on and no brand-new mounds turning up. We will buy this once again for another residential or commercial property.

Functions terrific. We did a light dispersing over the entire lawn when we initially got it and within 2 days 30 mounds were down to 9 that had actually constructed back up after a heavy rain. For those staying we did a couple light puffs around each mound and quickly they were gone too. Now we simply need to get our next-door neighbors to get this so they do not return. Whenever we see a brand-new mound we offer it a couple puffs in the location (never ever on the mound) and poof, they are gone. Excessive is a waste and can trigger them not to select it up. Finest after trimming and make certain it will not drizzle within 24 hrs. It has a brief life expectancy prior to it liquifies.

We utilize this every year to damage fire ant beds in our 4 acre lawn. It eliminates ants within a brief time period and they wear t relocation somewhere else or return. We sometimes need to reapply on the boundary due to the fact that our next-door neighbors utilize the things from the huge box shop and their ants transfer to our lawn. We were overrun with fire ants in the past, however no longer.

This things has the ants running for the hills. Whenever we spray some of this around an issue location, the ants are gone less than a day later on. No joke, we have never ever found anything more reliable. We will be purchasing this once again and once again for the acres we require to deal with.

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