Sweeney's S8002 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent

Sweeney’s S8002 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sweeney’s S8002 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Usage to ward off moles, voles, and gophers from yards, ornamentals and grass
  • Hassle-free hose-end spray bottle and adjustable nozzle
  • 100-percent Castor Oil and safe to utilize around family pets
  • ( not offered for sale in NM)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sweeney’s S8002 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent.
Size: 32-OunceProduct DescriptionSweeney’s 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent drives away moles, voles and gophers from yards and ornamentals. The active component is 100% castor oil when soaked into soil it works to pollute the moles underground food source (earthworms and grubs). Lasting, the castor oil mole repellent can be utilized around kids and family pets when utilized as directed.From the ManufacturerRepel moles, voles and gophers from yards ornamentals and grass. 100-Percent castor oil and safe to utilize around family pets. Apply product in early spring, mid-summer, early fall or instantly after the existence of moles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sweeney’s S8002 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent.

Question Question 1

Can This Be Utilized On Freshly Seeded Yards?

For the very best outcomes, we suggest using the product prior to re-seeding as the castor oil is rather thick and might perhaps coat the seed and limit the germination. We suggest following the label instructions, particularly making sure that product is properly watered in.

Question Question 2

Does This Repel Squirrels?

we didn’t appear to work for us.Still had issues in our lawn.we do not learn about squirrels because we were fighting gophers.we would not buy once again.

Question Question 3

For How Long Does A Quart Bottle Last When Spraying?It Never Goes Below Half Empty So, After A While, You Must Be Spraying Distilled Water.?

The quantity of time required to clear a bottle will vary.Please do not hesitate to call us at 1 -855 -5- VICTOR (1 -855 -584 -2867) so we can find out more and use even more assist.

Question Question 4

Has Anybody Utilized This On Leading Of Mulch?

we have actually utilized it on mulsh in our fight with voles and it appears to have the exact same result there as on where our grass utilized to be prior to the Voles consumed all of it. That result being no result at all. To the voles it appeared to be a good salad dressing on our fescue that we miss out on very much. we have actually lived here over 38 years and had actually never ever heard we have actually utilized it on mulsh in our fight with voles and it appears to have the exact same result there as on where our grass utilized to be prior to the Voles consumed all of it. That result being no result at all. To the voles it appeared to be a good salad dressing on our fescue that we miss out on very much. we have actually lived here over 38 years and had actually never ever become aware of a Vole. we want that lack of knowledge had actually lasted a life time. One plus for this product is that it makes you feel great while spraying it due to the fact that It makes us believe we are doing something to a minimum of irritate the sorry little backyard terrorists. That thirty minutes of short lived enjoyment deserves the 16 dollars simply for the home entertainment worth. Provide it a shot. It s possible that these great ole Kentucky Voles are too dumb to understand it s not being put down to boost the taste of our tree and shrub roots they re dining on now that the buffet has actually run out of fescue. we are relocating to a condominium surrounded by thick concrete from door to the horizon. This veteran of the War on Voles is darn near beat by a 2 ounce consuming device that need to be all stomach and teeth. If Noah conserved a set of these things from termination we want to kick his butt and tube him down with a bottle if this things. And drop a match.

Question Question 5

Does Gopher Go Eliminate Worms?

The active component is 100% castor oil. When soaked into soil it works to pollute the moles and gophers underground food source (earthworms and grubs). It does not eliminate the worms or grubs however makes them un-appetizing for the gophers.

Question Question 6

Can This Product Be Utilized In Veggie Gardens?

When utilized as directed, this product can be utilized in gardens as it is 100% caster oil.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized Securely In A Veggie Garden?

It can, however our experience suggests that this product does not operate at all.If you have gophers, remove them by trapping.These products just do not work.

Question Question 8

We Check Out Where This Will Push Back Armadilliasis That True.Ther Are Wrecking Our Lawn. Put A Trap Out, However Have Not Caught One?

Yes, this product does likewise work to ward off armadillos.

Question Question 9

Our Lawn Is On A Lake Shoreline.Will This Product Damage The Lake Life, Fish, Ect.?

We do not suggest utilizing this product near the water.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sweeney’s S8002 1 qt. RTS Mole and Gopher Repellent, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We found out about this product from buddies. Given that the moles were truly bad this year the regional shops were offeredout We relied on great ole and sure enough it existed. Does not eliminate the animals. Simply keeps them far from your backyard. We have actually not had them in our backyard because our very first application. It does not have an order.

It’s going to take you 2 shots. In southern california these stinkin gophers are bullet-proof. And our next-door neighbors do not care so we get all the little fuzzy monsters in our yard. We attempted one application and it appeared to make them disappear for a day or two, then they returned. So we used another application, during the night, and truly soaked it in. They have not been back. We are likewise making it a strategy to do 1 application a month simply for upkeep.

This things operates in our backyard. North main arkansas. We have moles continuously attempting to attack our backyard and this product is the just one we have actually utilized that keeps the little devils out of our backyard. We spray a 10′ barrier around the edge of our backyard and they do not cross it. And we have a huge backyard. We have pet dogs and grandchildren that play in our backyard routinely and never ever a response to this product. We attempt to use it prior to a light to medium rain and let the rain soak this repellant into the ground. Will be purchasing some more in the next week or more; we attempt to use it 2-3 times a year and if we stay with this schedule then our backyard is mole complimentary all year.

After having our award winning roses vanish practically over night we raged. We attempted whatever they had at house depot however absolutely nothing worked. Our last hope was sweeney’s. Initially we connected it to our tube and sprayed our garden. These gophers are genetically customized. (caddyshack design.) absolutely nothing took place. So, we went task force and put sweeny’s right into the biggest holes then put our tube in there and flooded their tunnels with it. That was 3 years earlier and they have actually never ever returned. We might not get our roses back however we sure will not hesitate to plant brand-new ones. Extremely suggest.

Yeah, it clears them from the location you spray in however they simply relocate to a various part of the backyard. Then it ends up being a video game of whack a mole, chasing them around the backyard. After a couple weeks they’re back where they began. We do not wish to press them into our next-door neighbor’s backyard due to the fact that, next-door neighbors do not do such things. Think we will get a mole trap of gopher gasser and eliminate the little devils.

We have actually remained in a heated gopher fight for the last 3 years and were on the losing side. To play bring with our pet dogs we needed to initially go all over the backyard and make certain the tunnels were filled so they would not action in one. Plus we were ill of seeing how wrecked the lawns looked. We attempted insect control services that did little and other products that did even less. We attempted this without much hope however marvelled and delighted with the outcomes. As a test we offered our smaller sized front backyard an excellent soaking and have actually seen no brand-new activity in a month. We are now dealing with the backyard. We will be utilizing this each month. A heck of a lot less expensive than insect control that costs $75 a month.

Had gophers from hell damaging our backyard. 2 treatments and they ve proceeded to the next-door neighbors backyard. Not a long-term option, however we provide the backyard an excellent soaking with this things every few weeks, so they find the next-door neighbors backyard more inviting.

We have a mole issue this year so bought the granular product and watered it in with this. No longer indications of moles. From what we comprehend it is a 2-part work; granular gets rid of the food source; smell of liquid drives them off. We likewise bought a wire tek 1001 mole remover, simply in case they return; however this product is a huge more humane.

This summertime, the moles that were simply a small annoyance in the past, ended up being a significant issue. We might barely stroll in our backyard without tripping into the holes they were leaving in our yard. They were so active that our lawn was not growing correctly and it was getting tough to trim. We sprayed the castor oil over the whole back and side backyard and in a couple of areas in the front backyard where we saw mole activity. Within a few days, we saw a decline in mole activity and within about a week and a half, we saw no brand-new proof of the moles. Most likely 3 weeks after that, we might see that they were returning and we dealt with the yard once again. Because that time, which is most likely 2 months now, we have not seen any more brand-new activity. We had actually attempted every other approach of mole control we might find. In checking out evaluations, we saw that some individuals are dissatisfied that a person application will not completely rid their backyard of moles. That is never ever going to take place. They are industrious, figured out little animals and this fight is going to go on permanently. If we needed to spray each and every single month throughout the season, it would still be beneficial for us. We think it simply depends upon how bad the mole issue is and just how much it troubles any specific person. We enjoy our backyard excessive to deliver it over to the moles. We are pleased, nevertheless, that we didn’t actually need to eliminate them to restore our backyard. Likewise, we bought among these spray gizmos and a number of quarts of plain castor oil and simply refilled this dispenser. It was a little less costly that method. In either case, it is much less costly than handling expert pest control specialists (and they can’t ensure that the moles will not return either. ).

We bought this product and it was an excellent rate and terrific service. We provide the seller 5 stars. We want all sellers did half as great as they did. Your question addresses how do we rank the product, we can state we followed instructions and used the product and after 2 applications still have the issue. If it did work then after the 2nd application then possibly a 3rd application is called for and our score early. If we did we will alter our rankings. The product does work however it does need a quite heavy application. The disadvantage is it does not last long. We went to the toxin worms and wishes to get rid of the issue.

The gophers have actually kept away from the teated location; nevertheless, they transferred to another location we did not deal with. It’s had to do with 3 weeks because we dealt with the lawn in the front and up until now, no brand-new dirt stacks. We will purchase more of this product today and deal with all locations and hope the gophers never ever return.

Nozzle is a discomfort and appears to leakage no matter what however the product definitely works. A little battle deserved eliminating the mole wrecking our backyard.

Eliminating mole issues needs 3 treatment methods utilized together for real success: sweeney’s s8002 1 qt. Rts mole and gopher repellent satisfies among these 3 techniques. (#1) the “repellent” includes a “bad smell” to the earth which dissuades the moles and gophers from tunneling [used alone, one probably gets only minimal results]; utilized in mix with (# 2) mole repellent stakes [which puts out a disagreeable noise into the ground as the repellent factor ] and (# 3) a season long grub killer[which reduces what moles eat and therefore reduces tunneling because moles hear/find no food {earth bugs} moving in the nearby dirt and thus, stop tunneling] We found that utilizing each approach alone has very little result … When all 3 are utilized together, our mole tunneling issue is removed. Moles go in other places and are not eliminated. We enjoy sweeney’s s8002 1 qt. Rts mole and gopher repellent ~ it is simple to utilize, does what is meant and our yards stay lovely. Extremely advised.

Products are precisely as explained.

Easy to use. Seems like it will work, however we have not seen much modification yet. The gopher problem we deal with is rather severe, so numerous fronts of attack are required.

Been cleaning out the moles on our front yard. It does make them disappear. Regrettably our next-door neighbor is not delighted with it. It’s not her issue.

Worked extremely well in making gophers take the long method around our backyard.

Have a continuing issue with voles in yard. This product will eliminate them for about 2 months. Then reapplication.

Appears to work as we had no moles this previous spring after having them throughout previous years.

Have actually utilized as soon as, however we choose the pellets due to the fact that they remain around – we will utilize this once again today, however we have some gopher holes in our side backyard.

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