Seachem ParaGuard 250ml

Seachem ParaGuard 250ml

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Seachem ParaGuard 250ml.

  • Eradicates ectoparasites, fungal, bacterial, viral lesions
  • Protected different to formalin
  • For marine and freshwater use

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Measurement:500 MILLILITERParaGuard is the one fish and filter protected aldehyde primarily based (10% by weight) parasite management product obtainable. In contrast to extremely poisonous and tough to make use of formalin primarily based drugs, ParaGuard accommodates no formaldehyde or methanol and won’t alter pH. ParaGuard employs a proprietary, synergistic mix of aldehydes, malachite inexperienced, and fish protecting polymers that successfully and effectively eradicates many ectoparasites on fish (e.g. ich, and many others.) and exterior fungal/bacterial/viral lesions (e.g., fin rot). It’s notably helpful in hospital and receiving tanks for brand new fish and each time new fish are launched to a group tank. To be used in freshwater or marine. ParaGuard is really useful for the remedy of sure illnesses in marine and freshwater fish solely. It IS NOT really useful for treating any model aquarium containing invertebrates, corals, crustaceans, or elasmobranchs (sharks and rays).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Seachem ParaGuard 250ml.

Question Question 1

Can We Use This With Cherry Shrimp In The Tank? We Have A Goldfish With Ich.?

The reply is not any, not least not in our expertise. we had about 8-10 cherry shrimp in tank. After we begin utilizing ParaGuard 5 of them have died.

Question Question 2

Can We Use This In An Empty Tank (No Inhabatants) To Kill Any Lingering Parasites In The Water Earlier than Returning Handled Fish To It?

Yeah why not

Question Question 3

We Can’T Get The Bottle Open.?

Ship it again

Question Question 4

Does This Comprise Erythroourcin?

It doesn’t include erythroourcin.It is lively substances are formalin and malachite inexperienced

Question Question 5

Can This Be Used To Deal with Parasites In Platies (With Sunken Stomach)?

we all know that is an outdated query however for anybody else out there with inner parasites, use common remedy WITH Seachem Focus blended with meals. Comply with instructions on Focus. It binds medicine to fish meals in order that they ingest it, making it more efficient for inner parasites than simply including to water.

Question Question 6

Can We Use This In A Tank With Snails?

The bottle solely says it shouldn’t be utilized in a reef aquaria.we private have used infresh water aquariums which have snails and even salt water aquariums with crabs and haven’t observed any damaging impact on them.Nevertheless, learn instructions rigorously.The dosage is 5ml per 10 gallons (40L) of water not the dimensions of The bottle solely says it shouldn’t be utilized in a reef aquaria.we private have used infresh water aquariums which have snails and even salt water aquariums with crabs and haven’t observed any damaging impact on them.Nevertheless, learn instructions rigorously.The dosage is 5ml per 10 gallons (40L) of water not the dimensions of the aquarium. 5 ML is one degree teaspoon or the cap of the bottle because the instructions state.Additionally bear in mind a ten gal aquarium has much less than 10 gal of water if you calculate for the gravel and decorations.

Question Question 7

Does It Work In opposition to Gill Flukes?

Sure, we’ve got used it efficiently to deal with pores and skin flukes and it may be used as a dip, which is sort of good for fluke removing

Question Question 8

Our Betta Has Fin Rot – Aq Salt Therapy, Jungle Fungus Clear Tab Did Not Work.Can We Use This In Conjuction With Seachem Prime?

Sure, you should utilize ParaGuard along side Prime.On the official Seachem boards, here’s what a Seachem help admin has to say about utilizing the 2 collectively:”ParaGuard will not impact ammonia levels nor give a false positive reading.we also would recommend using Prime in conjunction with the ParaGuard in or Yes, you can use ParaGuard in conjunction with Prime.On the official Seachem forums, here is what a Seachem support admin has to say about using the two together:”ParaGuard is not going to affect ammonia ranges nor give a false optimistic studying.we additionally would suggest utilizing Prime along side the ParaGuard to be able to preserve your fish protected from ammonia toxicity. You’ll be able to dose with the Prime each 48 hours as wanted.”

Question Question 9

Can Paraguard Be Used At The Same Time As Erythroourcin?

we are sorry we do not know. we have not used Erythroourcin. You should contact Seachem or APwe to be sure. Good luck.

Question Question 10

Is This Product The Same As Seachems Other Paraguard? Because It’S Way Cheaper And We Would Rather Buy This If It Is.?

There is only one type of paraguard in the seachem line. If you see big price differences look at the bottle sizes. That’s probably the reason for higher or lower prices. Seachem also recently changed to a new label so images on may not all be updated yet. But that shouldn’t affect prices.

Question Question 11

Is Para Guard Compatible With Puricel? Adding Puricel To Tank Filtration For High Nitrite Levels, But We Have A Goldfish With A Flaking Nose.?

It is compatible with purigen.

Question Question 12

Will This Treat Symptoms Such As Fish Scratching Gills On Bottom Of Tank And Flashing?

Wow, that’s a potentially serious problem.What we can tell you is that ParaGuard is designed primarily to get rid of ectoparasites, however it can also treat fungal, bacterial, and viral lesions.One of those things is probably the reason your fish are exhibiting such strange behavior.we would say go ahead and give Wow, that’s a potentially serious problem.What we can tell you is that ParaGuard is designed primarily to get rid of ectoparasites, however it can also treat fungal, bacterial, and viral lesions.One of those things is probably the reason your fish are exhibiting such strange behavior.we would say go ahead and give ParaGuard a try, the best thing about it is that you can use it in your display tank, if you don’t have a quarantine tank, (That’s what we did).No guarantees, but give it a try.As always, watch your fish closely, and test your water every day.Good Luck, we hope it works as good for you as it did for us.(Got rid of Ich in 6 days, and it hasn’t come back.)–Thelerian–

Question Question 13

Howdy, Has Anyone Recently Ordered Paraguard That Is A Light Blue (Almost Clear) In Color? We Would Just Like To Know If This Color Is Normal. Thanks.?

Hello paraguard is blue will not harm your fish just follow directions.

Question Question 14

Can We Use This For Bloat And Fin Rot?

This is a preventative not a cure

Question Question 15

Work On Clownfish?

Yep. we used it to destroy the dreaded Brooklynella. Saved their lives. They’re now brightly colored, happy, healthy, and active again. Get ParaGuard. You won’t regret it.

Question Question 16

How Many Days In A Row Should This Be Used For Ich?

14 days as follows. Then do a 50 to 60 % water every 3 days. our tetra and angel fish and gold fish all survive. we always removed all live plants.

Question Question 17

Does It Treat Camallanus Worms?

we have not found an entirely effective treatment for Camallanus worms – this string has some really good advice:

Question Question 18

Can We Use It With Filter On And Carbon Removed?

Yes, it is the Carbon that deactivates the meds.

Question Question 19

Will This Treat Hole In The Head?

definately not, id recommend aquarium co ops trio quarantine meds, if not then maracyn by mardel

Question Question 20

Does This Kill Costia ?

This successfully killed all our fancy gold fish once we put half a dose into our tank.The following day their physique scales are all peeling off and so they died on the fourth day regardless of our effort in doing a whole water change as a result of that they had been swimming within the tank with solely half of really useful dose of this factor. However at y This successfully killed all our fancy gold fish once we put half a dose into our tank.The following day their physique scales are all peeling off and so they died on the fourth day regardless of our effort in doing a whole water change as a result of that they had been swimming within the tank with solely half of really useful dose of this factor. However at your personal peril.

Our Insights:

See our insights (primarily based on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or primarily based on some research work) on Seachem ParaGuard 250ml, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We rescued a betta (pictured) again in august with a ourriad of issues, not least of which was velvet. After researching methods to deal with it, we obtained a bottle of paraguard and a bottle of cupramine (as a final resort as we’re nervous about utilizing copper). Every day baths with paraguard cured our rescue of all velvet inside per week. We additionally work a pet retailer and, now that we all know what to search for, a lot of our bettas have been growing velvet on account of actually poor situations. We take our bottle to work with us on a regular basis to deal with as many as we will. Together with a heat and devoted hospital tank, this has cured over a dozen bettas and helped them get observed by clients as a substitute of merely being left to endure. We’re at present treating one other rescue with this and he already looks as if a unique fish after solely a few days of remedy.

Completely price 5 stars. As we talked about within the title, it is a very protected and efficient product. Now we have constantly used it for our planted aquarium for 3 days, and it labored rather well. It would not have any impact on our vegetation and the hearsay nostril tetras and shrimps are all pleased. We have not obtained any loss in our tank. If you need deal with your fish in a planted aquarium with shrimps, paraguard is an efficient selection.

Our gold ram appeared to have a wombo combo of each ich and fungus on his physique and fins. We put him in a quarantine tank and dosed away. There was little change at first however then a gradual enchancment. Issues had been bettering however slowly, so we determined to present him “baths”. That’s, put him in a pitcher of water and dose a robust quantity of medication for an hour as really useful by the bottle (observe: don’t give baths within the tank because the sturdy dose will kill off useful micro organism in your tank filter). Oila. After a few baths he obtained a lot better in a short time. Our ram is now as soon as once more wholesome and pleased.

This product works actually nice. After an outbreak of ich – which we caught early, thankfully – we noticed seen enchancment after solely 48 hours of utilizing paraguard. Many of the spots had been gone from our fish after about 4 days. Every week later they’re utterly cured. Even better, paraguard doesn’t appear to hurt freshwater shrimp, snails or vegetation. Now we have amano shrimp and nerite snails within the aquarium, and they’re doing simply high quality. Though not really useful, different reviewers have said there wasn’t an issue so we thought we might threat utilizing it. We would not overdose with invertebrates current, however the really useful dosage would not appear to harm them. In our one prior outbreak of ich, we used an natural product that’s protected for shrimp, however it took for much longer to work. (and it made the water odor like garlic – ewww). Our aquarium is 120 gallons and really closely planted with dwell vegetation. Now we have seen no impact on our vegetation, so we might say it would not hurt them both. This was our first time to make use of paraguard and we might undoubtedly use it once more. (hopefully we can’t must although. ) we purchased a pair further bottles to maintain available simply in case.

We get most of our fish by way of mail order. By the point they get to us they’re usually beginning to present signs of any illness they’ve ever been uncovered to. This helps. Now we have efficiently handled fish with ich, fin rot and physique fungus. You do have to preserve the remedies up, although – simply placing in a dose for in the future will not be sufficient. The instructions are to make use of one capful for each 10 gallons every day. “repeat as long as required as long as fish show no signs of stress. ” it’s also possible to use this as a preventative dip for brand new fish (which we extremely, extremely suggest) by placing half a capful per gallon of the dip. The excellent news is that not solely do you not must take the charcoal out of your filter and also you shouldn’t have to fret about snails or shrimp, both. We did a heavy collection of doses on one tank that had cherry shrimp in it, and never one died and even regarded sick. When you preserve fish, you really want to have drugs available to deal with them when one thing breaks out. Early remedy is essential. We preserve this and maracyn 2 available so we will nip illnesses within the bud. Prazipro has a superb popularity, too, however we’ve got not tried that. Possibly there’s a better broad spectrum remedy obtainable than paraguard, however we’ve got not found it but. We might undoubtedly like to listen to folks’s suggestions in the event that they’ve found one thing that works better. By the best way, that is what the bottle says: “paraguard is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available. Contains no formaldehyde or methanol and will not alter ph. Employs a blend of aldehydes, malachite green and fish protective polymers. Effectively eradicates many ectoparasites (ich, etc) and external fungal/bacterial/viral lesions (eg, fin rot). “.

That is the best possible remedy for ick out there. Now we have used this twice. As soon as for a fingal an infection in our fancy goldfish tank and simply this final week for a sudden ick outbreak in our stunning lengthy established glofish skirt tetra tank. We launched 3 new fish with out quarantine final weekend (our fault) and we developed widespread ick inside a few days. Initially we thought of utilizing the warmth methodology in thus big 55 gallon glow dish tank however we’ve got about 12 danios in there and so they do not do as effectively at excessive temps as skirt tetras. We remembered we had efficiently used this for some unknown fungal factor our goldfish had this summer time so we learn the bundle and noticed that it was efficient for ick. We dosed tank accurately and a pair of days in everythibg was 90% cleared. Thus morning at 5 days we won’t see any ick on any fish. We skilled zero fish loss. We consider it is as a result of this product is much less poisonous than these with formalin. Nevertheless these things works. When the warmth methodology is not sensible to your fish. That is the best way to go fingers down. Now we have by no means been so blown away by a product for our tanks.

We used this for an ich outbreak in our 55 gallon freshwater aquarium. We used the complete dose day-after-day for per week, and it labored completely. It has been about 2 months, and the ich has not returned. We did not lose a single fish, to both ich or the paraguard. Now we have 2 scaleless catfish, and simply as marketed, this didn’t hurt them in any respect. They did not appear to be bothered in any respect. The liquid is blue, however in contrast to different ich remedies, it didn’t stain the silicone or decorations in our tank in any respect. The truth is, after a few minutes, the water did not even look like blue. It’s going to undoubtedly stain your carpet although, so in case you’re clumsy like me, be further cautious. :).

Now we have a 3yr outdated oscar who has all the time been very sturdy & wholesome. He grew from 1 inch to six inches. Regardless of routine tank care, he obtained sick. We could not determine out why, how & what was the illness. Possibly gap within the head, fin rot? his entrance half was a unique coloration than his decrease half. He was swimming vertical, floating sideways & stopped consuming. Very unusual. Anyhow, we purchased paraguard b/c it treats a broad vary of illness. After 3 days, our oscar returned to regular coloration, regained vitality & began consuming. He’s again to regular. We do not know what illness he had however it went away & seems steady. We added a pic of our oscar when he was sick.

Our blue oranda goldfish did not look nice once we obtained him, and shortly developed a white fluffy lump on his tail that subsequent to the lump started a small gap by way of his tail, we assume it was some type of fungus. We wrestled with utilizing medicine due to different delicate animals and vegetation within the tank. We lastly determined to take him out right into a 1. 5 gallon fishbowl with an air pump and and comply with the instructions on this bottle to dip simply him. We did we predict an hour or no matter it mentioned on the bottle and we solely did it as soon as. He appeared to tolerate it, however once we put him again on the aquarium he thrashed a bit when he entered the non medicated water and bumped his head on the tank wall after which just one facet of his physique/fins and gills was working. He had a tough evening we don t know if that had something to do with the meds or simply hitting his head. By morning he was better and the white fungus factor started getting stringy and falling off. Nevertheless the entire finish of his tail additionally went stringy and melted off, we assume this was as a result of the fungus or unhealthy tissue was more intensive than we might see. He got here out of the meds trying worse than he went in, however a few weeks later now and he appears nice so it was price doing.

Our first time maintaining fish – we observed that our cherry barbs had been flashing and visibly agitated/itchy. We shortly ordered paraguard and apwe tremendous ick remedy. We hope that we caught it early sufficient, however a few our tetras have already got a pair white spots. We initially dosed the water with the apwe tremendous ick – it turned the water blue for a short time and our fish appeared to react to it. We did not essentially like that apwe asked to dose the water each 48 hours. Paraguard permits you to dose on a regular basis. It’d simply be me, however after including the paraguard – the fish did not appear to thoughts and so they actually appeared to come back out of hiding after some time. It is bizarre to us to think about that you would be able to ‘inform’ when your fish aren’t feeling effectively — however only a few hours later, they’re out of hiding and enjoying out within the open. No more flashing. After a few days of dosing, we might see a visual distinction within the affected fish. One in every of our cory catfish had it worse than others – so we went forward and dipped him for 20 minutes by himself. Quick ahead a number of weeks later and he made a whole restoration and his fins are rising again fantastically. That is the one medicine we are going to use shifting ahead for our fish.

Paraguard is an superior assist for any fish fanatic. We like how it may be utilized in your entire tank (no hospital/quarantine tanks), that it dissipates after a few days (requires every day additions till issues resolve), as a result of it wont intrude along with your filter media in canister or different filters, and since it isn’t a robust antibiotic thatd doubtlessly hurt different fish that arent sick. Seachems drugs comparable to kanaplex or metroplex are superb drugs to make use of after 50% water modifications increased temperature or epsom salts, or paraguard appear to not be as efficient 1st few days. Might be added into meals for simpler absorption as effectively or in water column to achieve gills. If fish appear very sick, then these drugs are those to make use of in a hospital/quarantine tank if eager to keep away from treating whole tank. All of seachem products are legit (we want they paid us lol) as we’ve got used them for effectively over 10yrs. Began off with prime, the one water conditioner aquarisuts ought to actually use, garlicguard meals complement is extraordinarily efficient and retains fish immunity elevated all through life, paraguard for the explanations talked about above, and many others. If we had 1 model to make use of for our fish, you guess its seachem. The nice customer support can be an added bonus :)lastly of us, feed your fish soaked fish meals in water or garlic guard (soften pellets, completely no onerous meals. ) together with some peas as soon as per week to keep away from any swimbladder points as this occasion is dangerous for a fish that cant orient itself. Pea fiber will flush out their bladders and stopping this simply preventable sickness. This together with weekly 50% water modifications ought to stop roughly 75% of potential issues. Different 25% stays in what number of fish are stocked, if all fish are suitable, and many others as there are numerous variable to think about in aquariums inclusive of water supply. That is the place our prime is available in hehe :).

We picked up this product beneath suggestion and am blow away at how good it’s. We had picked up a brand new angel on the native fish store, introduced him dwelling and dumped him immediately into our tank. (silly transfer. At all times quarantine your fish) in fact, this new fish began exhibiting indicators of ick inside per week however this product knocked it out in simply three days. Greatest grievance we see right here is useless fish, effectively, how a lot did you utilize? simply because your tank says 75 gal, it’s not 75 gal. You most likely do not run your tank to the very high, so take a few gals for that. You’ve substrate? take not less than 5 gal for that. Any massive rocks and hardscape? yeah, a few more gals for that. To not point out that each one the tubing, hoses and different issues that contact the water take away efficient quantity. We take 10 gal off our any listed tank dimension routinely. And for first doses, we take an additional 5 gal off for security and ppm accumulation over time. All you need to do is:1) turned up the temp to 86 degrees2) six caps of product to our 75 gal. (5 caps to a 65 – 4 caps to a 55 – and many others)3) deal with for 3 days after which wait a day to search for modifications. (we did enhance dose by 1/2 a capful on second day as a result of all of them regarded high quality)4) 50% water change on day 4 after which maintain for one more 48 hours to let the ick cycle complete5) deal with for 3 more days. That ought to wipe out something that’s lively and kill all of the forged off nasty within the tank. In 3 days our fish had been all ick free and wholesome. We didn’t lose and single fish, snail, or shrimp. (sure we’ve got cherry shrimp within the tank with the angels. They’ve an enormous rock pile to cover in and tons of vegetation).

We’re scripting this assessment to assist others who might have ourstery snails and, in equity, don’t intend any of this to be crucial of seachem, who is a good firm who makes great products which have helped us quite a bit. Each of our ourstery snails have died on account of using paraguard. Seachem particularly says this product just isn’t protected for invertebrates however upon additional research, primarily as a result of they may by no means check on the quantity of invertebrates that exist. They suggest that if in case you have snails to make use of with warning and to ease up your dosage and watch your snails to verify all is okay. Which we did. Many appear to have had luck with paraguard over lengthy intervals of time and in various settings with their snails, however sadly, we’ve got not. 🙁 we are going to proceed to make use of paraguard for its supposed goal however will transfer our snails to a different aquarium sooner or later if we have to deal with the group tank. We hope this helps somebody.

We tried a number of different products for the ich on our fishes, and so they actually did not do a lot however killed our shrimps. We tried the lifeguard tablets and was actually hopeful, however some of our fishes appears more sick and torpid. So did some looking out round and found this. What labored for us was setting the temperature to 84 levels, going to excessive will solely stress out your fish, this was the naked crucial temperature we wanted for the parasites to proceed via their life cycle in order that they are often affected by the medicine. We did a fifty p.c water change the primary day then. 25% water change on a regular basis for a couple of week. We additionally use some apwe stresscoat each time we did a water change so our fishes don t get too loopy. After a couple of week water modifications and graveling vacuuming, this medicine, and 84 levels f on the heater, the fishes are all energetic and freed from ick throughout their physique. We’re simply glad they did not must be sacrificed. We did not take away the carbon filter on our pump both, so it was fairly straightforward to make use of and the water did not get cloudy.

Nice product to do away with the whole lot in a single, typically lengthy remedy. Fish appear to not get careworn out an excessive amount of by it in comparison with most meds. Will want quite a bit f treating massive tanks, and this will and in our expertise will stain clear or white silicone sealant blue. We extremely suggest this if in case you have a recurring challenge with ich or different infestation, whether or not it’s bacterial, fungal, and even viral. The product claims to be much less poisonous than others. This product is a good selection if uncertain of what you’re treating.

We obtained a rubber lip pleco from petsmart. Little did we all know it have ich. Inside days the ich spreads to our woman betta sorority and in addition our 2 chinese language algae eaters. We referred to as seachem searching for for advise and so they advised us to deal with it with paraguard a for 14 days straight and no have to do water change. Keep in mind to take out any carbons within the filter as it is going to absorbs it and make it much less efficient. We additionally elevated water temp to 82 diploma fahrenheit to decelerate the rising pace. By the top of 14 days everybody was freed from ich. Yay. So we did 75% water change and the whole lot again to regular. Seachem representatives are very skilled in answering any questions that we had. And their products are very protected, dependable, and efficient. Thanks seachem.

We had bought some freshwater cherry shrimp and observed that some of them had been contaminated with scutariella japonica (little white worms on the highest of their heads. ) we did some research and got here throughout folks recommending this for remedy for his or her shrimp. It appeared to assist however after treating our shrimp nightly for 21 day’s and eradicating the shrimp molts, we nonetheless got here throughout these parasites. So we bought panacure c and that did the trick. We nonetheless wish to deal with any new shrimp with this for inner parasites or bacterial infections. We did not have any shrimp loss of life’s whereas utilizing this besides one’s that had been already exhibiting indicators of an an infection.

We introduced dwelling a brand new betta a few weeks in the past with fin rot that we assumed got here from poor situations on the lfs. Our tanks all the time have pristine water- our regular go-to fin rot treatment- however we wished just a little one thing further to verify apollo healed up shortly. Every week of every day paraguard remedies and we will see new development alongside the torn edges of his fins.

We love all issues seachem. We have not had to make use of paraguard but, simply have it in case of an emergency. Replace on paraguard:first time having to make use of it for ich and it is working as anticipated. Be affected person, particularly if in case you have loaches. However inside per week our tetras cleared up properly and the loaches are sticking it out just a little longer, as anticipated. Be ready, ich will usually look worse earlier than it will get better. Aspect observe to these blaming the product for killing their fish: as somebody said, verify your dose. An excessive amount of or too little might have hostile results in case you’re treating incorrectly. Corydoras – we observed a declare the paraguard killed all of their corydoras. Now we have a species tank of cory cats and have used this earlier than to stop secondary an infection and was sucessful. Major an infection was undetected, subsequently we couldn’t maintain paraguard answerable for fatalities. Cory illnesses can simply go unnoticed till you begin shedding a few and by then it is too late. We misplaced 3 inside two days for undetectable causes and handled the remaining (12) instantly with no different losses. Backside line, do not hate the participant, hate the sport. Paraguard is a good product and you can be doing all your fish a disservice attempting so as to add meds which are too sturdy and even none in any respect. Spend the additional few bucks and preserve it available. And more importantly, take a minute and browse concerning the potentialities of what you could be coping with earlier than simply leaping proper in. Do not simply take the recommendation from the primary weblog you learn. When you take the time to buy the fish, take the time to know their wants.

Used to deal with some new fish we had in quarantine (severums and clown loaches) that had ick. First day did about 2/3rds the really useful dose on account of know clown loaches could be more sensitive to some drugs and we do not normally use meds except final resort, however the clown loaches the place utterly lined so needed to do one thing. After the primary completed we used the really useful dose there after. The severums the place clear after a full 48 hours the clown loaches the place clear of all ick in 4-5 days. It appear to assist enormously with the loaches however did appear to take longer. There nonetheless in qt however up to now there two weeks clear of ick so appears to do as mentioned.

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