Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector

Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector, Repels Liquids, Blocks Stains

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector, Repels Liquids, Blocks Stains.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Strong carpet security repels spills for much easier clean-up
  • Suitable for high-traffic locations, runners, bath mats, automobile mats and more
  • Does not alter the look of your carpet
  • Limitations coming back areas

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector, Repels Liquids, Blocks Stains.
Size: 17 OuncesProduct DescriptionKeep your carpet and carpets looking more recent, longer with Scotch Gard Rug & Carpet Protector. The triple-action method repels spills, withstands staining, and blocks stains by requiring liquids as much as the surface area where they bead up for simple clean-up. Plus, reducing the effects of action lessens sticky residue other spray cleaners leave, making those coming back, phantom stains a distant memory. So get ready for life’s little accidents today, and felt confident with Scotch Gard Rug & Carpet Protector, your secret stain avenger.From the ManufacturerTriple security formula- Repels spills, blocks stains and withstands staining. Will not alter the appearance or feel of carpet and carpets. A lot of fresh spills tidy up quickly with simply water. Strong stain security presses spills far from fibers. Limitations coming back areas by reducing the effects of sticky residue spray cleaners leave. Will not alter the appearance or feel of carpet and carpets. Suitable for usage on carpet, carpets, stairs, corridor runners, staircase runners, bath mats, high traffic locations. Scotchgard( TM) is the No. 1 acknowledged brand name of protector for carpet, couches, chairs and clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector, Repels Liquids, Blocks Stains.

Question Question 1

Does This Prevent Animal Stains From Embeding in? Like The Dreadful Feline Pee Odor?

we have 3 canines & a feline. our feline utilizes his litter box however our dogs.they are another story. There are no animal stains or odor on either of our carpets that we dealt with. Infact when they pee on the rug it remains on top of the material for some time & is quickly blotted off. There are no stains or odor. We do inspect under the rug & clean i we have 3 canines & a feline. our feline utilizes his litter box however our dogs.they are another story. There are no animal stains or odor on either of our carpets that we dealt with. Infact when they pee on the rug it remains on top of the material for some time & is quickly blotted off. There are no stains or odor. We do inspect under the rug & clean it tidy if the pee goes through however no stain & no odor. Hope that assists.

Question Question 2

Is This Any Various Than The Scotchguard Material Protector?

14oz seems “newer” variation (and double the cost $14) from the 17oz earlier variation (we see noted for $7). go figure.But unsure WHAT is various in more recent variation. if it’s better??

Question Question 3

Is This Safe To Utilize On Great Wool Rugs?

we have actually just utilized this product on vehicle mats and vehicle upholstery so we can’t respond to about wool.

Question Question 4

Will This Work Well On A 100% Cotton Rug?

we do not understand why it would not. we just recently had our carpets cleaned up and the cleaners desired $50 a space (little bed rooms) to have each space scotch guarded.Since we have actually been a fan of Scotchguarding carpets and furnishings we decreased and purchased a spray can of Scotchguard and did it ourself.we conserved a great deal of cash.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Utilized On A Shag Rug?

Hardly deals with a low stack rug, so we would state no.

Question Question 6

Is One Can Enough To Purify Rug Two Times? Our Rug Is 5X7.?

Reflecting. we have 19 carpets, all sizes, big and little. we completely filled every one. The 5×7 took about 1 – 1/2 cans. Thanks for your question.

Question Question 7

Will This Damage Family Pets If They Find A Crumb On The Rug And Consume It After The Rug Is Dealt with?

we are not completely sure however our canines typically consume their deals with on the rug and there have actually been no bad impacts.

Question Question 8

Is This Odorless?

There is a preliminary smell when spraying however not lasting. No smell when dried

Question Question 9

Can We Utilize This On Our Outdoor Outdoor Patio Cushions To Waterproof?

we wear t believe it is for water proffing

Question Question 10

The Number Of Squarefeet Does A 17 Oz Can Do?

we found that the protection practically referred the information on the back of the can. Remarkably, the length of time that the product worked surpassed (in our application) the 6 months mentioned on the can. It lasted over a year. we reside in a dry environment. Possibly that made a distinction.

Question Question 11

Will It Deal With An Indoor/Outdoor Rug?

we have actually constantly utilized it just on interior carpets. So, we do not understand if it will operate in an outside environment.

Question Question 12

Does This Deal Any Uv Sun Security To Avoid Carpet Fading?

the can just mentions that it ‘repels liquids and blocks stains”.No mention of UV sun protection.

Question Question 13

Will This Work On A Polyester Shag Rug? It S For A Lowe S Allen+Roth Area Rug?

we have found that this works on everything we have used it on. But we do insist , if you buy this you should test it on a small spot of your rug first. It does state that in the instructions.Good luckand have a wonderful day.

Question Question 14

Is This Safe To Use On Rugs Where Babies Play And Lay?

we don t know and we used all of mine so we can t read the container for you.Personally, as a mother and grandmother, we wouldn t use it.Until you know for sure I, ourself, would shy away from anything like that.

Question Question 15

We Got Some Kitchen Chairs At Ikea, And They’Re White.Would This Work On That?&Can You Wash The Fabric Like Normal In The Washing Machine Later?

Should work fine, but test on the underside first to make sure there are no strange reactions that cause yellowing. You can wash them normally, but would need to reapply afterwards.

Question Question 16

Can We Use This On Upholstery?

They have a different can for upholstery

Question Question 17

Ok For Clothing??

There is one for clothing which we are assuming is recommended. we haven’t used it on clothing so do not know if that is a good idea.

Question Question 18

Will It Protect Against Dog Pee?

To some degree.But if the dog will keep on doing it then not.

Question Question 19

Will It Seep Through To Our Hardwood Floor?

we sprayed two heavy coats and our wood floor was dry, no problems. If you have that concern, spray off floor and then put it down.

Question Question 20

Does It Leave A Residue?

It does not leave residue.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector, Repels Liquids, Blocks Stains, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

2 felines whose function in life is to throw up on whatever great. This things is a life saver. Their lives. Ok, let us discuss our experience with this. The application could not be much easier. Spray uniformly, let dry, done. Two times of you’re feeling nasty. We utilize this on our rug. There’s no word movie sensation. The carpets do not seem like they have anything on then. Extremely natural. Along comes by one our felines to vomit on it like she requires an exorcist. After swearing that in going to toss her it the window, we get our normal toolbox of quicker picker upper. The very first time after we scotchgarded, we were actually surprised. We got the tinker a dry towel. Then we utilized a damp one. The mess was gone. No stain. We weren’t even mad any longer. So the next time, we got home from work to a stack that plainly was made minutes after we left for a complete days work. Dry as dry can be. We believed, ok, this is the day a feline passes away. However the mess turned up simply as simple as the last one. So thank you scotchgard, you have actually conserved our felines lives.

We are late to the scotchguard video game and simply found this things. We purchased it for a light tan cotton rug we acquired that didn’t desire our young children to ruin. We propped the rug up on a number of folding tables outside and used 2 coats about an hour earlier. It truly works. We videoed us putting water on it then cleaning the water off and will connect screen shots from the video so you can see. We can’t vouch for the length of time it works for considering that we simply did it today, however we intend on reapplying every few months considering that the rug will be well utilized in our living-room.

We acquired a light color rug and was so paranoid somebody was going to spill something on it. We sprayed the entire entire can on the rug and sure enough, within a day, we spilled an entire bottle of red gatorade on it. This product is remarkable. We got a handful of paper towels and it quickly absorbed whatever. Leaving absolutely nothing behind. We went to get a couple more paper towels to complete cleaning up the mess and actually could not find the area we oringally spilled it in. We are so pleased. As a matter of truth we intend on utilizing it on our sofa. What a life saver.

Bought 2 cans to cover an 8×10 rug and it sufficed. Within a day of utilizing our brand-new rug, our 2 years of age kid got a bloody nose and it got onto the rug. Like all over it. We found ourself panicking as we utilized a child clean to clean up the screw up. It cleaned up right up and you can’t even inform there was blood on it anywhere. This things truly works. Plus it’s extremely simple to use. Simply spray uniformly and let dry. That easy and simple. We extremely suggest this product.

The word wow may be early however what the hell. We are going to choose it. This things repaired our carpet in the nick of time for 2 canines with clay mud on their paws to come squashing on it and. A fast vacuum task repaired it.

We simply acquired an off white rug with gray pattern. As quickly as we acquired our rug we acquired 2 cans of the scotchgard with it. We didn’t check out how to utilize the scotchgard however obviously the white foam must come out when sprayed, & leave a layer of foam over the carpet/rug. Mine didn’t. Within 48hrs our canine peed on the rug. We utilized a damp rag & some shout, scrubbed the rug and the day after there was no stain. You would not have actually understood the canine peed. We are unsure what worked, however we would certainly buy the scotchgard once again.

We purchased 2, utilized them in a day – and purchased 2more We have white carpets that we have actually handled to remain white for seventeen years (with a canine, a kid and a wheelchair). It is time to change; however, it’s not on the top of the budget plan today. We cleaned it well with our shampooer (is that a word?), and after that put a coat of this scotch guard on the carpet. We need to state it looks quite darn great, and it assists to get up spills when it has scotch guard on it. Tomorrow – the stairs.

We simply moved into a brand-new home and brought 3 dachshunds with us. They are the most challenging type to housebreak, so we were extremely anxious about mishaps. Bought 2 bottles and had the ability to cover 2 rug, our stairs and bedroom (carpets brief stack, carpet medium/long stack). We ve had 2 canine pee mishaps ever since (dealt with 2 weeks ago) on the medium carpet and we are so grateful we utilized this product. The liquid rests on top, even for hours as one was overnight, up until you can clean it. Cleaning it takes 2 seconds due to the fact that you re not scrubbing and pressing the stain even more in. We will continue to treat our carpets and carpet with this product as typically as required to keep it working. It s alreadt conserved our home.

Have actually utilized it the past and acquired and re-sprayed just recently. A buddy mistakenly spilled a glass of red white wine on our white carpet which was sprayed. The red wine tidied up totally on the formerly sprayed carpe – no trace left. One note about spray cans: over the last few years, we have actually observed that every spray can (paint, scotch guard, window cleaner, bee spray) has actually had defective spray nossels. All 4 cans of acquired scotchgard likewise had problem with the spray however cleaned up after a few minutes of usage.

Holy. Crap. We seriously purchased this and utilized it 2 years earlier. Due to the fact that we are reality 60 hr a week working, 15 hrs on the roadway weekly, adult, we sanctuary t taken our 8×11 thick rug to the cleaners/car wash/hand shampooer because 2 years. Man. We are human???? we re talking thick sufficient to make you question if scotch guard can even permeate all the method in. After dragging our rug outside and laying it out, we used one coat. Simply one. We were really comprehensive in ensuring that the foam covered the whole rug. It took 2 complete cans. Once again, 2 years earlier. So this evening we are facetiming when we spill a whole glass of red wine. Not that oops, there s a puddle, however that holy crap. Just how much remained in there?. How did it get all the method over there?. Type of spill. We leapt up and went on the hunt for cleaning up materials, then went to the restroom and got a towel, prior to returning. The splattered areas were tidied up about 3-4 minutes after the spill. The puddle? we moved our ottoman 5-6 minutes later on and found that appeal. It was still sitting right on top of the rug. What you re seeing wants we utilized simply the towel to scrub it up. That s it. Outrageous. In. Sane. Can we simply utilize this on all the carpets, not simply carpets, in our home? we are offered.

What’s not to like? we have 2 – 10 feet long runners in our kitchen area which naturally gets a great deal of usage. Spilled or splashed numerous foods wind up on these runners consisting of littles whatever has actually been sliced. We understand we sound careless however we do believe it takes place in all kitchen areas. We wash the carpets, dry and extend them out on our outdoor patio to purify our scotchgard carpet and rug protector. Our carpets remain cleaner a lot longer and the majority of the dirt simply vacuums up rapidly. We utilize on our rug in front of our pup door which gets numerous muddy prints and rather of taking in after it dries it simply gets rid of. It works for little or adult muddy feet entering your home too. Scotchgard conserves us time and offers us more time to enjoy our house without jeopardizing tidiness.

Functions excellent on kid’s rug. We purchased a light-colored rug for our child’s space, and we felt in one’s bones it would be messed up in a matter of weeks (she’s 5 and has 2 little siblings). It has actually stood well under pee and daily dirt (so far). Highlight is that after the preliminary spray (which has no smell), you can’t inform that the carpet is safeguarded (it’s not stiff or anything). Love it.

We have actually seen the photos of liquid simply laying on top of carpet, however we are skeptical-or was. We purchased a good rug, however it god messed up from fruit punch and unclean shoes. We purchased the very same rug once again and this scotch guard. It works. We evaluated it and water simply rested on top. Recently. Our canine had actually chosen to pee on it, and we believed it was over once again. However it came out of the carpet no issue. Worth the buy.

Acquired this to secure our brand-new wool rug. Essential info is the 17 oz can secures a 5 x6 location. We could not find this info prior to buy so we require tobuy more You will require to let it dry for 2-6 hours. The product requires to be used every 6 mo. We sprayed it on the high traffic locations of our brand-new rug and let it dry over night. (we require to buy more for the entire rug) next early morning our felines searching expertise enabled us to evaluate the efficiency. We had the ability to clean up the mouse residue with a moist rag quickly. No marks left.

We just recently included a pricey handmade rug to our stairs as a runner. We did 2 layers of this and didn’t understand if it would make a distinction due to the fact that texturally the rug felt the very same. Then we had a heating system service technician come and ruin the rug with unclean footprints. We got out our toolbox of cleaners to deal with them and found we might actually simply clean them straight off the stairs without cleaner. Super pleased with how well this worked.

We have 3 kids, 3 and under. We are insane and boughg a white and grey rug. So in a desperate effort to conserve the rug from our potty training young child and crawling child we attempted this. We have had it on about 2 months. The other day our young child had a mishap peed all over it and it’s simply beaded up like oil in water. We had the ability to blot all of it up and the rug wasn’t damp, no stain no odor we might not think it.

We purchased it to spray on brand-new runner carpets for our mud and utility room. Very first usage made the tile appearance dreadful. Cleaned with numerous various cleaners however might not bring back. When weather condition gets warm, will take outdoors to utilize. We are 86 years of ages and have actually utilized scotchguard all our life however never ever had an experience like this last usage.

Product went on as directed. Just issue is when we went to vacuum after it dried, it was really challenging ever for a brand-new sweeper power head to pull itself through the chemicals. Our company believe it will do what it assures. Feel in one’s bones it follows the fibers in a was that made if really challenging the very first few times to vacuum.

Utilized this for the carpets in our vehicle. We followed guidelines and left the carpets to dry for longer than recommended simply to be on the safe side; we evaluated it with water and did discover it bead off some parts however not others. The application recommend to simply spray it on the carpet however possibly utilizing a brush or some other applicator might disperse the product more efficiently.

Had 2 spaces of carpet expertly tidy. To conserve some cash choose to scotchgard the carpet ourself. Kept in mind how well other scotchgard products utilized in past on couch & chairs. Our carpets looks great after using scotchgard. Terrific product.

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