Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug

Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug, Ivory/Grey

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug, Ivory/Grey.

  • Polypropylene
  • Safavieh’s Hudson Shag Ogee Trellis Rug with 2,000+ customer evaluations
  • Contemporary aesthetically interesting Moroccan influenced geometric pattern for a designer appearance in any space
  • Elegant and plush, the Hudson shag rug promotes an exceptionally soft sensation underfoot
  • Bonus thick 2 inch stack height offers extraordinary sink in convenience

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug, Ivory/Grey.
Size: 6′ x 9′|Color: Ivory/Grey The plush and elegant Hudson Shag Collection draws motivation from standard Moroccan styles and equates them into modern perceptiveness. This rug includes a lovely ogee concept that provides curvy visual intrigue. With an ivory background and a grey pattern, this rug s flexible neutral combination will mix effortlessly with existing d cor. Skillfully power-loomed and built of improved polypropylene, this rug is essentially non-shedding for practical maintenance. A textured pleasure, this rug includes a stack height of 2-inches that produces an exceptionally plush sensation underfoot. Include simply the correct amount of style to your home to produce a decadently comfortable environment for all to delight in. Contemporary shag design works perfectly with any d cor Fine-tuned power-loomed building and construction Boosted polypropylene fibers for low shedding Super soft and plush 2-inch stack height Latex and jute support Perfect for any Space: Living Space, Bed Room, Dining-room, Nursery, Foyer, or Office Crafted in Turkey A rug pad is suggested

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug, Ivory/Grey.

Question Question 1

How Is This Rug For Vacuuming?

we purchased this rug in the house Product about 6 months earlier and it has actually been a problem attempting to keep it tidy. we have a Dyson vacuum that cleans up every other flooring surface area and rug/carpet in our house perfectly. However when we attempted to vacuum this rug, the vac simply draws into the rug and it is difficult to press the vac a we purchased this rug in the house Product about 6 months earlier and it has actually been a problem attempting to keep it tidy. we have a Dyson vacuum that cleans up every other flooring surface area and rug/carpet in our house perfectly. However when we attempted to vacuum this rug, the vac simply draws into the rug and it is difficult to press the vac throughout the rug. With or without the beater bar switched on, the effective suction draws into the rug and the only method to vacuum it is to get the vac, bring it throughout the rug, and pull it in reverse for each and every run. This is time consuming and tiresome. Worse, over the 6 months, the white locations of the rug are now nearly as grey as the grey style lines in the rug, so it looks dirty, although we attempt to keep it as tidy as we can. we are 65, so possibly a more youthful individual might handle vacuuming the rug with just backwards pulls, however it uses usout So today, we went searching for another rug to change it. we are ill of how horrible it looks. That is regrettable, too, as we actually like the rug when it was brand-new and tidy, and we enjoyed the softness and high stack of the rug at first. we now understand that I”ll never again buy another shag rug with that much pile, as it is just impossible to vacuum it and keep it clean. Worst purchase we ever made when it comes to buying rugs. Buyer beware. This beautiful rug looks stupendous until it gets dirty, and that won’t take long, since a daily vacuuming is completely out of the question.

Question Question 2

Can Someone Submit A Picture Of The Backing Of The Rug Material? We Do Not Want To Purchase It If It Has The Little Rocks That You Can See.?

this item does not have a backing, please see the link below for more detail

Question Question 3

Does Anyone Have Beige Ivory Carpet Pics?Seems To Be A Lot Of Grey Ones, But None In Beige.Can We Order Samples / Swatches Of Beige And Grey ?

we bought a beige ivory but it absolutely look like grey ivory

Question Question 4

Is It Possible To Order A Small Swatch?

Unfortunately We do not offer swatches however you may want to order the smallest size as reference.Thank youPHF Team

Question Question 5

Hi When Would The Slate Blue And Ivory Color (14X10) Be Available? We Have Been Waiting Since 2Months?

It will come available, just not sure the exact date.

Question Question 6

Does They Gray Have A Bit Of Beige/Brown To It? In Other Words Is It A Cool Gray (Bluish) Or Warm Gray (Beigish)? Would Gray Work W/Dark Brown Couches?

we would call it a warm gray so brown couches would match well.

Question Question 7

What’S Material Is It?

What material?? we are sure you can find the specific answer if you scroll down and look at the detailed information about the rug where it has the dimensions, etc. we can’t imagine that it would not be there. However if it is not, call customer service and ask them specifically OR you can Google Safavieh rug compos What material?? we are sure you can find the specific answer if you scroll down and look at the detailed information about the rug where it has the dimensions, etc. we can’t imagine that it would not be there. However if it is not, call customer service and ask them specifically OR you can Google Safavieh rug composition and look online.

Question Question 8

What Size Should We Order? Our Living Room Is 21 Ft By 17 Ft Roughy. We Want It Big Enough To Put The Legs Of Our Sofa Under. We Were Looking At 8 By 10.?

depending on the placement of the furniture you can choose from 8x10up to 10×14

Question Question 9

Hoe Heavy Is This Rug? We Ordered 2 For Our Sister And She Said It Is Too Heavy For Her And Her Husband To Carry Up The Atairs.?

Your sister and her husband are babies.

Question Question 10

Why Is There Such A Strong Chemical Odor? When Does It Go Away Or Do We Have To Get This Rug Professionally Steamed To Try And Remove The Odor?

The smell didn’t take long to go away. Like any new rug whether an area rug or custom, they all have that funny chemical odor.

Question Question 11

Is The Navy A Dark, Rich Shade Or More Faded And Denim Looking? Also, Is It Very Soft? We Are Looking At It For A Baby’S Room. Thank You.?

It’s a dark navy, very rich, lush and nice looking.we bought it for our front door, and it was too thick, but we are using it elsewhere.It would be nice for a baby’s room and soft for him to lay on.

Question Question 12

What Type Of Backing Does This Carpet Have? We Are Looking For Non-Skid As We Do Not Want To Use A Rug Pad.?

The notice says under the carpet ” Usage of rug pad suggested.”. It does NOT have anti skid material, which didnt matter for us as we have it on carpetted floor. Other than that, this is a great feeling and looking rug.

Question Question 13

What S The Difference Between 7 Square And 7 Diameter? Thank You.?

7′ square is square but 7′ diameter is round

Question Question 14

Is The Ivory/Slate Blue Close To An Ivory/Navy? We Need A Rug And Have Navy Blue Furniture.?

the blue is very much slate.not even close to navy.

Question Question 15

Will This Rug B Available In 6 X9 Size In Ivory And Beige?

Yes, this rug is available in many sizes as well as 6×9

Question Question 16

Is This Rug Okay To Go In The Washing Machine?

Depending on the size of your washing machine and the size of your rug o would say yes. but we never tried it.

Question Question 17

Is This Rug Soft To Touch? Some Shag Rugs Are So Rough And Not Comfortable Aside From The “Shag”?

Absolutely. we actually sleep on this rug in our newborns room. You don’t even have to put a blanket on top of the rug that’s how soft it is.

Question Question 18

Do We Need To Buy A Backing?

We bought a pretty large one to go in our bedroom under our bed and it s on tile flooring , we didnt end up needing the no slip pad or anything .

Question Question 19

We Just Got The Rug Anybody Have Suggestions For A Good Grooming Rake That Will Not Snag Or Ruin This Rug Thanks?

we just use the vacuum to clean it.

Question Question 20

Is It Helpful For Under Dining Set?

we believe it would work as long as your dining set is heavy. It s a quite thick rug. May be tough to move the chairs though.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug, Ivory/Grey, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Outstanding, exceptional rug. No other words for it. You see all these pricey elegant looking brand (although safavieh is brand name name-it is an exception) carpets that are hundreds if you desire a bigger size. They are lovely however we personally desired a rug that was soft, cushioned, comfty and looked near magnificent. It was inexpensive, inexpensive, and the quality does not match the cost. With carpets. Select 2: comfty, decently priced, lovely. Well. This rug has all 3. Quality is the other reward that a lot of carpets do not have. No, we are not simply discussing high luscious stack and thick-cushioned feel under your feet, both of which it has. We are particularly talking just how much damage (read: poop, vomit, curry, spaghetti discolorations, nail polish, the works of having young boy young children under 3) a rug can take. We utilize bleach on this rug all. The. Time. As a note, we didnt put directly bleach, however you shouldnt do that anyhow for anything. Constantly water down with water. We took a photo of the clorox bottle we utilize. It works like a beauty and raises whatever up. For individuals who do not have kids or pet dogs, you may not care. However for those people who do, the worst aspect of purchasing such a classy rug, is the upkeep. Is it simple to take care of? will it be simple to tidy and eliminate dust, irritants and other food particles embedded in the fibers? will the high stack stay rather high and incredibly soft on your feet after a long day at work? will it avoid stain and not tarnished and dingy?yes. We purchased this rug for one factor particularly: we have young children and our youngest at the time was finding out to crawl. Our kneecaps were almost rubbing off from crawling a lot on wood. So, our crawling/rolling young child kept drawing on the wood and we chose to get a rug. Typical carpets werent soft enough. This safavieh rug cushioned all his falls and he anticipated to weep after striking his head on the rug when falling. Rather he was peaceful, his eyes broad open. Surprised that a rug might make him feel absolutely nothing from his falls. We are not amazed. The rug has an extremely high stack and the fibers are thick. No joke. It is more comfy than our sofa. We took images of the stack after having it for a whole year nearly. We had a beautiful ikea rug with a quite high stack. Gradually nevertheless it has actually ended up being so thin. The fibers have actually usedout The safavieh carpets fibers are still incredibly thick. The factor? possibly its better fiber quality however it appears to be that the rug has more fibers (yarn) throughout. This is why it is so plush and thick. Each 5 inches of the rug has more fibers than other “shag” carpets. Typically, a rug with more fibers would costmore However this rug is remarkably decently priced. Nearly seems like it is too great to be real. ********* our stated terrific young child handled to likewise make it through our nail polish and discard a whole bottle on the rug. We discarded acetone anxiously on the rug, risking it would be permanently destroyed. The laquer came off and no one, even up close, can inform anything was spilled. The 2nd finest thing as we stated was how we bleach and bleach and we have actually discarded nearly every chemical you can think about mistakenly and intentionally on this shag. This rug remains in ideal condition as when we initially got it. Typically carpets use out after a while. Not this rug. Not a single stain. (take a look at images) this is what you call quality. We understand looking for carpets is hard since they tend to be pricey and extremely essential due to allergic reactions, kids, family pets, quality and they aren’t simple to change out because they impact your whole spaces design. However– this rug deserves it. If you’re on the fence about it. Simply purchase it. The quality is beyond magnificent. Take our word for it.

Love the carpet, the color is ideal for what we desired. It’s plush, looks high quality, and unrolled with no problems. Extremely advise.

After considering this rug for far too long, we lastly acquired it. Bought it on a wednesday, and remarkably it came just 2 days later on. It opened and didn’t require whenever to flatten out, it was ideal right away. No smell. Extremely soft on your bare feet. We want to ultimately make it even softer and get a rug pad to put beneath. Excellent density, lovely color (gray/ivory). The 8×10 was precisely what we required for under our king sized bed. We will be bought one for our nursery and one for our children space quickly. Order this rug, you will not be dissatisfied. We are so in love. ~ one extremely pleased partner ~.

It came absolutely covered in plastic, safe from the rain thank goodness since it was left at our front door. It’s extremely heavy, incredibly plush. The weave is not too tight and not too floppy. It likewise has some woven beige throughout the white to produce some texture and avoid it from being so plain of a white.

Oh our we like this rug. It’s so plush and excellent quality. The cost is ideal for the quality of this rug. We acquired a runner and smaller sized one and have no remorses. We have actually got a lot of compliments from this rug love it therefore does everybody else. Purchase this if you have not currently.

We had actually been searching for a neutral tone shag rug for about a year however might not bring ourself to pay more than $400 for a 9×12 rug. We tracked the cost of this rug on for almost a year and stroked in to acquire it when the cost decreased to $270. The rug was provided quickly and was covered nicely in plastic. The gray and ivory rug is darker than envisioned. We were anticipating it to be more of a tan or taupe color however it has more brown undertones in addition to tips of cream and gray. Neverless, it is still neutral adequate to collaborate with any design. The stack of the rug has to do with 1 inch high and it is very comfy underfoot. We are not utilizing a rug pad and do not anticipate requiring one. This is the very first time we purchased a rug without seeing it very first however we are extremely delighted with the product. We feel we handled to get an incredible offer at an incredible cost.

This rug feels and look like a premium rug. It’s extremely soft, and is certainly extremely thick. We are uncertain about the 2in stack, however that does not appear to remove from it at all. It came covered in plastic inside a cardboard box, so it was totally safeguarded from dirt and particles throughout the shipment procedure. We needed to reverse-roll one end of the rug to get it to lay entirely flat, however aside from that we actually have no grievances. This rug is very simple to fluff back up, even after furnishings has actually been resting on it. Absolutely worth it.

Well, after all the reading we did prior to purchasing this rug. We are going to echo the other luxury evaluations. We are awful at making choices particularly when it concerns embellishing. We have actually been taking a look at carpets for about a month, purchased a few from numerous shops, and after that purchased this one. We more than happy to state that this gray, 8×10 rug is definitely ideal which we will be returning the others that we acquired in order to keep this one. Our ideas:1) yes, there is an odor when you open the rug. This is a regular thing and yes, it dissipates after a few days (open the window if you get the possibility) 2) the color is more of a greige (gray and beige) kinda speckled result that produces the total cover. This is a really favorable point for us since we wish to incorporate more neutrals. Please keep in mind that we just discovered this when our face was actually on the rug searching for it. A typical individual most likely would simply see the basic gray-ness. Plus, we find the total result real to the color displayed in the images online3) it is certainly soft and fluffy. The another rug that we acquired is simply a tip softer and fluffier however we are legitimate splitting hairs at this moment and we are returning the other one anyhow. We were certainly not anticipating this sort of soft for this cost so it’s a winner4) it delivered incredibly quickly. We got it a strong 4 days prior to we were anticipating too (which we think might be a disadvantage if you require to make plans to be there or something when it gets here. Simply enjoy your tracking development) 5) the style is so ideal. Its simply the ideal mix of pattern vs. Strong. It looks quite damn sophisticated. So yeah, like numerous others have actually stated, if you’re considering getting this rug however have doubts about purchasing online or something. Please enable us to assure you that this certainly an excellent option.

We like this rug and we would buy it once again. We purchased this for our livingroom. We have dark wood floorings, children, and we have fun with them a lot in the flooring. We required something soft on our knees and this is ideal. We seem like the color is real to the image. The rug is rich, soft, we walk/play on it every day, & it still holds its structure. Great buy.

We definitely like our rug. Not just is the color ideal however it is so plush. No unusual odor upon opening and it flattened out within an hour or 2. Our sofa took a week to show up so we the good news is had the rug to lay on while we enjoyed television and we are not even joking it was soooo comfy. The thick stack is amazing. Great buy, terrific cost, terrific product.

Definitely like this runner. We are sooooo blown away by the quality of this runner for the cost. Shaggy type carpets like this are generally incredibly pricey even for a little rug or runner. We required a quite long runner since our corridor has to do with 14 feet long overall. We got the 2 feet 3in by 12ft runner which is ideal size and percentage for our corridor. They had the exact same one in a 14ft long however we did not desire it to range from our huge rug to the ones at the door entirely so this worked ideal. It leaves ideal quantities of tough flooring on the sides without looking unusual. This quality is fantastic. It is sooooo soft and plushy and the colors are extremely deep and lively, similar to the photos. We are beyond pleased and astonished by this product. Many runners in this size were well over a 100 dollars in other places which not even including it being the shag type. We are srriously beyond pleased with paying 80 some dollars for the size and quality of this rug. We are even thinking about changing our huge 8×10 feet area rug in the dining-room with amongthese Definetly worth purchasing if your searching for runners, little carpets, or rug. Product packaging was great. Came rolled up entirely covered in a thick plastic wrapping. Kept it together, tidy, and intact. Likewise made it actually simple to simply cut open fast and roll it ideal out in less than a minute. They did not roll it incredibly incredibly tight with all the air drawn out like some locations finish with carpets, blankets, bed mattress, and memory foam. We like that it did refrain from doing that since when they do, it triggers you to need to wait on it to unroll or take shape. This was the good news is simply a fast unwrap and lay out and it was ideal. Do not be reluctant with this product. It deserves every dollar.

We can’t state enough great about this rug. It’s lovely, so squishy and soft. Our kids like simply laying on the flooring. It illuminated our living space and makes it feel so pleasant. You can vacuum this if you are vacuuming in reverse however not forwards. It hasn’t shed however 2 or 3 small yarn pieces in 5 days. We purchased the beige and cream to choose our dark brown sectional and we looks terrific together. We seem like even with kids and family pets this rug is going to last a long period of time. The only issue we have is actually not with the rug at all; it’s that the cost on the 8 × 10 rug we acquired altered rates numerous times a day dropping dramatically and returning up dramatically. Costs modifications of approximately $80 at a time. We believe the most affordable we saw it prior to we stopped inspecting remained in the 170’s. Simply watch on the cost prior to you buy it. It’s well worth it in any case and a certain take compared to other carpets like it.

Love this. Good thick stack, great quality, terrific worth. The rug came packaged well and we had the ability to roll out rapidly without any creasing. Extremely advise.

This rug looks extremely great. We were worried after reading some of the evaluations however we have actually not experienced any of the problems those evaluations mentioned. 1. It is extremely soft and the color is extremely great. Good thick rug. 2. There was not any odor from this rug and it did not make us ill. 3. This rug was not plagued with fleas. 4. Our pet dogs definitely like laying on this carpets and has actually not triggered them any damage. 5. It is a little hard to tidy. We make sure this will depend upon your strength and your vacuum. When we have our vacuum set on the high stack level it is hard to press the vacuum however you can pull it extremely quickly. This is insufficient to keep us from purchasing this. In general we would advise this. It is a really great looking rug and contributed to the appearance and comfort of our living-room. Plus the cost can t be beat.

We browsed everywhere for a rug for our living-room. Whatever we found was so inexpensively made, and cost a limb. We simply might not bring ourself to toss cash away like that. Came throughout this on, and chose to attempt itout The cost was right, that if we were’ t insane about it, we would not feel bad about just having it for a brief time, up until we found something else. And similar to the evaluations state– this rug is amazing. So plush, and comfy. We did buy a pad to go beneath, as the bottom is a little rough for our tough wood floorings, however it is fantastic. We get a lot of compliments, all visitors rave about the rug. Have actually because acquired a runner and smaller sized rug for the front door. Love this rug.

So pleased we chose to acquire our rug from this business through. They had such a better range in sizes than any shop we took a look at. We were a little bit anxious to acquire without getting to feel the real product however we relied on the favorable evaluations and we are delighted we did. You can not beat the cost on this rug for the quality (and yay totally free shipping. ). The rug looks definitely terrific and is rather fluffy and soft. We purchased it after we had actually wood floorings set up and still desired a soft, comfortable area for our 15 month old and us to sit and play. It likewise includes terrific texture, heat, and design to the space. We bought the 6 × 9 ivory (with grey) rug and we were so delighted to see it was actually a real ivory/cream and not white. With a canine and a young child, we understood we were most likely insane to get such a light rug, however we believe the color of this will hold up rather well. Plus, if it actually gets stained in a few years, we will simply change it, because it’s so inexpensive. Our canine sheds a lot and we would rather keep him off this rug as much as possible, however he’s likewise getting used to the wood floorings all over, so we actually bought him his own little rug to utilize as a bed. It’s so adorable (and more elegant for our main living area than a routine canine bed). He likes it. Extremely advise getting.

We have actually checked out purchasing numerous carpets for our house, however this one without a doubt is beyond 5 stars. We waited to right our evaluation up until after the thanksgiving vacation since we understood the rug would get a complete course in wear and tear. Our little nieces and nephews were playing all overy the rug, battling and even waste somemail red gooey slim on it. We were disturbed when we saw our bro scrubbing the heck out of the fibers in the rug, utilizing folex (acquired in the house depot). However the rug persevered and not one fiber twirled loose or began to separate, and think us he was carefully scrubbing to get rid of the red stain. It came out, and we will be bought another among these rus for our bed rooms. Outstanding quality rug. We would extremely suggested this to everybody.

We tried to find hours online for the ideal rug for our brand-new house. We found this one and quickly enjoyed the cost and the appearance. The quality is terrific, it is incredibly soft and fluffy and the colors are ideal. We extremely advise this rug to anybody.

We just recently transferred to a good home in seattle and chose it was time to get great things to fill it with. Among the significant pieces we desired was a truly comfy carpet with deep stack (2″ or more) that we can sink our feet into and a sophisticated appearance that matches the mod style of the other furnishings. We have actually never ever invested this much cash on a rug so it was a little bit of a cringeworthy minute for us when we struck the purchase button, today that we have it in our location we are delighted with the purchase and have absolutely no purchasers regret whatsoever. It’s the sort of carpet you can sink your bare feet into and it’s nearly like using socks. Our canine likes it too and invests much of his day oversleeping numerous unpleasant looking positions on it. If you are down to drop $250 – $350 on a good rug then you can’t fail with this one.

Simply got this rug and it’s terrific. Extremely thick shag, beautiful colors, and appears to be well made. Was packaged well. The colors are grey and a marbled ivory. We do not believe it will reveal excessive dirt regardless of being light colored. We bought the 7′ square and it fits well with our sectional couch.

0/5 (0 Reviews)

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