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Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Get Your Hemorrhoids Home Remedy

Having hemorrhoids is such a painful sickness and that you should know the cheapest hemorrhoids remedy, that is hemorrhoids Home Remedy. hemorrhoids are when you have your veins swollen in your anal system. It is because there is too much pressure in your blood veins in the area of pelvic and rectal. Your veins can swell inside of your anal canal or near the opening of the anus that is then called external hemorrhoids.

Although, these are two different hemorrhoids, you can have it both in the same time. And as this can be really painful, of course, you want to get rid of it as fast as possible because it can cause you really uncomfortable situation. And to understand how to get rid of it, you should now the kind of hemorrhoids you get. And as it can back anytime, you should watch out your habit and you should also learn how to maintain your anal system to be always good in following the instruction in treating your hemorrhoids.

As you know that you do not want to feel the pain of your hemorrhoids, you have to be really determined to get rid of that pain. And if you want to make it cheap and safe because you know exactly what you do to your anal system, you should know how to apply hemorrhoid home remedy without surgery. You can treat your hemorrhoids in natural way.

There are some ways that you can do in having hemorrhoids home remedy which are suggested by many people who have the same problems and have applied it by themselves. Of course these people have a good result in applying it in their own body so that they suggested it to you.

One of the simplest ways that you can do in doing hemorrhoids home remedy is drinking as much water as you can. It is good for both your skin and your digest system. While your skin can get smoother because it is always moist, your digest system has an increasing process in digestion so that everything you digest will not too hard and thus, there will be no too-much pressure in your blood veins in the pelvic and rectal area. Besides, dehydration is also one of the causes that can cause hemorrhoids. Thus, you can save yourself from hemorrhoids.

Another hemorrhoids home remedy that you should know is eating more fibre. Along with drinking more water, this help in your digest system. As constipation is one of the reason of hemorrhoids, eating fibre can help you get smoother digesting so that there will not be too-much pressure in your blood veins. So, you can start your fibre diet by eating more vegetables to keep everything well there under your belly.

The next hemorrhoids home remedy that you can do is having some exercise. However, you should consider light exercise because too strain exercise can cause hemorrhoids as well. Then, you should be careful in choosing the right exercise if your intention is trying to make your muscle in the pelvic area stronger. The exercise which is recommended for hemorrhoids is kegel exercise which is popular in pregnant women. With this exercise, you can get your muscle stronger but you will not make yourself in too strain exercise.

Things to Do on Hemorrhoids Home Remedy

If the other hemorrhoids home remedy is like a caution thing you should do, you can do several things that will heal your hemorrhoids when it really comes to you. One popular hemorrhoid home remedy for this is put some ice to the sick area. In so doing, you will be able to get rid of that painful area completely. By putting some ice there, you will be able to release the pain you have. And if you put it there often, you will get it disappeared in no time. Thus, for you who are afraid of operation can feel relieved.

The thing you can do in hemorrhoid home remedy is keeping the area clean. By keeping it clean, you are supporting it to have a healthy condition so that you will let not only hemorrhoids go but also another sickness.

As having hemorrhoids can be really painful both in the feeling of having it and admitting that you have it, you should be able to keep everything hemorrhoids home remedy done for the sake of your own condition. Of course, you do not want it to come anytime because you will not be able to do anything you want to do. Instead of doing anything, you should have restrain the pain that sometimes you cannot stand it (imagine if it’s bleeding). So, keep doing everything you can to avoid it.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Remedies for hemorrhoids can be done in several ways. Surgery is not necessary because most doctors will avoid surgery to cure this illness. What is hemorrhoids and why cause it? hemorrhoids or piles are inflammation of veins on anal canal. Actually this is not a deadly or fatal illness. People may not even realise they have hemorrhoids.

However, piles or hemorrhoids is often painful and can be so disturbing, especially during daily activities. Healthy people can even have piles in their rectum. According to the location, there are internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoid is present inside rectum while external hemorrhoid is around anus.

Internal hemorrhoids are inflammation of rectum veins. Rectum wall doesn’t have the nerve like skin and thus will not cause pain. This type can be detected when blood is spotted on faeces. Meanwhile, external hemorrhoids are easily detected because inflammation happens to anal skin and there is nerve system inside.

Remedies for hemorrhoids can be obtained from herbal medicines or from modern medication. Natural sources can also be the remedies for hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids can be graded in four stadiums. Stadium one is where the piles are still inside the rectum but it will bleed eventually during stool. Stadium two is when hemorrhoids are pushed out of rectum when defecating but goes in again after a while. The third stadium is indicated when it is out but won’t goes in again unless the patient itself push it in. The fourth stadium or the last stadium is when it stays outside rectum and patient cannot push it inside anymore. In the fourth stadium, patient will feel incredibly itchy yet painful. The piles are strangled which can cause terrible pain. Patient should be aware that several illness of colon has similar symptoms with hemorrhoids.

Therefore, you should consult with your doctor immediately if you feel symptoms like this especially when you are above 20 and one of your family members has history with colon cancer. Blood stains on faeces or dripping blood during stool are experienced by patient of colon cancer.

What Cause Hemorrhoids?

There are some causes for hemorrhoids to present in rectum, such as obesity, genetically factor, anal sex, lack of vitamin E, aging, sit for a long time, often carrying heavy loads, pregnancy, push on too hard for faeces to come out, diarrhoea, and take stool for too long. Your lifestyle can affect hemorrhoids to appear.

Faeces can turn hard when you eat less fibre like fruits and vegetables. Faeces can also turn hard when you hold back stool for a long time because the water contain in faeces which is not immediately disposed will be absorbed by colon. Thus, hard faeces can cause constipation and you will inevitably force the faeces to come out and this will make the veins to tense. Faeces are solid but it should move out easily. Remedies for hemorrhoids in this case are drinking more water and eating more fibre. Doing routine exercises can also reduce the risk of hemorrhoid.

Surgery as Remedies for Hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, don’t be afraid because surgery is not the only solution. Most doctors will avoid surgery because there are risks of complication and problem of using anaesthesia. Therefore, surgeries are not the best remedies for hemorrhoids.

Popular remedies for hemorrhoids without surgery recently are old Barron method and sophisticated Barron method. Barron method is basically done by clamping piles with special rubber to stop the blood flow. After a week the piles will release by itself. The latest Barron method uses vacuum to draw out piles until the ground base of rectum before clamping the rubber onto it. This way will guarantee high success rate without leaving wound or infection risk.

On the contrary, old Barron method drew out the piles with nippers before putting on the rubber. This way can cause terrible pain due to the risk of rupture on veins when nippers strangle it.

Other remedies for hemorrhoids are schlerotherapy and herbal therapy. Schlerotherapy is done by injecting chemical substance (sclerosant) which will make veins hardened so that the blood will stop flowing to the piles. This therapy is carrying high risk also because the chemical can affect the rectum to shrink. Herbal medicine from witch hazel leaves and Graptophyllum pictum are also remedies for hemorrhoids.

Treatments For Hemorrhoids & Alternative Remedies

Homeopathic treatment uses concentrated extracts from plants. These are used in specific dosage either as globules soaked in the extracts or as extracts diluted in water to specific potency. The extract sometimes constitutes only the active compound from the plants instead of the entire plant extract.

The science of homeopathy relies upon non invasive treatment aiming at complete removal of the problem from the root. Because of this underlying principle of the treatment, many users feel a slight aggravation of the condition, before abating and finally disappearing for good.

Some of the plants used for hemorrhoid treatment are listed below. The medicines act in combination with each other. The combination differs depending upon the person’s condition and mood.

Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used for hemorrhoids in patients who have flatulence and prolapsed hemorrhoids. The cool and soothing effect of aloe helps in shrinking the inflamed tissue and reduces the irritation due to flatulence. In case the condition is accompanied with diarrhoea, the anti inflammatory properties of aloe come handy.


Sounds like a very unusual compound to be used for burns, but yes, graphite is prescribed for overweight individuals who have itching, anal fissures and sore bumps surrounding the anal opening. These symptoms occur because the body’s weight itself adds pressure to the veins along with constipation and hard stools.


People who do not find sitz bath or soaking in warm water of any use for their hemorrhoids may often be prescribed sulphur. This also counteracts upon the odour produced due to flatulence. Sulphur helps alleviate burning and itching around the anus. Prolapsed hemorrhoids that feel bumpy in the anus can be cured by sulphur.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica has a more stimulating effect on the bowel movement and helps in easing the passing of stool. It does not loosen the stool, but induces an urging effect on the sphincter muscles to reduce constipation. Nux vomica is reserved for impatient people who tend to strain a lot during bowel movements in an effort to evict the stool quickly.

Calendula officinalis

Calendula has an anti inflammatory effect. It soothes itching, burning and swelling of the hemorrhoids. It is most effective when applied topically. Homeopathic creams of calendula are used for healing wounds, in this case external hemorrhoids.

Paeonia officinalis

Often called as European peony, its extract acts the best on ulcers and anal fissures. Anal fissures occur when the muscle of the anus has to spread a lot to evict the hard stool. The constipated stool causes the anal opening to crack, which gets irritated each time when stool passes through it. Since the stool will wash out any topical medication, this extract acts very effectively when taken internally.

Ignatia Made from Strychnos ignatii, the extract is used for subsiding stabbing pains. This is specifically used for hemorrhoids that bleed after every bowel movement and protrude.

Use homeopathy under strict guidance of the doctor. Improper dosage may be ineffective on hemorrhoids.

Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Piles are puffy veins of the rectum and also rectum. Lots of folks over HALF A CENTURY at once or various other will certainly have experienced some form of piles. This is due to aging. In these circumstances, the physical body cells often tend to yield in terms of the suppleness of the cells.

There are several means to build up the cell walls which consequently will reduce the appearance of piles as the vein wall surfaces will end up being solid to withstand the stress on the walls. The 4 house solutions that could be made use of to boost the quality of the vein cells are the following:

1. Vitamin C and the Bioflavoids

Vitamin C is an anti – oxidant as well as it is a great supplement to help in boosting the cell wall surfaces. To expand its positive effect, you should combine this preparation with bioflavoids. The bioflavoids are called as “attributes’ biological reaction modifiers” meanings to say that bioflavoids could change the physical body’s reaction to substances such as irritants, infections, as well as carcinogens. They are also a really effective anti-oxidant that secures the cell versus complimentary radical harm.

2. Witch Hazel.

This active ingredient is an extremely sturdy antioxidant as well as astringent and as such plays an important function in handling bleeding as well as swelling. The element can be provided in lots of forms including creams, lotions, in addition to suppositories.

3. Garlic and onions have actually been located to be quite efficient in reducing the impact of hemorrhoids. Aside from aiding to eliminate germs, they work in reinforcing the capillary wall surfaces along with minimizing swellings. It is used in the kind of a suppository.

4. Fibres

We need lots of fibres if we would like to lessen the pain of hemorrhoids. Fibres are located in the fresh fruits and also veggie. If we take a balanced diet regimen abundant in fibres, then the tension on the pelvic and also rectal regions will certainly be extremely a lot less. This will put a quit on the worsening of piles.

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