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Relief For Hemorrhoids

Relief For Hemorrhoids

Finding Relief For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and often cause pain, which is why so many people are in search of some type of relief. The condition can really get in the way of leading a productive and pain-free life. Fortunately, there are many hemorrhoid treatments that have been proven effective at reducing the symptoms that cause discomfort.

Some remedies are natural or easy enough to do at home, while others require the use of medication. In the end, the type of treatment each person chooses to adopt depends on the type of hemorrhoids that have developed and the severity of the pain.

Hemorrhoids can be external and internal. External hemorrhoids are located outside of the anus, while internal hemorrhoids, as the name suggests, are found inside the anal canal. Internal hemorrhoids tend to develop due to an excessive amount of straining that occurs while passing stool. This is why one effective hemorrhoid treatment is to avoid straining when experiencing a bowel movement.

Internal hemorrhoids do have one advantage over external hemorrhoids, in that they do not necessarily cause pain. People usually don’t feel internal hemorrhoids because they are located in an area where the veins only detect pressure. Although internal hemorrhoids don’t cause pain, they can cause discomfort and may become painful when prolapsed. A prolapsed hemorrhoid is an internal hemorrhoid that has fallen down to the outer part of the anus.

An internal hemorrhoid is basically a blood clot in the varicose veins inside the rectum. For various reasons, the veins lining the wall of the rectum start to grow and fill with an excess amount of blood. They bulge out and can become even more irritated when passing stool. Although the lack of pain causes many people to avoid seeking out a hemorrhoid treatment right away, internal hemorrhoids can turn into painful prolapsed hemorrhoids.

It is when the hemorrhoids become painful and more uncomfortable that most people seek out effective hemorrhoid treatments to deal with the situation. Many people also seek treatment when they notice the hemorrhoids have begun to bleed, which is another possible symptom.

Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids are often confused with external hemorrhoids, which is why it’s always a good idea to seek out medical help when diagnosing hemorrhoids. Some treatments for more advanced hemorrhoids include injection sclerotherapy, laser coagulation, infrared photocoagulation, rubber band ligation, and hemorrhoidectomy.

Hemorrhoids Relief Methods

There are so many kinds of the things that can be applied as the hemorrhoids relief. However, not all people know about it. Well, actually such thing is very normal by considering the fact that the people are really busy in bearing with the pain that they feel because of this health problem. Most of the people do nothing in order to overcome the hemorrhoids. They only hope that the hemorrhoids will perish on their own as the time goes by.

Well, actually, it is true that hemorrhoids can disappear without any treatment that you give. It is because the body has the great system to recover itself. However, isn’t it a lot much better if we can give the relief to make sure that we can overcome the health problem as soon as possible so we can deal with the matters of our lives properly again. So, here are the possible ways that you can do to make sure that hemorrhoids will not be anymore.

Hemorrhoids Relief with Fibre

The first hemorrhoids relief that you should know is the method to make sure that you can consume the foods which contain big amount of fibre. Such condition can also be applied by consuming the beverages which are rich in fibre as well. You should know that fibre is one of the best substances that can help you make your anus area and also the vessels there become relaxed. The fibre will make it easier for you to deal with the business that you do in the bathroom.

The fibre will make it sure that such business can be done regularly, or in other words, you can overcome the constipation which is claimed to be the factor of causing hemorrhoids. The faeces will not be hard to get out of your body because of the fibre. To mention some of the foods that contain nice amount of fibre are fruits, red rice, juice, and so many other similar foods and drinks.

Physical Exercise for Hemorrhoids Relief

In addition to the hemorrhoids relief that you can apply by consuming the foods and drinks that contain big amount of fibre, you can also deal with the relief which is related to the physical exercise. Yes, indeed, for this kind of relief, you will need to do some kind of exercise to make sure that the swollen area that happens to your anus can disappear. You might have ever heard about Kegel exercise. This kind of exercise is claimed to be one of the best ways as the hemorrhoids relief. The way how you can do this is actually really simple. You can even do this without anyone noticing.

You only need to tighten the muscles of your bottom. It is like you are stopping the flow of your urine when you are urinating. The point of this exercise is to train your anal muscles and at the same time it will also make the muscles relaxed. Do this routinely and you will find that the swollen anus will be history.

Hemorrhoids Relief through Medical Matters

If you think that the hemorrhoids relief method s that have been mentioned before are not good enough for you, you can try the medical way to deal with this kind of health problem. Of course, you need to go to the doctor. Let the doctor do the check-up to your hemorrhoids condition. It is sure that the doctor will give you the prescription which can be redeemed by going to the drug store.

However, you need to know that the medication for the hemorrhoids can be quite troublesome for some people. It is because the medications need to be stick in your anal. If you are okay with such method, then, it is your choice to do this kind of method. Just make sure that you apply the medications regularly and routinely. In no time, you will find that the pain will be lessened and it all thanks to this hemorrhoids relief.

Fast Hemorrhoid Relief From Home For hemorrhoids

Looking for the hemorrhoid treatment to relief the pain that you can find from your own home? Try some easy and fast hemorrhoid relief from home below:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Bleeding hemorrhoid can be stopped with apple cider vinegar. The main reason you should try vinegar because recent study shows result that vinegar could lower high blood pressure. For bleeding, drink 2 tea spoon of vinegar that is mixed with a glass of water every time you meal. But you can also gently apply it directly to the inflamed hemorrhoid with a cotton ball.


Ice is nice and highly recommended method you could try. The ice can be useful to reduce the pain and tighten the blood veins. It is why it works fast as pain relief for piles. You can use the method by making an icepack of ice and applying directly to the hurt area.

But, if you afraid the ice cube will stick to the hemorrhoid, giving you more pain, I suggest you to take partially melted piece of ice, then apply it directly as same as when you use with the icepack. Specially, the partially melted ice is useful when you have internal hemorrhoids that bring you painful feeling. If you want the hemorrhoid goes away, you will normally need to do the method frequently in a day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is great natural remedy for most anything-including hemorrhoids. Aloe Vera has the ability to help relief the pain by reducing the skins inflammatory. It is best when it is used in fresh condition since the nature remedies shouldn’t be interfered with little as possible to preserve its correct balance of ingredients. Slice one leaf of aloe Vera; apply to the inflamed area with only the clear gel of aloe Vera.

Witch Hazel

One known herb called witch hazel has several medical cure purposes such as acne and swelling tissues like hemorrhoids, this is because witch hazel is one of plants that have particular astringent source. Bark of the witch hazel plant and Crush the leaves to extract them, sift it and add some water.

For the easiest way use surgical cottons than the standard cottons. Soak the cottons in the witch hazel and directly apply to the swollen hemorrhoids or afflicted area. Change every 3 or more minutes with a new batch of cotton and repeat the treatment 15 minutes after defecating for 2 to 3 days. Or, for long treatment, do this when you take a night sleep to expose the hemorrhoids on Witch Hazel overnight. For wiping you can use witch hazel toner that is poured in to any brand of baby wipes box.

Baby wipes are very soft and comfort enough for your hemorrhoids than any toilet paper, even some of toilet papers feel like sandpaper. You can use witch hazel suppositories, if apply the cotton to the hemorrhoids is not giving some relief. By inserting it to your anus after bowel movement every day, will maintain the hemorrhoids continue exposed to witch hazel much longer than cottons method.

Finding Hemorrhoid Relief

When you are suffering from hemorrhoids the majority of the time it is something that can be taken care of at home. Unfortunately, in some cases medical treatment is needed. Medical treatment is needed when hemorrhoids have become incredibly large and painful and start to interfere with your daily activities or cause an emergency such as bleeding that cannot be brought under control.

Hemorrhoid treatment by surgery is usually a last resort; first your doctor will probably try what is called fixative treatments. The goal of these treatments is to reduce blood flow to the hemorrhoid. This causes it to shrink away and leave scar tissue in its place that strengthens the area tissue so hemorrhoids are less likely to come back.

This type of hemorrhoid treatment is done in several ways: tying off with rubber bands, freezing, using lasers, and using electric current. The use of rubber bands is called rubber band ligation and like the name implies, a rubber band is tightly applied around the hemorrhoid to obstruct blood flow so the swelling decreases and the hemorrhoid eventually fades away.

Coagulation therapy is when lasers or electric waves are used to treat the affected area. They work so that scar tissue forms to replace the hemorrhoids. These kinds of procedures are highly suggested for the elderly and those that have serious medical issues and would not due well having surgery.

You will also find that clot removal is something else that falls short of having to perform surgery. Patients can have this procedure performed in the doctor’s office and it is only done when a blot clot has formed and is causing the individual an unbelievable amount of pain. The hemorrhoid will be numbed and then will be cut open. The blood clot will be removed and then the area will be bandaged up to heal.

When all other forms of hemorrhoid treatment have failed to provide relief, your doctor may suggest that you undergo a hemorrhoidectomy which is a surgical removal of your hemorrhoids. This operation is performed in a surgery centre under general anaesthesia but you should be able to go home the same day.

It’s possible your hemorrhoids will return after surgery if you do not take steps to prevent it from happening. You should eat a high fibre diet and drink plenty of water to keep your stools soft so you can pass them easily. Straining with constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids and if you already have hemorrhoids, it can make them worse.

It is always possible for hemorrhoids to be cured at home. If you do not have any luck in home treatments then you will want to work with your doctor so that you can find a solution that will work for you. Medical options are always available in the event that home remedies are not helping.

Before start any hemorrhoid treatment program, you should speak with your doctor. The correct hemorrhoid treatment will vary from case-to-case and should always be examined by a doctor.

A Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Can Be Quite Painful

A thrombosed hemorrhoid refers to an external hemorrhoid that has developed a blood clot. This condition is usually very painful, but can possibly resolve itself over a period of weeks. Not everyone chooses to wait, however and may opt for surgery. In most cases it goes away fairly soon once the condition starts to heal on its own, sometimes after just days. If it does not, consulting a doctor on further treatments should be the next step.

It is important to know as much as you can about this condition, as well as the methods available for the prevention of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

There are easy treatments you can perform yourself to help resolve this condition that include hot baths and topical creams and ointments. The baths are effective in soothing and cleaning the affected area and can also help ease pain and discomfort.

The creams include painkilling ingredients like lydocane but also tend to work towards shrinking the thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Surgery, as mentioned above, is also an option that many doctors may suggest, although the most effective surgery requires a longer recovery time. The simpler surgery is not always effective as the condition may easily reoccur during the healing process. Doctors also tend to suggest that you get the surgery as soon as possible after the symptoms begin, although this can make it a hard decision if you would like to give the thrombosed hemorrhoid a chance to heal on its own.

The procedures for surgery are fairly simple to explain and understand. This is important to many people considering such treatment. Make sure you consult your doctor as well in deciding what the best treatment is, as well as the diagnosis, as this condition is easily diagnosed with an exam or even just by looking at the affected area.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are more severe than the common variety, and active treatment as soon as you detect them can help to prevent this further development.

A simple definition of thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in a vein, which can affect the flow of blood. Thrombosis does not only occur in hemorrhoids. When treating a thrombosed external hemorrhoid surgically, the doctor will either make an incision that makes them able to drain the blood clot, or just remove it entirely. This last approach is more effective but may be more painful and require a longer period of healing, and possibly stitches.

Many people choose to treat their thrombosed hemorrhoid themselves and this can be quite effective.

Hemorrhoids are the sacs of veins around and inside the anal and rectum. When these veins become enlarged or swollen due to pressure and strain of these areas, hemorrhoids have occurred. Not everyone who suffers from the condition has a thrombosed hemorrhoid, so, it is important to know the difference as there are different treatments depending on the type you have.

A thrombosed hemorrhoid most often occurs when an already enlarged or swollen hemorrhoid suffers a cut or scrape and a blood clot forms. It may form after a particularly painful bowel movement, especially if you are constipated. You will most likely get the symptoms soon after such an experience. You may also get this condition after having hemorrhoids for a while, since it usually forms over a long period of time, although once it finally happens the symptoms appear soon after.

That is why a good practice in the prevention of thrombosed hemorrhoids is important. Try to avoid severely straining yourself while on the toilet, most definitely if you are constipated. This is also a good way to prevent any kind of internal or external hemorrhoid development.

A thrombosed external hemorrhoid looks different from other visible hemorrhoids because the colour is blue or red. It is usually hard and small although sometimes a can be soft. One recognizable aspect of this type of hemorrhoid is that it does not usually bleed. You can also develop thrombosed internal hemorrhoids, although, these are different and usually not as painful as the external form.

Tips On How To Relieve Painful Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids aren’t an extremely dangerous medical condition, although they can be extremely uncomfortable for those who are suffering from them. Many would prefer to never have hemorrhoids and take steps to prevent them. However, there are still a number of people who suffer from hemorrhoids at some time in their life. If you are ever faced with hemorrhoids you will likely want information on how to relieve painful hemorrhoids.

Consider the following tips to help prevent hemorrhoids and learn how to relieve painful hemorrhoids. Softening your stool is one of the primary ways to prevent hemorrhoids. You can do this either by eating a more fibre packed diet or increasing your water intake. However, if neither of these options work then you should consider asking your doctor about using a laxative. Although prevention won’t do you much good if you find out you have a hemorrhoid.

Once you have a hemorrhoid you will need to focus on how to relive painful hemorrhoids. A good way to do this is to consider some of the following techniques until the hemorrhoid is gone.

A large part of how to relieve painful hemorrhoids is done by improving the way you have bowel movements. You should only move your bowels when you have the urge to do so and don’t spend excess time on the toilet trying to move your bowels. Along these lines it is important that you go to the bath right away when your body has the urge for a bowel movement.

However, there are also lifestyle changes that you can use to help you learn how to relieve painful hemorrhoids. Your digestive system will be able to work more efficiently with regular exercise.

The proper method for how to relieve painful hemorrhoids requires a lengthy walk at a brisk pace but do not do any strenuous exercise. If you don’t have much time for a walk and your job requires you to sit all day then a good idea is to try and sit with doughnut shaped cushion which can help take pressure off sensitive areas.

You should also try to take the time out of a work schedule to take at least a few short walking breaks a couple times a day to keep your digestive system working. Another important part of relieving hemorrhoids is cleanliness.

Your rectal area should be kept clean at all times. Proper cleaning should involve plain water as a rinse, then pat dry and dust with cornstarch powder. There are pre-moistened wipes that can be used but they are a little more expensive. However, some people experience irritation with these wipes.

It is a good idea to take a sitz bath three to four times a day for at least thirty minutes. To do this you should sit in six inches of warm water on a doughnut cushion or a towel twisted in a circle. The painful area can even be soothed with a warm moistened washcloth if you can’t take a full sitz bath.

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