Red Sea Aiptasia-X Reef-safe Guaranteed Efficiency

Red Sea Aiptasia-X Reef-safe Guaranteed Efficiency

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Guaranteed, reef-safe treatment of Aiptasia, offering-, a special adhesive product, Aiptasia does not pull back throughout treatment, does not impact water chemistry, consists of straight and amp; angled applicator pointers.

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Question Question 1

As Soon As Opened, What Is The Rack Life?Longer In Refrigerator?

we do not keep mine in the fridge.Bought the refill bottle and had it for about 8 months and it still worked.

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Does The 16 0Z Bottle Feature Syringes?If Not, How Do You Dose?Just Pour Into Tank?

The 16oz bottle does not included a syringe and NO, you do not wish to put it into the tank.That would be a waste of your money.The syringe includes the 2oz bottle.

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This is by far the most reliable product we have found for handling aiptasia. Our tank is a 125 gallon (72x18x24) combined reef with 40g sump with a minimum of 125 # of rock. Old-fashioned rock from back then when we utilized to stack it up practically to the top. Lots and great deals of nooks and crannies for aiptasia to grow. After forcing out a huge melanarus wrasse and a rogue “non-aiptasia eating aiptasia-eating file-fish” who jointly consumed every shrimp and crab in our tank, we needed to handle a substantial aiptasia flower. It took us 6 months of full-on hemingway insanity to capture the wicked wrasse. Who, btw, consumed the tails off 2 spotted jawfish in front of us as an act of fish-terrorism. Anyhoe. We usually feed our fish and wait thirty minutes prior to utilizing the product. This appears to keep the fish from attempting to consume the aiptasia-x. We have actually seen fish taste it prior to and spit it out, apparently without damaging the fish. We utilize the big bottle to fill up the smaller sized retail bottle that included a syringe. This assists us keep an eye on just how much we have actually utilized and appears to be the magic number for avoiding any sort of water chemistry concerns (125 gallon combined reef with 40g sump). We find it works even if you get simply a percentage onto the oral disk of the polyp. It does not appear to take much and we have not had actually any returned after utilizing aiptasia-x. When we initially began utilizing it, we had numerous beads fall onto a plate coral triggering tissue loss. It’ll likewise eliminate zooanthids if you’re not mindful. As soon as we got an excellent concept for just how much to utilize and how to utilize it securely, the aiptasia massacre started. Bottom line, it’s an excellent safe product. We high suggest it.

This is the big refill bottle. The description stated the applicator is consisted of however it isn’t. We got in touch with the seller and asked about that, they discussed that was inaccurate, and right away mailed us not just the applicator however the entire 2oz box with directions and the entire thing. Really excellent client service and action time. And, this things works. We had an enormous break out with aiptaisia all over our reef. Patiently dealt with every day, trying to find more of them. We have actually knocked out like 80% in less than a week. No issue with the fish or our condy polyp or corals. Terrific product and terrific business. Extremely suggest.

This medication works terrific in a reef tank and does not hurt fish/corals. It takes a few dosages to remove the pesky aiptasia so do not quit after the very first couple efforts. The secret is to carefully spray close onto the anenome’s mouth, so it thinks this is food. Prevent spraying tough or the anenome will snuggle into self protective mode and you will lose the dose. As soon as aiptasia-x is inside the anenome’s mouth, it seals the mouth shut and rapidly passes away. It will leave a white milky residue on your sand/rocks, so no concerns as it dissipates in a few hours. Aiptasia is hard to eliminate and it took almost 4 bottles with weekly does and 6 months prior to we saw almost absolutely no in the tank.

Had about 10+ aiptasia around our 150 gallon reef tank. We purchased the larger bottle due to the fact that individuals stated that it may take 2-3 dosages to actually eliminate them, however we are quite delighted up until now. We have actually just needed to do one dose, and it’s been roughly a week and we have yet to see them return. Even if they do, we have plenty left (we will most likely never ever utilize the whole bottle). This does not included a syringe, however you can quickly buy one for quite inexpensive, rather than purchasing their set which includes an actually little bottle.

We get constant aiptasia in our salt tank, so this size bottle was simply what we required. They are extremely tough to eliminate entirely, so you require to keep eliminating them.

This things works however it appears no matter the number of times we send out aptasia to god they continue to return in the exact same location days later on. Perhaps your best choice is to find a fish which will consume aptasia. Our yellow sweet walking stick will not consume aptasia.

Terrific worth for eliminating aiptasias. This is terrific due to the fact that you can fill up the 2 ounce bottle that is a set with the curved needle adapter and monoject and after that buy the huge bottle when when the last 2 ounces gets filled. Some individuals are vital of the product stating the aiptasia blows up and spreads out however that is not our experience. If we actually fill the aiptasia and get all the tennicles they are dead, it leaves a white area on the live rock however we make certain the coraline will grow back.

This bottle is huge compared to the bottle we were purchasing the fish shops for $10more Terrific quality and works terrific.

Utilized daily for a number of weeks as brand-new aptasia rose. Cleaned out.

Functions terrific however do not let it choose your coral.

Aiptasia is essentially difficult to remove when developed in a seawater fish tank. Aiptasia-x a minimum of assists manage the invasion in little fish tanks. It has to do with as simple to use as possible, does not appear to effect any other fish or animals in the fish tank if utilized properly.

Functions well for time periods. You’ll require to cover the mouth.

This product does a good task on managing the aipatasia in our tank. Rate is good and shipping was quick.

This things works have actually been utilizing it for a few years. It will eliminate the aiptasia securely and efficiently without damage to anything else in tank.

It works.

Functions as promoted. Aiptasia is extremely durable so you’ll utilize a great deal of this things.

Functions terrific. Don t forget to keep the water circulation pumps/power avoids for 10 minutes so the product gets consumed by the nasties.

This things does precisely what it states it does. It gums up the mouth of the aiptasia and it implodes and passes away. Its an excellent sensation when you can lastly get vengeance on those unpleasant insects and actually eliminate them rather of making them spread.

Utilized this prior to and it does work.

It eliminates them.

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