R.H.O.I.D. AID - 100% Natural Haemorrhoid Treatment

R.H.O.I.D. – AID is the 100% Natural Haemorrhoid Treatment & Anal Support Supplement that contains an antioxidant, Diosmin, proven safe and effective in human clinical studies to treat haemorrhoid symptoms.

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Diosmin is a plant based bioflavonoid antioxidant extract from citrus. The proprietary formula developed by a double board certified proctologist is proven to support and tighten anorectic vascular tissue (haemorrhoids) therefore; it supports both internal and external haemorrhoids. Alleviates itching, swelling, burning, that painful lump in your rump, prolapsed and bleeding.

Unlike over the counter anal ointments and creams, it is not a temporary relief to use only when you get symptoms. Don’t be fooled by imitators, only R.H.O.I.D. – AID contains the exact micronized Diosmin (less than 4 microns) used in the prospective human studies to treat haemorrhoids.

It is an odourless and tasteless white capsule. If taken every day, it will help to reduce haemorrhoid flares as well as treat the symptoms of haemorrhoids when they are active.