POLENTAT 17 Pcs BPA Free Silicone Travel Bottles Set

POLENTAT 17 Pcs BPA Free Silicone Travel Bottles Set

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  • ESSENTIAL TAKING A TRIP SETS - 15 packs silicone taking a trip bottles sets consists of 6 Pcs 3 sizes silicone bottles (2 * 3OZ + 4 * 2OZ) for saving hair shampoo or cleaning agent, 2 Spray Bottles (30ml) for fragrance or moisturizer, 3 cream container (20ml) for hydrating cream and 2 tooth brush cover + 1 funnel + 1 trowel+ 1 Brush
  • SAFE & PREMIUM PRODUCT - Our silicone travel bottles are made from food-grade BPA-Free silicone, It is extremely safe and hassle-free for your getaway, the light-weight and soft product permits you squeeze the liquid out extremely quickly.
  • LEAK-PROOF STYLE - 3-layer leak-roof cap make you prevent liquid leak or spillage, avoid your baggage and bags from getting unclean and smearing. And No-drip valve boost the capability of leak-proof and make certain you will not squeeze extreme quantity liquid.
  • WIDE MOUTH STYLE - Wide Mouth makes it extremely simple to fill the bottle with thick fluids, and it likewise permits you to brush the within bottle quickly. Opal shape bottle body make liquids would not stuck in the bottle corner and assists you to get the last drop out without squandering any individual care Products.
  • TSA AIRLINE COMPANY CARRY ON AUTHORIZED - These area conserving taking a trip bottle containers are perfect for taking a trip through airline company and fulfill carry-on standards.Easy to bring without monitoring, no more hold ups or inconveniences at the airport.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on POLENTAT 17 Pcs BPA Free Silicone Travel Bottles Set.
Spec: -Call: Travel bottles-Material: Food grade silicone-Weight: 286g/ 0.63lb-Application: Travel, life, outdoor camping, cycling, company journey, gift.-Color: Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Clear-Functions: For Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, Cream and etc Do you still stress over how to load your toiletries prior to travel? Don t stress over saving toiletries, Poluentat travel containers let you entirely enjoy your travel. The plentiful bottles can assist you to categorize hair shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, body cream or any other liquid you require quickly. 3 layers sealed style, you need not stress over the bottles will be squeezed and the liquid will be dripped. A soft silicone shell which touches great and will not slip. Multi colors which can assist arrange your thingsmore Food grade silicone bottles, it complies with global requirements, extremely safe and reputable. Read more Read more Read more Bundle: 2 x Spray Bottle (30ml), 1 x Funnel 2 x Travel Bottle( 3oz), 1 x Trowel 4 x Travel Bottle( 2oz), 3 x Cream Container 2 x Tooth Brush Cover, 1 x Face Brush 1 x Frosted bag Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on POLENTAT 17 Pcs BPA Free Silicone Travel Bottles Set.

Question Question 1

Does These Bottles Leakproof?

Yes, dear, it includes 3-layers leakproof cover, we have actually likewise evaluated it for often times prior to offer them, and notification that please do not completely fill the liquid inside the bottles, leaving the space for air, so as not to trigger leak.

Question Question 2

Does The Spray Bottleleak?

Mine works completely. we wound up utilizing it in your home along with our daily toner spray bottle

Question Question 3

Would These Bottles Hold Contact Lens Option Without Dripping?

Yes, dear, it includes 3 layers leak-proof style, you will not stress over to leakage the liquid, and here are some warm ideas when usage it:( 1 ). Please screw the neck and cap of the bottles when you utilize it;( 2 ). Recommend not to fill the bottles too complete prevent to leakage; Yes, dear, it includes 3 layers leak-proof style, you will not stress over to leakage the liquid, and here are some warm ideas when usage it:( 1 ). Please screw the neck and cap of the bottles when you utilize it;( 2 ). Recommend not to fill the bottles too complete prevent to leakage;( 3 ). Please inspect whether the silicone on the mouth of the bottles has actually been completely sealed when you set up the bottles.

Question Question 4

Where Is This Made?

Dear, it made in China with top quality product.

Question Question 5

Can We Put Salas Wearing It?

Yes, dear, they are made by food-grade product, you can put the food in it.

Question Question 6

These Bottles Have Any Odor?

we did not find them to have any odor at all. Simply utilized them for a 2 week journey in Europe and they were ideal.

Question Question 7

How Can We Modification The Label?Label Is Not On Cap, However On What Cap Screws Into And It Doesn'T Twist.?

we needed to utilize tweezers to twist a few of mine.They were quite tight.

Question Question 8

How Versatile Are The Bottles? Is It Soft Or Difficult Silicon? Could We Roll The Bottle?

Dear, they are made from soft silicone, and you can roll it quickly.

Question Question 9

Are These Travel Bottles Leakproof?

Yes. our experience is that with numerous flights and regular use the bottles do NOT leakage. They are well made and we feel they will be utilized for several years.

Question Question 10

Can The Spray Bottle Hold Oil?

we have moroccan oil in mine.It ignores no issue, however does not spray as a mist.

Question Question 11

Does This Feature A Bag? If It Does Is It The Tsa Approved Clear Quart Size?

Yes, it includes a clear zippered bag, we do not understand if it is quart sized however neither TSA in the United States and in Scotland had an issue with it.

Question Question 12

How Can We Modification The Labell [

You need to eliminate the cover and on the within rim of the cover you click/turn it to the preferred label. Hope that makes good sense.

Question Question 13

Does It Feature Carry Bag?

Dear, it includes a frosted bag (one side is frosted, when side is clear).

Question Question 14

Does These Travel Containers Set Feature Jars And Tooth Brush Covers?

Yes, they remain in the plan, the plan consists of 6 PCS 2 sizes silicone bottles (2 * 3OZ + 4 * 2OZ ), 2 Spray Bottles (30ml) for fragrance or moisturizer, 3 cream container (20ml) for hydrating cream and 2 tooth brush cover + 1 funnel + 1 trowel+ 1 Brush

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on POLENTAT 17 Pcs BPA Free Silicone Travel Bottles Set, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This set consists of:3 oz (89ml) soft bottle x 22oz (60ml) soft bottle x 40. 5 oz (15ml) hardshell container x 3 (* no clear indicator on the container itself, we compared it with our clinique eye cream container. )hardshell spray bottle x 2 (uncertain about measurement, prob 1 fl oz if comparing to 2oz soft bottle) tooth brush brushhead cover x 2 (tooth brush not consisted of) loofah x 1scooping spoon x 1funnel x 1we acquired the set to utilize in your home and for travel. We do not have adequate area to put hair shampoo, liquid body soap and facial wash completely size in our shower, so these travel-size bottles are simply perfect to utilize in your home. We do not require to utilize the funnel to fill up since the mouth is broad. We like that each container has a cover each underneath the cap/cover, which reduces outdoors contamination. The loofah is soft to touch and an excellent size for a female's hand (perhaps too little for usn?). We have actually not attempted the spray bottles, so we can't state anything about it. One small thing to note is the soft bottle sprays a pump each time you squeeze the bottle, implying there's no other way to change the quantity by capture it with various levels of force. The quantity of each squirt is sufficient if the liquid is thicker (i. E. Hair shampoo, conditioner) however might be a bit excessive if it is liquid soap. This small thing does not trouble us much, however we can picture it might be frustrating for individuals who are extremely particular of how they wish to utilize a product.

Where have these bottles been all our taking a trip life. They are light-weight, do not leak, products are quickly squeezed out or sprayed, tsa authorized, colors are charming however essential they operate well. We would have liked a 4 or 5 oz. Bottle, however with the value here, and the numerous sizes, you can utilize a smaller sized bottle for more hair shampoo, body wash, and so on. And the turning caps for product recognition, genius. No more unpleasant sticker labels. They appear like they will last for a very long time too.

We travel frequently for work and we used out the initial bottles we purchased for hair shampoos, creams and potions on the roadway. Our originals were drug shop purchased and worked ok, in some cases dripped however we constantly either bagged them or taped the tops or both. We have actually had no requirement at all to do so with these silicone bottles, they are truly fantastic. The little bottles hold more than you believe they would and not one container has actually dripped yet. We likewise like the capability to squeeze the air out of the bottles as you utilize the things within, or if you require to bring less than the bottle holds, conserving area in our bag. We truly like the little spray bottles, the mist is ideal for hairspray so we would believe it would work for primarily anything you would wish to spray. The other containers are rather beneficial for other creams, salves, and so on. That requirement to come on the roadway with us and the products feel extremely strong. We have just had actually the set for about 2 months, however up until now we are extremely delighted and extremely advise this set.

These little containers are so adorable and squishy. We have a little bag that we bring with us to work daily, and having big products in it isn't possible. These containers are life saver. We utilize television shaped ones to bring some of our cream and skin care in and we do not need to stress over them dripping. We utilize the little round ones to bring our medications and aspirin in since the covers screw on tight, and protect. The tooth brush covers keep the one we keep in our desk tidy and hygienic. The set even consists of a funnel and a spatula to assist fill the containers. The little bag that they can be found in works fantastic to align them up in our bag so that we do not need to dig for them.

Up until now we have actually utilized these for a 10 field trip to scotland and a 2 week journey to fl. The range in the sizes of containers is ideal for numerous lengths of journeys. If your partner is a body wash hog, like mine, you might require a bottle per individual. We have not had a leakage yet and they have actually remained in bookbags, soft sided travel suitcases and tough sided travel suitcases. The covers for the little pots are fantastic with a 2 layer system to keep them from dripping. We like how we can turn the dial on some of televisions to advise us what is what. (avoids us from "conditioning" our hair with body cream. Once again. ).

These travel bottles are a lot better than the tough plastic ones that are utilized in the past. These ones are extremely soft silicone plastic and they are versatile so if you require to squeeze them in a pocket, they are amazing. They are likewise truly adorable colors that made our teenage child delighted. We rave 3 journeys a year and these bottles truly can be found in helpful for travel. They are the specific right size for the airline company guidelines and they quickly suit a little carry-on or cosmetic bag. We extremely advise these adorable little bottles.

The only problem we had with these products up until now is that we had a bumpy ride spinning the dial around to alter the label of what remains in the capture bottles. We ultimately got it, however it wasn't as simple as we would have liked. We utilized the tooth brush cover, huge capture bottle, 2 little capture bottles, and the face scrubber throughout our journey today. No leakages on any of the bottles. Both the little and big bottles save lots of liquid. Really delighted with the purchase.

This is a truly thoughtful set. We marvelled how great it is. Each bottle and container has double covers to keep them from dripping. The set includes a little scoop and a little funnel to assist fill the bottles and containers. Even better, it includes this little bristly facial scrubber that feels fantastic. The spray bottles are bit little, however that's ok, they conserve area. In general, fantastic worth and would make a great present, too.

These were ideal for a current journey which did not include an examined bag. There sufficed containers to hold our lots of needed face and body care products. The only problem we had was when we tried to put micellar water into among the rubbery containers. Luckily, we had actually filled it a day early and discovered prior to we loaded it; however the micellar water appeared to trigger the container to "balloon"/ gnaw at the container. Other than that, we had no other problems. No dripping. And the little face scrubber that includes it is actually extremely great to exfoliate your face.

Outstanding quality capture bottles, and the little containers featured an inner seal cover to keep the creams in the container without running all over the within the container s leading - rather great. We have actually discovered that a person of our 2 spray bottles dripped a little bit throughout examined bag flight however it didn't do this on the next flight so we believe we might have simply overfilled the very first time and it may have broadened a bit in flight.

We truly like all the various sizes and holder choices. We did find out the bag is bigger than a quart so it can just be utilized in a signed in bag. However that's great with me, as we likewise had actually acquired a sturdy quart bag too. Whatever you might potentially require.??.

Our mother purchased us these for christmas and they are amazing. We travel all the time and required great travel case for our creams, deal with washes and hair things and we lastly found some great ones that aren t inexpensive plastic and break in your bag. Love these as a devoted tourist.

These are so extremely amazing, so simple to fill and the versatility of the make from the bottom permits some "give" in case anything gets overdone it. We would recommend that we did not fill my own all the method to the top, we left space to enable"give" Buy these you will not regret it.

We love these things. They re entirely leak-proof and great quality, a terrific alternative to a more costly brand name??. The diverse container sizes are ideal for us, and the silicon scrubber was an incredible addition. These have actually made it through a number of global journeys without any indications of wear and tear.

So we took these backpacking in morocco these were definitely fantastic they fit a-lot of product in them. They were completely leakage evidence and fantastic quality. We hesitated when bought what if they turned out to be lightweight however these truly hold shape and are tough. We extremely recommend utilizing these since they are likewise a terrific method to conserve cash by not purchasing travel sizes since you can simply utilize the product you currently have at house to fill them up. They are simple to wash out and shop for the next usage. We would state the labels currently on them are frustrating since you might put something else in them.

We were wished to get this product and we wound up getting. No remorses. We had the ability to utilize them in the start of the year for a worldwide journey and for the very first time our travel suitcase was not heavy. We like that is rubber and not plastic like many are.

We have actually been taking a trip a lot more that we truly required something like this to take our chosen products with us when travel. Can not advisemore Drip evidence and quite.

When we got this tool set, we can't wait to utilize it immediately. They are vibrant cutey, lightweight, beneficial, great with them for taking a trip, simple pack. We like it.

Shocked at how fantastic the quality is. The rubber is thick, and keeps even liquids well consisted of. We didn't even understand all that can be found in the pack, however even more delighted that there is a face scrub and 2 tooth bush covers. We are so please. Absolutely worth it.

This tsa authorized product supplies all a tourist requires to check-in with self-confidence from the viewpoint of tsa analysis and leak in examined or continue baggage. They are appealing in look and most fairly priced. Have actually acquired 4 of these for christmas presents this year.

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