Pinzon Amazon Pinzon Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set - Twin XL

Pinzon Amazon Pinzon Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set – Twin XL, Cream and Red Plaid

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made in Portugal; Twin XL set consists of flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one basic pillowcase
  • 160- gram velour flannel supplies elegant softness in a breathable weave
  • Double- snoozed surface on both sides has an ultra silky feel

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Design Call: Sheet Set|Color: Cream/Red Plaid|Size: Twin XLProduct DescriptionAn Brand.From the ManufacturerPinzon

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Are The Fitted Sheets For Deep Pocket?How Numerous Inches Of Bed Mattress Does It Fit?

our bed mattress is 12 inches thick and these in shape easily with space to spare.The description states that they fit approximately 16 inch mattresses.Nice flannel sheets for the expense.

Question Question 2

Is It Possible To Purchase Simply A Pillowcase?

Bonus pillowcases in sets of 2 cases are offered.

Question Question 3

In Some Way The Sheets Don’T Appear like Flannel, Is It Actually Flannel?

They are flannel, nevertheless the nap is brief, they are more smooth flannel. Actually like them, fit the bed terrific and remain in location, soft, quite and warm.all you might desire from a flannel sheet.

Question Question 4

Can We Order An Extra Flat/Top Sheet Just?

we are uncertain. However this one does not feel so soft. we recommend you to buy from Costco when they have on sales. We wound up not utilizing this any longer, however purchased from Costco, so soft and comfy.

Question Question 5

Do These Sheets Diminish And/Or Wrinklebadlyafter Being Washed?We Do Not Wish To Iron Sheets.?

no to both

Question Question 6

Blackwatch Pattern Image Reveals Blue With Black Lines. Is Main Color Of These Blue Or Black?Thanks.Alan?

Looks blue to me.we have the grey ones where main color is grey with black lines.

Question Question 7

How Do We Buy An Additional Pillow Case?

They offer kingsize pillow cases additional.

Question Question 8

How Do These Compare To The 190 Gram Ones Used By Pinzon?. Do They Hold Up After Cleaning Or Do They Get “Thin”?

Constantly clean cold and dry cool or on the line, and they will hold up extremely well.

Question Question 9

Those Who Purchased The Red Buffalo InspectSheet Set Is It Black Or Navy Blue?

we purchased the Bordeaux Plaid which is all differing tones of red and white.No blue or black.Love these sheets.

Question Question 10

Does It Actually Take 4 To 5 Months To Get This Product? We Desired Th R M For Christmas.?

Why does everybody believe these take so long to deliver we had mine in a couple days

Question Question 11

Are The Pillow Cases They Feature Requirement Or Economy Size?


Question Question 12

Will They Diminish? Has The Product Been Prewashed?

we are uncertain if they were prewashed.we wereed them after opening prior to we placed on the bed.So far, they fit actually well.

Question Question 13

Are These Printed Or Yarn Dyed?

Mine are the exact same on both sides of the sheet. we presume that suggests yarn colored.

Question Question 14

Are These Sheets Prone To Pilling?

Excusable, though all the flannel we have actually owned, both t-shirts and sheets have actually had some pilling. It’s what flannel does.we like our sheets all right our hubby simply got us another of these sheet embeds in a various color. Really comfortable and comfortable.

Question Question 15

When Will These Normally Appear?

yea if we have time we will not an issue

Question Question 16

Where Can We Buy An Additional Pillow Case?

Right here on. Look for Pinzon pillowcases.

Question Question 17

How’S The Shrinking? We Purchased Xl Twin To Send Out To College With Our Son.Hoping It Will Actually Fit His Bed Mattress??

we purchased the queen size, we wereed them initially then put them on our bed, so we do not understand if they diminished or not, cause we didnt attempt them on our bed prior to we wereed them, they fit ideal, so if they did diminish they required to we guess.we like them up until now so great. however did not see shrinking

Question Question 18

Do These Tablet Up?

Just got to utilize them when and then the weather condition turned too warm to utilize them.They have actually been cleaned two times however and they have not pilled yet.

Question Question 19

Can We Utilize These Flannel Sheets On A Queen Waterbed?

we can’t address that other than to state the fitted sheet has deep corners and would have been our option for our waterbed, which we no longer own.

Question Question 20

How Deep Are The Economy Size Fitted Flannel Sheets?

we did not buy the economy size however the queen size fit well on a pillow leading bed mattress. Really sufficient without being loose. Fit snuggly.

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Upgraded: 11/6/20192 days ago – as the night air began to capture a crisp, and we put some hot cocoa on the stovetop – our beautiful better half, the most fantastic animal on the planet (who tricked us into purchasing these $54 sheets * check out below *) notified us she put these sheets back on our bed to keep us a little more comfortable in the evening – we should state, we like them now more than in 2015 when we bought them. These are wonderful and we like them. Read our initial evaluation: if our relative would permit it, our diet plan would include ramen noodles, and potatoes. How does this connect to bed linen? well our buddies, we will describe it to you: we are an upper middle class household, as the majority of dads and hubbies go, we feel that every cent we make ought to be conserved for our household and our kids education, automobiles, emergency situations, and so on. So when it concerns our individual care, we are extremely tight in the pockets. We are typically cold in the evening, and our sheets have actually generally been either the low-cost jersey cotton, or the even less expensive still bad motel sheets you can acquire at your regional shop for $12. 99 for a whole set – once again, we are most likely the least expensive individual we understand. Our relative informed us that sheets would make us warmer in the evening – we understood it was a tactic, we informed her so, however to me, our loved ones joy is eventually what drives us daily, year to year. We bought the sheets last saturday. Rapidly they reached our door, our relative washed them, removed our bed, and put the brand-new ornamental sheets and pillowcases on. As our bed time approached we ended up being more and more excited to see what our $54. 99 had actually bought me. Now – mind you, we are tough to impress. We slipped into these sheets at bed time, and our body experienced a happiness that its never ever felt. These words can not explain the complete satisfaction that we now sleep with. There is no evaluation or star score high enough for these sheets. This business has actually made a life long customer in me, and we are likewise now extremely delighted to continue buying these sheets, even if they are 3- 4x more than we would generally invest – why?quality of sleep, convenience, and the feel of these sheets in the evening and in the early morning is unparalleled. If you have actually read this evaluation, and have not acquire the sheets yet, all we can state is that you are missing out onout Love them.

We have actually bought and utilized pinzon’s heavyweight flannel sheets for over a years and like them so we believed we would attempt these to see how they compare. Not yet understanding the expense of this set, we can’t speak with the worth, relatively. These shown up in a common heavy plastic case inside a great box, inside a shipping box. It would be simple to cover the very first box for gifting. The yarn colored flannel sheets are quite plaid, a bit manly perhaps for some, and have a soft touch right out of the bag. We wereed them per directions and they came out nearly wrinkle totally free. Our clothes dryer lint screen was filled however has actually been even worse with brand-new towels, so we weren’t shocked. Our bed mattress has to do with 11 inches high and the fitted sheet happened with a great deal of space to spare. We like that there is flexible all around it to fit firmly and sit tight. The flat sheet has a great deal of length however the sides simply cover both sides of our queen bed mattress. If it was taller, we do not believe that the sides would be covered entirely down to package spring. If there is any shrinking gradually, we see a possible issue, however for now, it is appropriate. We slept on these last night and they are extremely soft and comfortably. Compared to the heavyweight set, we can inform that they are little lighter and less significant, the weave being a little less tight. Some might choose them over the much heavier ones. Time will inform if they use also or tablet, however for now, we like them. We will upgrade this evaluation as time passes. Impression, without understanding the expense, is 4 stars. 12- 1- 16 – simply a fast upgrade after cleaning them a few times and enjoying them a bit longer. We have actually had no shrinking or pilling and they are comfortable warm still. We believe we like them better now and bump them up a star. The expense appears affordable for the quality and we like the color range offerings too. A couple more weeks and washings and we are seeing some fading of the colors. No shrinking kept in mind or pilling.

We checked out a great deal of the evaluations (esp. The unfavorable evaluations) prior to buying these sheets. Chose the great evaluations significantly exceeded the bad. We are exceptionally delighted with these sheets. Bought queen size, and they fit completely. We have an approx. 11 inch bed mattress. The quality is extremely good. They feel terrific. Yes, you get a great deal of flannel fluff on the clothes dryer screen when you dry them, however they are flannel. That is what flannel does. Yes, there is a little pilling at our feet. That, too, is common of flannel. Not a substantial adequate issue for us to sign up as a grievance. We took a look at the material density and sewing when they got here and our company believe they are exceptional. Our only desire is that producers in basic would provide you the alternative of a flannel or non- flannel pillowcase to match the flannel sheets. We like flannel sheets in our moderate winter season location, however do not utilize the flannel pillowcases as they are too warm. Would absolutely buy once again.

We have a love/hate sensation about these sheets. They are so soft and comfortable. Which is why we endured the stacking and shedding as long as we could. We hoped after numerous washings it would reduce however no luck. After the last time we wereed them we actually utilize a material electric razor hoping it would lower the mess. No such luck. They are incredibly comfy however whatever will wind up covered in these balls of fuzz. Pajamas, blankets, hair. Really frustrating. * upgrade: we are including 2 stars after we discovered that you ought to clean these in vinegar to lower stacking. It worked. We ran them through the wash with simply vinegar and ever since we can clean them frequently without any stacking or shedding. Would purchase once again however constantly clean in vinegar initially.

Simply 2 days, we will upgrade in time, however up until now: pro:- extremely extra-large. Our complete set, we would believe might quickly fit a queen. Perhaps they are the exact same size however offered under various labels?- the absence of “flannel fuzz” that somebody grumbled about – appears to appear after numerous washings? we do not believe you desire that on its arrival. Fuzz might be comfortable however suggests typically- cleaned flannel. The sheets are warm and comfy, like any other flannel set we have actually purchased even beyond. Con:- we had a little 1/4″ hole in the fitted sheet out of the box, almost like a hot food or cigarette burn. Maybe a random manufacturing defect; will see how it holds up. We think these imperfections are normal for flannel sets, like it or not. – a little pricey? flannel seems to have an upper-limit cost since thread-count is not a factor. But so far these seem nice. – yes, there is a slight chemical smell on opening and if you use them without washing first. Nothing unusual.

Story time. So we made a custom bed for our son we spent a lot of sweat equity and it was rustic logs with blue stain and western designs. We found the perfect comforter of faux bear fur and a blanket. Now all we needed was sheets. These sheets. We searched all the stores and the internet. ( this was a while back so these weren’t available back then). Our son wasn’t happy with the bed because it’s a twin and he is used to larger sizes. We then made the bed our own and tried some blue sheets and green sheets but we needed blue and green flannel to make it perfect. Then we went into contract on a house and the contract fell through because the owner had a second mortgage they didn’t know about. We had already terminated our lease on our apartment. We were in emergency scramble mode with little resources and decided the bed had to go because of lack of storage space and because we had to give a lot of things away to goodwill because of time crunch. So after a few weeks we found a house to rent and bought a bed and mattress here on . We finally decided we could afford some sheets low and behold the perfect sheets. Soft and thick and the perfect color scheme of plaid. Theses would have been perfect for that bed.

Like your wonderful comfy pair of jeans. We always wash bedding before putting them on. Washing is also a true test for us. These sheets passed with flying colors. Like the comfy pair of jeans , you want to slip on those days you need a little extra. The sheets are so soft and after a wash they retrained its shape and the beautiful vibrant colors. We will purchase again.

Our husband is a hot blooded individual & we are always cold. Our bedroom has a sliding glass door & two huge windows that are poorly insulated against the brutal chicago winter. We desperately wanted some sheets that wouldn’t be chilly at night and settled on these after looking at a few different brands. We wereed them (no pilling, no shrinkage) and put them on our king bed. Our husband was pretty annoyed that we would try to sneak some flannel sheets on him and griped about it loudly. But in the morning he sends us a text admitting that he actually loved them. They’re warm in the sense that they don’t get chilly sitting in our cool room all day but they’re not overly warm either, so no one wakes up sweating. A win for both of us. We have washed them twice now and still haven’t noticed any issues. So comfy.

These are quality flannel sheets for a fair price. We have purchased pinzon sheets before and that’s why we bought them again. However, keep in mind that these aren’t the same weight as heavy-duty flannel sheets sold by pinzon. If you want heavy sheets, make sure you buy heavy-duty sheets, especially if you live in a cold winter climate area like here in colorado.

So comfy. The review photos scared us but we didn’t have any rips or tears after close inspection. They washed fine but you do have to do cold and light. Then tumble dry if you would like to keep the little felt dots and tears out of it. And never wash with other fabrics. We saw those photos and that’s what will happen to any flannel sheets. These are the best we have ever bought and plan on getting the red buffalo asap. Love this with our fur throw and fur comforter. Perfect for -2°c weather. Packaging was well put together and came in a super cute box by . 10/10 recommend just study up on how to wash flannel sheets and you won’t have any issues.

We are big fan of the black watch plaid and these sheets are close enough. A nice thick flannel, we have washed and dried it twice now and no pilling has appeared. It’s been unseasonably cold and snowy in our city-something we don’t usually get and we had just one set of flannel sheets-we wanted more. The price is fair-we looked at bed and breakfast and their flannel sheets were thin, and more expensive. We also checked catalog sellers (lands end, ll bean) and they are way expensive. We feel like we have gotten a good price for our comfort.

Placed our order for these in twin xl and right out of the bag, these felt great. We wereed them first, along with the additional pillow cases and the duvet cover we purchased, all the same pattern. They fit our bed perfectly, a serta icomfort plush mattress, approximately 10″ thick. Absolutely no concerns with them fitting. The sheets are heavyweight, soft, and warm. We had them on our bed for 2 weeks prior to cleaning them once again. We have yet to experience the “piling” that others have actually pointedout They cleaned fine, no stacking, even after a few cleans. Based upon feel alone, we can discriminate in between these and a set of flannel sheets we had formerly. Our relative, who isn’t a huge fan of flannel sheets confessed that she was experiencing some envy after seeingthese We would buy them once again, and simply may get another embeded in a various pattern. You will not desire them on your bed in the spring and summertime, however for the fall and winter season, you may be tough pushed to find a better set than these.

Wonderful feel from this flannel. Wonderful. Even better than the (greater thread count) previous pinzon set we had. So terrific to sleep on and in. Excellence. We anticipate, like all our other pinzon purchases, the quality will not last (our last pinzon sheets lasted less than 3 years and destroyed much too quickly), however we likewise anticipate we will return and buy it once again since we are now addicted to flannel.

We would provide these sheets 6 stars if we could. We can’t think we have actually been missing out on out on the marvels of flannel sheets all these years. The sheets are warm, so warm that we took among our blankets off the bed. We keep our home cold in the winter season (60 degrees), and it is an old home with dripping walls, so our bed room is even cooler. We look forward each night to crawling inside our bed, that is how warm and comfy these sheets are. We have actually cleaned them half a lots times now, and they are standing terrific. They fit well on a basic size queen bed. The greatest issue we have with them is come spring we are not anticipating returning to cotton sheets.

The quality of this sheet set is great, worm soft and quite however they do not fit our bed mattress well at all, verry frustrating for us. We need to combat to get these on our bed. We have a queen size 14 inch deep bed mattress and we purchase the queen size sheet set as you can see from our pictures the leading sheet can’t be embeded and our bed mattress protector hangs out of the bottom fitted sheet and they diminished in cold wash and no heat topple dry, they shead a generous quantity of fuzz balls. We rate least the pillow cases worked out ??.

These fit our 10″ thick, king size leesa mattress perfectly. They are incredibly soft, warm, and appear to be of excellent quality. We are in an extraordinarily cold winter in south alabama and got these on the first night of a hard freeze. Our mattress is new, which was already a huge improvement in our relative’s and our sleeping habits, but the night we put these on was the first night we both slept like a rock and didn’t wake up once until the alarms went off. Our only complaint is that they make it incredibly hard to get out of bed.

The pinzon flannel sheets are good overall value for the price. We would consider the material ” middle weight;” definitely not light and thin but not too heavy either but a good balance. Paired up with just a duvet keeping warm is never an issue even with outside temps in the low 20’s and the thermostat set down to 60ish. The sheets are also soft. The fitted sheet is generous enough for a deep mattress and the flat sheet is ample enough to tuck. We have had a few sets of these and the one area where their performance can be a bit weak is with heavy drier use. Line drying is the best for them; they will stay soft and fuzzy for quite some time. Also machine wash cold. They meet our needs and we will purchase more as needed.

Made in portugal. We ordered queen size. It came with four items:1 flat sheet. 1 fitted sheet. 2 pillow cases. Good quality and soft as we expected.

This is our second set of these sheets (in two different patterns), and they’re both nice, but this one had some issues that the other didn’t. Firstly, holy wah did the dye bleed — it took two heavy washes before the water ran clear. Similarly, it lints up our dryer like nothing else. We were pulling bits of red pulling off of clothes for weeks, and we were pulling orange-sized clumps of lint from the dryer lint trap for the first few times we dried them. But. Apart from the washing-related issues early on, now that they’re ” broken in,” they’re rather good sheets for the cost. The flannel is not as thick and heavy as we would like for keeping warm over these winter season nights, and does not appear as tough as the set we purchased a few years ago however they absolutely are soft. They’re far from high- end sheets, however for the cost, they deserve it.

Lovethese We have actually gotten rave evaluations for these sheets from visitors when the stay. They are soft and warm. One visitor stated that after leaving the bed for a brief while he returned and the sheets were still warm. We followed the recommendation of among the customers on this website to clean the sheets when they get here with vinegar to assist avoid pilling. Have actually cleaned these sheets a number of times and up until now no pilling. We are so happy that we require to purchase for our single beds.

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