Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1, 12 oz

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Here are a few main benefits of Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1, 12 oz.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Eliminates the queen and damages the mound
  • No watering-in needed
  • Deals With as much as 162 mounds (twin pack 324 mounds overall)
  • Ensured to eliminate or your cash back

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Design: Ant Killer (2 Load)Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1 eliminates the queen and damages the mound. Watering-in is not essential. Utilize it as a mound treatment for house yards and around decorative plants (consisting of flowers, shrubs, and trees). Attempt not to interrupt the mounds while dealing with. This product can be utilized together with Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules as part of the Fire Ant 2-Step Program. Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer 1 is ensured to kill-or your cash back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1, 12 oz.

Question Question 1

Why Will This State That It Will Not Ship To Our Address In Texas, Nevertheless, No Issue With The Delivering Of The Exact Same Product That Remains in The 4 Pound Size?

Whatever in Texas is larger? So you require the Taxas size

Question Question 2

What If The Ground Isn’T Moist Prior to Application? Do The Granules Need To Be Wet To Work?

If the ground is dry, water the location to be dealt with the night before.Apply the product to dry lawn and water as directed after the application.

Question Question 3

Is This Safe To Utilize Around Plant?

Yes. The ants have actually triggered a lot damage that when this eliminates them, the plants recuperate rapidly. Specifically lawn. The ants bring it down into their nestsvery efficient. Just percentage required for each finest. About a tablespoon of 2. Do not transmitted. Simply drop on nest entry.

Question Question 4

I Can T Find The Mound And Have No Turf. If We Sprinkle This On Desert Landscaping, Will It Work?

we have a dirt location that we spray it on since the mound was underground. It eliminated them for us, we simply needed to want to see where they were the most active.

Question Question 5

Porque No Puedo Hacer La Orden Del Producto Ortho Para Las Hormigascto?

El servicio al cliente puede ayudar.

Question Question 6

Ship To Massachusetts??

Question for seller.

Question Question 7

How To Do You Utilize It Indoor To Eliminate Roaches? Any Idea? For Securely Usage Indoor?

Can you utilize in your house for ants and roaches

Question Question 8

No List Of Ingrediants, What Are They And Just how much?

Question for seller.

Question Question 9

Is This Animal Friendly?

After using Ortho Fire Ant Killer Mound Treatment, water the product in and permit it to dry – when dried, it must be safe for animals to reenter the location.

Question Question 10

How Does It Compare To Amdro Or Other Hydramethylnon Products? This Turned up In A Look for It However Has A Various Active Component?

works really quick

Question Question 11

Just How Much Does The 3 Pounds. Cover?

we simply utilized it on specific mounds, and still have a lot left over. we didn’t spread it over a big location, just apparent mounds

Question Question 12

Can You Utilize It Around Garden Plants?

we utilize it outside anywhere. It has actually not impacted any plants. Simply makes ants vanish. Usage just a tablespoon on nest openings. we do not transmitted.

Question Question 13

Why Cant This Be Delivered To Our House Address?

Due to the fact that your state federal government has lots of liberals who prohibited anything that works

Question Question 14

Will This Deal With Other Ant Types Or Just Fire Ants?

eliminates all type of ant’s

Question Question 15

Does This Will Eliminate Cockroachesalso??

we wear t understand. we utilized it just to eliminate fire ants.

Question Question 16

Is This Product Safe To Utilize Around Pets And Stock?

we would check out producers specs. our gut is no. It is the very best at eliminating ants etc and we might not picture animals not be effected by it. Fantastic things however we would becautious.From a product viewpoint it is the very best for the cash.

Question Question 17

Can We Utilize This On Outside Travertine In Arizona Heat?


Question Question 18

Will This Product Eliminate Leaf Cutting Ants Likewise?

we do not understand BUT we do understand that it does a fantastic task with the fire ants– which are hard to eliminate

Question Question 19

We Have A Mound Right Beside A Fruit Tree, Will It Damage Our Tree Or Any Other Plant?

we do not believe so. we have actually put it in our pasture and it hasn’t hurt the lawn or the dogwood, and cedar tree it was put near.Works truly well too.

Question Question 20

Does This Product Contain Bleach?

Ortho Fire Ant Killer does not include bleach.It is a powder you spray on and around the fire ant mound.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer1, 12 oz, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We reside in the middle of no place with fields all around me. We never ever had an issue with red ants in the past. And now, all of the unexpected, red ants are growing up all over. Initially we let it be, however then the red ants ended up being an issue. They began developing mounds beyond our doorstep and even inside our carport. Not cool. Due to the fact that of the issue, we chose to find an ant killer. We browsed a few locations and wound up finding ortho fire ant killer mound bait. We checked out the great evaluations (disregarded the bad) and purchased it. As advised, we sprayed the ortho on and around the mounds. The 2nd it touched the mound, the ants came flooding out and took the bait. It has actually been 3 days because we have actually utilized it and we have not seen an event of ants. The mounds are likewise starting to collapse. With that, we enjoy with our purchase. We will keep our evaluation upgraded, however since today, the ortho fire ant killer mound bait has actually worked.

We reside in south louisiana and have extreme fire ant issues. Our relative has actually established an allergic reaction to fire ant bites. Two times a year treatment of our lawn with ortho fire ant killer keeps them at bay. It’s costly, however it works and works for about 6 months.

We have a 1 acre lawn that has actually been overrun with fire ants to the point where the lawn was unusable. We at first utilized 2 complete containers on ant hills. We were most likely over conservative in just how much we utilized per hill since we have felines and pets and wished to reduce any possibility of them strolling through it. We would state, less than 50% returned a few feet far from the initial hill. We utilized this on whatever that returned and, when again, just about 50% returned. We went out a 3rd time and have actually just seen erratic hills ever since that we struck as required. We reside in main fl and they are definitely unrelenting. This appears to be keeping them to a really minimal level.

We have actually never ever had an ant hill in our lawn because changing to this product about 7 years earlier. We constantly buy 2 bags, one for the lawn and one to utilize as a boundary around our home.

We had a fire ant mound that we were essentially going after around. We would spray bait and the fire ants would merely move. With this things, we sprayed it around the mounds/ant tracks (ensuring our outside cats were securely generated so they could not stroll throughout it themselves), and we likewise sprayed bait. This time there was no moving of the mound. The bodies of those that attempted to leave were accumulated outside the mound. Incredible things.

We sent this product to our senior mommy out of town to attempt as she had actually utilized a lot of other products that failed her expectations. She s really delighted with the outcomes. She stated that she put some of this ant killer on top of install then interrupted it by stirred everything up (haahahaa) and putting a little more and left. She stated that the next day the huge stack of aunties were all gone. We will take her word for it and extremely suggest it to anybody who s interested. Purchasing one more for back up. Hope this shop assists you choose. All the best.

Ok. Initially we wish to get this out of the method: this product is created for and marketed to eliminate fire ant mounds. Fire ants. Not black ants. Not carpenter ants. Not your other half’s auntie. Not beetles. Not butterflies. Not roaches. Not mice. Fire ants. So any critique stating: “it didn’t kill (insert anything other than fire ant mounds)” need to be considered what it is. It effectively might eliminate other kinds of ants and other kinds of insects, however that’s not what it’s marketed to do, so if it does not, do not blame the fire ant killer. No, it’s not created to be sprayed on your garage flooring, on your deck or under your kitchen area cabinets. It’s created to deal with the mound in the lawn, garden or flower bed. If you do not see a mound, well, you’re simply essentially spraying the things arbitrarily and hoping. Do not blame the product since you didn’t utilize it effectively. And like numerous powdered products, you’ll find that the container has to do with half complete after settling. It’s offered by weight, not volume. Nobody is attempting to “trick” you. Now that that is out of the method, this things works terrific on fire ant mounds. It does smell quite bad – advises us of boiled cabbage or something nasty like that – so if you utilize it near a window or a door, we would keep them closed for a few hours till the mound is dead and you can utilize a tube to spray the things off of surface area. This things does not take long to work. We reside in florida and the fire ants are quite bad here. When we see a mound, we take a spoon and spray this things really gently over and around it. No sense in putting it out of the container and simply overloading the mound with it; that’s a big waste of cash. If the odor troubles you, wait a few hours, then really gently shower the location with a garden hose pipe simply till you can’t see the white powder any longer. That will take the odor away. Follow up by relaying the granules (a various product that can be found in a bag) over your whole lawn and you’re basically helpful for the season. If a rogue mound does appear, it will be little and a little dosage of the powder will look after it. We have 2 little pets and sufficient never ever had any difficulty with them tinkering it. We expected to be on the safe side if you utilize the broadcast product, you can do the front lawn, keep the pets off that for a couple days, then do the yard. Absolutely no issues with plants or trees or bushes. It does not even eliminate the lawn that you spray it straight on. I, personally, do not believe we would spray it on any underground type veggies in a garden that we wish to consume from, however we would not do that with manure either, so that’s simply me.

We have actually utilized a few fire any killers, all unworthy a darn. This things though. It eliminates practically over night. It’s extremely efficient for any size hill, from the little ones that turn up along your pathway to the substantial ones that turn up out in the lawn. Within 24-48 hrs we will see a lot of dead ants around the mound. The disadvantage? this things stinks so bad it might gag a maggot. It resembles the smell of decaying flesh. We actually heave when we capture a whiff. We are uncertain what eliminates the ants, the toxin or the smell, however whatever it is, it works and we would not utilize anything else.

With all the rain we have actually been getting early in the year, we were seeing ant mounds structure. We discovered a few launching near your house and wished to treat them prior to they entered into our location. We checked out a great deal of evaluations prior to buying anything. We heard a great deal of great things about ortho and believed we would offer it a shot. We sprayed the mounds near your house initially to evaluate because they were constantly active. Within 24 hr, they were gone. When the rain stops and things dry out, we are going to do the exact same on the others in our lawn. We do not believe we will follow the 2-step procedure that is promoted unless we see them continue to turn up. We truthfully believe this worked sufficient to manage them. Similar to all grainy ant killer, this one had a strong odor. It wasn’t so bad that you might smell it through the product packaging, something we hesitated of when bought it from. You might truly just smell it when you opened the bottle. It is a little hard to open, however with a little effort, it wasn’t as bad as anticipated. We do not understand how well it would work right prior to a rain either. Mine was outdoors for around a week prior to the next rain hit. For prices, we believe this is a fantastic worth. We did the 2 pack so we would have plenty. We didn’t understand simply just how much we would utilize. We have a 1/4 acre lot so 2 will last us a long time. In general, we suggest this to anybody trying to find an excellent ant killer.

This things definitely works when whatever else quit working. The fire ants in our lawn had actually obviously ended up being unsusceptible to the other products we had actually utilized throughout the years. They would simply move their mounds a few feet over. We had a genuine issue, till we attempted this. We sanctuary t seen any ant mounds in our lawn because we used it. They are gone. This product is likewise really cost-effective. We were hesitant about it because it was so budget-friendly, however it truly works. It even eliminated all of our mommy s fire ants and she lives out in the nation. Those ants were truly tough to eliminate till we utilized this. Eliminates them within a day.

Smells like something rotten however finishes the job. Use a mask and gloves when spraying this things. The only problem we have with this is that the opening doesn t have a scattering cover. As quickly as you open it you are opening the entire entire opening. So beware and wear t unintentionally discard the whole bottle in one location. If a scattering cover can t be done, perhaps if this things would include its own powder scoop? we didn’t wish to utilize any of our own kitchen area utensils and had we understood prior to utilizing we would have currently bought a scoop for this function. Nevertheless, in the end this things did it s task and we have actually not seen any ants because the day after we utilized this.

It gets the job done on fire ants. And have not found anything as efficient, or as simple to utilize. Spray on mound and forget itthe 12 oz 2 pack (24 ounces) – is more cost-effective than huge box single rate or shop brandthis might be even better if the product packaging were a little more consumer-friendly, concerning how the product is given out of/ from container. As it is truly simple to put out excessive. Specifically if the inner seal is removedto open prior to usage – capture cap both sides to eliminate – turn cap over – press cap down on seal – turn cap 3/4 rely on open seal – (cap guidelines) > then eliminate seal > user idea -after 3/4 turn – leave cut seal in location – to avoid over-dispensing, or disposing out excessive -.

This things eliminated all the ant beds on our one acre home. Simply a little spray, sufficient to dust the whole mound, no watering or anything, and bam, the fire ants were all dead within hours. The only time we needed to do it two times was with this unusual huge raw piece of earth that had beast ants coming directly out of the ground. Even then, it lastly eliminated those insane ants straight out of indiana jones and the crystal skull. The worst feature of it is the smell-like something decaying, however we dislike fire ants so we will take the odor any day. We do not believe we will ever utilize anything else after utilizing this powder.

Spraying a little of this power on a fire ant mound appears to trigger timely death of the ants because nest. We likewise found it to be extremely deadly to black ants too. When we have actually sprayed this on a fire ant mound the ants vanish and do not go back to that website. We have about 2. 5 acres in a fire ant zone. This powder has actually allowed us to mainly remove their problem on our home, which can be unsafe to animals and kids. This powder has a powerful smell, so we keep the cylinder as far from our faces as possible while using the powder.

This is an entirely various product from the practically identically packaged (and less expensive) orthene from the exact same producer. They both eliminate ants, however with this things there’s no decaying smell, and there’s no awful spot of intense white powder on your yard. It’s yellow-colored granules that basically vanish on the ground. They fall directly down, no poofing around on the breeze to dust your clothing and your lungs with stink.

Here in arizona, we have these black fire ants that are incredibly aggressive. Once they develop a nest in your yard, if you merely action in the location or drag a tube on top of it, your feet/hose will be swarming with lots of these black fire ants immediately. We have actually seen youtube videos of fire ants with substantial mounds, however that’s not the scenario here. We took a little plastic cup and filled it with this things. We began putting it where we understood the black ants were concealingout Certainly the more we sprayed the more they began swarming the grassy location. We merely sprayed more where we saw them (this was around 10am) and by 5pm they were simply gone. We attempted to upset their nest with the garden hose pipe and none appeared. We asked our landscaper to uniformly spray the rest throughout the rest of our yard. We will be a repeat customer for this product if they return.

This things is incredible for dealing with ant holes and mounds and nests. Whether they pass away or simply relocate. They are gone. It stinks. It truly stinka. We have a while acre of land and utilized this and when the wind kicks up we can smell this things claer as day from the outermost range we sprayed. Its insane. The kids didn’t olay outdoors bc it made the acre stink. And it was abt a tablespoon in each hole. In the range we did about 9 ant hills. Closer to your house we did about 6. However it made the kand stink. However its all great bc it works like absolutely nothing ive ever seen. Get it if you have fire ants. Its essential. The kids and canine do not go near it bc it stinks anyhow. Update. It certainly makes the ants disappear however we see brand-new nests or transferred nests popping uo like insane about every 2 weeks. Soooo we simply reapply.

For some factor, in florida, this year’s red ant population is taking off. In twenty years we have actually never ever had a lot of bites and seen a lot of ant farms in the yard and beds. After years of attempting every you can possibly imagine product and technique in the book to eliminate them, we lastly bought chased this ortho product. Yup it stinks, yup it has a consistency of carefully sorted flour, and yes the container has no arrangement to use it. We utilize a little plastic spoon, sure it’s a discomfort, however the outcomes are magnificent. This things damages them pronto. We are customer for life.

This things truly does work. We offered it a 4 just since you need to utilize a lot more than the bottle promotes. If you “skimp” on the powder it will likely not eliminate the ants and is simply inefficient. If you utilize a minimum of double than the suggestion you will more than likely look after the issue.

We have a 5 acre location we’re attempting to keep clear of fire ants, in eastern nc. We stroll our pets here. We have actually utilized the bengal ant mound killer in the past which is borax based and works however mounds might come back, and anywhere you spread out, it eliminates the lawn. We had near 100 mounds when we used the ortho product numerous months earlier. Presently we have much less most likely 10 mounds that require treatment in this exact same location. No other product that we have actually attempted has actually done this good of a task. You should follow the product guidelines. Do not shake on the mound, just around it. Our company believe all mounds were eliminated when product was used properly. No requirement to overapply, simply follow the instructions verbatim.

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