Nostalgia SCM525BL Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker Makes 20 Icy Treats

Nostalgia SCM525BL Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker Makes 20 Icy Treats

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Here are a few main benefits of Nostalgia SCM525BL Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker Makes 20 Icy Treats.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Approximate capability – whether celebration time or treat time, This system can hold up to 20 (8 oz.) snow cones at a time.
  • Nostalgia snow cone packages – system works completely with all Nostalgia snow cone packages – attempt the snow cone package (Sck3), snow cone syrups (SCS160), or the straws and cups (Scstrawcup20).
  • Stainless-steel cutting blades – the precision-cut stainless-steel cutting blades geared up with this device work rapidly and effectively to shave ice into scrumptious, fluffy snow-like ice.
  • 360 views – with a chamber that’s clear from all views, it’s simple to shave ice and view it accumulate from any angle.

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Color: Blue|Design Call: Cone Maker Bring the celebration inside and develop a Variety of scrumptious and revitalizing ice beverages. Precision-cut stainless-steel cutting blades change routine ice into frozen treats that the entire household will like. Just fill the leading with ice, protect the cover, and let the snow fly. Serve Snow from the ice storage bin, and prepare them on the convenient cone rack with this terrific countertop system.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nostalgia SCM525BL Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker Makes 20 Icy Treats, these may be helpful for better understanding.

So great we actually leased it out as soon as. Simply do not overload it with ice and do not drop the leading, mine broken. Makes enough ice for 3 snow cones every batch, each batch takes about 30 seconds.

We can not think we ever purchased that foolish snoopy one. This thing is very fantastic. Great deals of fluffy ice in no time at all. Awesomeness. We have actually been utilizing the syrups, however we wager this would be fantastic with any liquid. Our only grievance is our box was missing out on the scoop. Not even a huge sufficient offer to knock a star off the score.

Bought this very first to see if it would actually make fantastic snow cone ice. It makes snow with extremely few little ice chips in. So great you can actually compress the flakes and make a great round genuine snow ball. Easy to establish and tidy and makes lots of shaved ice in about 4 minutes. For the cost, we will keep utilizing till it uses out or breaks, then simply get another one. Advise to all.

Big hit at a sixth grade graduation celebration. We had actually thought about leasing a sno-cone device, however it was more affordable to buy this. Sure, you need to do it in smaller sized batches, however we had about 25 kids desiring sno-cones and nobody had an unreasonable wait. They came out good and fluffy. The only problem is drying it out later on. The location where the ice gets shaved can’t be cleaned out, so we simply kept shaking it and shaking it and might still hear some water drops within. So next time we utilize it we will need to keep in mind to clean it out initially in case there’s mildew.

This device is as anticipated. It’s extremely adorable and fantastic for kids and grownups.

Fantastic snow cone maker. This is simply for little household usage, you wouldn t wish to utilize it for a big birthday celebration or anything like that. We utilized it this previous summer season, the kids took pleasure in the cold reward. It s simple to utilize, and simple to tidy. We like the holders on the side and the plastic holders it features. We acquired a tube of beverage cones independently, they worked well. Snow cones are fantastic method to get kids to take in more water, and the quantity of syrup per cone isn’t comprehensive sufficient to include a lot of empty calories. You may be able to utilize the slush for beverages, like daiquiris. We put on t beverage, however it may work.

Fantastic product. Shaves ice extremely well. Utilized it for a class job. Our kids shaved about 10 pounds of ice (enough for more than 60 trainees) in about 25 minutes. Usage with online snowcone seasoning dish and you will remain in paradise.

Fantastic. We will be utilizing it at our next party. Comes totally put together, so simple to utilize and shaves ice actually quick. One round of ice made 2 snow cones. Let the ice sweat a little prior to beginning and you won t have any problems. Fantastic product.

Ya había leído las opiniones y sabía que age plástica, así que eso no us incomodó. Liviana, muy fácil de usar y de un tamaño moderado. La coloqué en un lugar que arreglamos como bar y cuando se servían el licor tenían la opción de ponerle el hielo raspado, a todos mis invitados les gusto mucho la concept y yo feliz.

Worked best for a luau celebration. Looked adorable too. Perfect table leading size. Sliced the ice well.

We acquired this snow cone maker and enjoyed it the minute we actually saw it. We cleaned it out as advised and attempted itout To our surprise it shaved the ice well. We kept filling up with crushed cubes from our freezer till the compartment was complete. The enjoyable starts, scoop and soak the syrup. We didn’t utilize the scooper that featured the device. We utilized an ice cream scooper which workedbetter We didn’t like the reality that the cable lies where the door is. Make certain cable does not get damp. We utilized a meal towel to cover the cable so it would not get damp. We would advise purchasing the cups and spoonlike straws from. The shop didn’t bring these straws and the cups are offered by the hundreds. Have a good time and take pleasure in. Our entire household did and enjoyed it.

This is by far the very best little ice device. Our buddy purchased one for our school fundraising in summer season. We had actually gone through numerous ice makers much much more pricey and every one failed us well within a summertimes time of usage. We were a bit fretted the cost on this was low as we are taught you get what you spend for. That does not use to this. At all. We utilized this device 4 days a week and ran it about 1. 5 hrs to 2 hrs non stop at a time. We extremely advise this. And this seller was fantastic we got it days previously then mentioned. One failure is it is on the little side nevertheless you can make it work. As we mentioned. I served 150 kids 4 days a week extremely rapidly. Kids enjoyed it, the texture was best not very chunky it’s shaves good. And which it’s not commercial size it’s best for celebrations. Its durable, it’s a terrific cost it works, and kids like itwe will buy one ourself. Ps if your searching for taste concepts. We utilized natural frozen grape, lemon and apple concentrate juice. Do not include water. The town coffee bar contributed the syrup bottles and pumps it worked completely. It’s a healthy reward everybody can take pleasure in. Yes yes yes.

We purchased this for our sis’s luau celebration. After checking out the evaluations and understanding this is not a commercial device, we didn’t have high expectations. We utilizes bags of ice from the marketplace and every so often the ice would jam however not a huge trouble we would simply move the ice around with a plastic spoon and it would launch once again. Possibly we were too nervous and packed excessive ice at a time. Understanding this was a plastic, not strong device we anticipated that it would require a little skill. We had a celebration of about 10 kids awaiting snow cones and with our child packing the device and ourself utilizing the scoop and loading the cups for snow comes we had the ability to have all the kids with their snow cones in about 20 minutes from start (plug in) to complete (disconnect). It features a little plastic scoop that worked helpful for it’s intent. The ice comes out good and grainy however still holds up when you include the syrup. We would advise this product for house usage or a little group. It is a little loud and if it is a peaceful setting it will certainly be irritating however we were outdoors and it was a celebration so it was not an awful trouble. We purchased it ahead of time due to the fact that we wished to attempt it prior to the luau celebration and return it if it was too cheapie. However we wound up keeping it and will utilize it for future little celebrations or simply for summer season days with the kids. It is simple to unassembled and tidy simply keep in mind how you unassemble it due to the fact that we were puzzled how to put it back together for a few minutes lol. In general it’s a great device that serves it’s function.

We got this due to the fact that popsicles and ice are genuine convenience after our dental surgery. We believed this may be enjoyable and better than continuously spending for popsicles. Would be fantastic for a kids celebration. And even an adult celebration and perhaps enhancing a little alcohol in it. Lol. We believe this is a great buy without investing a great deal of cash. Although it does appear a bit lightweight low-cost it gets the job done well and very adorable, we believe. It features 2 multiple-use tough plastic cone “cups” that have round flat bottoms so they can base on a flat surface area, which is good. We put 6 big square ice (about the most you might put in) and it made enough for 2 complete cones (most likely a little smaller sized than you would get at a reasonable). It features a rack with 2 holes in it that is expected to connect to device, however we can’t figure out for the life people how. Not a huge offer. It’s simple to run and tidy, no little parts other than for the little round piece that locks part with the blades. Do not lose it or it will not work. You do need to buy the syrups independently. Great deals of choices on. Simply make sounds, naturally, however not too loud. Pleased with the purchase.

We acquired this in 2015 and it has actually lasted through both woman scouts and cub scout conferences, many birthday celebrations and long hot summer season days in the south revitalizing all the area kids. It is still going strong today and well worth every cent invested in it. You would not think the quantity of “snow” this device makes. We are going to attempt the make your syrup dish we saw published on this evaluation area. 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar, boil and cool, then include pkg of any taste koolaide and shake in bottle.

This has actually been utilized every day given that we got it 2 weeks back. In Some Cases more than as soon as a day. It is so simple to utilize and look after plus it does an outstanding task at shaving the ice to the best snow cone consistency. We extremely advise this device over the ones you need to freeze the circle of ice and shave it rather of you re own ice from your ice maker. Having the ability to utilize routine ice is a should have.

Fantastic product for the cost, makes best snow cones. Ice comes out shaved not in portions. We understand it appears like a toy however carries out like an industrial electric razor at a quarter of the cost. We made 4 big snow cones (12 oz glass) in less than 10 minutes. That would have been at least 10 paper snow cones. The sound is no louder than the crushed ice on our fridge. We would buy once again if required and we would reccomend this snow cone maker. Appearances are certainly tricking. We believe we will make a watermelon snow cone now, given that it’s a heat wave and all.

This is without a doubt among the very best purchases we have actually made. It fasts and simple tidy up. Simply generally set upside down on meal drainer in sink. Dry. Put away. The very best part other than our 7yr old grand son being the snowcone guy for all the kids is the reality that we can keep track of the sugar consumption. Here in florida heat the kids more than happy with simply the crushed ice so including a splash of gatorade or low sugar fruit beverages is best. We extremely advise this product.

Dished Out about 100 snow cones for a big celebration, and was a crowd favorite. There was constantly a line for this thing, and yeah, we completely disregarded the 5 minutes limitation, and had no issues with getting too hot. In some cases the ice has problem decreasing to the electric razor if you have huge cubes, and you got ta flick them down, however if you get that bag of ice from the supermarket, then you will have no issues.

Provided to buddy’s grandchildren. Great, simple to utilize. Big sufficient for them to utilize for their friends and family of their kids. Down here in s texas something like this is enjoyed in the summer season. Purchased the syrups and cups on too. Purchased a smaller sized one for ourself. Likewise can be utilized to make “adult” drinks, like margaritas.

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