Ninja Mama Peri Bottle for Soothing Postpartum Care. Post Partum Portable Perineal Bottle

Ninja Mama Peri Bottle for Soothing Postpartum Care. Post Partum Portable Perineal Bottle

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Here are a few main benefits of Ninja Mama Peri Bottle for Soothing Postpartum Care. Post Partum Portable Perineal Bottle.

  • A SOOTHING SPRITZ FOR YOUR LADYBITS. Get mild, soothing post partum perineal relief with our 15oz portable BPA and phalate complimentary peri bottle with completely angled 7 inch spout offering you targeted relief throughout those uneasy days and weeks after giving birth.
  • SIMPLE TO USAGE – EVEN IF SLEEP DEPRIVED. Merely lock the spout into location, fill with warm water (and a little witch hazel if wanted), then invert, point, capture and spray where required. The additional long 7 inch spout indicates no requirement for uncomfortable flexing to enter into the appropriate position. The Ninja Mama Peri Bottle will just spray when you are prepared.
  • NO REQUIREMENT FOR REFILLING MID RESTROOM BREAK. With a 15 oz capability which is 5oz bigger than the leading brand name angled spout Peri Bottle, the Ninja Mama Peri Bottle guarantees you have lots of soothing spray within your reaches.
  • PORTABLE AND DISCREET. With its retractable, spout (bringing the size down for taking a trip to simply under 8 inches in height) and quite waterproof bag, you can take your Ninja Mama Peri Bottle with you anywhere, making for hassle-free and efficient post partum relief when and where you require it. Simply clear the contents, toss it into your diaper bag and you re great to go.
  • A REQUIREMENT FOR YOUR LABOR HEALTH CENTER BAG. Wonderfully packaged, authorized by us as knowledgeable mothers, a Ninja Mama Peri Bottle is the best addition to your health center bag. This obviously indicates it s the perfect child shower present for a mommy to be. Location in a basket of presents or on a diaper cake. You might likewise team with our Ninja Mama Perineal Ice Bag and Sitz Bath Soak or offer as an infant shower or brand-new mama present by itself.

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We’re here for youMama Assisting you through your postpartum discomfort Read more So that you can concentrate on those valuable minutes Check out more We developed our Peri Bottle with the requirements of brand-new moms in mind, then we put a little quite in it. Peri BottlePerineal Ice PacksSitz Bath SoakEssentials BundleUse Throughout Pregnancy Usage Postpartum Perfect Present

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ninja Mama Peri Bottle for Soothing Postpartum Care. Post Partum Portable Perineal Bottle.

Question Question 1

Hi Do We Need To Disinfect Prior To Usage Or Simply Wash With Warm Soapy Water? Thank You.?

Hi and thank you for your question.No you do not require to decontaminate the bottle, simply clean in warm soapy water beforeuse.Lulu (Creator – Ninja Mama) X

Question Question 2

Is It Dishwashing Machine Safe?

we wear t understand if it s dishwashing machine safe, however you can simply utilize warm soapy water to clean it. A lovely basic cleansing procedure

Question Question 3

Is This Bpa & Phalate Free?

thank you for your question, yes our peri bottle is BPA and phalate complimentary, please reach out if you have any more inquiries Lulu X

Question Question 4

Does It Have A Air Valve?

Thank you for your question, no our bottle has actually been developed so as not to require an air valve. When we remained in the research stage for our bottle, our tester Mamas found air valves to be dripping and fiddly so we took it away.:-RRB- Please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions Lulu (Creator – Ninja Mama) XX

Question Question 5

Does The Spout Need To Be Prolonged To Spray?

Thank you for your question, yes the spout requirements to be extended and locked into location prior to use.Please reach out with anymore questions Lulu (Creator – Ninja Mama) XX

Question Question 6

Can You See The Water Level Through The Bottle?

If you hold it approximately the light. however no not if you’re simply taking a look at it

Question Question 7

How Does This Compare To The Frida Brand Name Bottle? Which Is Better?

we actually have both. They are really comparable, with the only genuine distinctions being the size and color. we choose the Peri Bottle due to the fact that it is bigger, supplying more water for cleansing. That being stated, the wand is longer too which is not rather as simple to navigate though not troublesome. we utilize both of these as a bide we actually have both. They are really comparable, with the only genuine distinctions being the size and color. we choose the Peri Bottle due to the fact that it is bigger, supplying more water for cleansing. That being stated, the wand is longer too which is not rather as simple to navigate though not troublesome. we utilize both of these as a bidet, and not post-partum usage. we are so thankful we have them and we utilize them daily.

Question Question 8

Is This Made In China?

Yes, the product packaging states “designed in Australia, responsibly made in China.”

Question Question 9

Is Anybody Else Having A Concern With The Odor? We Sanctuary T Utilized It However We Did Wash It 3 Times It Won T Come Out.?

Hi Miss, We have not had any remarks or problems about the odor of the bottle previously.we can’t trace your contact information from your username however if you could please reach out to we’ll have the ability to assist you straight away.Lulu (Creator – Ninja Mama) XX

Question Question 10

Can You Hold This Bottle Upside Down While Spraying Ladybits?

Yes. we simply had an infant last Monday, the health center provided us a little bottle with asquirty cover it was very tough to us, our hubby rush house and got this bottle we had simply purchased and it was a lot simpler to utilize and aided with pulling on our body attempting to reach due to the emergency situation c area we had

Question Question 11

Just How Much Water Does It Hold?

The description states 15oz. so practically 2cups.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ninja Mama Peri Bottle for Soothing Postpartum Care. Post Partum Portable Perineal Bottle, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We definitely like this bottle. We had a truly bad tear so we required something to assist with the cleansing (and truly horrible stinging) when we went to the restroom. We did place on a great deal of weight throughout our pregnancy and was exceptionally aching (all over.) after bring to life our child therefore navigating around on the toilet at the minute is a bit challenging to state the least. The main thing that we like about this bottle instead of the one they provided us at the health center is the prolonged spout. It is actually truly long and completely angled so we didn’t need to flex around to get it into the best position. We put a few drops of witch hazel in with warm water and found it really soothing on our tender bits. The spout presses back into the bottle quickly to put it into the luggage. The bottle holds an excellent quantity of water and we didn’t ever require to fill up mid method through. Although the additional capability makes the bottle size rather huge, once the spout is withdrawed it s definitely no larger than the typical formula bottle therefore it fitted quickly into our diaper bag for travel. You do require to make certain that you pull the spout out correctly and screw the cap on securely so it doesn t spray water prior to you squeeze however it does inform you that on the instructions. The product packaging is truly quite, package it can be found in is beautiful and the luggage very charming however discreet. It s just got the logo design on the luggage so you can t inform what it is from the outdoors (our 2 years of age kid enjoys pulling awkward things out of our diaper bag in public.) which we understand shouldn t truly matter however it does for us. All in all an excellent quality product. This is our brand-new go – to child shower present for all our mother buddies.

We simulate it, nevertheless we are little dissatisfied that it is “open” up until totally extended. For that reason we can’t make it much shorter if the toilet is low and water is high, and its long, we need to practically stand to utilize in particular toilets. Likewise can’t hold water while not utilizing, which is a little frustrating, however okay so we took 1 star away.

We purchased this to cram in our health center bag. We will be having our 3rd csection and anything small thing that assists make life simpler after is a huge offer. We evaluated the bottle currently and its a lot simpler than conventional peri bottles. Not untidy and we like the reality that it hold double the water of a conventional size. Many individuals do not comprehend csection aftercare, in addition to typical bleeding, discomfort. We likewise have cut care, discomfort, swelling. This restricts movement and this bottle assists with less leaning and motion. It has a charming little bring bag too. We one hundred percent reccomend this to any female for down there care.

We are 6 years post partum – we decided to pull out the great ol’ peri bottle from the health center due to the fact that of the tp scarcity throughout this lockdown, and recognized that it was absolutely nothing except life altering. Well, our kid so kindly handled to clean the cover (probably the most fundamental part) down our open tub drain. To state we raged would be an understatement – we do not have the bathroom tissue on hand to handle this. So we did some upset -ing and after comparing a few various alternatives, we picked this bottle. It includes a great little bag, which is fantastic due to the fact that we sure will not be leaving it in the house when we take a trip. It’s got a substantial capability – we were filling our other bottle 2x per usage; we didn’t even utilize the whole bottle, in between the beneficial angle and the quantity it holds. This bottle is a monster – do not be frightened by its size. The nozzle reaches what seems like an obnoxious length, however we rescind our previous ideas, “am we also cleaning our neighbor’s butt, why would we possibly need this ridiculously long nozzle” – sis, you do not require to flex like a pretzel to do an extensive task any longer. It resembles a revitalizing trip for your undercarriage. Believe me, you will not return to bathroom tissue (after you have actually utilized this when your bits aren’t shredded post child – that ruins the appeal, we get it, ouch).

This product worked like a dream after having kidney surgical treatment a couple weeks back and a stent being put in left ureter. We have actually had kidney stones. We have actually delivered. We have actually heard they correspond. However simply did not concur. Now, kidney stones, infection for practically 3 months directly, then having them surgically got rid of and after that having “thin” fish tank tubing where it truly does not belong. We now get it. Omg. However this peri-bottle worked great with the regular journeys to the bathroom and not interrupting the particular strings that will launch the crackin inside. However, understanding it requires to be kept in location, utilizing wipes or tissue simply sticks and leaves lint-like particles to the strings. Being a long time victim of uti’s and pyelonephritis, we can state that this bottle is a lot better than even the last one we got from the health center 17 years back. The best part about this bottle is it’s telescopic nozzle. It truly assists you to get tidy throughout these times when bathroom tissue is a non-option. The 2nd finest thing (for us anyhow) was the storage bag. Perhaps completely dumb to a lot of. However being 42 years of ages and having various health issues presently, it truly is great when you can keep your self-respect undamaged sometimes. This little bag does permit for that. It does state “ninja mamma” on the front. However to me, that simply states”we are bad @$$. With perhaps a couple things just plain gone bad” However in either case it does not shout “postpartum” or “new momour” or anything connecting to it being a “personal use” product. We have likewise. Like a lot of women/moms, definitely can be value. If the bag gets damp, we typically returned our peri-bottle in the storage bag right after cleaning it, and it dries very quick.

Love this a lot. The little water resistant bag keeps the bottle discreet so when we go to the restroom nobody understands that we are taking our peri bottle. We utilize it to remain fresh and tidy and not due to the fact that we had an infant. It works so well we are getting one for our child. We certainly suggest it. Btw it s likewise very charming.

It’s ok. It holds an excellent quantity of water and can strike the best angles downstairs. Nevertheless, we are knocking off a star due to the fact that the water pressure (no matter how tough you squeeze the bottle) is not strong enough for our individual choice.

Excellent product to generate your “go bag”, we are so thankful we did too. The ones at the health center are glorified catsup bottles and suck. The long arm and continuous water spray from this bottle are life saver. We extremely suggest this to brand-new moms as a product to get as soon as possible, you wont be sorry.

Quickly the very best postpartum product after vaginal birth. We had a 2nd degree tear and this peri bottle with warm water assisted relieve the aching location. Enjoyed the charming bag consisted of, was best for taking a trip house from the health center. Extremely suggest.

We purchased the peri bottle to utilize as a bidet. We have actually been dissatisfied with the quantity of bathroom tissue that is utilized (not to point out whether it’s even readily available some days). So we are utilizing this to decrease the waste, specifically throughout this time. We likewise quite choose the cleaner sensation after utilizing the peri bottle. After urinating and utilizing the peri bottle, we just dry off utilizing a tidy wash fabric that can be tossed in the wash and re-used. The peri bottle is bigger than some comparable products and the soft plastic makes it simpler to intend and avoid the skin. Provide it a shot.

This product works fantastic. When you require a peri bottle this one gets the job done. The neck is long and the bottle holds more than most so you get more water per wash.

Life saver for mothers with bad tares on their “down there’s. ” holds sufficient water to finish the job without needing to fill up. Update: fine so we reside in hawaii and individuals are actually purchasing out all the bathroom tissue due to the fact that of the coronavirus and we are so thankful we had actually purchased this previous to the break out scare getting insane in our state due to the fact that a minimum of we can utilize this sort of in location of conventional tp. Annnnnd sellers are offered out of a lot of peri bottles and bathroom tissue so we are enjoying it even more now.

We truly like this. The bottle is soft and simple to capture. Its simple to put together. The long tube spout pulls out when you are prepared to utilize and withdraws back into the bottle when completed and the bottle is empty. It fits well in the bring bag when the spout is withdrawed. Real to the guidelines, it will not spray up until you squeeze the bottle. That indicates there will be no undesirable water spills in locations around the toilet that you didn’t desire it to go. Its really discrete when put in the bring bag, so you can take it anywhere. Unless you own one, you ‘d believe it was simply a bottle of something in a bag. We offer this really high marks for simple, basic, and discrete.

We have a medical condition that triggers us to have random allergies. Often that response is to bathroom tissue and we require to avoid tp while we recuperate. We had actually formerly been utilizing a diaper sprayer however that was too violent, like power cleaning our vulva. And it was cold so it seemed like power cleaning our vulva with icicles. However this puts out a great mild stream however it s strong enough to seem like it s truly getting you tidy. Great for postpartum moms (desire they had this 4 years back when we were washing all the child blood away), fantastic for anybody that gets a duration, and fantastic for anybody that simply doesn t wish to utilize bathroom tissue. We simply kept a different towel neighboring to pat dry. Extremely suggest this.

We attempted this product the other day, and we were all set to compose an evaluation about just how much it dripped, however we got a seller email stating to inspect how well it was sealed inside the cap due to the fact that it might end up being scrambled in shipping. Well, it was great, however we discovered the gasket (?) around the base of the nozzle stem and recognized that the stem needed to be strongly (however not roughly.) pulled into the top of the cap to finish the seal. Leakages got rid of. Ever since, utilizing it has actually been simple and revitalizing. We specifically suggest it for individuals with ibs or comparable conditions.

Bought as present so uninformed of any flaws, however we have actually purchased and utilized one in the past and we believe it is incredible. Certainly a should have for post partum. Peri bottles are extraordinary, even with no stitch scars or tears, who wishes to utilize bathroom tissue on such a tender location, and this one has the angled spout so you wear t need to do the strange attempting to intend and toss water thing of basic peri bottles. Buy it. Wonderful for postpartum due to the fact that of that little angle spout. The other fundamental health center peri bottles is simply straight and can be bothersome to get the best angle and spray in the required locations, this thing is great.

We extremely suggest this product. We was reluctant to buy it prior to providing however lastly chose to invest $15 on a plastic bottle. And we are so thankful we did. Initially, it s a fantastic style. It s not inexpensively made or developed. It doesn t seem like it will break quickly. It includes a water resistant bag, which is really great and we position over top of the spout beside the toilet when not in usage. The style enables you to stay seated when in usage unlike the complimentary one from the health center which you require to squat over the toilet to utilize and gets water all over. This shade of pink likewise so takes place to be our preferred color, so bonus offer for us. Haha. We like it, it s in our leading 3 most advised products for postpartum healing care. Bring it to the health center. You ll utilize it rather of the health center one right now.

We purchased this due to the fact that we could not clean typical it was tinkering our uh skin so our apn recommended amongthese This is the only peri bottle we have actually attempted however we believe it s fantastic to utilize in the house. We took a trip from illinois to minnesota with this and we did not like to utilize it anywhere else. For house it works incredible however not if you re taking a trip and not remaining at the exact same location throughout the day and night. The relief though that originated from it. It assisted a lot and somebody recommended putting witch hazel in it which truly assists too. We wear t understand what we would do without this.

This is our very first child, getting to that goal we began investigating postpartum requirements. Everybody and we do indicate everybody, states you require peri bottles. No huge offer. We kept appearing the bottle from freda which actually seems practically the exact same. This one had a better rate. We like that it includes a little bag to enter so if we require to take it with us (we wear t intend on taking a trip much however who understands) and it s basic to utilize.

We need to confess– we are not a brand-new mother. We were when upon a time, and we utilized among these products then. However in the location where we live, bathroom tissue went out of stock instantly. Initially, we believed it was amusing and outrageous. However as the weeks have actually ticked by and shops are still perilously short on stock, we recognized that we required to get an alternative choice in location. Voila. Enter this lovely bottle. Fill it with warm water and you will feel fresh and tidy and have the ability to significantly decrease your everyday use of tp. We like it a lot that we prepare to continue utilizing it even when this outrageous scarcity ends. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable and cuts down on the requirement to massacre trees. The seller has actually reached out a number of times to make certain that we liked the product. Her recommendations for brand-new mothers is great too. We are really delighted with this, and recommend numerous households consider it as a beneficial alternative in these challenging times.

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