MIUCO Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains Panels

MIUCO Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains Panels

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MIUCO Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains Panels.

  • STYLE STRUCTURE – Consists of 2 panels, each 52 inch large by 84 inch long. 8 metal grommets per panel with 1.6 inch inner size. The back of drape is of exact same product since front that looks more stylish. Bottom hem is of 3″ wide and side hem 1″ compared to common 3/4″ and 3/8″ that makes Miuco curtains have a more high-end appearance. With Miuco imaginative created weights inside the both bottom hems, assists hangbetter BONUS OFFER – 2 Matching Tie Backs consisted of, valued $9.99, now totally free present.
  • SUN LIGHT CONTROL – Ingenious triple-weave building and construction assists obstruct as much as 98% sunshine and 100% UV (darker colors have a better result), Perfect for sleeping kids, day sleepers, shift employees.
  • SOUND CONTROL – Miuco’s window blackout curtains have the ability to filter around 60% of the outdoors sound from going into in the space. Develop a personal privacy serene sleep environment.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Aid to keep the heat in the space throughout the winter season, and they will show heat out of the space throughout the summertime. Both of these will guarantee that you are not squandering money on heating or cooling that does not require to be invested. You might see a decrease in your electrical power costs of as much as 30%.
  • TIDY DIRECTIONS – Maker wash cold, mild cycle, do not bleach, topple dry low, wrinkles will be vanished after hanging for a few weeks, or warm iron.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MIUCO Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains Panels.
Size: 52-Inch-by-84-Inch|Color: Grey Fed up with not sleeping after shift work? Have dreadful napping time with your child and kids? Dislike intense sunshine wake your body up through south-facing windows? Miuco Blackout Curtains for Bed room has actually created a basic stylish service: non-toxic thermal insulated blackout curtains – the most natural and fast method to change your intense and loud bed room into a sleep paradise. We supply extra function and benefits: Soft and Resilient Miuco window blackout curtains has an extremely soft hand feel and drape, high quality product, long lasting 10+ years. Energy Effective Ingenious triple-weave building and construction insulate your warm or frozen window, offer your air conditioning unit and energy costs a break. Personal Privacy and Relax Your friends and family can take pleasure in motion picture nights or sports video game without fretting about outdoors light and sound. Lower Sound Largely woven material functions as an extra . It lowers outdoors sounds and produce a peaceful and serene environment. Imaginative Style With Miuco imaginative created weighted hem in the both bottoms, make the curtains hangs much straight and well. Reward 2 Matching Tie Backs consisted of, valued $9.99, now totally free present. Maintain and Tidy Maker wash cold, mild cycle, do not bleach, topple dry low, wrinkles will be vanished after hanging for a few weeks, or warm iron. Tips Darker colors have a better blackout result (blackout result from 90% to 98%). Due to distinctions in computer system displays, the colors might be somewhat various in between the real product and what you see from your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MIUCO Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains Panels.

Question Question 1

We See That 2 Panels Are Consisted Of With The Purchase.What Are The Dimensions For Each Panel? Are They Each 52″ Or Are The 2 Together 52″?

each 52″ wide, one purchase is for pair price, that’s 2×52″= 104″ wide, thanks.

Question Question 2

We Are Looking For White Curtains.Are The Greyish White Curtains More Of A Gray Tint Than White Tint?

Hi John, it’s not pure white, not off white, the fabric is like sandwich weaving, front and back are white, middle is black yarn to blackout sunlight, so it more or less affect the front white color, make it looks like a greyish tint, thank you.

Question Question 3

Does It Comes With The Rings To Hang?

Yes, it has grommets build in to the top that you just run a rod through.They’ll hang beautifully.The grommets are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches so be sure to get a nice size rod because it’ll need to be able to carry the weight of the fabric once you get it up.Don’t get a skinny rod.

Question Question 4

We Are Looking For A Tan Is The Beige In The Brown Tones?

Yes, it it light beige.The taupe is ” browner”.A grest product made very well.

Question Question 5

The Description In The Title Mentions Silver. What Is Silver?

One of the 16 colors of curtains is silver, except that, no silver in the products and shows in the title. The grommets are ORB or someone called pewter, not silver, thanks.

Question Question 6

What’S The Fabric? Cotton, Polyster, Etc?

Hi Candour, the fabric content is 100% polyester, high-tech polyester blend triple weaved, both sides with matte finish, it feels like mircofiber or suede, thank you.

Question Question 7

What Material Are They Made Of?

Hi Mary, these are made of polyester blend, very soft touch, thanks.

Question Question 8

Our Sliding Door Is 98″ Wide.How Lots Of Panels Do You Recommend?

our drape size is 52″ wide for one panel, it’s flat measured. Normally the curtains have pleats that makes look beautiful. So it need double your window or door size, we suggest 2 sets (4 panels) is better for your door, thank you.

Question Question 9

Interested In Buying For Noise Reduction. Could Seller/Anyone Tell Us How Much Noise Reduction In Terms Of Decibels?

we can’t answer in decibels, but we have a large outdoor flight cage with chickens, roosters, and ducks, 12 feet outside our window, and their conversations are still audible but muted.

Question Question 10

Miuco Room Darkening Grommet Blackout Curtains Set Of 2 52X84 Inch Silver, Bonus 2 Tie Backs Included.What Size (Diameter) Rod Needed To Hang These?

we used a thinner bronze rod (maybe 1/2 inch) but you can easily go with a one inch size.

Question Question 11

How To Clean Them?

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, wrinkles will be disappeared after hanging for a few weeks, or warm iron.

Question Question 12

We Are Buying A Rod That Says It’S For ” Light To Medium Weight Curtains”. Are These Curtains Considered Medium Or Heavy In Weight?

Hi Danielle, yes, they’re medium to heavy in weight curtains, but it should be ok to fit your rod. Because in our showroom, we normally hang 8-10 blackout panels on one plastic rod, but it’s still workable. So we think 2 panels on one rod it’s no problem for you, thank you and hope it can be helpful to you.

Question Question 13

We Are Wanting To Purchase More Curtain Than What You Have Available Are You Going To Have More Of The Chocolate 52X84 And The 52X63’S Soon? Mahalo?

Thank you for your interest on our curtains, more curtains of 63″/ 84″ in color Chocolate are on the way to warehouse, will arrive in 3 days, thank you.

Question Question 14

Do These Curtains Block Noise Effectively?

Don t think they are much for noise blockers.Better than nothing but don t reveal family secrets thinking the curtains will muffle the sound.

Question Question 15

Does All Blackout Curtttaind Pill Off When They Are Washed.?

no idea – have not washed them, but we doubt it since they are smooth.When we do wash them, we will NOT wash them with anything of a different color, and will dry them only 10 mins on low and rehang them.That is how you make stuff last and avoid pilling.

Question Question 16

What Color Are The Grommets On The Black Set?

Can’t answer question cause we ordered and purchased beige not black.Our beige set had brown grommets which match our brown curtain rods.

Question Question 17

Would Two 52″ Panels Be Excessive Material For A Window That Is Just 36″ Wide? How Wide Is The Window In The Room Photo?

Maybe.we have two 35 inch wide windows with one panel only on each and it looks great.However, when the panel is not fully open to cover the window, it accordians up nicely to the side, so two panels could work without looking bulky, especially if your curtain rod is extended to more than 36 inches.So, know that y Maybe.we have two 35 inch wide windows with one panel only on each and it looks great.However, when the panel is not fully open to cover the window, it accordians up nicely to the side, so two panels could work without looking bulky, especially if your curtain rod is extended to more than 36 inches.So, know that you only need one, but we can see how two would look nice on the window as well, especially if you extende your curtain rod a bit.

Question Question 18

We Are Looking For Teal Blue Curtains. Is The Teal A Blue Or Green?

Hi Herm, the teal color is a mixture of blue/green, but we think it should be more close to green. If you like more close to blue, we think that is turquoise, we have this color, thank you.

Question Question 19

Are The Silver Curtains Shiny?

nope, simply flat white that is type of grayish

Question Question 20

We Required The 52X 63 In Turquoise.When Will They Remain In Stock?

It will remain in stock next week, thank you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MIUCO Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains Panels, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These curtains are definitely stunning. They are glamorous, soft, thick product and the color is a stunning rose. We have had them up for a week and have actually currently gotten numerous matches. Our only grievance is that they are not as space darkening as we would hope. They remain in a space dealing with east that is very intense in the early morning. Thankfully, we currently had some low-cost blinds in the window (that we were wanting to eliminate), and the mix makes the space extremely dark, with just the curtains, some light survives, though not excessive. We make sure the darker colors workbetter We consisted of a photo of the space in the early morning under direct sunshine. The left window has the blinds down, the right window has the blinds up.

We were actually extremely pleased with the quality of these curtains, compared to the low cost. Not to discuss you can buy them by the set rather of forking out a little fortune on single panels. The material is thick and extremely soft, the grommets are gorgeous. The color is dynamic and simply as displayed in the sample online, and these are rather thick and heavy. We purchased the blue-green (for picture referral), it is tough to inform in these images just how much light they obstruct out as there are 4 other open windows dealing with the 2 revealed. (we have actually not ironed out the creases either, forgive me.) they are not 100% black out however we would state this color quickly obstructs 85%++ of light. All in all we are extremely pleased with this purchase, we conserved numerous dollars equipping our home however did not get stuck to a low-cost cruddy product either.:-RRB-.

We have a 6 months old child woman and her baby crib remains in our bed room, simpler for everyone throughout night time. Our bed room is dealing with east so it is extremely intense throughout daytime, never ever trouble other half and we considering that we do not take naps. However considering that having our child woman, and desiring her to nap as long as she requires, a mother pal of mine had actually advised blackout curtains, she stated it assists her child drop off to sleep quicker and more significantly, remain asleep. We make sure all moms can associate with this and desire the exact same thing. Found this set of blackout drape by miuco and when it got here, we are astonished at the quality. Smooth soft material, relatively thick, sufficient to obstruct sun, and the color is what we were anticipating. All the stitching are done extremely well, no loose thread anywhere and the metal rings are stitched well. Our other half pointed out that there’s weight on the bottom which is good, so it assists the drape remain down clearly and likewise directly. Beyond expectation, extremely good product, great deals of colors to pick from, would advise.

These curtains are made from an extremely thick, heavy, quality product that hangs well. Most importantly, these hold true blackouts. We offered a photo for referral. We were so pleased with these we purchased 4 more sets for other spaces in your home. We do not understand how they will carry out on energy cost savings however the blackout function was the most crucial aspect for us considering that we have little kids that still nap throughout he day and go to sleep prior to its dark. So, if there is any cost savings then that would be a plus. We extremely advise these.

We have rather a few sets of these and have actually returned to buy them 3 times now. We enjoy the platinum white color- it’s rather of a nearly shimmery silver white rather than plain or beige white. We have our bed room in all white and this silver tone is actually charming. The thermal result is terrific in the summertime- we saw a big distinction after putting these up. Like, instantly. Light obstruction is excellent, so long as you can get them near the wall. The grommets are likewise big enough to fit a variety of drape rods, which we have actually attempted numerous. When we moved into a brand-new home, we saw our young child’s space gets a lot light, he was waking at the break of day. On top of that, the window is so big and long, that the heat was uneasy. Which indicated, in the winter season, we might anticipate a problem with it being too cold. We proceeded and purchased numerous more of these panels, and they enhanced the scenario significantly. We have considering that likewise acquired them for a big window along our upstairs catwalk, which gets direct sun for most of the day. We didn’t trouble to position the rod for a sealing fit to the wall, so light still can be found in from around the drape- this keeps the location well lit still, however rather of frying while strolling by that window, it’s now extremely comfy. The minute you open the curtains, the heat is roaring. Close them, and it’s cooled down quickly. We certainly advise offering these a shot. The cost is terrific for what they do and they are more pricey looking material than other thermal curtains we have actually attempted. Extremely advise.

We enjoy these curtains. We purchased the sage color to cover our back moving glass door, living space window, and bed room window. The color is gorgeous and mellow. They move quickly and have actually held up extremely well to our drape climbers (kitty and young child). We enjoy that they are maker washable, included tie backs, and there are 2 curtains per plan. We conserved a great deal of cash that method. We do not have the very best insulation or windows in our leasing, however we have actually observed these keep it extremely cool inside (we reside in hot and damp southern louisiana). They likewise do a fantastic task at darkening (our other half works overnights a lot so he is extremely grateful for that). They contribute a part of what they get to the gentle society. How cool is that? as an animal fan we extremely value that. We extremely advise these curtains to everybody.

We are graveyard shift employee, and have actually been for about 15 years. We began having a difficult time sleeping throughout the day with simply utilizing a mask, and a good friend recommended that we get some black out curtains. We examined and invested hours looking for the best ones, and we are so pleased that we selectedthese We chose the dark brown/chocolate curtains and they obstruct out about 99% of all sunshine. We have definitely no issues sleeping throughout the day now without a mask. We simply kick ourself for never getting any black out curtains faster. Likewise, our bed room certainly remains a lot cooler than the rest of our apartment or condo now too. So we can vouch for the reality that it likewise obstructs out some of the heat from the sun. These curtains remained in ideal condition when we got them. They’re thick and durable, and do precisely what they guarantee to do. If you’re searching for some terrific black out curtains for an excellent cost, we extremely advise these for sure.

Terrific product, color matches the image precisely, product has a soft, smooth touch and satiny appearance. Truly good quality. And, above all, it does make sound evidence result. We reside in hollywood, with rush hour 24/7. Now, it makes such distinction with these curtains. Obstructs the light also, so no issue with a television set, which hangs simply on the opposite wall from the veranda (where these curtains are). We are purchased 4 more sets now, for both bed rooms and dining-room. Likewise, we are thrilled with a color matching, due to the fact that we are preparing to purchase a few various colors and mix and match them. So, 3 out of 5 window in our apartment or condo will have 2 panels of one color and one panel of a various color. Yeah, this product influenced us to compose an entire essay about it. ))).

These are gorgeous curtains. They are well made and they obstruct out light, which is what we have actually been searching for. These curtains are extremely well made and the color is actually quite – it resembles a dark plum. These are genuinely blackout curtains that likewise lowers sound, which is an extra plus. We are extremely pleased with our purchase. The cost was extremely affordable and each plan includes 2 panels with tie-backs, which is a reward that seldom found in blackout curtains that are offered by the panel and not the set. What a fantastic find – we have actually been purchasing the ideal set of curtains for some time and lastly found them.

We acquired 3 sets of these curtains, 2 chocolate and one sage, to change curtains our late partner made that are now usedout The colors are strong, the material is soft and flexible and the curtains appear to be well made. They come somewhat wrinkled however we found the majority of the wrinkles fell out within 2 weeks. (we can iron, however being the normal widower choose to let nature do the heavy lifting the majority of the time. )the windows these curtains cover are east dealing with and one south confronting with no trees or other external shade. Both colors of these curtains do a great task at obstructing light and to some level noise from the spaces they remain in. Couple with a wrap around rod like those made by umbra and you can obstruct out light from the sides very well. There will be some light leak from the leading and bottom, however unless you are establishing pictures or some other requirement for overall darkness, the leak is very little (you’ll still need to turn a light on in daytime to see colors or information). Bottom line: look excellent, work well, simple to hang, well made.

Watchout We purchased 2 set of these drapes for a big window. We stitched them together prior to we saw the various color both are identified navy blue however quite various colors. Can’t return them now as we have actually modified them. Wow. We need to modify this evaluation. We called the producer. They have actually used to reimburse our cash, no return of product required or make us a customized set of drapes to fit our window. We will buy from this business once again for the rest of our spaces. Drapes are excellent quality. They even have weights in the hem and hang perfectly.

These drapes are ideal for what we required. The purple color isn’t frustrating however is a great, abundant royal purple. The blackout power is extremely dark. We can’t inform the various in the quantity of light it lets it, whether we have our mini blinds up or down. And we have simple & south dealing with windows. They’re not extremely heavy (however heavy sufficient). We hung 2 panels on a 1″ rod & don’t have any concern that it will break. The finish is super nice on these too. It’s a smooth, soft, satin finish & doesn’t have that weird ” we have blackout curtains” check weave to it. The wrinkles from being in the package came out really easily. We put 2 panels in the dryer with a damp hand towel & let it run until the towel was dry. It worked quickly & perfectly. Overall, we are very, very pleased with these drapes & would recommend or buy again. The one tiny thing we didn’t like was that it came with tie backs (awesome) but they have to be hooked on something on the wall to work. They’re not self adhering. But it’s not a big enough deal to us to subtract a whole star.

We don’t often give five stars but our bedroom has had too much light for years now and we finally broke down and replaced the puce (yes, puce) vertical blinds our family left when they moved out with black thermal blackout curtains. We have them on a low profile wrap around curtain rod so they’re as close as possible to the wall to let in the least amount of light possible. These stop an incredible amount of light, not 100%, we think you need to spend a fortune not only on curtains that can stop 100% but also the hardware to hold up something that heavy. That being said these easily stop 75-85% of the light depending on the time of day and how direct the sun is on the window. They stop almost all road noise. We live next to a heavily used street and it’s great not to hear the majority of cars any more. Just by feel you can tell these keep out a good amount of the florida heat. Quite please with this purchase.

Absolutely love these. Amazing quality and fabric. Great black out. Very very happy.

We can’t even get over how much we love these curtains. We ordered 4 pairs of the grayish white. We originally purchased another set/brand of curtains however they were more beige and had a pattern and once we hung them they didn’t look right in our space. These new curtains look and feel like great quality. As for the light blocking, they aren’t ” blackout”. They do significantly reduce the light and we didn’t really expect white-ish curtains to be blackout anyway. We can’t stress enough how perfect of a grey/light/airy curtain these are. Thanks miuco. In the pics we used the pull back to temporarily tame the bottom of the curtains so they fall flat which will eventually happen. Also it was mid day and sunny and pretty dark in the room with the curtains pulled.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we purchased these. We had looked online for quite a while in search of replacements for the ones we had for years. We actually came across these by accident and after reading a few reviews and looking at some photos we decided we would give them a try, worst came to worst they would be something temporary until we found something to replace them. They arrived and boy was we surprised, the material was nice it wasn’t some cheap thin material and it was in fact true to its size, and issue that we have been running into with a few previous purchases. So we put them up and they did exactly like they said. The room became instantly darker, to the point we no longer had to deal with the neighbors flood light beaming through our bedroom window. They even muffled the street noise which is a big deal when you live directly on a main road that is constantly heavy with traffic all in all we would say these were a fantastic find in fact we like them so much we plan on buying two more sets for our livingroom in the near future.

We purchased these in pink for our nursery, hoping for the pale color as pictured and it’s exactly as pictured. We didn’t care too much about blackout, but these surpass even that expectation. Obviously they work better with closed blinds behind them (seriously they’re a light colored curtain. If anyone expects a white or light colored curtain to completely blackout sun from the room you’re nuts). Pictured both open and closed (with blinds open behind). Would purchase again, very happy with the product for the price.

We are very happy customer with these curtains. We have tried many different brands, including ” eclipse”, and have not had good results at blocking light in our suburban home. Our first purchase was silver. We were so happy with them, that we bought teal, black and burgundy as well. The neighbors have flood lights outside their home that are on almost every night, which lights up the master bed room quite well. The silver curtains were able to completely block out the light. We previously hung two eclipse curtains back to back and light was still able to make it into the bedroom. And when the sun comes up, one of the windows in that bedroom gets direct sunlight. These curtains darken them enough that it doesn’t wake us up. Again, the previous eclipse curtains (doubled up) were incapable of this. They would illuminate the room in a glow similar to their color, waking us up as the sun would rise. The teal are in a front bedroom, and capable of completely blocking out the street lights. They also do a good job of blocking out the sun. Much better than their predecessors. We hung the black in the living room and those are awesome. They face south and are capable of blocking all kinds of light. The burgundy are in the dining room, which faces west and gets the most sun throughout the afternoon. Again, these do a better job of blocking the afternoon sun and assist in keeping the temperature down. And again, much better than any other curtain or drape we have hung there. The color of these curtains is almost accurately depicted in the pictures. We feel the colors may be a little muted by a screen, and may appear ” dirty” or suppressed. A fine example is the teal (and we will publish images later on). These curtains likewise seem of excellent quality. They have a soft feel to them and we were unable to see any bad stitching or loose threads. The grommets are excellent shade to mix in. We have actually hung them on white, silver, black and gold rods and they do not look out of location. There are likewise weights stitched into the bottom hem, which assists them hang directly. We have not seen weighted curtains this low-cost. That is normally a facility scheduled for high-end curtains. Plus these featured tie backs that match. These likewise featured a little collapsable pen that is quite darn charming. We likewise found an insert mentioning that this business contributes to animal charities. All of these little things interact to us that the business puts a little idea into their product or a minimum of listens to their focus groups. We do not presently have any images, however we prepare to submit some quickly. And so everybody knows, we actually spent for these curtains. We were not provided any totally free. We attempted 2 sets, and liked them a lot we purchased more and figured we must show everybody. We are constantly reluctant with purchasing things like curtains online and we hope that our evaluation will assist somebody decide one method or the other.

We were not anticipating these curtains to feel so soft and glamorous. We are walmart woman when it pertains to window coverings. Something cheep and simple is normally what we do however our kid desired a color that walmart simply didn’t bring. So off to we went. Wow is the only word we can utilize to explain these curtains. We instantly purchased a set for ourself and our other kiddo. After hanging for about a week all the product packaging wrinkles were gone. Color does make a distinction with space darkening. Among our kids has dark purple curtains, the other dark blue. It turns their spaces into night time even in the brightest conditions nevertheless our curtains (light grey) enables the light in. Mine are still space darkening however theirs are better to black out due to the darker color. When it comes to energy performance. We truthfully could not state. The sun does set on the side of your home that the light grey curtains are on and increases on the side where the purple and blue curtains are however we likewise have energy effective windows so we have actually not seen a modification in energy expenses. They likewise feature draw back straps if you choose that appearance. Excellent quality and sew work. We extremely advise them.

We purchased these due to the fact that our young puppy wakes uo with the sun, and we were fed up with being awakened prior to 5am on your day of rest. We were hoping these may include a touch a color to our space whole likewise making it a bit darker. Not just is the teal a stunning color, however the material is well made and obstructs out > 95% of the light. We can now oversleep as late as we would like and take naps. Throughout the week we at some point leave them split open to ensure our young puppy wont let us sleep through our alarm. Plus these are extremely economical. We extremely advise.

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