LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash for Kitchen

LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash for Kitchen, Marble Design

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash for Kitchen, Marble Design.

  • Premium quality peel and stick tile, specifically developed for kitchen backsplashes and restroom backsplashes
  • Be available in box of 10 sheets self-adhesive tiles in glossy surface, size of each tile: 11.6″x11.6″
  • Easy Do It Yourself, simply peel & stick. No grout, no unique tools and no mess. Main color: Pink, Brown.
  • Environmentally friendly products, resistant to heat and wetness, simple clean to eliminate the discolorations
  • Advised Usage: Kitchen island walls, restroom backsplashes, bed room walls, utility room and so on

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Here are some more information on LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash for Kitchen, Marble Design.
Peel and Stick Easy to set up, Simply peel and stick. Do not require any mess or specialized tools. Conserve your time and cash. Safe Eco products Made from non-toxic products, heavy-metal complimentary, formaldehyde complimentary. Easy to clean It is simple to preserve, discolorations can be quickly eliminated with a cleansing product utilizing a sponge. Specifically developed Created for Kitchen and Restroom: resistant to heat of stovetops and humidity of restrooms. Read more Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash LONGKING exceptional quality simple Do It Yourself peel and stick tile is made from an adhesive substrate topped with a gel part called exposy resin, the embossed 3d exposy resin uses spectacular visual effect. The tiles are thin and light, they can be set up in minutes over a tidy and smooth surface area with no mess or specialized tools, and never ever fracture with time. This sort of self-adhesive wall tile is likewise a financial wall covering product. Easy Do It Yourself You need to completely tidy and dry your wall.Overlap the tiles and grout lines, peel the support and stick side by side for a smooth look. Press securely after verifying the location. Kitchen Backsplash Tile Easy Do It Yourself, simply peel & stick. No grout, no unique tools and no mess Eco products, resistant to heat and wetness Advised Usage: Kitchen backsplash, restroom backsplashes, bed room walls, utility room and so on. Read more Advised Surface area smooth ceramic tiles backsplash, smooth glass tiles backsplash, acrylic wall panel, hurt plaster, wall linoleum, stainless metal, mirror, laminate, wallpaper (if some corners are peeling, simply peel them off and set up tiles over them). Non-Recommended Surface area oily wall, brick wall, stucco wall, stone wall, incomplete wall (plaster or plaster), unpainted plywood. Wall & Tile Temperature level The temperature level of the wall and tiles need to be at least about 70 F for 12 hours prior to setup and 24 hr after setup. This is really crucial due to the fact that if wall and tiles are cold, the tiles will not stick well. Throughout the winter season, the wall temperature level is typically lower than space temperature level so ensure that your walls are warm. Press All Grout Lines Strongly Ensure you push ALL grout lines securely, and attempt NOT to touch the adhesive side as much as you can. Marble Design TileGray Decorative TileGrey-Black-White Marble Design TileMarble Design TileSize11.6″x11.6″ 11.3″ X 11.1″ 12″x12″ 11.6″x11.6″ 11.6″x11.6″ Sheet1010101010Peel & Stick Easy to tidy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash for Kitchen, Marble Design.

Question Question 1

Are These Tiles Removable? We Reside in An Apartment or condo.?

It truly depends upon the surface area they were set up on. They are simple to eliminate with little to no damage for the majority of the walls (for smooth ceramic tile/ wallpaper/ wall panel (acrylic)/ mirror, they are absolutely no issue, we do not suggest to eliminate from the walls have actually the painted and revitalized lot of times). To It truly depends upon the surface area they were set up on. They are simple to eliminate with little to no damage for the majority of the walls (for smooth ceramic tile/ wallpaper/ wall panel (acrylic)/ mirror, they are absolutely no issue, we do not suggest to eliminate from the walls have actually the painted and revitalized lot of times). To make it simple, utilize a blow clothes dryer to heat up each tile to soften the adhesive and pull gently beginning with the corners. Utilize a cleansing product to clean the wall and eliminate any excess glue left by the peel and stick tiles.

Question Question 2

We Have Wood Walls And Wish To Do Install These. How Must We Prepare The Polyeur./ Smoothish Wood So That We Can Use The Peel And Stick Tiles?

The tiles are semi transparent so you need to paint the wall white initially.

Question Question 3

Does This Train Tile Have A Plastic Look To It On The Wall?

It worked excellent for the task we had. We utilized on the back wall of an upper cabinet without any doors to show dishes.It looks excellent at a range however we wear t understand if we would desire it for a backsplash. All in all it s a terrific product.

Question Question 4

Could This Be Utilized In A Shower If Rather Of The Pre-Made Stick You Utilize A Correct Caulking To Protect These?

sorry. No. can not beused in a shower, usingbehind tubes is OK.

Question Question 5

Can You Cut These And If So What Is The Very Best Method To Do So?

Yes they can. we utilized razor blade and straight edge. Not very simple. Required really sharp blades.

Question Question 6

Any Tips On Eliminating Air Bubbles After Setting Up?

If you utilize painters stick and after you begin to use sheet utilize the stay with press and use pressure to eliminate air

Question Question 7

Our Basksplash Is thirty years Old 1 X 4 Oak And Remains In Rough Shape.How Do We Handle The Leading (3/4 In) Edge?? Fold This Stick On Product Over?–???

we would fill with plaster or some comparable patching substance after dry, gently sand and seal the surface area with primer-sealer

Question Question 8

What Are The Colors In The Arabesque Mosaic Tile?

we utilized neutral browns andbeige

Question Question 9

The Length Of Time Do They Last Thinking About Durability?

They have actually been up 1 month and look much like they did the day we put them up. Nobody even understood they were vinyl. Love it.

Question Question 10

Are These A Gray White Or A Real White?

They are bit translucent. So if you have a dark wall they will be darker. A white wall will assist them look whiter. we had a dark wall????

Question Question 11

Whats The Weight Of The Load With The 10 Sheets? Is It 2 Pounds Or About 20 Pounds?


Question Question 12

Will The 10 Sheets Cover 16Sq Feet?

You will most likely require 2 bundles of 10 sheets, as they are 10″by10″

Question Question 13

Will The 10 Sheets Cover 16Sq Feet?

No. Each square is 11.5″ square so 10 sheets will almost cover 10 square feet.

Question Question 14

Did Anyone Apply This To A Textured Wall? If So Did You Need To Get Additional Adhesive?

Will not adhere well best bet is to use sheetrock mud and a knife smooth out your textured finish or scrape it then it doesn’t hear excellent and looks fantastic

Question Question 15

Is This Waterproof? Would We Be Able To Use It On A Kitchen Countertop?

It would probably be fine. But where the seams meet we wouldn t let water stand. It s a thick vinyl so it could possibly tear easily as a countertop. Works excellent as a backsplash.

Question Question 16

Will You Get More White Subway Tile? We Need One More Pack To Complete Our Kitchen.?

we had to order one more package also, we are very happy with mine

Question Question 17

For Those That Installed This In A Camper Or Rv, How Is It Holding Up? We Are Worried The Heat And Moisture Might Not Keep The Adhesive Strong?

we don t own an RV, but our house does get pretty hot (living in San Fernando Valley CA). Easily 95-100 inside the house. The tiles have been sticking fine to painted drywall. we are assuming in the RV you are sticking them to a plastic or vinyl surface? If so, they should stick just fine, provided the surface is cleaned an we don t own an RV, but our house does get pretty hot (living in San Fernando Valley CA). Easily 95-100 inside the house. The tiles have been sticking fine to painted drywall. we are assuming in the RV you are sticking them to a plastic or vinyl surface? If so, they should stick just fine, provided the surface is cleaned and prepped properly (we would use a combination of dish soap and simple green, scrub and rinse thoroughly, then use a can of dust off to both dry and free the area of dust). The adhesive on these tiles is no joke. ITS STICKY. If you ve ever used 3M outdoor mounting tape, it s just as strong if not stronger. You can use a light dish soap and water spray solution on the surface to help move the tile into place (similar to installing vinyl stickers on windows) before you press down and adhese it to the surface. we highly recommend this unless you are wizard and can get it right on the first time. Once these things stick, it takes a good amount of effort to remove them, especially if sticking to any vinyl or plastic surface. Hope this helps.

Question Question 18

How Many Packs Would We Need To Cover 15 Square Feet?

The size of each tile is 11.3″ X 11.1″ and one pack has 10 tiles, so you will need 2 packs to cover 15 square feet. The size of each tile is 11.3″ X 11.1″ and one pack has 10 tiles, so you will need 2 packs to cover 15 square feet.Thanks

Question Question 19

If We Are Going To Paint The Wall Under Where The Tiles Will Go How Long Do We Need To Wait To Apply The Tiles?

This tile is terrible. we painted Underneath and waited till it was dry. It is peeling like crazy. our next step is to reglue it.

Question Question 20

Exists Any Additional Strength Glue We Can Buy To Contribute To The Tiles We Purchased?

we do not understand however the peel and stick tiles we bought are sticking truly well with no additional glue

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash for Kitchen, Marble Design, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These peel and stick kitchen tiles truly brought brand-new life to our plain kitchen. the whole task took about 2 hours being mindful and making sure whatever matched up completely, they were a little bit hard to location, however the outcome is fantastic. Tips:- if cutting the tiles, better that cut from the back side, due to the fact that if you cut in the front side the 3d gel might be messed up. it is simpler to cut from the back side, the tile is really simple to cut, a paper cutter will work. – for the fist tile, you will require to cut the rugged part of the tile to get a straight edge. – when start to set up the tiles, if you take off less than half of the support paper, stick that part to the wall, then take off the rest of the support and press down on the tile as advised. – it is much simpler to set up if you utilize a spray adhesive. i sprayed it with 3m adhesive spray ( advised from the seller), spray the sticky back with adhesive- it offers it some provide and will move a little bit so you can get it completely set and level. i purchased the 3m spray adhesive on https://www. Com/3m -77- multipurpose-adhesive-aerosol/dp/b0000az735/ – the wall of our task is painted wall. i am not sure that if this is the ideal one to set up straight, other than usage 3m spray adhesive, i likewise utilized sanding paper to send out the wall prior to putting up the tile. as soon as completed sanding i cleaned up up our mess and cleaned down the walls with light soap and water towel making sure all the dust particles were up. Over all, as a do it yourself fan, i am pleased with the task i have actually done.

This will not deal with colored walls it will reveal through and ensure you cut the location here out where you over lap the tile or it will reveal through the tile and as soon as layed it will not tablet up we tryed to eliminate a piece and it began bring up the dry wall however take ur time mine came out excellent you can t inform there stick on.

Simply set up in an upgraded utility room. Love how it turnedout We laid out the whole location to line up squares and match grout lines prior to cutting. Using to the wall takes care and persistence to get it ideal however it is lovely in the end. We have a guillotine paper cutter that was excellent to make long straight cuts. Scissors likewise worked fine on smaller sized cuts. We likewise took the suggestions of other users and cut out the “overlap here” squares. Took about 4 hours to finish.

In General we are really delighted with how this tile workedout The completed appearances is excellent and includes a lot character and depth to our kitchen. We chose to go all the method up one wall and throughout the top of the cabinets for a more custom-made appearance. The set up was a procedure over numerous days/ weekends/ bought more boxes, and here are some suggestions we extremely suggest. 1. Determine the overall square video you will require wear”t guess. We guess and had to order a second time to get enough to finish, the second order of tiles were a slightly different color. And they seemed like an old batch. Thankfully that was for above the cabinets and less noticeable. 2. Use a level to mark in light pencil, the level lines to make sure your tile comes out straight. 3. Use a guillotine paper cutter to make straight cuts in the tile, and go slow. (saved us a ton of time)4. Remove the ” overlay here” tabs on every tile. Even the newer version of these tiles need to have them removed. 5. Lastly and what we found to be the best install method: we formally worked as a graphics installer on walls / vehicles / signs etc. And here is the advice we can give from that experience. Use blue painters tape to sick the tile to the wall before removing the backing. Get it in the perfect place and tape a ” hinge” halfway up the tile from one side to the other. Lift the bottom half of the tile up and remove that half of the backing, cutting it away with tape. Apply the bottom half of the tile to the wall starting at the tape and working your way out. Remove the tape, and repeat application process to the top half. If you need further help with that method, google ” hinge approach of using vinyl”overall it looks great, takes some time to install, can be finicky when making things line up, grey ” grout” can flake off if you are not careful, imperfections in wall can be seen through tile so make sure your walls are clean and white/tan like mine, do not apply to fresh paint or dirty / greasy walls. Also, consider getting a hard foam or rubber roller to roll over applied tiles to make sure they are pressed on good. We will update our review if things change.

Our family loved. We just installed few days ago. The backplash make our kitchen look awesome, beautiful.

We have planed to install a back splash in our kitchen for a long time now but we hate tiling and grouting. We did a ton of research on vinyl peel and stick tile and knew it would be the best product for us. No mess, quick install, don’t have to seal any grout, and overall a simple process. We watched a lot of install videos and purchased a cutting mat, a good box cutter, and a straight edge. The most tedious part is overlapping the grout lines, you do have to be a perfectionist and patient for this part or the tiles will look off. We knew we would be caulking around all the edges so we didn’t focus on making the edge tiles straight because if they were uneven at the bottom they would be covered by caulk but you have to keep them as level as possible. Overall the project took about half day and we do get compliments on it. Would use this product again.

We love that there was no mess. We installed the tiles ourself in a couple hours. The only frustrated part was lining up the seams but once we were done it looks great. We do recommend starting on the right (we installed left to right n had a little more trouble). We wouldn’t put these on a surface that’s not flat tho, we think you’d see the seams.

We put them up in our rental with very little issue. We had to reposition a lot because we are kind of clumsy at this, but we got it to look good in maybe 90 minutes, even though the backsplash we installed it on was painted very unevenly. We have had it up for a week or two now and it hasn’t peeled or moved at all. Be warned– it’s a tiny bit translucent, so the line on the part where you overlap sometimes shows through. If you cut off the ” overlap here” part of the tiles it’s an easy fix, though. You can see that it’s not quite real if you look up close, but from normal working distance it’s lovely.

We loved this so much. It made our ugly kitchen look 10 time better and the glue is amazing and tiles are not peeling off. Our backsplash looks beautiful. We had very small square type tile backsplash and was worried it wouldn’t stick to it but it totally did, we sanded, throughly cleaned and used a primer (don’t use zinsser primer, a chemical in it is bad for the glue). This brand has a very good glue. We bought a different brand called tic tac tiles sold by: hba global llc on , please dont buy that one and save yourself some money. It’s more expesive and it’s a waste of money, we used in our bathroom and they all started falling off shortly after installation. This one is called room decor on the box and works really well although it is not as easy to install as the subway tile ones, it does look beautiful if you manage to do it right.

A little bit tricky to figure out placement at first but once you get in the groove, it s as simple as can be. Obviously, you won t get the exact look of real tile/grout but these are close enough that nobody takes the time to notice. For installation, we bought a new utility knife and steel ruler like a few reviews recommended but scissors ended up being so much easier to handle. At no fault of the product, we had a little bit of difficulty since most counters are, apparently, not level at all. Simple fix if you have the same level of care from your builders: keep your scraps after you get done with the main pieces to cut and fill in any slanted gaps along the bottom. Then just add some caulk and even we don t notice it (close-up picture is attached). We ended up using 3 1/2 packs and the total installation time was under 3 hours. We also bought additional adhesive but these things are sticky enough that it gripped well to our 30-year-old formica backsplash. We think using krud kutter before installation helped enormously since it removed the sheen from the surface to give it something to stick to. We were very careful and made sure to press every single seam down as we went but at the very end, we took a damp towel and went back over every seam. We live in the very humid state of alabama and these have held up without issue for six months. We had an old phone jack in our wall that was next to a cable jack and an outlet and none of them were level or spaced evenly (again, go builders). We added a blank plate to the cable jack but since the phone jack stuck out like a sore thumb, we capped the wires and carefully placed the tiles over the opening. It took us forever to find the right angle and the right lighting to be able to see our coverup even the tiniest bit (we circled it in the picture attached) but you d never be able to see it otherwise. Side note: we used the giani countertop paint kit and our kitchen has been transformed in 3 days for under $200 and you just can t beat that. Both items sat in our cart for months while we pinterested how-tos instead of just doing it so if you re on the fence, stop waiting for one day to come and just go for it. We finally love walking in our kitchen. Another side note: these sometimes go out of stock and when we had to reorder, we panicked and found some listed under art3d subway tiles on that were the exact same ones.

Overall this product worked really well. Pros: professional looking finish, excellent price, vinyl is easy to cut with sharp scissorscons: can be difficult to install, once it is in place it s in place. Pulling it off wall will take paint and possibly some plaster as well. Also, lining the tiles up to ensure they are level and even can be time consuiming. If done right the end result is quite a reward. Some things we found helpful:1. Make sure your surface is smooth. Textured surfaces are not recommended for this product. 2. Make sure your surface is also painted. 3. We used simple green and dish soap to clean our surface. The surface must be clean or tiles won t stick4. We sprayed a mixture of water and light dish soap on our wall to help slide the tile into place. The adhesion was not affected in any way and allowed us time to properly position the tiles to ensure they were both level and even. (this is the same process used when installing large vinyl stickers on cars and windows). 5. As we applied the tile to the surface after spraying the soap/water mixture, we used a felt covered spreader (the kind you would use for window film or for applying a large vinyl sticker) to even out the bubbles and ensure proper adhesion. 6. We highly recommend that you paint the wall you plan to tile a grey color similar to the grey that you see in the tiles. This way if you have any slight gap, it will not show up. The tiles will still maintain a white appearance. Also having a solid color against the wall will ensure no blemishes show up through the tiles.

Absolutely love this backsplash. It was easy to install and looks like regular tile once it s on the wall. We would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking to add backsplash to an area of their house while staying on a budget. It will turn out looking great. Just a note, we used adhesive spray to to make sure the tile stays in place. Better safe than sorry.

We love these, and so does everyone who visits the house. These peel and stick tiles are great, but be warned. We give them 10/10 on adhesion, durability, easy to cut, and not one of the 30 squares had any defect. They look great and are much easier than the glass tile backsplash that you mortar together. If you take your time and measure twice, cut once, these look almost like the real thing. Our only complaint. You can t trust the colors in the pictures they advertise. We know lighting and things can make a big difference in photography of the product but ours weren t even close. We ordered the tan/brown/cream colored rectangles. And the ones we received have a lot of pinkish hues/rose colors in them. We still like the end result, but do not expect the colors for this one to be pretty close. See our pictures for a more accurate example. Also we used the 3m spray adhesive 45 to ensure the tiles won t bubble or peel. For our average size kitchen we needed three packs of ten squares. Had lots of large scraps left over but not one full square was left, especially when you have to cut each square around your cabinets, windows, stove hood, etc.

Overall, we are pleased with this product. It was fairly easy to install, and has stayed stuck to the wall despite fluctuating temperatures in the room. It’s also very easy to wipe down. Our only complaint is the product is on the thinner side. If you look very closely, you can see changes in paint color behind the tile. If you’re looking to cover up wall imperfections or crazy colors, we would not recommend this product. This is installed in our camper and it turned out just as we expected. We would buy the same product again over something more expensive.

Not too hard to install. Washed the wall throughly and let it dry. Took our time to try to line everything up. Our window was a little wonky but that wasn t the products fault. We covered the overlap here with white out and dried with hair dryer so you couldn’t see it through the tiles. We will be ordered more to finish the tub backsplash and probably a different style to put in the kitchen. Much easier ( and less commitment ) than tile. Product felt pretty sturdy and wasn t too translucent ( put over a yellow wall with no painting). Very happy with the results. We did do a little caulking around the edges just to finish it off. Very pleased. :).

This was a cheap way to cover some modern tile on our mock fireplace to give it a new look. It did take some time to cut the sheets how you need it and to line them up to where it doesn’t look like there is more or less space between the ” tiles.” you most likely require more than you believe with how the sheets are howanu you can obtain from each page depending upon how you need to cut the leading or bottom of the sheet. We wound up needing to buy a second box and we will state a few of those sheets were a somewhat darker color. Because we didn’t require the entire 2nd box it wasn’t a problem, however would have been if we required all of it. In general, we truly like the completed product thinking about just how much we invested. We had actually attempted vinyl formerly and it did not stick well.

We never ever compose evaluations however this product is worthy of a terrific evaluation. We have actually been wishing to put train tile in our kitchen as a backsplash because we relocated however didn’t have the time or inspiration to do it. Not to point out the cost. We discovered these and chose to attempt them. We have actually been blown away with how excellent they look and everyone that has actually seen them after we put them up doesn t understand they are not genuine tile. They are glossy like tile and have the texture of tile also. They are simple to tidy and reasonably simple to set up. It took us 2 afternoons just due to the fact that we hadn t bought enough and required one more bundle (an overall of 3 bundles finished our l formed backsplash location). This was among the very best choices we have actually made for our house and it looks excellent. The only concerns we found with the product were very little- if you required to change a tile after putting it, the gray grout lines would often remain stayed with the one it overlapped and chip it, once we recognized this we were really mindful about that. The color of the grout might scratch quickly so simply beware. Likewise, the adhesive is excellent. So the couple of times we required to take one off to change it, it absolutely pulled a great deal of wall paint off at the same time, even prior to we had actually smoothed it down to the wall. Not a terrific choice for tenants due to the fact that of this. We had no problem with the words overlap here showing up or the dark gray paint color revealing through like other customers had actually discussed. In general, we would definitely utilize these once again and have actually advised them to others.

We have actually seen a few youtube videos about kitchen backsplash do it yourself, and we found the peel and stick tile is the most workable option for us. We concur with some of individuals who stated it is not the most convenient to set up, however compared to the genuine tiles, this is a lot easier. We do find the front membranes make it slick. So, it is better to take it off, then make it. And, be truly mindful, do not let the glue get on the front side of the tiles, it is going to be hard to tidy. It took us about 2 hours to cut and install them. One more last thing, we simply wish to alert you that when you put it on the wall, you do not wish to peel it off due to the fact that it will take the paint off. On the other hand, it reveals strong adhesive.

These are fantastic. We purchased a home that had actually tiled counter tops to match the tile flooring and we disliked them both. When we chose to do a flooring remodel, we still disliked the counter tops. Nevertheless, we found this peel and stick tile backsplash and it has actually made a world of distinction in our kitchen. It fits so well with the counter tops and makes it appear like the tile continued up the walls. Our kitchen went from looking dull to fab and the setup was quite simple. We suggest getting one more pack than you believe you require due to the fact that there is a minor knowing curve and if you make determining errors like we did around devices, it is great to have additional on hand. We have had them for 9 months and they are still sticking like a dream.

We utilized this as a backsplash for our kitchen, as we have actually utilized a comparable product prior to. We were a little worried with the adhesive not being sticky adequate (due to the fact that of the evaluations) so we purchased a spray adhesive to contribute to it, however to be sincere we wear t believe it was required. The one we had actually prior to lasted us 8 years and we never ever had an issue with it. Simply ensure to clean your walls truly well and ensure it dries prior to setting up the sticky tiles. It has actually been a month because we have had them up and there is no indication of any concerns with the adhesive. We have actually consisted of prior to and after images to demonstrate how lovely it cares for we completed with this task. We likewise consisted of some close up images due to the fact that they do have sort of a pinkish condition close, however look browner at a range. We needed to buy 3 packs for this size of a job however had 6 sheets left over. They were likewise simple adequate to set up; we are not useful whatsoever, however we had the ability to do it all ourself (is did take us a few hours though). The tile is very glossy and extends simply enough to make it look close enough to a real tile backsplash.

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