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How To Heal Your Haemorrhoids?

How To Heal Your Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids – even the word itself looks and sounds painful; and unfortunately, one out of every two Americans will suffer from haemorrhoids within their lifetime and at any given time one out of every twenty Americans is currently suffering from them.

Haemorrhoids themselves aren’t bad as they are naturally a part of human anatomy and help to assist in the passage of bowel from the body, it is when they become swollen or inflamed that issues present themselves such as painful bowel movements, blood in stool, and pain around the anus.

There are two forms of swollen or inflamed piles – internal and external. Internal haemorrhoids occur inside of the rectum and are generally not painful as there are no pain receptors where the swollen or inflamed haemorrhoids occur.

Because of this, most people are generally unaware of an internal haemorrhoid until it either begins causing bloody stool or results in a prolapsed, which is when one becomes so swollen that it protrudes from the anal sphincter.

The other form of swollen or inflamed haemorrhoids is the external piles. External haemorrhoids occur on the outside of the anus and can become increasingly painful and swollen. Frequently they will cause itching as well due to skin irritation and have been known to cause blood clots.

The best way to prevent swollen or inflamed haemorrhoids altogether is to exercise frequently, maintain a healthy diet high in fibre, and defecate only when necessary and without spending long time frames in the process of defecation.

Although, there are multiple medical solutions to easing the pain and existence of swollen haemorrhoids such as rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, elastic band ligation and other more invasive operative options, there is also a plethora of natural haemorrhoid treatments available that are just as effective if not more so.

One natural haemorrhoid treatment and a very common natural cure is that of ingesting fibre. Fibre has been known for centuries as not only a natural treatment for haemorrhoids but also as a proactive approach to preventing them all together.

Fibre naturally softens the stool, which is one of the main ways to prevent piles from occurring in the first place as it prevents an individual from straining their rectal muscles.

Many foods are high in fibre and there are also fibre supplements which can be orally ingested as well. Furthermore, fibre is not only a great natural treatment for haemorrhoids but is also a good dietary supplement for overall good health.

A secondary natural haemorrhoid treatment solution is that of applying Witch Hazel to the affected external haemorrhoid. This natural cure works by acting as an astringent that reduces pain and swelling of external haemorrhoids. Witch Hazel can be found at any drug store and can come in liquid form or as a medicated cream or pad as well.

A third natural treatment that has been shown to be very effective in treating haemorrhoids is Bioflavonoid. Bioflavonoid is compounds present in most fruits that act as a natural piles treatment by strengthening the walls of blood vessels as well as preventing inflammation of blood vessels. Bioflavonoid has also been shown to reduce the pain and swelling associated with haemorrhoids as well.

On top of the three previously mentioned natural piles cures, a fourth example of such treatment is apple cider vinegar. Ingesting a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day as well as topically applying it to haemorrhoids will improve both internal and external piles.

In summation, the above mentioned natural haemorrhoid treatments will help in the prevention and curing of haemorrhoids rather effectively. Remember, any one of the above mentioned treatments the next time you feel as if you have a haemorrhoid and in no time at all one will be gone.

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