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How To Handle Haemorrhoids?

How To Handle Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids, sometimes called piles, can often be a painful condition, and unfortunately, also a rather common one that affects both men and women. Haemorrhoids are actually swollen veins that have been stretched under pressure and may develop due to weakened tissue near the anus and rectum.

When you suffer from this painful condition, you are more apt to search for any kinds of information that can help you find out how to handle haemorrhoids and find fast relief.

Here you will find a few helpful things that you can do when you seek the relief of such uncomfortable conditions as haemorrhoids:

* First check with your doctor for information about haemorrhoids and for their recommendations as they are aware of your health history and may have new treatment options you aren’t aware of.

* Learn the causes of haemorrhoids and what typically exacerbates the condition. Most people suffer from haemorrhoids more than once in their lifetime, so knowing exactly what may trigger them can ultimately help them from returning again.

* Constant use of topical haemorrhoid creams may seem helpful; however, you can irritate the condition with over use. This can cause you even more discomfort, therefore you should understand that although, these creams may seem helpful, they will not treat the underlying problem.

* You may gain some relief from pain and itching by dipping a cotton swab in witch hazel or a mixture of sulphur and petroleum jelly. You may also get the same relief by using baby wipes that are fragrance and alcohol free. You can stop the bleeding from haemorrhoids by swabbing the problem area using apple cider vinegar.

* Horse chestnut is helpful as an herbal supplement, since it improves blood flow, which can help strengthen the connecting tissues surrounding a weakened vein that may become a haemorrhoid. It can also aid in reducing the redness and swelling of haemorrhoids.

* Although you won’t want to aggravate haemorrhoids, keeping the area as clean as possible is important to avoid irritation and discomfort, just be sure not to over wash or use soaps that are too strong.

* Include a daily exercise workout, to help improve your overall good health, while avoiding the sitting upon any hard surface for a long time.

* You can maintain softer stools while drinking a lot of water every day. Remember to include fibre-rich foods into your daily diet, such as plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

One of the very most important things you can do to help yourself when it comes to coping with haemorrhoids is to relax and try not to stress or worry about having them. Haemorrhoids are often associated with the elderly or with pregnant women, but the truth is that anyone can be affected by them at any time, and having them is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

Although, haemorrhoids are uncomfortable and painful at times, keep in mind that you are not alone in this struggle. Fortunately, haemorrhoids are generally a temporary problem. Most often, they will go away on their own with a little effort on your part and you may never suffer from this problem again. Haemorrhoids do not pose any serious risks to your health although at time they may feel that way.

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