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How To Cure Haemorrhoid?

How To Cure Haemorrhoid

What is the meaning of Haemorrhoids and in what manner may they be appropriately treated? Haemorrhoids develop because of pressure being applied to the rectum or anus, which can be caused by constipation, meeting for extended periods of time and heavy weightlifting.

Because of these situations, pressure builds in the anus and rectal area, starting the vein bulging. Haemorrhoids are veins which become enlarged in the place of the rectum. In very terrible cases, the veins are powerless to coexist with such pressure and may burst and start bleeding.

There is a common misconception among broadcast that Haemorrhoids can be treated externally by applying cream or other medicines on the affected area. But this concept cannot be additional away from the truth. The initially treatment protocol aims at stopping the symptoms which may be making the patient feel undue suffering and pain.

This article will discuss a few of the many methods to cure haemorrhoids symptoms that you can try at home.

1. Cold Showers

The most difficult symptom suffered by most people is the swelling. The intensity of this may vary from day to day. Hot summer days are usually the time where the pain gets really intense. The humidity causes a lot more friction, hence, causing the pain levels to escalate even more.

The best way to deal with such condition is to take a cold shower to soothe you of the pain. Submerging yourself in a cold tub of water can effectively improve your feeling. The effects of this, however, may vary depending on the type of condition you suffer from. More intense cases might not feel the immediate effects of the bath.

2. Cold compress

Another effective method is to apply ice over the affected area. This is the more effective way to get rid of the pain as a cold compress can be applied anytime you want based on your convenience. One must keep in mind though using a clean towel to apply the compress.

It is highly unhygienic to use one that has been used by someone else. It is best that you opt for towels that have been purchased new in order to make sure that no bacteria or germs that might aggravate the condition might cause it to flare up even more.

3. Topical Ointments

This can be bought over the counter from your local drugstore. Topical ointments are another way to lessen the throbbing pain of your haemorrhoid. Although it might not be able to remove the outgrowth entirely, such substances that aim to cure haemorrhoids can significantly decrease the swelling of the sac. This allows it to look a lot more normal at the same time make the condition a lot more bearable.

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