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Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids


You can apply Vicks Vapour Rub on the haemorrhoids to get effective results. Vicks shrinks the affected area and cure it, its is one of the best hemorrhoid treatment.

2. Garlic/Vicks

This treatment stops the pains instantly. You can mix garlic with Vick and little water. Apply this on the affected area directly. You will sigh with relief when you see the results. The haemorrhoids will go from you. You will be over with terrific experience. It’s quite cheap and easy to do.

3. Coconut Coir (Hair)

To get rid of haemorrhoids use this simple remedy. Burn coconut coir and then filter the ashes. You can drink ash powder with a glass of water twice or thrice daily. Your pain will be less and bleeding will be prevented. You have to continue this treatment to bid forever this sickness. Have this well for it works great.

4. Melalucca Tea Tree Oil

If you are suffering from thrombosis haemorrhoid, use Melalucca tea tree oil for effective cure. You can mix with some coconut oil. Apply this straight on your haemorrhoid. These natural products cure you. Your pains will go away… your bleeding will cease and you can be yourself again.

5. Solarcaine Burn Relief Aloe Vera Gel

Are haemorrhoid treatments not guaranteeing any results? Use natural remedy like Solarcaine Burn Relief Aloe Vera Gel. This gel will stop your pain instantly and the size of the haemorrhoid decrease so much. It burns a lot but in the end you will feel cool and much relieved. Use this gel for effect cure…

6. High Fibre Diet

A healthy diet rich in fibre also helps a lot in treating haemorrhoid. You can take food high in fibre for good results.

7. Diaper Rash Cream

You can use diaper rash cream that has 40% zinc oxide and low. After a year the haemorrhoid will disappear. The oxide is working effectively to let the pains go fully out. Try this for your good.


To treat haemorrhoid immediately, Desitin proves to be really working great.

9. Banana Peel

The home remedy is effective to cure haemorrhoid. The slice of banana peel when put on the haemorrhoid heals you effectively. You need to change after few hours for best treatment. It’s easy, cheap and yet powerful to use.

10. Stop the Itch

If you are itching so much you can try with hot water. You can dip a cloth in hot water and press it on the affected area. This will incredibly help to stop itching. Try this remedy as many times as you can…

11. Cayenne Herb Pills

To kill the disease use Cayenne Herb Pills. It works well…


This treatment is quite painful but worth to do. You need to have warm bath and then apply Absorbine Jr to the haemorrhoid. You will notice that it starts burning and pain terribly. It will remove your sickness permanently. Do it for final solution to attain healthy self again.


To cure haemorrhoids you just need to push the protruding arteries back into place. The worst yet powerful treatment that lasts is to prick with the needle into the haemorrhoids. Let it bleed for 2-5 minutes. Your haemorrhoids will never turn again… your pain will be no more… face this treatment for perfect cure… it works.

14. Fibre and Water

Take a lot of fibre food and drink plenty of water daily. Your digestion will be best and thus aid to cure haemorrhoid. It works!!!


The haemorrhoid can be rid off with the use of UV Light/Heat. You need to sit on the side of the tanning bed. The heat generated reduces the pain and shrink the haemorrhoids. Thus this treatment is quite a good workout for you… try it and feel the difference…


Get rid of your haemorrhoid with ‘Hemroid Harry’. This natural herbal is very powerful in treating haemorrhoid. Use this for better cure…


Grapevine leaves guarantee you best remedy for haemorrhoid. All you need is to prepare well for best use…


To avoid haemorrhoid you need to give up a lot of spicy and hot foods. You can use witch hazel for one week. Relax your bottom muscles when you do this remedy. A healthy food makes a healthy you. So do yourself to cast all pains and sorrows evermore…

19. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works to treat various diseases. You need to apply the juice directly on the haemorrhoid. Clean your area well prior application. A mild tingle will be there but it won’t last. It’s an immediate relief. Use only the real lemon juice. The haemorrhoid will shrink and be back in place. The outcome is indeed suitable for you… Do use this simple way.


The vapour of touch me not plant is very effective. Even the paste of these leaves works the same as quick remedy for haemorrhoid. You can have a try. You will be relieved after using this remedy. So take your chance to be free from pains and stains of blood to a better and happy self. You won’t regret for the result is great…

21. Cold As Ice

Home remedy to treat haemorrhoid is simple use of ice blocks on the affected area. It works well if you can do thrice a day. You can then bid farewell to this problem in few days. Try it today. It’s worth.