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Hemorrhoid Itch

Hemorrhoid Itch

Hemorrhoids Itching

Millions of people experience the discomfort of hemorrhoids itching, burning and swelling every year. It is difficult to carry on with the everyday activities of driving, sitting at a desk, walking and more when this type of discomfort is weighing on your every thought. This makes it all the more understandable that people search for remedies to relieve the itching.

A hemorrhoid is basically a varicose vein in the anus. There are three major veins that are located at the anal cavity, and each of these endures dilation each and every time a bowel movement is eliminated. The ideal stool is of a toothpaste consistency, making it easy to pass. Too few humans do not partake of a diet that consists of sufficient amounts of fibre, nor do they ingest enough fluids. Both of these are elements that serve to either firm up runny stools or to soften hard, dry stool. The result of diets that consist of fast foods, fatty foods, processed foods and refined sugars is often body waste that is firm and difficult to move. In an effort to eliminate this stool, people often strain and push when using the toilet. This additional straining makes these anal veins expand to the point that they swell; the birth of a hemorrhoid. The enlarged vein requires more space than when at its normal size, and encroaches upon nerves found in the anal area. The pressure from the engorged vein upon the nerves causes the uncomfortable sensation and the itching that is so maddening. The fact that many individuals spend a great deal of time sitting such as a desk job tends only to exacerbate the condition.

Once the hemorrhoid develops, there is nothing to do but alleviate the symptoms and change your diet to ensure that healing occurs as quickly as possible. Generally, the discomfort lasts for only a few days in the best of scenarios, making hemorrhoids more of an inconvenience than a condition. During that time, however, the itching that is experienced can be unbearable. Squirming in a chair to alleviate those sensations is not the solution, but is often all that can be accomplished if the individual is not familiar with remedies to relieve the itching.

In order to help the itching diminish, the veins must be shrunk back down to their natural size; taking the pressure off from the surrounding nerves. Of course, there are hemorrhoid preparations on the market that provide some benefits, especially when applied on a regular basis. These generally contain a topical anaesthetic that provides instant relief. There are also some home remedies that can be used that will stop the hemorrhoids; itching, swelling and general discomfort. Applying activated tea bags to the anal area decreases not only the swelling due to tea’s natural tannins, but also the itching and burning sensation often felt. Warm sitz baths will ease the swelling and the discomfort; simply sit in a tub of very warm water into which some Epsom salts have been added.

One of the most important remedies for hemorrhoids is not something used when the swollen veins develop, but rather before they do. Changing the diet to include more fibre intake and fluids is the best method of allowing the body to dispose of waste in a more effective manner. When adding fibre to the diet, do so gradually and as naturally as possible so as not to overwhelm the digestive system. While there are fibre pills on the market, there many high fibre food choices that offer a better option.

It is almost inevitable that at some point in life, hemorrhoids will be experienced. A diet with sufficient fibre and plenty of fluids should provide the best prevention, but these tips should help to ease those occasional bouts of hemorrhoids itching and burning.

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