Hemorr-ice For Haemorrhoids Relief And Treatment

The Hemorr-ice treatment is safe, effective and the biggest breakthrough in Haemorrhoid treatment today.

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It is so effective that many who suffer from Haemorrhoids, so badly they are ready to undergo surgery, have found such relief they can forget about such drastic methods.

Anyone can use it! No pain, no problems, nothing to learn. A special cooling liquid is sealed inside the Hemorr-ice inserter. Use it over and over again; nothing to replace. A daily treatment takes two to five minutes.

Hemorr-ice cannot harm tissue. It uses no medication which means no side effects or allergic reaction. It is totally safe and effective. Here is how it works!

  • Treats inflamed Haemorrhoids
  • No medication used and there are no side effects
  • Uses Cryotherapy technology
  • Reduces bleeding & promotes healing of inflamed tissue
  • Reusable

Visualize a space-age pack applied directly to the trouble spot. You can use it ten times a day if you want to. Between applications, store the hemorr-ice unit in the freezer, for re-cooling.