GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread

GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread, Oat Bran

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread, Oat Bran.

  • Slow-baked, hearty crackers made with oats from Norway
  • Consists of just 2 components; oat bran and wheat bran
  • Includes 14% of the DV (Daily advised worth) for fiber in every cracker
  • Excellent source of fiber; keeps you complete longer
  • Perfect for on-the-go snacking

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Design: Oat BranGG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread Thins with Oat Bran are a traditionally-baked crispbread from Scandinavia. Still produced in Norway, GG Crackers, as they are frequently described, are a slow-baked, thick and hearty cracker. Made with 2 components wheat bran and oat bran, each cracker includes 4g of Fiber; it is advised that grownups get 25g-35g of fiber in their diet plan daily. Fiber is vital to total health and a high fiber diet plan can assist control cravings and keep a healthy gastrointestinal system. GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread has actually made fantastic regard while preserving a credibility for quality by nutritional experts, physicians and diet professionals. A hassle-free and healthy Grab-N-Go food that supplies you with the fiber you require to keep a healthy way of life while keeping you satiated longer. With 20 calories per piece, it is a tasty method to keep your energy up. Our product has actually been advised in cookbooks, newsletters and blog sites as an excellent food alternative for dieters and those on unique diet plans. You will be doing yourself and your midsection a favor by making GG Crackers a part of your everyday diet.Recommended Use – You can never ever fail with the classic: Cream cheese and smoked salmon with your preferred bagel garnishes- tomato, red onions, capers, or simply a capture of fresh lemon.Almond Butter with a drizzle of honey. Avocado and a warm egg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

What Are Components In Gluten Free Choice?

today we are out of crispbread, waiting on a brand-new supply. However I, can inform you to call1-888-220-9792,,,, that is the variety of GG crackers, what we can inform you, is we have been consuming all various ranges of gg crackers, and they are terrific,,, hope this assists

Question Question 2

Is This For 15 Packs?

we purchased a box of 30 packs.

Question Question 3

Sharon B How Did You Buy A Box Of 30 Bundles? We Didn’T See That Choice?

we went on, that is how they offer them, a lot simpler then purchasing a few plans at a time,

Question Question 4

Are These Gluten Free?

No, they consist of wheat.

Question Question 5

What Is The Expiration Date On This?

There is a stamp on the back of the bundle on the right-hand man side, a huge square, it provides you the date of expiration, Hope this assists, PS,,,, They are tasty

Question Question 6

Is This For 15 Crackers? Or 15 Of The 3.5 Oz Pkg?We Are Baffled, Delivering Weight Is Mentioned As One Pound. If It Were 15 Packs, That Would Overall 52.5 Oz?

It’s 15 packs.we have actually been purchased from this seller utilizing subscribe and conserve and each time we got a box with 15 packs of oat bran crackers in it.In balance the price/pack ought to be ~$ 3, more or less depending upon the tastes.

Question Question 7

We Purchased These Since It States 15 Count. We Got One Load Of Possibly 5 Crackers However They Are All Smashed. Is Everyonereceiving 15 Different Packs?

we got one pack of 10 crackers and they re all broken.How is it possible that they charge over $30 for these?

Question Question 8

Did These Get Here With A Lot Of Padding Or Cushioning In Package? We Are Anxious About Them Getting Collapsed Or Squashed In Shipping.?

A Few Of them are packaged well and some have actually been collapsed. They re excellent at reclaiming bad ones.

Question Question 9

When Will We Be Order This Product In A Smaller Sized Load Please?We Are Hoping Soon.Thanks.?

Is was loaded the proper way, Absolutely nothing was broken

Question Question 10

Is The $25 Cost For A Case Of 15 Bundles?

we do not know.we purchased a box of 30 plans.

Question Question 11

Components In Gluten Free?

States right there in name, on bundle and in description: GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread, Honey Cinnamon, Gluten-Free. Made with oatbran, flaxseed and sunflower seeds and a touch of honey and cinnamon.Eat cardboard, it’s more affordable.

Question Question 12

Exists Information On Cholesterol And Hydrogenated Fat On The Bundle?

we did not buy this type

Question Question 13

Scandinavian Thins With Sesame Seeds?

Yes, there are sesame seeds, and likewise sunflower seeds.The cracker is mainly comprised of ground seeds and grains.

Question Question 14

Is It Kosher Qualified?

we have actually just consumed the GG crackers with sunflower seeds.No concept about Kosher status.Sorry.

Question Question 15

Scandinavian Fiber Bud Buy Just One, Where?

Entire food.

Question Question 16

Per 10 Gram Serving There Are 40 Calories.How Numerous Crackers Is That?

10 crackers per bundle (100 grams); each cracker is 10 grams, so each cracker would be 40 calories.

Question Question 17

Why Does The Cost Of This Product Fluctuate Hugely And Typically Expenses 30 To 40% More Than Other Gg Crispbread Products?

our company believe they remain in need

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread, Oat Bran, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our (vegan) child who studies nutrition got us hooked onthese Fiber, protein, less sugar and filling. We like it with hummus, with sliced cucumber and/or peppers on top. She often makes little pizzas with vegan cheese and salsa. Stick’m in the oven and voila. Anyhow, it s likewise fantastic with animal protein on top. They get here in excellent, mainly unbroken, shape since of the protective product packaging. We have actually purchased these numerous times, now and will continue doing so. Practically forgot: there are various ranges, we like them all. Hope this assists.

We were very doubtful about any diet plan. We have actually never ever had the ability to drop weight no matter what diet plan we followed – we are food lover and we can just consume food that tastes excellent. This things taste like cardboard by itself. However when you put garnishes, such as hummus, guac, or cream cheese with lox, chicken breast, beef, lamb or egg, it tastes fantastic. The concept of this is to decrease your carbohydrate consumption. By utilizing it to change routine bread, rice or noodle, we decrease our calories consumption by a minimum of 2 to 300 a day (a minimum of. ). It has includes extremely high fiber, which is the crucial to weight reduction according to tanya’s f-factor (f represents fiber). Our hubby is just consuming it with us for supper and he has actually reduced weight, therefore as our child. We recommend who want to utilize this for weight reduction – check out tanya’s book initially so you understand how to use this cracker. This is really a god sent out. This is the only diet plan which works for our in our whole life – we are never ever starving, we are constantly complete, and according to our hubby, we consume like a king.

Excellent alternative for a gluten-free cracker with high fiber. We purchased both the multi-seed and the honey-cinnamon variations. Other evaluations of the 2 gluten-free variations we re appropriate — they are extremely hard, and the honey-cinnamon ones are not sweet (we put on t taste more than a tip of cinnamon either). However the multi-seed variation is excellent. If you are on a gluten-free diet plan since of allergy/celiac, like me, then you understand how difficult it is to find a high-fiber, low-carb alternative for bread or crackers. And while they are hard, they do make an excellent base for great deals of the high-protein things id placed on bread or crackers. This deserves 4 stars simply for offering us a high-fiber gluten-free alternative. We would offer the honey-cinnamon just 3 stars, however, for the taste.

We routinely consume 1-2 packages of these crackers a week and have actually been doing so for rather some time. We normally purchase a case at a time through (or direct from gg if they are having a promo). Never ever a problem with freshness or quality. When you consider calories, net carbohydrates, protein, nutrition and taste we do not believe there is a better cracker out there. Super pleasing by themselves or topped with whatever from chopped cheese, home cheese, peanut butter. Even avocado (a lot for avocado toast. We have avocado crackers). After attempting various tastes we decided on pumpkin seed.

Remarkable source of fiber all actually cool for other dishes too. You can grind them up and utilize it as a flour replacement for very high fiber material. Simply keep in mind to consume a great deal of water.

We initially found these at a grocery liquidator. Than, storage facility had a pack of 15 for under $16. We didn’t recognize how costly they usually are, or we would have purchased all that storage facility had. We actually require these for usdical factors, however can’t pay for the $40-$ 50 for 15 packs daily rate. Taste appears, however we can get utilized to it, & they’re excellent with humus or almond butter. If you can consume dairy (we can’t) we think they ‘d be excellent with a greek yogurt sauce. To summarize, if you’re upper middle class or in the 1%, we extremely advise the gg’s. The daily rate is frustrating for somebody like me.

We got fresh product in a well packaged box none of the crackers were broken. We began consuming these crackers to get more fiber into our diet plan. These crackers not just keep you routine however. They likewise help in weight reduction. We topped them with cream cheese and often with other kinds of cheeses we can often consume them alone also. These are excellent staple for the dukan diet plan in addition to the f element diet plan. These crackers are available in several tastes however we delight in the brand name the most they are both high fiber and low in carbohydrates.

Dreadful taste fantastic filler and helpful for you. Serve with fruit and yogurt or spour or whipped cream. Few calories extremely filling.

These crackers have actually become our early morning routine. They taste fantastic with any variety of garnishes (avocados, tomatoes, cream cheese, peanut butter, and even butter). We have actually talked our buddies about them, and lots of have actually made their own purchases. They are filling and healthy, and likewise aid with food digestion. We can extremely advise them.

I stack practically whatever we consume on these children. We likewise collapse them up, include powdered peanut butter and stevia, stir it up and call it breakfast. Our tumour is flat because we began consumingthese Finest source of fiber by far.

We enjoy these crackers for their health advantage. 100% natural. And they hold up fantastic. They put on t break down with one bite. We utilize them for breakfast, lunch or a treat with anything you can think about on top of it. We even make mini pizzas with them. Really healthy alternative from high carbohydrate and sugar breads and crackers.

The taste is okay as some of the inexperienced evaluations have actually begun. It has an abundant and complete taste as it is filled with while grains and fiber. You get all that with an extremely low net carbohydrate overall. Crackers are usually remarkably high in carbohydrates as are most other breads. This will assist you drop weight.

Can’t lie, these are little dry. However you’re consuming them with an infect assist get your everyday requirement of fiber and there is no simpler method. If your meal does not have fiber, have a number of these with some peanut butter or cream cheese and smoked salmon and you are on your method to getting your fiber requirement.

Easy to integrate into daily life. Specifically fantastic for on the go when coupled with fruits or almond butter packages. We have usage these rather of bread because january and have actually not felt better in our life. Had no hint just how much waste was actually kept in our body.

Excellent things to include additional fiber to diet plans. These crackers are quite dry – bran after all – so we dip in coffee or spread out with yogurt or home cheese.

Do not anticipate to take 1 out of the bundle and consume as is. We include almond butter or anything you would place on a cracker or to utilize as a dip. They have plenty of fiber and low cal which is why we have actually been consuming them for??? years.

We utilize these for gg waffles. Is good to not need to disintegrate gg crackers and put them in the food mill. We have actually attempted & was not enjoyable. This is a much better alternative. Still require to put in food mill for waffles. Absolutely worth it.

On a keto diet plan, this is an ideal and simple breakfast alternative for us. Likewise works as crackers with dips, or as toasts, topped with avocado or something else. Low calories, low carbohydrate, high fibers, protein and excellent fats. Hassle-free, delicious, filling and pleasing.

We consume these all the time and enjoy them. When we require a crispy treat with low-carb, low-calorie benefits, these are our go-to.

Trying to find crispy salad topping, and discovered this– little taste, so we include nuts, dried fruit, parmesan, and salad flavoring in addition to this, and it works.

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