FridaBaby Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care

FridaBaby Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care

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Here are a few main benefits of FridaBaby Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care.

  • PORTABLE BIDET: Holds 10oz and includes water resistant storage bag for on-the-go. Pro-tip: include 1-2 drops of witch hazel for additional relief.
  • C-SECTION USAGE: Easy cleaning up down there throughout restricted movement healing without putting pressure on pain or cut
  • PACK IN HEALTHCARE FACILITY BAG: Usage in first post birth restroom journeys and back in your home. Pro suggestion: conserve for daily usage to tidy throughout menstruation or piles
  • BRAND-NEW FRIDA MOM, PRODUCED BY FRIDABABY, the makers of NoseFrida, Fridet the MomWasher, and the very best selling infant care sets
  • COLOR MIGHT VARY: We have actually introduced a brand-new color to matchFrida Mom If you get a blue or pink Upside Down Peri Bottle, you’re great to go

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More Info:

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Design: New Product PackagingProduct DescriptionWay better than the healthcare facility squirt bottle, the MomWasher is a peri bottle developed to make postpartum recovery cleaner and much easier. No hand in the toilet needed. No pressure on c-section pain. Believe bidet for your vajay now that’s magic.Brand StoryFROM SHIPMENT TO BOOGERS, BUTTS AND BEYOND. Frida is the brand name that gets moms and dads. That implies you. We are not a way of life. Vice versa. We are a solution-based brand name. The 411 of parenting. The who-do-I-call-in-the-middle-of-the-night-cause-my-baby-won’ t-stop-screaming brand name.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on FridaBaby Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care.

Question Question 1

So Why Do You Required This Bottle? We Mean Why Can’T You Utilize Shower?

This is to spray on your vaginal area while you pee so if you ache you do not need to clean as much/as tough and if you had tearing and stitches it will take the sting of the pee away while you’re doing your service. Pee in an open injury equates to discomfort even worse than giving birth. It’s on par with stepping on a Lego barefoot. we me This is to spray on your vaginal area while you pee so if you ache you do not need to clean as much/as tough and if you had tearing and stitches it will take the sting of the pee away while you’re doing your service. Pee in an open injury equates to discomfort even worse than giving birth. It’s on par with stepping on a Lego barefoot. we suggest, we think if you have among those sprayers in your shower that may work. However lets be sincere, do you truly wish to pee in the shower whenever you go to the restroom? Even rinsing in the shower does not make good sense becasuse you need to obtain from the toilet to the shower and depending upon any tearing you might or might not have that would get old reeeeaaal quick. Plus you’re bleeding so that might get untidy. 4 kids and we want we had this for all 4 and not simply the last.

Question Question 2

Is The Plastic Bpa & Bps Free?

It’s BPA & phthalate-free symbolized by the 2 at the bottom of the bottle. It’s made from High Density Polyethylene and this plastic is among the 3 plastics thought about to be safe and has a lower danger of seeping.

Question Question 3

Future Momour Here– What Do You Advise We Put In This?

we personally put warm water in to assist clean after we utilized the toilet and when we showered in those very first number of weeks postpartum. we didn’t have this with our very first and finished with our 2nd and we suggest it every possibility we get.

Question Question 4

Can The Momwasher Beused As A Bidet Rather Of Tp?

Yes it can. That’s why it’s called the Fridet;–RRB-

Question Question 5

The Number Of Ounces Does The Bottle Hold?

10 ounces (MomWasher) vs 8 ounces for a peri bottle.

Question Question 6

Does It Include A Cap?

No however it does feature a drawstring bag you can save and bring it in. The neck likewise withdraws if you require to fit it in a smaller sized area.

Question Question 7

Asking Once Again: Is This Hsa Qualified?

Presently it is not HSA eligible.

Question Question 8

Would This Product Work Well As Simply A Bidet Just?

we believe a bidet is great, if you utilize it whenever you utilize the bathroom.But if you simply had a child, we would utilize this product.

Question Question 9

Does It Spray Difficult Enough To Tidy Off Poo?


Question Question 10

Does This Be Available In A Larger Bottle And Thehose Is Too Brief To Reach Down There, Water All Over The Flooring Not Reachingto Clean Simply Our Outer Legs?

Our Upside Down Peri Bottle can be found in one size. No concerns, position the nozzle in the toilet + objective upwards to get the water stream in all the best locations (:

Question Question 11

What Is The Distinction In Between Old And New Product Packaging?

Very little. It’s the exact same product with a more recent and cuter box.

Question Question 12

Numerous Reviews About Dripping. Is This Real?

Mine didn’t leakage fortunately. truly pleased with this product

Question Question 13

Do You Put Water In It?

Yes. You can likewise do soapy water to tidy yourself right after delivering. we have actually become aware of some individuals putting witchhazel in it also.

Question Question 14

Bottle Seem To Be Extremely Little. Is It Smaller sized Than The Peri Bottles You Get At The Health center?

Our MomWasher holds 2oz more than the Peri Bottle, Momwahser 10oz. vs. Peri Bottle 8oz.

Question Question 15

Is The Bottle Tough To Sqeeze, Is It Simpler Than A Hospital-Provided Peri Bottle? We Are Taking a look at A Purchase For Post Rectal Surgical Tidiness.?

The “blue” on the bottle is much softer then the tough plastic healthcare facility peri bottles. It did leakage some, nevertheless it is a better style with the angled head.

Question Question 16

For How Long Is The Nozzle?

4 inches long. It’s likewise retractable for simple squeezy on-the-go usage.

Question Question 17

Can This Whole Bottle Be Put In The Dishwashing machine? We Can T Find Anything On Their Site About Cleansing.?

We suggest cleaning up with warm, soapy water. Due to the easy-squeeze bottle, is not dishwasher/sterilizer friendly (:

Question Question 18

Does The Nozzle Remain In Location Or Does It Collapse Into The Bottle Throughout Usage Creating Water To Spill Like Other Designs?

we have actually been utilizing the peri bottle for numerous weeks and it does not leakage for us.we purchased a 2nd one to handle trips.we truly like it.The nozzle does not turn at all.

Question Question 19

Does It Drip Through The Air Valve Whatsoever? Can You Leave It Filled In Between Utilizes?

It does not leakage. And yes, you can leave it filled for several usages – till the water runs out.

Question Question 20

For How Long Did You Utilize This After Delivering? Our Health center Has A Bidet However We Will Most Likely Just Stay There For 2 Days.?

we utilized mine for over 2 weeks, it was specifically beneficial to even have the first day since you ll most likely desire a gentler circulation that you can manage

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on FridaBaby Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Video game changer girls. It s so tough to get tidy after having a child, you understand what we suggest. They will inform you the regular to do to keep yourself tidy without needing to clean. You will need to be your own bedet?( completely wear t understand how to spell that). Warm water. Not hot. Not cold. You wear t need to flex down and remain in an unpleasant position to get to the locations you require. That useful dandy spout is formed that method for a factor. A great capture and you can get all that down there tidy without needing to look. For the love of god, wear t look down there after having a kid. Your welcome.

We purchased this for our relative after having a child so this is second hand info. Nevertheless, if you are lady looking for something that does what this does, obviously it does it quite well. It is a bottle with a nozzle for individual cleansing, it sprays water where you require it to go to let you do an excellent, mild cleaning, specifically when tender for some factor such as giving birth. What more can we state? we presume it might work well for anybody that has actually had surgical treatment in the groin location, male or woman, and requirements some type of mild wash, so why not attempt it. We did not make money, compensated, of provided anything for totally free (never ever do as we are trivial adequate online.) so you are getting our own objective, sincere viewpoint & absolutely nothing however that.:–RRB-.

We had doubts whether this deserved the $15 purchase rate when they provide you a complimentary peri bottle at the healthcare facility, however let us inform you– it is. The angled head makes it a lot simpler to reach your tender bits, however the genuine selling point is that the head has 10 small holes (rather of simply the 1 huge one on a standard peri bottle) so it’s more of a “gentle shower” sensation than a single severe squirt, if that makes good sense. The blue plastic they utilize for the bottle is very soft and squishable. The entire thing is such an easy product, however an example of truly well-thought-out style and engineering. Get this, you will not regret it. That very first week postpartum is such an actual discomfort in the tush, the least you should have is this little bottle to make it a little more comfy.

After talking with our physician about our signs down “there” she informed us we ought to get a squirt bottle and blend with a little peroxide and water. We are extremely delicate and the wind altering instructions can either provide us a yeast infection or germs infection. Little did we understand it was more typically the latter we simply didn’t understand. So we were going to buy among the inexpensive $3 bottles on here till we saw this one. The product on this is great and thick and we believe it will last a long period of time. Anyways like we stated prior to she informed us to utilize about a quarter peroxide and the rest warm water and spray all around down “there” when we begin to feel off. She stated the healthy germs in your vaginal area is the exact same as peroxide (or something along those lines.) we have actually been doing it every night for the recently and we do feel fresher. Here’s to see how it will work.

We truly enjoy this product. It is extremely simple to utilize and the stream goes upwards when you turn it upside down rather of needing to spray it and combat with it like a routine healthcare facility bottle. It holds more water and is more resilient, it does not seem like plastic it is soft to the touch practically like silicone. It likewise includes an adorable bring case and the long spout enters and out quickly so that it can collapse for storage. Need to haves for postpartum healing.

Most likely the very best postpartum product im utilizing. We didn’t even utilize the bottle they provided us at the healthcare facility. For additional relaxing we put a little witch hazel with the water and when we shower we include some intimate wash to clean up well. Extremely extremely suggested.

We acquired this for post partum usage after our last infant. We are happily pleased with it. Makes tidy up a lot easier. And the nozzle slides through the twist on cap, so you can simply press the long nozzle piece through the screw on cap and leave it out on the counter and any water left in it with vaporize out and will not end up being musty. Now that we are past the post partum phase, we utilize this practically whenever we utilize the toilet. It leaves one sensation spick-and-span later on, more so than if you simply utilized toilet tissue.

Attempting this one out after our 2nd vaginal birth. For me, where it deserves owning (vs utilizing the totally free healthcare facility one) is the increased capability to spray even more back, and included control for the spray in basic. Is it a requirement? never. Does it make spraying our butt a little more comfy today? yes. Worth it.

Throughout this time whentp is brief all over due to the coronavirus break out, we acquired this as a back up to utilize. Our household and we were speaking about purchasing the oxo squirt bottles as something to have in an emergency situation. Our niece had a child in august & informed us about this, the healthcare facility talented this to her to utilize after giving birth. She sent us the image and we right away acquired 2 for our house. We are so pleased we did and we truthfully feel if we run out of tp we will be great utilizing this. We have actually utilized it and evaluated it, utilizing warm water it works terrific to tidy whatever well in all your personal locations. It holds adequate water and the spray nozzle water spray suffices in leaving you feeling fresher than with tp. Worth every cent – terrific innovation. Thank you.

We had our 2nd infant just recently and found this terrific product throughout our pregnancy. We could not wait to attempt itout The little peri bottles from the healthcare facility are absolutely nothing compared to this. First off it holds more water, we utilized to fill our healthcare facility shut in two times simply to seem like we were tidy adequate each time, which was a discomfort. Second, it has the little air vent at the bottom of the bottle that makes it quicker and quieter. Third, the curved spout is heavenly when you have stitches and can’t rather reach them when you feel so aching down there. And last of all, the returning is a remarkable addition since then nobody can see what you are requiring to the restroom in public, plus it keeps it tidy and far from bacteria. Fits terrific in our diaper bag. We will keep it even after we are all recovered for anytime we require to refurbish or for when we are on our duration. Thank you for such a creative product.

A sweetheart who delivered just recently recommended this product as a leading product to purchase for pregnant mothers. We went on and acquired it so we will be all set when infant can be found in the next month. It’s hot as heck today, so we chose to begin utilizing the fridet beforehand to remain fresh and we are enjoying it. We likewise found that it dripped a little at the start, however then when we pulled the nozzle/stick up till it’s tight, the leak would be a couple leaks at a lot of. We like how the suggestion is angled and makes the procedure extremely simple. For the basic reality that this bottle is simple to utilize and has actually made our life more comfy, we will suggest this product to anybody, not simply mothers.

This will not be the evaluation you anticipate to check out. First off bc we didn’t buy this for the exact same factor as everybody else. We purchased it as a portable travel bidet which is basically what it is just you utilize your hands rather of a device to require the water pressure. We are disabled and this bottle wand system has actually been a lifesaver. We have actually had many humiliating. Let’s simply state concerns. And leave it there for to utilize good sense and figure out what we suggest. The main factor we purchased it was exclusively for a journey we went on however we still keep it in our routine pack we take when we go out anywhere. It’s so very simple to utilize. All you require is one hand however ensure you have warm not cold water. Whoooo wheee that will make you stand and dance girls. How y’ all doing? yes ma’am it will. Wow. We had a little surprise the very first time we utilized it. Do not make that error. Or possibly you do depending upon what type of service you started on downtown. Our most significant trouble is getting tidy in public toilets when we can’t get support from our spouse. We females like our personal privacy when we potty however it’s a totally various world for those people who are handicapped. Attempt it for one day and see if you can hack it in a chair. They’re for lease, and you will see what we suggest. Do not cheat and stand. One time we were stuck, rather actually in a public restroom for 30min prior to our spouse might get to me. We didn’t see the garbage can as we were backing out of the stall and the wheel of our cart got lodged in between our chair, the garbage can and the stall door. We can’t turn our head to the right so it was a big mess. Thank god for household toilets. They aren’t simply for youngsters. We likewise purchased the frida foam. Tea trea oil. In. A. Foam. That things is wonderful. Wheee. Our bootieeee is happyyyyyy.??.

We had actually acquired this since we believed we would be having our infant vaginally however she was born through c area. We chose to keep the fridet. The good news is we did because after surgical treatment integrated with fluids we were so inflamed and tender it was tough to offer great perineal care ourself and the healthcare facility squirt bottle was substandard. We enjoy this style. It includes a discreet bottle provider. Easy to utilize. Like that it can be utilized inverted. Made it simple to utilize ourself. Absolutely suggest for any post stomach surgical treatment client and post partum mom either vaginal or c area.

Our infant was a colon growth. After a colon resection we were entrusted the issues of needing to utilize the toilet every thirty minutes. Without entering “tmi” let’s simply state that much cleaning will aggravate the location. This was amazing for making things more comfy throughout the recovery procedure.

We got this product 24 hr earlier and am 3 days pp with a second degree laceration, very first infant. We would still buy this product however we believe it s reasonable to state it s not as fantastic as we would hoped it would be at this rate. 1) we enjoy the size and capability to work upside down 2) we like that the bottle is squishy and we can better control how powerful the water sprays 3) the mouth is larger that makes filling out our sink or perhaps the bath tub beside the toilet very simple and quick. Nevertheless, 1) it s difficult to utilize all of the water when using a spray so we feel the requirement to clear it in between usage which is simply one more action 2) no matter how we screw on the cover, this leakages a little when we turn it upside down. We get water beads all over the location and all over me. Despite the fact that it includes a bring bag, we wouldn t usage this bottle in public since of it. 3) since the bottle is squishy you need to be extremely mindful when managing the complete bottle. Any unexpected squeezing while turning upside down just makes our 2nd problem even worse. We have actually attempted all type of sideways and leading to bottom grips.

It practically does not matter, trigger this thing is amazing. As a very first time mom, another “do we really need this” purchase has actually encouraged me. Yes, the healthcare facility provides you a few routine squeezie bottles to manage this exact same task, however it’s almost difficult to strike all the best areas, specifically a couple of days postpartum when all the sensation in your nether areas begin to come back. Deal with yo’ self, this will make some of the ookie things that a lot easier and more enjoyable. The angled neck and capability to work completely well upside down are precisely what you require. We likewise got a great deal of usage out of the bring bag, as our infant had a 49 day nicu stay and we got released after 3 days. Popped it into our diaper bag every damn day and it was very practical.

Disclaimer: we are not a mom, and we are not even female. However we have had a bidet sprayer on our toilets in your home for a few years, which ruined us to the point where we wished to have the ability to have a comparable advantage while taking a trip. This “momwasher” gets the job done fine and is little and portable. You can’t bring it around in a bag with water in it (it would simply dribble out), however it works great as something you can bring along and keep in your hotel restroom, and so on. The capability is simply adequate for one “session”, and it’s simple to fill, objective, and capture (the bottle is made from a soft rubbery plastic). The wand is decently long and withdraws for mobility, and when it’s prolonged water just comes out where it’s expected to – presuming you hold the bidet upside down throughout usage (which is how you’re expected to do it). For some non-moms, you might value that the only writing on the product is “fridababy”; it does not state “momwasher” anywhere on it. P. S. Contrary to the product description, the one we got does not have a valve in the bottom of the bottle, which does not matter to us and most likely makes it much easier and less untidy to utilize.

We purchased this product after purchasing (and attempting) a peri bottle considering that we were going on journey including long aircraft flights (20 hours in the air). Preparing for that we would require to defecate at some point while on board, we got this in lieu of taking the moistened toilet wipes that we usually bring. This is terrific. Easy to utilize, does not take a great deal of space, maneuverable even in aircraft toilets, and does a much better task of cleansing than dampened wipes.

We acquired this for our 2nd pregnancy. Having actually endured the very first one, we weren t sure if this would deserve having. It certainly is. It is a lot simpler to utilize than the hospital-provided squirt bottles. The angle is much much better and the circulation of water is larger and softer. We utilized the healthcare facility squirt bottle while we were still in the healthcare facility and utilizing the fridababy bottle in your home was a much better experience. We are grateful that we acquired it and will be advising it to others. The white spray part actually can collapse into the bottle, making it much more compact for travel. It does feature a luggage.

One hundred percent required. It s among those products you require for a brief quantity of time however when you require it it s necessary. Our midwives s were so pleased by it and now suggest it to all their clients. It does just last one usage possibly 2 depending the number of days postpartum you are however that s ok. We kept a back up bottle with witch hazel, aloe and earth mom sitz bath mix in it to fill it up if we forgot to prior to we took a seat. Utilize it while peeing and it will do marvels. We even utilize it now 4 weeks postpartum as sort of a bidet. Why america hasn’t got on that bidet bandwagon we simply wear t understand.

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