Farnam Equitrol II Feed-Thru Fly Control

Farnam Equitrol II Feed-Thru Fly Control

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Farnam Equitrol II Feed-Thru Fly Control.

  • Extremely tasty feed
  • Begin feeding in early spring and continue through late fall
  • Ineffective versus existing adult flies

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Size: 20-PoundEquitrol II pellets in horse’s feed avoid advancement of steady and home fly larvae in the manure of dealt with horses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Farnam Equitrol II Feed-Thru Fly Control.

Question Question 1

The Length Of Time Does The 20 Pound Pail Lasts For 3 Horses?

we t lasts about 21/2to3 months.This is the very best product EVER.Even our veterinarian could not think we had definitely no flies in or around our barn. NONE

Question Question 2

The Number Of Dosages Remain In 20Lbs?

Do Not actually understand the number of dosages remain in there however we have 4 horses and 20lbs lasts us 2 monthsHope it assists

Question Question 3

Does It Deal With Horses That Are Likewise On Pasture 4 Or 5 Hours A Day?

This product works fantastic no matter where your horses are. You feed it to them as soon as a day and it goes through and eliminates the fly larvae in the manure. we have actually fed this for several years. What likewise assists us is the reality there isn’t anybody extremely near to us with horses. we have extremely few flies. Hope it works for you

Question Question 4

The Number Of Ounces Is Each Scoop?

The scoop is marked by body weight and color coded.we mark the top of the container with each horses name and scoop line color.not sure the number of ounces the scoop consists of.

Question Question 5

Can We Provide This To Our Basic Size Donkeys?

yes, it takes some time to survive their system however actually minimize the flies we had in 2015

Question Question 6

Could You Inform United States If The Staying 76% Is Cellulose?

No, we could not inform you.

Question Question 7

Does This Product End?

Not sure.we do understand that we have actually utilized the very same container for 2 summer seasons and it appeared simply as effective.we do not leave it exposed to severe temperatures though.

Question Question 8

Has Anybody Attempted To Disolve The Pellets And Spread Where Manure Is Dumpe In Order To Speed Up The Process?

Not me.don’ t see the point and believe it would be more efficient blended in manure.

Question Question 9

What Is The. Distinction In Between This And “Simplifly”?

we are no chemist, so can’t inform you the active ingredient distinction, however we can inform you from our own experience. we have actually fed both. Ive had the very best outcomes with equitrol.

Question Question 10

How Does This Differ From Simplify?And Can You Utilize For Cows And Goats?

all we can state is that our barnmay have a few flies, however, once we clean it (every day) theyleave. Love this things/

Question Question 11

Active Component?

Diflubenzeron. Equitrolis a vital part of our fly control program. We can t utilize predators since our chickens like them so Equitrol is the response. Avoids larvae development and cuts fly population considerably. Evaluated it this previous year and did not feed for the very first time in 6 years. we won t do that once again.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Farnam Equitrol II Feed-Thru Fly Control, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Wonderful. We like that this product actually has various dosages for various sized animals. We believe it s sound judgment that a little pony shouldn t get the very same quantity as a massive warm blood. We got this and begun dosing our barn of 8 on july 1. It s now july 12 and there is a tremendous distinction in the quantity of flies. Formerly, they were so bad that you d need to keep your mouth closed while in the stall. Dreadful. Now you can be in the stall and not have them all over. Terrific outcomes for simply under 2 weeks. Anticipating more enhancement.

We have 4 horses and this is fantastic things. We have one horse that invested the majority of the day at the water trough sprinkling water on her face to eliminate flies, today she does not need to. They still have a number of flies every from time to time out in the pasture however none in the barn. However sooo muchbetter It did take some time to begin working plus we needed to drag the pasture and turn the manure stack to look after the old manure however we are going to feed all winter season so we do not need to fret about when to begin in spring.

We had a truly bad fly season this year in colorado. Our donkeys were continuously scratching, kicking, and rolling in the dirt. Despite the fact that we we cleaning their location every day, the flies kept coming. After about 2 weeks of providing farnam equitrol iwe fly control we were lastly able to get the flies under control. There were still some flies around, however there were considerably less than in the past. The donkeys like to consume the things. They like it a lot that the battle each other for it. We hand feed them each about 3/4 of a scoop every day. We likewise bought the shoo fly leggings because the flies were gathering together on the tender part of their legs. We extremely advise utilizing this product at the start of summertime to keep the flies from getting out of hand.

This product actually reduces the fly population. When we scoop poop, we actually see the distinction in the quantity of flies attempting to reproduce on the manure from our horses. It is considerably lowered. We blend it with a percentage of grain we provide our horses daily. They consume it up without any issue. Obviously, you still require to practice excellent manure management (everyday tidy up, getting rid of the manure from the horse location, and so on) to get one of the most efficiency from this product. We have actually utilized this for 2 seasons now. Equitrol in now an essential of our manure management practices.

We have 3 horses and no other animals near our barn. We have actually utilized this product for a number of years and have not have a fly issue so we think it works.

We had a damp spring and found ourselves over kept up flies. We purchased a few fly traps and captured lots of flies however still over run. Bought this product out of desperation. Had the veterinarian out recently and she mentioned at how few flies we had. Can’t beat that.

The horses appeared to like it and it makes a huge distinction in the quantity of flies. We extremely advise. In reality we simply purchased a 2nd one.

If you have flys you require this. We ve utilized it for 3 seasons now & we will never ever ever return to not useing a feed through. This is likewise a very buy if you have a number of horses.

We have actually fed this for several years however unless the horses that are consuming it are the only ones close then you will not have outstanding outcomes trigger the flies from other individuals’s horses will still increase.

Doing a terrific task at reducing the flies. Have actually just been utilizing this product for a number of months there is a significant decrease in the variety of flies on and around the horses. They put on t appear to mind the taste of it so we are having no issues yes we would buy once again and once again and once again.

This product is soooo ggod. We do refrain from doing without On our farm of 3 horses and alot of manure. No flies, ever. No joke. It takes about 2 weeks for the fly life process to end. However then. No flies.

Certainly assists. If our next-door neighbors would do something for their flies, the world would be a better location.

We utilize this every year beginning in february and never ever have any flies around or in our barn.

Easy to feed. And really lowers the flies.

Delighted with the product.

We have actually utilized this product for fly control for several years and have found that by acquiring it from makes it more affordable than ever. Here in southern arizona we have a fly issue all year so it is required that we control flies all year and this product makes it the simplest and most affordable method possible.


This fly control actually works. When we utilized to reside in california, we had actually never ever become aware of a product like this, however after going up to the pacific nw, we have actually utilized it with fantastic success, and our mini farm is “fly-free. “.

We like this product. We utilized the live bugs in 2015 however when the manure stack gets transported away, so do the bugs. Plus this assists in the stalls and on the horses themselves. We did find it at a much lower expense – still with complimentary shipping. However got the product to us as soon as possible when we ran out.

This works and keeps flies off our horse.

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