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External Hemorrhoids Treatment

External Hemorrhoids Treatment

External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Treatment for external hemorrhoids range from that which manage the accompanying symptoms of external hemorrhoids – such as pain, swelling, bleeding, or other symptoms that cause discomfort – to those which promote the healing of the hemorrhoids. Medications that include pills and creams, home remedies, changes in lifestyle and habits, and as a last resort, surgery, may be involved in the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

To prevent irritation and itching caused by external hemorrhoids, topical medications or ointments like zinc oxide and petroleum jelly can help. This type of medications can also prevent further injury to the affected area. Ointments containing hydrocortisone, a form of steroidal medication, may also be prescribed to be applied for a few days to reduce swelling. Topical steroids can damage skin if used for a prolonged period of time so they are only advised for use for not more than two weeks.

Suppositories may be used for treatment to provide relief for irritation and to lubricate the anal canal to facilitate easier defecation.

To manage symptoms of pain, local anaesthetics in form of sprays or topical creams can be prescribed. Other pain relievers that also have anti-inflammatory effects can be taken orally like Aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

Surgery for external hemorrhoids is not normally recommended and usually not necessary unless they become clotted, which causes severe pain. A clotted external hemorrhoid can be drained through surgery in the doctor’s clinic. A local anaesthetic is applied and a small cut is made to relieve the pressure from the hemorrhoids.

Besides medications and surgery, a great deal of responsibility is required in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Getting the right amount of sleep is very hard to achieve when one is always on the go trying to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle. When treating hemorrhoids, taking a few days off from a busy schedule to get enough sleep and go on bed rest is recommended. Sleep promotes healing while bed rest lessens the strain on the affected area normally brought about by performing daily activities. Staying away from factors that cause stress gives the body a chance to heal itself through natural processes.

Increasing fibre in the diet and consuming lots of water, approximately 8-10 glasses a day, is advised to aid in the treatment of external hemorrhoids. All of these are measures to prevent the formation of stools that are hard and dry, which would only cause more pain, discomfort, straining, and difficulty in defecating. Spicy foods should also be avoided as they only bring about more irritation.

Speaking of irritation, the use of toilet paper can cause more damage because of its rough texture. Washing with water or cleaning with wet wipes should be done instead of using toilet paper to clean the anus after defecation.

Taking hot sitz baths for fifteen minutes is recommended for relief of discomfort caused by external hemorrhoids. If possible, this should be done three times daily. Care must be observed in making sure that the water used for the sitz bath is tolerable to the skin to avoid burning, which will only cause more inflammation.

Without treatment, external hemorrhoids can cause too much discomfort and pain. Aside from finding the cure, the treatment that is most effective in relieving the unpleasant symptoms is usually the most effective one against external hemorrhoids.

Expression of External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are formed at the edge tufts hemorrhoids anus, below the hemorrhoids, protrude comb phenomenon in advanced stages and includes painful swelling, bleeding or thrombosis if the inflammation.

The difficulties and tribulations of daily life are the problem that most people who were hemorrhoids are eager to escape it. Living habits, work, diet … are the underlying causes that lead to hemorrhoids not everyone realizes.

External hemorrhoids are one of three types of hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids), although many patients were cured completely external hemorrhoids but you should not subjective when there are abnormalities, need methods must be examined and treated quickly and promptly.

Here are the expressions of foreign hemorrhoids:

1. By Inflammation

Infection can see the folds anus swollen, congested, with dirty fluids deposited by excretion. This is also the cause of itching and even burning hatred subjects, whenever the bowel disease or heavy activity this situation worse.

2. Organized by Cells

If anal swollen crimson in the middle with excrement accumulates, further surface abrasions to recur many times more severe inflammations makes the skin outside the anus bulge, soft, yellow, usually located on the back or edge of the anus or both. The phenomenon of external hemorrhoids because organizations are usually accompanied by cell papillary hypertrophy and hardening of the tissues around the anus, susceptible to anal sphincter contraction as the patient pain.

3. Due to Blood Clots

The thrombus (clot) dark purple swelling of veins formed by weak and under pressure from the impact inside and outside. Blood clots will sclerosis after several days on their own misconduct if this situation occurs repeatedly easy ulcerative inflammation, swelling, pain, and prone to cracking guys anus, anal leakage.

4. Due to Venous Plexus Bulging

Rectum and anal tube including veins and organizations when there are pressures on the area anal veins distended, overlap forming the venous plexus. You can see the tufts hemorrhoids swollen; bulging is covered by a layer of skin in front of, behind or around the anus.

These are manifestations of external hemorrhoids, for more information about hemorrhoids and effective treatments invite you to see here. Thank you.

Effective External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid is a condition where the anal veins are enlarged. This is caused by the exertion of too much pressure in the anus. There are two types of hemorrhoid. One is external, which happens on the outer part of the anus and internal which happens inside. External hemorrhoids are a lot easier to cure; however, the pain is about the same. It is easier to find an external hemorrhoid treatment and we can do this even at home just by having the right materials.

A proper treatment for hemorrhoids would be by consulting a doctor and then he will suggest the right cure for it. However, we cannot help but get frustrated in getting a consultation for the disease. A lot of people treat the disease by themselves due to their need of privacy for the matter. Good thing there are effective external hemorrhoid treatment we can do at home. These are very easy to perform which is good for the delicate and fragile disease.

Warm Bath

This is also called as the Sitz bath. It is the method of soaking the affected area in warm water which can help relief the pain that comes with the disease. This is one of the mostly used treatments for hemorrhoids. Here, all you need is plain warm water. There is no need for soap or other materials because the disease is not caused by bacteria or infection. Just soak yourself in the tub with warm water and repeat this several times each day.

Ice Packs

Extreme temperatures can help to get rid of the inflated veins along the anus. This is when ice packs are used. Just hold the pack and place it over your butt. Do not touch the anus directly. Just make sure the coldness gets in the area. These will relief the pain as well as to relax the veins and lessen the pressure in them. Repeat this procedure about 3 times each day to achieve good results.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

If you don’t have this at home, you can use any topical ointments and creams. Just make sure it does not contain any irritants. The idea here is to add moisture around the affected area. That way, it won’t be difficult for you to go inside the bathroom. It can also ease the tingling sensation that is caused by the enlarged veins. This is a very simple external hemorrhoid treatment that is effective.

Wear Loose Clothing

When you have hemorrhoids, it will be very painful if the affected area is touched or scratched. This may cause swelling and even bleeding. Make sure that you wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. That way, it will not scratch the hemorrhoids.

Take Aspirin

The aspirin will get rid of the pain from the area. This will help us endure the disease while it is still there. However, if it continuous, it is better to stop the medication and consult the doctor instead. Prolong intake of medicine is not good for our system.

How To Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

1. Hemorrhoid Drugs/Medications

Non-prescription medicinal drugs or prescriptions are usually available nowadays to assist people who are affected having a number of hemorrhoid symptoms. To use these products, you need to seek the advice of a pharmacist at a minimum, and for a few you simply must call at your doctor concerning how to get rid of hemorrhoids. It’s very important that any kind of new medicine you take will not obstruct anything you are presently taking.

However, if as a result you might well have unwanted effects you really do not want while you are trying to puzzle out how to get rid of hemorrhoids! These may be at a high personal financial expense when you have very little insurance plan, and most feature components you actually do not desire within you. A number of people can nevertheless get hemorrhoid relief with assorted medicines. If you still want to come across how to get rid of hemorrhoids, you might be seeking to keep from taking any pills whatsoever.

2. Topical Hemorrhoids Creams

There are a wide variety of hemorrhoids symptoms lotions and creams readily available OTC in assisting on how to get rid of hemorrhoids. Many product packaging for these creams includes “short term pain relief only” clearly marked about the box. Quite a few may require the particular short term hemorrhoid relief, and for slight instances, this is often all of the help you need. In case you’ve attempted everything and absolutely nothing helps, you’re probably looking for much more than a lotion.

These kinds of external lotions are designed for simply a limited use since you wouldn’t like these to cease working, or that one could turn out to be depending on these. The advantage of these types of topical creams — they can be ideal for a quick fix in desperate situations. However for most of the people, you will want much more help as compared to that and you will still not be aware of how to get rid of hemorrhoids for good!

3. Hemorrhoid Surgery

Here are a few approaches to operatively eliminate piles as a method on how to get rid of hemorrhoids. This can be accomplished working with a special stapler or the need for stitches; you can find laser (knife) treatment, as well as banding. Local or general anaesthetic would be required for any soreness you will experience during the surgical treatment.

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