Dr. Frederick's Original 15 Day Rapid Haemorrhoid Relief

It is made in the USA: The supplements are also made in the US in a FDA GMP certified facility and with only the highest quality standards till today.

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Dr. Frederick’s Original 15 Day Rapid Haemorrhoid Relief has the following important features:

  • Reduce bleeding, itching, pain & strain: the only fibre supplement formulated and dosed to help relieve haemorrhoid bleeding, itching, pain, and strain.
  • Keep haemorrhoids away: optional daily dosage. Use at a half dose to maintain asymptomatic haemorrhoids. It stops haemorrhoid symptoms before they start with a daily dose of Dr. Frederick’s haemorrhoid relief.
  • Important note from happy customers: if you have difficulty swallowing pills, Dr. Frederick’s 15 day RHR may not be the best choice for you as the high dosage of fibre requires taking multiple capsules daily. Dose is 6 capsules twice per day for maximum effectiveness. Consume at least 8oz of water with each dose.