DII Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug

DII Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug, Machine Washable

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Here are a few main benefits of DII Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug, Machine Washable.

  • VIBRANT CARPETS – Typical size is 4×6′ size and color will somewhat differ due to the fact that product is handmade. Made from recycled materials. Shake quickly to tidy or area tidy, totally dry prior to usage.
  • HANDMADE PRODUCT – Due to the production procedure, each rug is totally distinct – you might see small variations in color and size – no 2 carpets equal. Make sure to position rug gripper, as this is an hand colored product and color might or might not leakage
  • FIND THE RIGHT RUG FOR YOUR AREA – Makes an ideal rug, cooking area rug, restroom rug, entry method rug, home rug, dormitory rug and more – readily available in a selection of sizes
  • DURABLE FOR EVERYDAY USAGE – Due to the procedure of making these rag carpets, these are long enduring and withstands daily wear and tear, fantastic for high traffic locations in a garage or entranceway – double sided for longer life. Usage of a rug liner in between floor covering or carpeted surface areas is extremely advised to assist avoid transfer of colors.
  • SEE MORE OF OUR PRODUCTS – DII is an extremely relied on brand name for house d cor requirements. Click DII above to see more of our products.

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Here are some more information on DII Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug, Machine Washable.
Size: 4 x 6′|Color: Jeans ONE OF A KIND No 2 carpets are alike, every one is distinct and unique simply for you. Made by hand from strips of recycled materials then lining them up consistently to produce a lovely, one of a kind rug. Make sure to position rug grip under rug to keep in location and function as a barrier in between the flooring and the rug, as this is a hand colored product and colors might bleed. DII rag carpets are abundant in a range of colors are simply dark sufficient to conceal discolorations in between cleaning. DII rag carpets are the best rug for any worn-out elegant, up-cycled, or rustic design house. No 2 carpets are the exact same, so get one for your love ones, good friends, and household. Safeguard your floor covering in high traffic locations with these gorgeous rag carpets. The colors are intense and enjoyable including a pop of color to your house. These great rag carpets are an ideal method to finish the worn-out elegant appearance. No requirement to make your own rag rug, DII makes them for you. IS AVAILABLE IN ALL SIZES AND SHAPES 7 various sizes consisting of 2 round carpets alternatives and over 10 colors to select from, we have the best rag rug for you. Required a runner for a corridor? Round rug for a little sitting space or home? A rug for a laundry or mud space to dry off the bottom of shoes? A mat for the cooking area or under animal meals? These carpets can be utilized for various functions and last a very long time. Easy to tidy and reversible for a prolonged life these carpets will include a lively color increase to any space Offered sizes: 8×10′ 4×6′ 2×6′ 2×3′ 20×31.5″ 36″ Round 48″ Round QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON Carpets include a mix of recycled material and are made to stand up to any conditions and are double sided for even longer life. Area tidy when required. DO NOT LOCATION NEAR HEAT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DII Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug, Machine Washable.

Question Question 1

Is This Washable??

Yes, however on mild and line dry.we actually like this rug.Only cleaned when up until now, however no issue yet.

Question Question 2

Does The Rug Bleed When Wet?

It has actually gotten in been damp. It does not appear like it would.

Question Question 3

Made In U.S.A.?

we have 2 of the tan ones. They are NOT made in U.S.A.. They’re made in India. we would presume all colors are the exact same.

Question Question 4

Are The Remnants Utilized Connected To Each Other? We Have Had Chindi Rag Carpets In The Past, Remnants Not Stitched Or Looped And They Split Up Ultimately?

They seem stitched, however unsure how they will hold up with several washing.Watch for color bleed the very first time or more you clean it. They require to be cleaned alone a couple times.Also, if you are utilizing in the restroom or cooking area where water might spill on them the color can bleed through to the floor/ca They seem stitched, however unsure how they will hold up with several washing.Watch for color bleed the very first time or more you clean it. They require to be cleaned alone a couple times.Also, if you are utilizing in the restroom or cooking area where water might spill on them the color can bleed through to the floor/carpet underneath.A number of washes appears to set the color and it must not be an issue from that point forward. Sensible to clean a number of times prior to you utilize them.

Question Question 5

Is The Rug Real To Size?

3′ 1/2 inch X 24″

Question Question 6

How Did This Rug Come Packaged For You?

It came packaged the same as the other (2) responses. Individually plastic wrapped, in (1) box.

Question Question 7

Are These Non-Staining? Buying For Kitchen With New Hardwoods.?

we have mine in ahigh traffic area, and they don’t appear stained. They hold up well.

Question Question 8

Why Do You Say 4X6 And Then It Says It Measures 48″ X60″, That’S 4’X5′?

our rug is 4×6. we measured it to be sure. we really like it. we got the green and it is great for what we needed.

Question Question 9

It Says 2X3 And 2X6 For All Items Selected. Which Is It?

we got the 2×6 version. Its great

Question Question 10

Ive Had Our Rug For Just About 2 Wks And Already We Are Seeing The Weeving Coming Undone. Is That Happening To Anyone Else?

we have got the small rectangular rug in green, and a few of the ends of the rags that make up the rug have POKED UP over a year.Nothing that causes a problem but, if you are particular, you may find this distressing — haven’t washed it yet, but we anticipate no problems.

Question Question 11

Can This Be Used On A Patio?

we would only use it indoors.

Question Question 12

Is It Washable?

It washes easily and not too much weight for the machine.Lies flat after washing.Pretty good little rugs.we own five.

Question Question 13

When Will This Company Have The 8X10’S – Been Waiting Forever, Getting Ready To Move On???

You should probably ask the company (which is a clearly defined option) instead of other sellers (which is pointless).

Question Question 14

Can They Be Washed In A Washing Machine And Can Both Sides Be Use?

Yes, they are reversible.In the description of the rugs it did say they are machine washable.we have not tried to wash them yet.Mine (3) are in the master bedroom so they don’t get a lot of traffic on them.we really like the colors and quality of these rugs.

Question Question 15

How Thick Are The Rugs? Less Than 1 Inch?

Yes, less than 1 inch. They are between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick. We got 2 of the 20×31.5 in rugs and they are fine, but the large 4×6 ft one we got was terrible and we returned it. It REEKED and gave us asthma attacks and headaches, and fell apart after 1 washing according to the instructions. The smaller ones so far do Yes, less than 1 inch. They are between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick. We got 2 of the 20×31.5 in rugs and they are fine, but the large 4×6 ft one we got was terrible and we returned it. It REEKED and gave us asthma attacks and headaches, and fell apart after 1 washing according to the instructions. The smaller ones so far don’t have the quality problems, though we don’t know how well they will hold up over time to multiple washings. AFter first wash was fine, second wash on one of them it seemed to shrink and crinkle up and doesn’t lay quite as flat, but it still functional and doesn’t have any holes. Hope this helps.

Question Question 16

Is The Taupe Close To Tan?

Yes, the taupe is close to tan.we really liked this area rag rug.

Question Question 17

Why Does The Tag On This Rug Say, Fiber Content Is ” Undetermined” When It Is Listed As 100% Cotton?

It is NOT 100% cotton. It is a rag rug of indiscriminate materials.

Question Question 18

We Would Like To Order The Gray One Wondering If Anyone Has This And If It Has Some Taupe Brown And Cream In It Or If It Was Mostly Shades Of Gray?

The one we received did not have the grey appearance we expected from the posted photo.Instead it is more of a tan, cream and taupe.we figured no two look the same since the are made from rags.

Question Question 19

Would The 20X 31.5″ One Be Too Little To Place On The Side Of Our Bed??

This size is great if you are OKAY with essentially an action out rug where your feet land when you get out of bed.we would recommend putting a yardstick or determining tape beside your bed so you can see what 32 inches appears like and how that searches in your space.If you have a towel that is roughly 20×32 lay that on the fl This size is great if you are OKAY with essentially an action out rug where your feet land when you get out of bed.we would recommend putting a yardstick or determining tape beside your bed so you can see what 32 inches appears like and how that searches in your space.If you have a towel that is roughly 20×32 lay that on the flooring beside your bed which too will offer you a concept of how it will look.

Question Question 20

Can The 8 X 10 Be Vacuumed?

Don t knowwe are off the gridNo vacuum Don t knowwe are off the gridNo vacuum we are sweeping orUsing bissell

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on DII Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug, Machine Washable, these may be helpful for better understanding.

So gorgeous. This rug is beautiful it’s simply too huge for our area so we returned for 3 smaller sized ones that we will stick. Regretfully, they do not make it in a runner size. We are totally in love with the color. Totally. We loath to return it however like we stated, because we reside in a small home there simply isn’t space for it:( amazing upgrade: we chose to keep it and utilize it on our pallet couch (the color is rather dull in the picture it is lively & intense in reality). We are completely in love with it and can’t stop looking at the gorgeous colors. It is seriously among the most gorgeous carpets we have actually ever seen. We want we might cover every inch of our home in this product. We are unfortunate to check out other individuals less then pleased experiences with these carpets. We have not yet had any concerns. Will upgrade if we do.

Considering That 2001, we have actually coped with rag carpets like these, purchased in other states and unusually at the cost used here, and have actually likewise purchased them from just recently. We have actually been better with these diwe contemporary reversible flooring carpets than all the others due to the fact that they wear t have the fringe on completion that the ones we would purchased in the past had. Rag carpets are terrific due to the fact that of their adaptability, specifically if you re a feline owner. We have actually utilized them as cushioning in feline providers when we needed to take them to the veterinarian or to move. We have actually utilized them to cover chair seats and put on the couches for our felines to sleep on. They ve been available in useful when somebody was coming by and there was a stain on the flooring. They ve been fantastic as bedside carpets in spaces with wood floor covering. They re fantastic when you have an unexpected big damp emergency situation such as the dishwashing machine dripping; get a lot of these and they take in water well. Today we are utilizing them out on our back deck to cover the backs and seats of what utilized to be a good set of upholstered dining chairs that have actually concerned mess up from 35 years of owning them. Refurnishing our back deck is on our list for this summer season, however these will provide for now. Nobody would think the chairs had concerns seeing these rag carpets on the chairs. We have actually never ever had a single issue with dyes in the fibers running. They stack beautifullly on top of racks and are simple to get without disrupting the others. Our supply was growing brief from free gifts to individuals who appreciated them and required some like them, from taking a trip and losing a couple of along the method, and from ones merely usingout There is some periodic issue with getting them snagged on something and a rag piece coming out too far; those we simply clip off. The diwe carpets are ones we considern prettier and better made than the ones we purchased in the past. As stated previously, we have actually purchased them, here from (the minute we saw them) and strategy to buy more of them.

Love this rug. It cost us $5, we still can’t think it and our felines like it too, they never ever would enter into our restroom prior to we got this (weird for felines. We understand) today? like roll around on it and we understand this due to the fact that when we get house in the nights, the rug is risen versus the toilet. The rug is extremely strong and while it’s not as soft as a routine restroom rug, it suffices and includes a good accent to our restroom flooring.

We had actually checked out from the evaluations that this rug wasn’t genuinely machine washable which the tag advised area treatment just however we purchased it anyhow, expecting the very best. We put it in the cooking area and understood it would get unclean however we figured area treatment would suffice. Incorrect. It lasted 3 weeks prior to it was so gross we figured we would take our possibilities in the cleaning machine. We put it on “delicate” and “heavy soil,” and it came out looking quite undamaged. It took 2 days to dry on the line due to the fact that it’s so thick. When we laid it back in the cooking area and provided it our last examination we saw that the rag ends throughout the rug had actually gotten a bit fuzzy in locations. Absolutely nothing very obvious, we believed, however possibly we have low expectations. We have actually consisted of photos of the fuzz in which we refer, and the rug after it was cleaned. When we get the time, we will cut the fuzz off with some scissors. It may take 5 minutes?we do not understand how it would hold up a 2nd time in the wash however we are thinking in about 3 weeks, it’ll be so gross once again we will offer it another go and publish our upgraded experience. We check out some examines that stated their rug broke down in the wash, and others that declared theirs held up fine. We saw one woman state her jeans rug held up well in the cleaning machine and we likewise acquired the demin rug. Possibly there’s something to this specific color and/or the products being utilized in it? or possibly it depends upon your cleaning machine setting? side note, mine was a 4×6. Update july 21st, 2019: we machine cleaned this rug a 2nd time and it held up along with the very first wash. We are extremely delighted, certainly.

We like these carpets and they are appropriately changing our old chindi rag carpets we have actually had for about 15 years. That stated; 1) we want they came 1 foot longer – they would have fit better down a long corridor. 2) these are not loomed from one constant or connected length of rag, these are pieces positioned in and tamped down. We can inform due to the fact that they weren’t mindful sufficient to embed completions and out of the plan you can see how they are loomed. Why is that crucial? due to the fact that you can not simply toss these in the washer as typical. You need to utilize the mild cycle and after that air dry as much as you can possibly appearing the clothes dryer (minus any clothes dryer balls) for 10-15 minutes on low just. 3) we presume our grey carpets are the denim ones colored to be grey. Would have been better if the business actually purchased making these in all grey rags rather than going with an inexpensive methodout How can we inform? due to the fact that area cleaning them has actually led to color leaving on the cleansing rag. All in all however, they are an affordable alternative to supposed hand loomed rag carpets that are far too pricey. If you take notice of what customers are stating, you will not be dissatisfied. Edited september 23, 2017: have actually been utilizing these for a year now and, following the directions above, they are holding up well. This is a feline home and you wake sometimes to what we call “cat gack”, frequently called hairballs. Often these have recurring food developing them and after that the runner requires a wash because we have ants and the fire ant range so we do not desire a conga line of biting nasties in the house. We utilize the mild cycle just and a moderate cleaning agent, hang dry outside up until near done and after that run in the clothes dryer on low for 10-15 minutes with wool balls to fluff them somewhat and decrease any “crispiness”.

We bought the mustard as an entrance rug for a french door, the size is best. Color is lighter face to face and absolutely more of a butter yellow than a mustard, so we removed a star. It had a strong smell when we initially unpacked it and airing it out outside didn’t work, so we tossed it in the wash on the fragile setting. The colors ran a bit however it held up well and remained great and lively, and the odor disappeared. We have it on a thin rug pad on a wood flooring and it does not move around. It still looks fantastic after a month of individuals strolling in from the backyard on it, so we more than happy with it.

Functions fantastic, looks amazing. We park our shovelhead on it.

We got a completely various color than what we bought, however thankfully we liked what we gotbetter These are fundamental thick cotton scrap carpets. We utilize them as bath carpets. They diminish and get thicker when you clean them, and they do not lie rather as flat later on, however still excellent. We like these due to the fact that they are difficult to stain, do not have fringe edge that can get tangled up in the wash, and last a loooooong time without looking drab or used, unlike a lot of terry-type bath carpets. Excellent worth for the cash. Edit: we see some individuals talking about trouble cleaning and color transfer to other surface areas. We have actually cleaned mine a minimum of 6 times because we purchased them and they are doing fine. We were them in hot water and dry them on high with all our other clothing. No issues. No color transfer.

We actually like the vibrant element of this rug. And we like the low-risk cost. We desired a modification from a brown and beige rug in a restroom entrance, about 30″ wide. We worried about the 31. 5″ width of the rug fitting well into the ~ 30″ space (a door needs to close in this space so excess rug is a problem). When it arrived, we followed the instructions on the attached tag to wash it: ” machine wash cold. Usage moderate soap or cleaning agent. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry – do not wring dry. ” we did exactly this, even washing on delicate. Did not use the dryer. However, during washing holes formed where some of the fabric pulled out from its’ weaving. We are disappointed. It’s ” alright” enough that we were able to put it on the floor and squish the fabric back in with our fingers, but the weaving of the thin threads isn’t tight around the fabric anymore and we know that it will all pull apart much more quickly than it should. We were pleased that just in washing (we did not use dryer), it shrunk to fit perfectly in the ~30″ entrance. So, in all, cost was ideal and colors are extremely quite, however it isn’t actually washable and we are annoyed by that because it remains in a high-traffic area.

We would been searching for rather some time for rag carpets in various colors. We did not desire a product with a great deal of weight to it. These are best. The recommendation for a rug liner to avoid slipping is most likely an excellent one, however (to be sincere) we do not require one for the area in which we are utilizing mine. The seller provided rapidly. Our purchase got here one day prior to it was assured. The connected care directions state wash cool water/dry flat. We have not had the requirement to do that yet because the product simply got here so we can’t talk about that element. The 2 colors we bought (gold and a blue/grey mix) are both dark and will get extremely little traffic. We will most likely have the ability to manage with a periodic shake to eliminate any collection of dust, and so on

We bought the taupe rug and the rug we got was actually better than the one we bought. It had some blues and pinks in it which matches the other rug we have in the space. All in all, the rug was not similar to the image we bought however in some way they read our mind on the colors we desired included into the taupe rug.

This rag run was acquired for the entranceway from the patio area, which can track a specific quantity of dirt. We have actually utilized rag carpets in this area in the past, with blended outcomes– the quality and washability of the rag carpets has actually differed commonly. In this case, we cleaned the rug in the machine on the “warm” setting, with “high” spin cycle, then positioned it in the clothes dryer on the cool setting. It took 2 long cyles to dry however it came out appearing like brand-new. The only thing is it lost some of the color in the wash. Likewise, the product does not feel like cotton– more than likely it is an artificial mix. We enjoy with the product as it matches our function well.

Lovely, huge, well made. We have actually currently gotten numerous compliments on this rug, and we have just had it out for a few weeks. Marketed at 8feetx10feet, we need to state that when they state ‘size might differ’ due to the fact that it is handcrafted, they aren’t joking. Pretty sure the one we wound up with is more detailed to 10×12. Excellent, heavy, strong building and construction, lively colors– believe those little rag bathmats that are so cool looking, just in beast size. We like this rug. Extremely advised to anybody who requires an excellent, strong rug with some color– we like it a lot, we are attempting to figure out where, in our cottage, we might handle to squeeze in another one, heh. We actually actually like it. Edit: 17 nov 2017– simply wished to upgrade; we have actually had this rug over a year and we still love it. And it has actually stood extremely well to continuous abuse by feet and paws. Extremely suggest it.

We purchased this rug runner for a non standard usage. We liked the colors, the size, the braid and the protection it supplied our brand-new bed room gowns. They look great and secure the wood from chips and scratches. The carpets can be quickly cleaned, and none if the images that are going on the cabinets if they tip over will break. They were a bit pricey, however we would not anticipate that these will require changing for a long time. And. The plus if we desire you alter the runner on our cabinets, we can change them to runner carpets on our flooring. Many usages, and we like the colors, workmanship and the adaptability these carpets provide.

We own 4 of these, one simply inside every door. They are amazing. We have 2 canines who invest their whole day tracking dirt into our home. We shake them (the carpets, not the canines) out and after that when a week all 4 get included the wash. Keep in mind: they do diminish substantially after the very first wash. However they stand up to the weekly washings well.

We have actually been taking a look at this product for a while. We fidgeted about bought due to the fact that of some bad evaluations. We lastly chose to purchase 2, and we are actually delighted with them up until now. We wish to see how they clean in the washer, because that was an essential factor we gotthese Anyhow they are actually thick and look fantastic. The gray has a little lavender shade to it, combined with black and grays. It’s a quite color. There are no sharp pieces or zippers in mine as some customer specified. This is a fantastic rug, we like it.

We like the carpets however they got here with the variation in color we check out in evaluations. Our option is to purchase one more and hope it matches among these rather? like the darker one, however no chance to demand. Understand if bought 2 for restrooms and so on. Varience we were gotten ready for, not wow this does not match. Bought 2 mustard ones for visitor bath, curious to see what shows up. Clearly did not clean, laid for display screen just. Ok the mustard ones are best that restroom is a difficult color to nail. We like these love these carpets. Bought 1 more green – got fortunate now like love love.

The evaluations for this rug were all over the location. So for $11. 99 we could not be more delighted. We bought the taupe and in truth it is a little lighter than the photo. However it’s great. 100% cotton, extremely firmly woven and well made. We are simply utilizing it for the entryway to our cooking area. Have not cleaned it yet, however we have no qualms to do so. The label states machine wash, lay flat to dry. Due to the fact that of the light color, does not appear like they’re would be any color transfer. We would absolutely suggest, a minimum of in this color. Likewise, we like it a lot, we will be asking the seller for the exact same rug in a bigger size.

This is our 2nd purchase of this rug. We initially acquired the grey and now bought in the taupe. The very first one held up wash after wash and am still presently utilizing it. We experienced no color transfer or other concerns. The taupe is likewise extremely charming color at a fantastic cost and worth. Mine got here to be sightly lighter than it looked from images. (as did our grey one) however we comprehend that will differ from batch to batch. Well worth the handcrafted appearance these have. We do not believe you can fail with these from what we have actually experienced.

Simply got this today and it looks fantastic. We do not ever compose evaluations however we figured we must begin contributing because we utilize them continuously. The product looks well made (although we have just had it today) however the colors were simply what we were anticipating and it fits fantastic as a rug for our backdoor. Pictures connected so you can see what it appears like with sunshine and in our cooking area without any lights. Hope this assists. It’s low-cost and it appears like a fantastic rug, no problems.

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