Contour Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion

Contour Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion, 3-in-1 Design with Center Cutout for Tailbone Pain

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Contour Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion, 3-in-1 Design with Center Cutout for Tailbone Pain.

  • CONVENIENCES TAILBONE INJURIES, SCIATICA, HEMORRHOIDS AND MORE – Perfect for those struggling with sciatica, lower neck and back pain, back pain, pins and needles, piles, stacks, postnatal pain, aching tailbone, coccyx pain, perineal injuries, post-surgery healing, pelvic pain, prostatitis and basic seating pain.
  • SPECIAL 3-in-1 DESIGN ACCOMMODATES MULTIPLE PAIN POINTS Find relief in your most aching and delicate locations with the all in one design. Integrating essential functions of a ring-shaped donut pillow, tailbone relief cushion, and the basic seating wedge the Kabooti removes the requirement to acquire several seating cushions for each pain point.
  • INCREASE POSTURE AND BREATHING – Breathe much deeper, fuller and simpler with the trademarked orthopedic convenience and assistance of the 3-In-1 Kabooti Seat Cushion. Whenever and any place you sit, it equally disperses your weight, tilts your hips forward and keeps your spinal column lined up to open your air passages, while assisting to avoid muscular pains and body tiredness. Concept for those having a hard time with posture problems due to spine stenosis and piriformis syndrome.
  • PREMIUM HIGH-DENSITY FOAM CONVENIENCE – Unlike normal memory foam seat cushions that might flatten out quickly, Kabooti is made from premium, high-density, medical grade cushion foam that maintains its shape longer for optimum, lasting convenience you can depend on. Its high resiliency foam assists keeps your weight equally dispersed, making it the ideal coccyx relief cushion. It offers you better appropriate posture and a vision increase, too, particularly at your office or home computer system desk.
  • COCCYX CUSHION WITH CUTOUTS, DEVELOPS TAILBONE PRESSURE RELIEF – The Kabooti s customized tailbone cutout eases tailbone pain supplying a pressure totally free zone for your tailbone and coccyx. Truck chauffeurs, workplace employees and wheelchair users will find convenience throughout extended sitting with the Kabooti.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Contour Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion, 3-in-1 Design with Center Cutout for Tailbone Pain.
Contour improves seat cushion assistance The ONLY compelte seat service. Patented, orthopedic seat cushion design enables you to sit for hours in pressure totally free convenience. What consumers are stating about Kabooti seat pillow has actually comforted: Lower neck and back pain & sciatica nerve pressure reliefTailbone pain & coccyx injuriesNumbness from pressure when sitting long periodsHemorrhoids, stacks & other delicate bottom locations reliefExtra cushioning to tough chairs or surfacesPost pregnancy healing & comfortTesticular pain or perineal woundsImproves posture & spinal column positioning Characteristic & Benefits Ergonomic Sculpted Surface Area Generous Coccyx Cutout Big Center Cutout Ingenious Stability Lobes Tapered Leading Edge Male & Female Recess Washable 2-Way Stretch Cover Other Kabooti devices readily available on (offered individually) Check out more Instantaneous Convenience Upgrade Alleviate undesirable pressure in your back, tailbone, hips & legs while being in pressure totally free convenience. Universal Fit for Guys & Women Featuring a male/female recess the foam seat cushion is developed for all physique as much as 350 pounds. Discreet Cover Zippered cover conceals the truth that you are resting on anything than a routine cushion. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Contour Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion, 3-in-1 Design with Center Cutout for Tailbone Pain.

Question Question 1

Required It For Daddys Wheel Chair.Does It Keep Forming, Is It Big Enough?

the technique is offering it a flat surface area to support it. we have a workplace chair the seat of which curves down in the center by filling that area with a little old used pillow it works much better and has actually held it shape with out any indication of collapsing. we would recommend a difficult non-flexible seat cushion or cushioned board to put th the technique is offering it a flat surface area to support it. we have a workplace chair the seat of which curves down in the center by filling that area with a little old used pillow it works much better and has actually held it shape with out any indication of collapsing. we would recommend a difficult non-flexible seat cushion or cushioned board to put the Kabooti on top of for a wheel chair due to the fact that of the inward droop of the seat would tend to beat the opening for the coxes, however just if he looks out and stable.

Question Question 2

Are Bonus Covers Available?

Yes, Jodie – Bonus covers are readily available in all colors.Here is the link:http://www. com/Replacement-Cover-Kabooti- Cushion-Grey/dp/B00DSOUT9W/ ref= sr_1_7? ie= UTF8 & qid= 1396970728 & sr= 8-7 & keywords= kabooti

Question Question 3

Can It Be Utilized On An Aircraft Seat?

When we being in our workplace chair in order to get our butt on the pillow where we require it we need to put a pillow (we utilize a neck roll) behind our back so we do not understand if that would be a concern on an aircraft or not so you may wish to take something with you. Remember we are just 4′ 10″ and weigh 119 lbs.we feel that if we were bi When we sit in our office chair in order to get our butt on the pillow where we need it we have to put a pillow (we use a neck roll) behind our back so we don’t know if that would be an issue on a plane or not so you might want to take something with you. Keep in mind we are only 4’10” and weigh 119 lbs.we feel that if we were larger that may not be a concern. It has actually assisted our IC significantly. We fly a lot and we have actually never ever had issues with our IC on an aircraft so we do not take it with me.It simply appears to be in our workplace chair due to the fact that we need to sit throughout the day and we slouch over our desk. The pillow forces assists us stay up straighter.we see other remarks about it being tough and they returned it.It did take us numerous days to get utilized to it however it has actually softened up a little and we find it really comfortable.The assistance is required for the pillow to do it’s task.

Question Question 4

What Is The Size Of The Cushion?

17.2 x 13.8 x 3 inches (as the description states). Basically, nearly the very same size as a routine workplace chair seat.

Question Question 5

What Are The Dimentions?

Really excellent thing

Question Question 6

Exists A Weight Limitation On The Cushions That They Will Assistance?

From what we comprehend, the maker does not supply a weight limitation for recommendation in concerns to staying efficient.

Question Question 7

Will It Raise United States A Number Of Inches In The Cars And Truck Seat?

Yes our company believe so.however we utilize it at our work chair not in a vehicle.

Question Question 8

Does The Cover Spot Light Seats?

our safety seat are black. Nevertheless, we do not see any staining in them.we continue to be happy with this product.

Question Question 9

Can We Roll It Up For Travel On Plane?

no it is too stiff to roll up, however not too big to continue in a bag

Question Question 10

Exists Any Smell From The Foam? We Have Had Other Foam Products That Had Such Harmful Smell That Even Airing Out For Months We Could Not Endure.?

we completely understand what you indicate however this is not the memory foam; these stink up.This one does not have a strong smell, if any.

Question Question 11

Does This Cushion Offer Assistance For Staying Up In Bed Where The Bed Mattress Is Too Soft, Or Does It Simply Increase The Propensity To Move Forward?

we are unsure that it would supply any assistance because circumstance due to the fact that the cushion is quite soft itself and is versatile from side to side.

Question Question 12

Can We Order A Gel Load?

we are unsure, provided as a present.

Question Question 13

What Is The Product Of The “Donut Ring”?

No concept. Inspect with mfg. This product works extremely well for pressure sores.

Question Question 14

What Color Is The Cover?

Black and if you have bail bond issue this one is an excellent one we are utilizing this one a minimum of 2 years we are driving automobile which thing we buy for our automobile remarkable thing

Question Question 15

Exist Replacement Covers Offered For The Kabooti?


Question Question 16

How Huge Is The Hole In The Middle Of The Cushion?

It’s heart shaped, about 5 l/2 by 6 l/2 inches, and in the middle.Good online forum aching on the really bottom of the buttocks.our partner liked it, we do not due to the fact that the foam is really hard.Hope this assists.

Question Question 17

Is It Water resistant?

The cover for it is not water resistant.

Question Question 18

Where Is The Zipper Found?

The zipper lies on the bottom of the cushion about 2 inches in from the edge in a circular pattern around the back.

Question Question 19

Will This Slide If It Were To Be Utilized On A Relciner?

Depends upon the recliner chair. The cover is quite smooth, so it might move on wood seats. we have actually utilized it on numerous wood chairs, no recliner chairs though. Sits tight when you rest on it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Contour Kabooti Donut Seat Cushion, 3-in-1 Design with Center Cutout for Tailbone Pain, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We required a cushion for a current delicate bottom condition. We attempted 2 various seats, this one is really firm compared to the other popular brand name. If we were just resting on a chair, the other brand name would be more comfy. We required the cushion while driving. This one being firmer assisted keep our delicate area from touching the safety seat or avoiding our bottom from moving and rubbing when making turns. With the other softer cushion, our bottom would ‘roll’ sideways and often move our clothes versus where should not. Oops.

We initially attempted it out in our truck. It was not comfy. We then attempted it in our workplace chair and found it was rather comfy even for extended time periods, therefore 4 stars rather than the 2 stars we would have provided it for the truck place.

This actually works excellent for our tailbone pain and delicate nerve endings. Functions excellent in automobile and on tough chairs particularly. We like the company foam cushion, it works better than the other one we acquired that isn’t as company.

Our relative was getting pressure sores. This product was suggested by our health services nurse and it actually assisted relive the pressure. It is likewise comfy to rest on. No considers here.

We just recently broke our tailbone and remained in search of something to assist make it possible to take a seat without pain. We just acquired this pillow, so we can’t compare it to other comparable products, however we would advise this pillow to somebody who is recuperating from an injury to their tailbone. A few features of this pillow. – the foam is really firm. It will prop you up relatively high when sitting. We utilize it when driving and our head is near the roofing system of the automobile (we are of typical height at 5′ 4″)- it appears in pictures that the center is solid, but it is really a donut shape covered by black fabric. We appreciate this as we were not looking forward to carrying around a donut pillow but read in other reviews that the donut shape is best for relieving pressure. – the cover is removable which is great because the fabric picks up everything. You may want to pick a color other than black if you have animals. We hope someone else in pain finds this review helpful and gives it a try.

What this cushion provides in relief of sits bone and surrounding area pain is very good but we found the seat itself too hard on the rest of our buttocks. As well as the angle of the cushion being too sharp for comfort. So we looked into other cushions and ultimately did not feel they could give us any better relief so we modified. We added a very soft foam cushion about 2 thick, with the idea that we can easily cut a hole in the middle if necessary and then we put a towel underneath the front which made it more level and very much more comfortable. We are meditator ad we sit for extended periods of time. For whatever reason our sits bones have been making it very difficult. Now we are enjoying it again. Yes we do recommend this cushion.

Our mom fell and fractured her femur. Since she has to sit a lot more now her tailbone was bothering her. Our cousin, who purchased it for our aunt, recommended this product. We can say that since our mom has started to use it, she no longer complains that her tailbone is bothering her or that she is in pain. We would recommend this product.

Can’t tell you that this thing saves back pain. But, it you have hemorrhoid issues, this is for you. We have used it everyday for over 4 years now. It’s a really comfortable and special type of product.

We have been suffering from tailbone pain since we broke our tailbone about a year ago. We have tried many cushions and this is by far the best we have tried. It is firmer than the cushions that just have the you cut out of the back, but it is not so firm as to be uncomfortable. Our only complaint is that the angle of the cushion is a little steep for our liking and we have to use a pillow or other cushion behind our back to make up for the slant. The height of the cushion renders any lumbar support structures in chairs useless, so we would recommend buying a lumbar support cushion with this kabooti.

This product helps to alleviate our sciatica. We try to take it everywhere with me, it makes a big difference and is very helpful in terms of our overall pain management regiment.

We bought the contour cushion essentially to take to chorus practices during which we are frequently sitting – not conducive to correct upper-body alignment nor, therefore, good voice. The contour resolved that issue for us, and we find ourself using it all the time, especially when we are at our desk plugging away at work. The cushion is very firm, and some might find that uncomfortable. For me, though, the tilt of the cushion and its benefits overcame any comfort negative.

This has saved our life since working from home and no longer having our sit stand desk in the office. It alleviates the pressure on our tailbone and we even use it when we are not working. Would totally recommend.

Very happy with this cushion. This is the only cushion we have found which helps with tailbone injury/issues. We have tried many other cushions which supposedly help with tailbone problems, but none of them have worked as well as this one. We sometime wish it didn’t angle down towards the front, but then again we don’t know if that would change the effectiveness of the cushion. We would recommend this cushion to anyone with tailbone injuries or problems.

This is probably our fourth or fifth kabooti cushion. We really like this cushion but did prefer some of the features of the older model. The donut ” hole” was bigger and we much prefer that. In the older model our ” sit” bones rested inside the donut hole which was more comfortable. The current model has nice dense foam and a zipper closure which is nice. It’s also thicker which we do like. For me, we give the new model 4 stars and the old model 5.

We went through three years of colorectal surgeries, and tried many types of cushions and donuts. This is by far the best one out there. The hole is horizontal and oblong, so it doesn’t spread your cheeks, but still takes all the pressure off. Combined with the coccyx hole, it is really the most comfortable cushion you will find. Great for long drives, or long hours in a chair. Seriously, we have tried them all, and this is the best.

This helped increase our daddy s comfort while sitting in his recliner and while sitting in the truck seat when he had an wound on his bottom and helps with posture and back pain. We use this while mowing the pasture so all the bumps in the ground don t cause strain.

We are not sure if it is better than other seat cushions, but in one week we have gone from having excruciating pain that left us barely able to walk to being able to bound up and down stairs with ease and pain free. We are 5’3″ 130 pound runner that was having actually issues triggered by our workplace chair digging into our hip joints and coccyx. We are really pleased to be able to stroll once again.

Comfy and discreet in the workplace.

Our relative has pain in her tailbone and sitting hurts for her. This cushion is thicker in the back and angled to location more weight on the legs rather than the tush. The cutout area enables the tailbone to drift and not be pushed by the cushion. It even has a manage and washable cover.

We got one for house and it actually assisted with the pressure from sitting and the computer system, doing this type of things. So we bought one for work and it works excellent. An extremely obvious relief of pressure and keeps the flow moving. Naturally this still suggests we get our and more around numerous times a day, our we would certainly advise this to others.

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