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Brooke Blaine Licked

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    As the owner of Licked, a diverse ice creamery and bar, Ryleigh Phillips does not have time for that love things. Providing Nibble My Nuts sundaes and Drunken Sailor boozy shakes are as near to an orgasmic affair as she’s had in months thanks to her broadening empire – till the night of her 10-year high-school reunion. When Ryleigh’s crush, stunning ex-football god Cameron Mathis, comes spotting into her life (actually – spotting), she starts to question if she truly can have all of it. Would not it simply figure that the minute you believe life is best is when it falls marvelously apart? Get In Hunter Morgan, the professional in charge of Licked’s restorations. Devastatingly good-looking, and a smartass to boot, he’s got his eyes on Ryleigh from the minute he discovers her passed out on his sofa (yeah, that’s a long story). There’s simply one small problem – he occurs to be Cameron’s buddy.

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    Ryleigh phillips has all of it together. Well. Primarily. She runs an effective, if uncommon ice creamery where the tastes are cool and the names are hot, the design is retro and truthfully, so is she. On top of that, she’s broadening her company preparing to combine it with a nightspot that caters a more alcohol instilled variety to the after dark crowd. If that weren’t enough, she’s got an area lined up on a nationwide television reveal that, if it works out, assures to springboard her little company empire from a single outlet into a chain. On the individual front, she’s headed back to her high school reunion. With her brand-new found self-confidence from her company successes, she’s figured out to reveal her old crush cameron what he missed out on out on in the hopes that this time around he may lastly see her, and find a solution for it. This tasty romcom was an outright hoot. Ryleigh belongs to an extremely tight knit group of sweethearts, who have her back no matter what, however none might have anticipated that the strategy to seduce cameron would wind up with an exceptionally uneasy intro to his space mate hunter. From there one may anticipate a love triangle, however truthfully, how all of it plays out is initial, sweet, touching and even a bit awful sometimes, however even a destructive heartbreak does not stop the laughs completely. Just an actually enjoyable read and we could not put it down.

    Initially, prior to we even enter the book we need to state that we frantically require a location like licked in our life. With that stated, we enjoyed this book. We anticipated to enjoy it, however we wear t believe we anticipated to definitely like it. Licked is enjoyable and hot and funny and it makes us want that we might hang out with ryleigh and her group of good friends. We chuckled out loud about as frequently as we swooned. There was an excellent balance of hilarity and sexual stress. Brooke blaine does a remarkable task developing characters that you wish to resemble and hang out with. Ryleigh is a lots of amazing. We like that she is completely retro and has actually been for the majority of her life, even when it didn’t truly benefit her in high school. She doesn t excuse her design or her uncommon company or the names of the ice cream at her company. Brooke likewise produced some swoonworthy guys to compete for ryleigh s attention and oh boy were they tasty. We are hoping that at some point we ll perhaps get to see a book including among them which s all we will state cause we wear t wish to offer anything away. We extremely advise licked and will be informing everybody we understand to read this book. We right away got hooker so we might see how shayne s story playsout We can t wait to check out paige s book and quinn s book. The good friends are all so various, however so damn goofy that they fit truly well together. We like it.

    We freaking enjoyed this book. It’s been a very long time considering that we kept up late to end up a book due to the fact that we could not put it down and it deserved every minute. What very first drew us to check out licked was the icecreamery and the names of the mixtures. Who can miss the possibility to check out a book that has munch our nuts ice cream? this ice cream shop/bar requires to take place. Like the other day. Somebody needs to get on that stat. We understood this book would be an enjoyable read however we never ever anticipated to need to pause our reading various times due to the fact that we were chuckling so hard. And the chemistry in between specific characters * fans self * that was a level of fire we didn’t even understand existed. Somebody please sign us up for that. So there you have it. If you like romantic funnies, sizzling chemistry, hot people, and chuckling till you practically pee yourself then licked is the book for you. We can’t wait to check out the follow up.

    This book is life. We chose it up and might not put it down. Truthfully, we didn’t anticipate the twist that took place. We believed that this was an extremely simple romance and boom. Sooo excellent. What we likewise truly delighted in was that the main female character ran her own company. To reveal such a string female character was good. This book wasn’t simply a love story, however likewise about a lady continuing to grow her company and end up being more powerful herself. If you have not read it, you should. Can not wait to check out the next book.

    4-4. 5 stars. Ryleigh phillips is attending her ten years high school reunion in hopes that her long period of time crush, cameron mathis, will lastly see her. Ryleigh was a little eccentric in her teenagers, dressing sort of retro with a diverse design that made her a little bit of a castaway. Today, she’s the happy owner of licked, an effective ice cream parlor in the procedure of broadening and potentially going nationwide. While cameron does see ryleigh, it is cameron’s roomie and buddy, hunter morgan, who is right away thinking about ryleigh the minute he lays eyes on her. While cameron is wonderful, we enjoyed hunter. He’s a little rougher around the edges in contrast, broody however likewise hot and unexpected, with an underlying inflammation. He’s the professional who’s taken control of ryleigh’s growth task so he sees the genuine ryleigh. And as much as she withstands, she sees him, too. The entire story is entertaining and amusing due to the fact that ryleigh’s store is not for the minor crowd, offered the names and tastes of her ice cream specials and individuals that her company brings in. We enjoyed how ryleigh welcomed her odd qualities and never ever concealed who she truly was, which was something hunter totally valued. We delighted in seeing hunter pursue her in spite of ryleigh’s resistance, although she can’t reject the destination. Certainly eagerly anticipating shayne’s story next.

    Everytime an evaluation states things like it was lol amusing – or variations of that, we never ever think it. Trigger generally read he book and the very best we can offer is a half smile of amusement or a little it was practically amusing mini-grin. This one had us checking out menu products and dialog to our spouse who is generally listening to our book recitations without any remarks as finest suggests to shut us up. Nevertheless, considering that his mind is as deformed as mine – he shared our hilarity at things like up the butt-er pecan or clam jam shake. We will not continue with the unclean minded imagination that made us produce smiles, laughs and omg’s – it will remove from the minute you read them. It was amusing, sweet, hot and hot. We generally bypass books that have characters with our kids name – our earliest is hunter – which kinda strangely scary eewwww. Made an exception. Thankful we did. This is our brand-new preferred pleased book. This book provides you great deals of factors to smile.

    Why oh why have not we checked out a brooke blaine book prior to. Licked was delightfully amusing and hot. Brooke blaine you are genius. Absolutely nothing less. We seriously devoured this book. Every thing worked for us. The story felt fresh and initial. The characters were so damn amusing and fascinating. Their relationship was area on. The girls, ryleigh and her funny good friends shayne, paige and quinn were remarkable. A lot love put into and from their relationship. We might connect to them. The writing was absolutely nothing more than superb. We were chuckling our ass off through out the book, due to the fact that numerous ideas ryleigh had we would absolutely have too. The discussion felt genuine and genuine. We merely enjoyed it. Ryleigh was such an amusing, spunky and down to earth lady. God, we enjoyed her. We enjoyed how comfy she was with herself. She owned her design and remained real to herself. Her love for her lady good friends were wonderful. They were wonderful. Her inner discussion with herself was best. her growing friendship/relationship with hunter was composed to excellence. We enjoyed that it didn’t felt forced and how they gradually was familiar with one another. Their destination and chemistry was smoking hot therefore hot. We could not get enough of ryleigh and hunter. What’s delegated state other than we have a substantial yearning for ice cream and alcohol. Brooke blaine, we like your mind and your writing. Licked was excellence. These girls now have a location in our heart. 5 badassdirtycastratedballsstars.

    Where do we begin with this evaluation? this book was so damn amusing. Brooke blaine absolutely has a method with words. It was such a wacky, amusing and smartly informed story, with a lot of hot, steaour and exceptionally sweet minutes. We have a lot love for the entire shebang. And young boy, does she bang. The ice cream names alone suffice to have you chuckling out loud; extremely creative. Ryleigh is an enjoyable, sassy, independent and special character that we quickly gotten in touch with. Her drive to prosper was exceptional. We enjoyed that she was such a strong and effective lady. However even the greatest females have doubts and insecurities which’s what made her credible. Ryleigh’s 2 romantic possibilities, cameron and hunter, could not be more lovely. We enjoyed them both. She sure has her work cut out for her choosing what to do with such stunning potential customers. We truthfully do not understand what else to compose in this evaluation other than buy the book. You will not regret it. We are including it to our leading checks out of 2016 for numerous factors and you require to read it to find out on your own. Brooke’s writing is perfect.

    What a delightfully rewarding book. It was an amusing, adorable, sweet, and romantic story. You simply wished to be ryleigh’s buddy. She had an incredible character and we enjoyed her nearness to her good friends. Good friends are essential part of a lady’s life. We would be an overall fan of her ice cream store. The ice cream names were timeless therefore me. The very best part was naturally the love. Not over the top, simply sweet, enjoyable caring, romantic, and yes even hot, love. Hunter was remarkable. We believe we absolutely require more of their story. We would state this is chapter one. Brooke it was a remarkable, feel excellent book and we wish to get “licked” some more.

    Licked appearing on various finest of 2015 book lists lured us to one-click. It was a fast, amusing, hot read that we delighted in. We right away linked to all of the characters. The heroine was amusing, strong, and independent till near to completion. The hero was hot and simply arrogant sufficient to be yumour. They had fantastic chemistry that produced some smokin’ hot sex scenes. However the heroine’s colleagues, good friends and their interactions together truly made the story enjoyable for us. Those girls were all special and kick-@$$ in their own method. We can’t wait to learn more about them better in their own stories. Licked might have been high up on our own “best of” list had it not lost momentum around 75-80%. The main dispute and resolution appeared a bit weak and hurried. The heroine broke character and ended up being meek rather of calling the hero on his bs. However in general we enjoyed it and anticipate the next book in the series.

    When we hear the words romantic-comedy a number of things enter your mind. Laughter, feels, which blended feeling you get when you are taking pleasure in a book a lot that you are weeping and smiling at the very same time. Brooke blaine provided on every amongthese Ryleigh phillips is the odd lady who has actually progressed into a lady who has actually welcomed her ‘uncomfortable.’ this story follows her journey back to her high school reunion where we face her dreaour high school crush, and yes, he is completely dreaour. Brooke, draws the reader into the story in among the most special methods we have actually ever had the enjoyment of reading. She speaks to you. This makes the story feel that much more real, as if you exist in ryleigh’s school gym, or in her eccentric ice creamery, or awakening to see a 2nd similarly tasty male standing over her. Yes you check out that right. There are 2 tasty guys to swoon over in this eccentric tale of love. However prior to you flee believing the word triangle – believe me – this is not your typical triangle;) the secondary characters in this book (consisting of the wonderfully unclean and amusing ice-cream names) are critical in making this book a laugh out loud delicious reward for any day where you wish to feel remarkable, and we can’t await her buddy’s and their stories to be informed. Brooke made us fall back in love with the timeless romantic funny and we can’t await everybody to #getlicked.

    This book was so amusing. We enjoyed the names that ryleigh developed for her ice cream. The nods to some of our preferred films were the very best. The chemistry in between the 2 mcs was hot. We enjoyed that ryleigh was who she was and made no reasons for it. While she was a strong lady, she revealed her ooey gooey side too. Now, where can we get a hunky building team?? ***** pov. Very first personstand alone or series. Reserve 1 of a series (can be checked out as a stand alone) would we advise it. Yesdid it offer us a book hangover. Yeswould we read it once again. Yes.

    We can not think that we are recently beginning this series. We have actually had this book in our tbr stack for a very long time. This is a very first time check out for us by this author. We were hooked from the start. We enjoyed it. Can not wait to check out the next one in this series. This book remains in our preferred checks out. Will absolutely advise this book to others.

    This book has actually a bond formed by very remarkable girls plus you get love therefore much enjoyable in this book. Ryleigh has this fashionable store called licked and she is including another called after dark for the late night crowd. You see she has a hot twist to her ice cream/ boozy store. Each in la enjoys it. When her improvement strikes a stag gets in hunter he owns a building business and when his buddy and ry’s high school crush, cameron recommends he assist herout It resembles a match made in paradise. He gets her retro design and does not believe it’s insane. Things develop in between then on an individual level however when trust is broken can ryleigh repair it or will she loose the very best thing to even enter her life. A need to check out.

    Brook is a brand-new author to us and young boy am we pleased we found her, this book is hot and eccentric and simply down best enjoyable to check out. We like a book that makes us laugh, we like romcom’s like truly like them, and this concealed gem we saw on an authors pageis among our preferred finds. It’s lol amusing. Lets talk ice cream tastes shall we?.? we will have the cinderfuckingrella sundae please. Or perhaps the stroke n poke, any which method you buy you willlol,,,, let’s not even begin on the sensationally hot hunter, he is drool deserving in his own right. All the characters will have you breaking up,,,, if you have not read this then get it, you will not be sorry. We now have a brand-new author who’s books we anticipate reading and stalking.

    Ryleigh is our sort of gal, she’s eccentric and positive in who she is even if it isn’t following the standard. She owns and runs an adult themed ice cream parlor, with funny names for each reward. She fancies herself sort of in love with her high school crush and sets out to get him at their high school reunion. Naturally, dream does not constantly play out the very same in truth. And what she discovers is that they truly aren’t best for each other at all. Nevertheless, his buddy and the person assisting her total her brand-new store, hunter is best for her. There is a minute of strength and unhappiness when one rash choice threatens whatever they were developing. The hfn deserved it.

    Holy freaking cow, we inhaled this book in a matter of hours. We enjoyed it. This is completely going on our re-read list (which is extremely brief). We enjoyed that ryleigh wasn’t scared or embarrassed of being who she truly is. We completely seem like we understand her after reading this book. How amazing is it that her store is called licked?.?.?. And how hot is hunter?.?.? who does not like a male that deals with his hands. It was apparent from the start that they had some insane chemistry. We would absolutely advise this book to our good friends even if we need to smack them with it. Licked is a guaranteed should check out.

    We do not even understand how to start this evaluation- this books was magnificent from the extremely starting and we weren’t able to put it down (actually- it is 3:30 am and we began this book this night). Licked is among the very best books we have actually read this year, it offered us goosebumps (that does not take place frequently). Licked was laugh out loud amusing, filled with relationship, enjoyable, love, tough choices, enjoyment, aggravation, tears and love. All the important things that make an excellent book relatable. Caution, we did think about putting the book down at one point and searching brooke down. Fortunately for her it was 3am. So. Go get licked due to the fact that who does not like ice cream, boozy shakes and hot people?.

    Really modern (ok, not 1990s) sex in the city with extremely over the leading ice cream and well – and over the leading owner. We enjoyed that she was constantly “on” with her appearance. The story is adorable and hot and once again, a bit over the leading however it was an excellent read for our very first from this author. We absolutely will read more.

    We can’t think we didn’t read this book faster. This book has plenty of laughs and a lot of swoony minutes. From the start of the book we were connected. We delighted in the somebody little love triangle that established in between ryleigh, hunter, and cameron. It produced an enjoyable start to the story. We believed the story was truly well composed. A great deal of humor and a great deal of heat however an actually excellent story too. This book had whatever that we enjoy in an excellent book. Anticipating reading more in this series.

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