Bell Labs T1 Mouse Disposable Mouse Bait Stations-1 Box

Bell Labs T1 Mouse Disposable Mouse Bait Stations-1 Box

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  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • T1 Disposable Mouse Bait Station-4 stations per box
  • 1-oz. block pre-loaded in each tamper-resistant station/ 4 stations per box
  • Inside and Outdoors
  • The EPA categorizes this station as T1, the greatest level of tamper-resistance according to their requirements.

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More Info:

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Store at Do It Yourself Bug Control for all your rodent control requirements. T1 Mouse is a pre-baited disposable mice bait station. Each station consists of a one-ounce block of Bromethin – a single feed rodenticide. This disposable tier 1 bait station has enough toxin to eliminate 10-20 mice. The EPA categorizes this station as T1, the greatest level of tamper-resistance according to their requirements. The station is tamper resistant to both kids and animals. Do It Yourself Bug Control ships from both the east coast and west coast storage facilities for the fastest basic shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bell Labs T1 Mouse Disposable Mouse Bait Stations-1 Box.

Question Question 1

Will The Mice Be Caught In The Box As Soon As They Consume The Toxin, Or Could They Return Out?

The T1 is simply a bait station. It holds the mouse toxin inside so kids and animals can’t get at it. As soon as the mouse consumes the toxin, it goes someplace to pass away. It is not caught in package.

Question Question 2

Can These Be Delivered To Ca.?

Yes. There are no shipping limitations to any state.

Question Question 3

Is This Product Expect To Have 4 Boxes In It. If So, We Got Just One. If Only One Can Be Found In A Box, The Cost Is Too High.?

we had 4 little boxes in itwe still have 2 more left

Question Question 4

Are These Huge Enough For Rats?

Thank you for your question. No, the openings on these boxes are not big enough. There are T1 Rat Stations that will accommodate and deal with rats.

Question Question 5

Do These Required To Be Opened Or Simply Put As They Be Available In The Bundle?

You take them out of the cardboard box and simply set them in locations where you have actually seen mouse activity. There are instructions that feature each order.

Question Question 6

Why Was Sharpie Black Ink Obscuring The Bar Code/ Lot Number On Side?Did We Get Sold Expired Bait?

we do not believe it ends didn’t see a date on mine

Question Question 7

What Is The Wonder In The Block?

Per what we found online, the Active Component: Bromethlin 0.01%

Question Question 8

Do These Baits Ever End, Or Are They Excellent As Long As Some Bait Stays In The Bait Station?

There is no labeled expiration date of this product. If not actively utilizing T1 Disposable Mouse Bait Stations, it is advised to keep them in a cool, dry location and keep them out of the sun. Many rat and mouse baits can typically be kept for 2-3 years as long as the previous storage conditions are fulfilled.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bell Labs T1 Mouse Disposable Mouse Bait Stations-1 Box, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Worked as anticipated. Mice found it right now when we put in locations we understood by droppings they had actually been. Proof of midnights treats for a few days. (we tidied up every day so we might inform if we had brand-new meal action each night.) it took a couple days to find the dead mice though. We believed we may have 1 mouse, however wound up finding 3. Fortunately they didn’t pass away behind cabinets where we could not reach them and begin smelling. We found out a few years ago how such a little animal can stink up a space. We checked out posts on the toxin is this. Keep in mind that there is no treatment if your animals acquire this and consume it or the mouse that passes away from the toxin. While it s quite well included, as a pet dog owner we are constantly amazed at the unforeseen things pets can ruin. Plus, because the mice aren t stuck like on a glue or other trap, they roam and pass away and great deals of times your animals will find them prior to you. Our canine smelled out 2 of the fresh carcasses in the basement however didn’t consume them thank goodness. So simply things to bear in mind. In general, worked for us. Our mice are gone. We require to keep our bird seed location in the garage cleaner next year so perhaps they leave us alone next winter season.

Found out we had a few mice in our home. This is undesirable. Within 24 hr of putting these down, all the mice were dead as a doornail. Where ever they were concealing, after consuming the toxin they came out, and we found all of them dead in the middle of the flooring. Anyhow, this product worked splendidly. If you have a mouse issue and wish to fix it rapidly get this product.

We understand. This is among those nasty awful topics. However our vet has actually ensured us that mice have no location where people populate. That made us feel better about discovering a method to rid our house from the periodic field-mouse intrusion in the fall and, more notably, eliminate some pesky mice that resided in our child’s older-home college leasing. Remember: this is toxin. Do not keep it near anywhere you have kids or pets. We have actually become aware of some individuals putting them up in the rafters so just mice can get at them. We utilized to have a service pertain to our home and they utilized gel rather of this sort of pellet or block toxin. The gel is much better, in our viewpoint, as mice can not pack it in their cheeks and deposit it somewhere else. (the service individual informed us he had one customer who found a lot of decon pellets in a tea cup in her cabinet that mice had actually packed in their cheeks and spit out, food-hoarding design.) that stated, if you have a mouse issue, this will look after it without that feared “. Snap. ” of a mousetrap or utilizing those horrendous sticky pads. Will you find a dead mouse someplace after they consume this? perhaps, yes. We found our child’s perpetrator under the burner on her range. Deader than a doornail. However still. There for us to find and eliminate. However mainly they return to the nest and pass away there. So that is our rambling evaluation of this rather unpalatable however essential product.

We have actually utilized these bait stations in 2 various houses with fantastic success. After a number of weeks, no more mice droppings were seen in the basement or crawlspace. And you can translucent the bait station that no nibbles have actually been made in the toxin. We would state the product works. Now we leave the stations out simply in case they return. Our only problem would remain in the disposable”feature” It would be more expense efficient for the customer to buy the plastic stations and fill up with bait as required. However, at simply a few bucks a piece it is still worth not having mice in the basement.

This product is better than the ones you get at house depot. It’s is both kid and family pet evidence. The one in your home depot is just kid evidence. Utilize it then toss it away. Never ever by the refillable ones if you have kids or animals.

We spoke with a bug control professional who advised this product to utilize in our house.

Simply what we required.

Log cabin in the montana mountains. These traps have actually been 100% efficient in keeping our cabin mouse complimentary when it is empty for extended periods.

Eliminated the mice.

Mice have actually been at them, still no bodies. However less mice poops around, and kids and animals cant get to blocks which is a big plus.

Functions fantastic. Our young puppy got package while we were gone and she might not enter into it. We were extremely delighted about that.

This is for sure the very best product we have actually ever acquired. Does precisely as explained.

This was the product that lastly worked.

Easy to utilize, do not need to touch any toxin.

Extremely comfy runs little, we need to have thought the evaluations, retuned and purchased a measure.

Functions as marketed.

Mice enjoy it to death.

Great for homes with animals.

Easy to utilize and they worked.

Eliminate kill kkeeel.

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