Amdro Kills Ants & Spiders Granules Shaker Bag 3lb

Amdro Kills Ants & Spiders Granules Shaker Bag 3lb

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Amdro Kills Ants & Spiders Granules Shaker Bag 3lb.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Fast-Acting. Kills on contact
  • Deals With as much as 2,500 square feet
  • Kills over 50 noted pests
  • For usage on yards, flower gardens and house border

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Amdro Kills Ants & Spiders Granules Shaker Bag 3lb.
Size: 3 Pounds Rapidly remove the danger of yard and garden insects with Amdro Kills Ants &Spiders Granules Our deep reaching formula kills on contact and keeps noted pests away for as much as 2 months. Kills ants, spiders, grubs, chinch bugs, mole crickets, fleas, ticks andmore Made in the U.S.A..

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Amdro Kills Ants & Spiders Granules Shaker Bag 3lb.

Question Question 1

Does This Deal With Crickets And Roaches Outdoor?The Crickets Are Consuming Our Plants And The Roaches Are All over.?

Yes it does. we put in around our cars and truck that is parked on gravel driveway to keep ants away. we constantly find other dead bugs it its course. we never ever find any live insects/bugs where it is sprayed. The only issue we have is it does not work when damp, we need to put more down after it rains.

Question Question 2

Does This Deal With Argentine Ants?

Yes it does aid with Argentine ants

Question Question 3

Does This Product Deal With Ghost Ants?

Have not seen them.

Question Question 4

We Have Pets, Will This Product Be Safe To Utilize In Backyard Where They Stroll?

we would not utilize products like these in animals locations. we do not believe it is safe.

Question Question 5

The Number Of Square Feet Will It Cover?

If we are not incorrect 1lb will cover about 2,000 sqft

Question Question 6

The Length Of Time After You Sprinkle This And It Is Watered/Rained On Do We Required To Wait Prior To We Let Animals And Kids Use The Yard?

we would most likely wait a few days to be safe

Question Question 7

What Is The Active Ingredientand Level Of Concentration?

Check out the back or call the seller

Question Question 8

Can Utilize It In Ur Fertilizer Spreader?

Yes, however it’s simpler to spread it by hand around the border of your house.

Question Question 9

Will It Eliminate Blackwidows?

Black widow spiders do not forage for food or spin webs in locations that are usually treated with Amdro Kills Ants &Spiders Granules Shaker Bag The very best outcomes will be with something that can be utilized inside your home and in fractures and crevices around your structure. Thank you

Question Question 10

Does This Assist With A Flea Problem?

This product does aid with fleas (consisting of feline fleas). Thank you

Question Question 11

Does It Deal With Chiggers?

Most Likely not

Question Question 12

Is It Safe To Utilize With A Food Making Garden?

we would not

Question Question 13

Does It Eliminate Earwigs?

Yes. This product does eliminate earwigs. Thank You

Question Question 14

Does It Deal With Crazy Ants?

we do not understand what insane ants are.All we understand is that it didn’t eliminate the ants in our lawn and we returned the product.

Question Question 15

Is It A Powder?

It is granules.

Question Question 16

Does It Deal With Fire Ants Too?

Yes. That’s what we utilize it on. Simply ensure you follow directions. It will eliminate them. we didn’t water it in we simply put it on and it still eliminated them.

Question Question 17

What Are The Active ingredients?

There noted on there site & on the bag.

Question Question 18

Can We Utilize The Granules In Bait Stations? Or Do They Required To Be Expand?

Check out the instructions

Question Question 19

Does This Things Killchiggers? We Required Something Great For Those Insects.?

Don t understand however most likely not

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Amdro Kills Ants & Spiders Granules Shaker Bag 3lb, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had ants ruining our plants and turf. They would consume leaves and destroy our yard. We attempted a few other products and was not successful. We were at a celebration informing somebody about our defeat from these little pests from hell and the very first thing out of their mouth was “have you tried amdro?” well, no, we have not. We pulled our phone out right there and bought this shaker bag. A few days later on, we had it in our hands and used it to our landscape and yard right prior to a rain storm. The next day, it was an antpocolypse and 2 months later on none have actually returned. This product is incredible.

We have actually constantly utilized amdro granules for ants and it has never ever dissatisfied me. This is the very first time we have actually purchased the granules that likewise look after spiders and other insects. Simply this previous week the ants have actually begun occurring and this year we have actually seen a spike in the brown widow population. Likewise those weird quick huge red spiders with the tan bubble butts. Because putting these granules out we have not seen any ants in the front lawn and they have actually stopped coming within. The spiders appear missing out on too. They have actually all most likely relocated to the back of your house. O. O we have not put any out in the backyard yet because we have pet dogs and will require to be a bit more innovative regarding where we position the granules. Up until now this is working excellent and we would buy it once again. Extremely simple to use shaker bag too.

We utilize this product about 2 months back and it has actually worked truly well. The variety of spiders that have actually crawled up our home this year has actually been substantially decreased. Nearly by about 90%. All we did was shake the bag around the whole structure of your house andthe border of our back deck. We even have remaining in order to make another pass now. That s why we are composing this evaluation. This things works.

Our lawn man provided us a bottle/container of this things. It worked excellent. Needed to order more simply to have on hand. It kills those pesky little black ants quick.

We reside in texas and was having a great deal of problem with spiders and ants entering into our house this summer season. We utilized the amdro granules around our house border and never ever saw another spider or ant. This things works like a beauty. The shaker bag is likewise really hassle-free. We were a little reluctant in the beginning to just how much product would dispose out of the bag if we shook however the application rate was ideal.

Product works as explained. Quick and reliable on removing the ant nest. Red ants in florida are big problem, however with amdro they are gotten rid of and gone. Would extremely advise this product. Rate point outstanding.

This is the only ant killer webuy Drop this things near a brand-new or existing mound and it will vanish in a day or 2. It appears alluring to the little buggers. We spray this things in problem areas around our lawn every year and ants have actually never ever been an issue because.

We enjoy purchasing this things and going on an ant-eliminating spree. Shake it around then water it in, or shake it around prior to a rain. We utilize an empty parmesan container (identified ant toxin, and we keep it on a high rack in the garage) as a shaker.

This things works like magic. Within 24 hr our ants were gone. Yes. Gone. We had actually pursued years to eliminate these pesky small little red ants. They ruined our house every spring/summer. Not anymore Extremely advise this product.

When orkin’s spraying quit working we chose to attempt this (it was suggested on a neighborhood message board). We utilize it 3 times a year for the previous couple years and it works excellent. We have no ant concerns any longer and for far less than spending for a service.

We have having an ant issue for weeks. We circled around the structure with this product and in one day, no more ants.

This product works excellent. We have a number of acres of desert land with red and black ants developing houses all over the home. A few sprays around their hill and hole makes them vanish. Extremely advise.

This things works excellent and lasts about a year, spray it around ur home and no ants, spiders, earwigs, absolutely nothing will remain in ur home crawling around. I swear by this things.

We attempted utilizing another brand name and the ants were back within 2 weeks. Amdro eliminated the ants and they have actually not returned after 2 months.

It took a number of applications to eliminate the big invasion of carpenter ants we had originating from what was left of a tree stump that we found under a flower bed at our brand-new house, however it ultimately eliminated all of the ants.

Functions great. We spray it in our lawn in the spring, and it truly reduces the spiders that enter your house for the remainder of the year. When we initially moved into this home, our lawn was “crawling” with spiders, it is getting better and better every year now.

Its working however we have pet dogs so need to beware.

Had an intrusion of carpenter ants in our front and yard, this product looked after it within 2 days. Extremely advise.

This worked quickly. We put it in the fracture of our driveway. And they came out scattering and passing away immediately. Bear in mind. The ants went crawling into our garage about 3 feet into it. However completion outcome deserved a few stings.


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