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There are so many products out there that claim to treat hemorrhoids, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

HemorrhoidsTreatmentGuide is finally dedicated to analyze the best hemorrhoids treatments on the market to provide you enough information so as to give you an informed decision before spending your hard earned money.

By doing extensive market research, analyzing thousands of customer reviews from Amazon, Walmart & eBay, taking health expert’s opinion from various discussion board & health blogs, here, we have narrowed down the list of products which are very effective and useful.

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Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids Treatment

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There are many things that can be said about hemorrhoids in general, but one of the most important is the fact that hemorrhoids cannot be cured without some really drastic hemorrhoids treatment.

Hemorrhoids are a condition in which the veins in the rectum area become inflamed due to intense pressure, causing extreme discomfort. It is estimated that nearly half the population will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. With such an alarming statistic, it is important to be able to identify the symptoms so it can be treated right away.

There are two types of hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids occur when the veins inside the anal canal become swollen. The problem with internal hemorrhoids is that it is very well possible that you may not even know you have it since there are no pain receptors in that area. However, a common symptom that results from internal hemorrhoids is bleeding.

Bleeding often occurs following bowel movement due to friction and expansion from stiff stool. If you find blood covering your stool or on the toilet paper you use, then you need to identify the reasons why this is occurring. Surprisingly, you may not have hemorrhoids as inadequate rest and significant stress are enough to cause bleeding during bowel movement.

Most cases of internal hemorrhoids are very minor and there are natural methods to combating it. Simply increase your fibre intake by consuming fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will not only help to improve your digestive system for better bowel movement, but it will also help to soften your stool so it does not cause bleeding.

External hemorrhoids are when the veins outside the anal area become swollen. Common symptoms include irritation and a burning sensation. To relieve the pain, use ointments that contain herbal remedies such as aloe Vera and witch hazel. In addition, immerse yourself in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water several times a day following bowel movement.

Either way, it is still highly recommended to see a doctor just to ensure that it is nothing more serious such as colon cancer. However, chances are that even if it is hemorrhoids it is most likely a minor case. Fortunately, there are hemorrhoids home treatments that you can utilize to treat the condition effectively.

Basically, whatever type of hemorrhoids treatment a patient chooses to use or a physician recommends, if it does not include surgery in it, it will only treat the physical manifestations of the disease, meaning it will alleviate the pain and the itching.

Unfortunately, once said hemorrhoids treatment is finished, the classical hemorrhoids symptoms will be back with a vengeance. This the reason why the hemorrhoids treatment should be categorized by what it truly does.

There are treatments that relieve the symptoms and treatments that try to combat one of the supposed hemorrhoids causes. In the end, there is the ultimate kind of treatment, the one that every patient is scared of: surgery.

The point this article is trying to make is that each and every treatment scheme has its target and it is usually pretty effective in its specific area.

Therefore, here are some of the most important variants of hemorrhoids home remedies:

1. Warm Sitz Baths:

One might wonder what makes a normal warm bath different from a sitz bath. Well, the answer to that dilemma comes once the patient is informed that the ingredients needed for a sitz bath should be purchased at a pharmacy.

The general idea behind such a bath is that the patient should rest the affected area in the warm sitz bath for about fifteen to twenty minutes, three times a day. This way, the typical hemorrhoids swelling will go down and the itching is alleviated.

The most important thing that one should remember is to completely dry the anal area after the bath, so as to avoid the appearance of irritation.

2. Dietary Changes:

See, the problem with the apparition of hemorrhoids is that it is usually predated by some serious digestive tract problems. One of the most common ones is constipation.

Now, constipation can be caused by a lot of things, ranging from stress to medication, but it is usually caused by poor eating habits. This means that if one changes ones’ eating habits, then the problem could solve itself.

In the very first stages of hemorrhoids development, this type of solution actually works. Why? Well, if the stool is softer and easier to eliminate, the anal muscles do not have to work that hard and the veins that belong to them will not bulge. If the veins do not swell, the hemorrhoids do not appear.

3. Stool Softeners:

Say that the dietary changes have arrived too late or that they are not enough. In this situation, your attending physician could recommend some sort of stool softeners. The reason behind this decision is the same as the one presented at dietary changes, the difference being that the stool softeners are actual drugs.

4. Keep Active:

If the patient has a desk job and does not do any sort of sport, be it only walking at a brisk pace, his or her body will not be able to work properly.

The bowels, while they move on their own, need a little help to function. That help is provided not only by the correct diet, but also by the body’s movement. Therefore, if the sufferer moves more, the bowels work better and the digestive process goes along smooth and nicely.

If we were to talk about homeopathic hemorrhoids treatment, the most important options are:

5. Bioflavonoid

Technically, bioflavonoid is not some sort of homeopathic treatment. They are chemical compounds that are common to a lot of plants.

Their role is pretty straightforward: they strengthen the blood vessel walls and reduce the inflammation. This means that the hemorrhoids will not only decrease in size, but they will stop bleeding and be less painful and itchy. The most important sources of bioflavonoid are citrus fruits.

Some of these compounds have been known to positively influence the evolution of hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Other compound cannot be used by certain categories of people, especially by those that undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer.

6. Horse Chestnut

This one does not actually belong to the hemorrhoids treatment, but it is recommended when the sufferer has a poor vein circulation or is affected by chronic venous insufficiency. It usually strengthens the veins, slowing or stopping the bleeding of the hemorrhoids.

When the only thing left to do is surgery, it is best to be informed as to what options you have. There are several types of hemorrhoids surgery out there, some of them with more risks than others. The one downside that all of them present is, that they leave the patient with a sense of fullness that does not tend to disappear.

The reason is obvious: the scarring left after the surgery is rather dense and does not allow the muscles to move as they usually do and the patient feels strange.

From the ones that do not require anaesthetic, like rubber band ligation (the hemorrhoids are tied with rubber bands, that stop the blood flow and effectively kill the hemorrhoids) and sclerotherapy (similar to rubber band ligation, but the destructive agent is a chemical substance), to the ones that leave the most scaring (hemorrhoidectomy and laser therapy), but is most effective, each and every one of these types have their good sides and their bad sides.

Treating Hemorrhoids Using Home Products

Hemorrhoids are also known as piles and are the swollen veins of the rectal region. They occur mostly near the anus at the lower part of the digestive canal.

The main causes of hemorrhoids include irregular bowel movements that may cause strain during defecation. They may not be life threatening, but they are very awful and cause severe pain and itching. Hemorrhoids may also cause bleeding along with the bowel movements.

Numerous options are available for treating hemorrhoids that are widely used by people for curing hemorrhoids for good. Medical and surgical treatments are effective but may lead to negative effects on health and body and therefore, herbal and home remedies are given more preference by everyone. Herbal remedies such as HemRid are quite worthwhile for a safe relief of hemorrhoids.

Many other products available easily in your kitchen might help you in treating hemorrhoids. You just need to know the right way to use them and guess what? They’ll help you recover from this irritating problem with ease. A few of them are:

1. Psyllium Seeds

Fibre rich psyllium seeds facilitate the passing of stools by making them softer and smooth. Harder stools exert pressure and strain on the lower part thereby causing hemorrhoids. These seeds should be taken with water for effective results.

Recommended quantity is a teaspoon full of psyllium seeds with around eight ounces of water immediately after breakfast in the first week of the treatment and then the similar dosage should be taken two times a day in the second week, that is, after breakfast and lunch.

Similarly, the dose should be increased to three times a day in the third week of the treatment. This is a very effective treatment and is extremely helpful for treating hemorrhoids.

The fibre richness quality of psyllium seeds make it an exceptionally useful and efficient cure of hemorrhoids and does not leave room for any other fibre supplement in diet.

2. Banana

Banana milk shake is something very productive and effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids. You will need to boil a banana with milk till it forms a mixture. This mixture should be taken two to three times a day for a few weeks.

The mixture should be taken with empty stomach. However, this treatment is not recommended for patients suffering from lactose or candida problems. It is a very healthy and useful treatment for the cure of hemorrhoids.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel extracted from fresh aloe vera plant is very useful for treating hemorrhoids. The gel should be applied to the affected area to reduce inflammation and itching.

4. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is another useful treatment method for hemorrhoids. Apply vitamin E oil directly to the anal region. Vitamin E capsules can be sued instead of vitamin E oil. Cut off the end of the capsule and squeeze the oil inside the anus. This provides significant relief from the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

5. Avoid Salt

Excess salts should be avoided with food. Excessive salt retains the fluids in the circulatory system of the body and causes bulging of the veins present in the rectum around the anus.

6. Cold Treatment

Cold treatment to hemorrhoids helps in their cure. Apply ice packs wrapped in a towel or cloth to the affected area for 10 – 15 minutes for 4 to five times a day. Ice numbs that region and reduces the irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

7. Warm Water Therapy

Warm water therapy is also effective in order to get rid of hemorrhoids. Sit in a few inches of warm water for several minutes 3 – 4 times a day. After taking this bath, make sure to dry that area properly using a damp cloth. If the anal region is not dried off properly, it may result in worsening the hemorrhoids.

8. Red Grape Wine Leaves

Tea made from red grape wine leaves has a positive effect in the treatment of hemorrhoid. If they are not available in the form of leaves, their capsule can be used for treating hemorrhoids.

9. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural astringent and helps a great deal to reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids. Readymade pads soaked in witch hazel may be expensive. For cost saving, you can get bottles of witch hazel and apply it to toilet paper. Use this toilet paper for application on the affected area.

10. Diet

A regular and proper diet is also very essential for the treatment of hemorrhoids. A diet that is rich in fibre improves the condition of the digestive tract and helps in the cure of hemorrhoids. Plenty of fluid should also be made a part of regular diet to avoid constipation.

11. Warm Tea Of Lady’s Mantle (Yarrow)

Strong warm tea of lady’s mantle (yarrow) provides an effective cure for hemorrhoids. Apply this tea on the affected area using a cotton ball. Repeat this process a few times a day to get timely results.

Treating hemorrhoids with the products available at home is easy, affordable and even safe. Who doesn’t want to get cured easily in the comfort zone of home? We all do. I have used a combination of these home remedies to cure myself from this irritating problem.

On a different note, home products are a secure way of treating hemorrhoids. Herbal remedies like HemRid are also safe as they are made by using natural herbs. Get rid of your hemorrhoids using herbs and you’ll be safe.

5 Yoga Poses To Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a painful and embarrassing reminder of the trouble brewing below. The culprit remains the inflamed blood vessels surrounding the anus. Not only occurs following a high amount of straining during bowel movements, pregnancy also stresses this area and may result in hemorrhoids.

It is an ideal time to speak to your health care professional if you suspect hemorrhoids. Anal bleeding can also be a sign of more severe medical conditions. A physician or other medical professional can make the final diagnosis.

Surprisingly, yoga offers benefit to hemorrhoid sufferers. Before beginning yoga, speak to a proper yoga trainer or your physician.

Sarvanga Asana

Yoga offers practitioners a reduction in stress level and some relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. Sarvanga Asana, or the candle pose, works to increase both balance and flexibility. Performing the pose properly requires assuming the proper position.

Bend your knees to your chest, while you lie on the floor. Place your finders behind your back and straighten your legs, elevating them to 90 degrees. Support yourself on your bent elbows as you roll your legs and spine forward and upward. Hold for a period of 10 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position.

Fish Pose

Lie face down on the floor. Lift your chest off the floor using your upper body. Allow the weight of your body to shift to your neck. Maintain the pose for at least 30 seconds. You can also do this pose with your knees bent or your legs in lotus position.

Fish pose relieves shoulder pain, counters inflammation of the skin and improves thyroid and parathyroid regulation.

Squatting Pose

This yoga position is fairly simple to perform. Stand with feet-hip distance apart. Bend slowly until you squat down close to the ground. Allow the buttocks to hover above the ground. Make a prayer gesture with your palms pressed together. Breathe deeply and then stand back up.

The squatting pose may fight again constipation, a common cause of hemorrhoids.

Legs Up The Wall

To perform this pose lie close to a wall. While lying on your side, rotate your legs around so they are resting against the wall. Keep your back flat against the floor. This keeps the body aligned and neutral.

Keep your buttocks as close as you can to the base of the wall and stretch out your legs. Breathe deeply and slowly. Maintain the position as long as desired.

This soothing, restorative yoga pose works to increase circulation to the anus and reduce swelling.

Child’s Pose

Sit on the floor on your knees. Slowly kneel forward. Allow your buttocks to touch your heels. Lean forward until your face touches the floor. Allow your arms to extend forward above your head. Hold the pose and breathe deeply. Slowly return to your starting position.

What Is The Best Diet For Hemorrhoids Relief And Prevention?

The Top Diet For Hemorrhoids Relief

Hemorrhoids are an affliction that strikes both men and women in roughly equal numbers. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum area that can be internal or external, with external in general being the ones associated with extreme pain and itching.

A number of factors are linked to developing them and there are several steps you can take to both get rid of them and avoid them in the future. Surprisingly, many of these diet tips are common sense in nature and you need only to use discretion when shopping and eating out.

Don’t be fooled by claims of miracle cleansing agents and other magic solutions for reducing belly fat, in the vast majority of cases they simply do not work. Develop your own diet for hemorrhoids and you’ll be on your way to a life free from pain.

Get Your Drink On!

If you are trying to recover from, or avoid hemorrhoids, one of the first things you should do is pay close to attention to the amount of water and fluids you drink every day.

Drinking the right amount of fluids helps you to avoid dehydration which in turn helps to avoid constipation, which can lead to hemorrhoids. You should drink at least eight large cups of water, pure juices, low-fat milk, herbal tea, or a broth-based soup daily.

If you are outside on a hot day you should drink even more as you lose more in sweat in hot weather. Also, be sure to increase your fluid intake if you are exercising.

Your Mother Was Right, You DO Need To Eat Your Vegetables

The next step in developing your very own diet for hemorrhoids is to start adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Many fruits and vegetables contain powerful natural anti-oxidants which are instrumental in protecting your body from infections and a number of diseases.

They also work hand in hand with fluids to help prevent constipation which significantly reduces your chances of getting hemorrhoids. They also contain fibre which helps in the digestive process, and experts recommend that you take up to 30 grams of fibre a day.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also low calorie, so they help support anyone who is on a diet, and are a better alternative than fatty snacks and fried food.

Some of the very best sources for fibre you’ll find are legumes. These foods include beans, split peas, and lentils as one cup of split peas after cooking can contain as much as 16 grams of fibre, more than one-half of your daily dietary requirement as defined by doctors.

Other foods that are rich in fibre include oatmeal, whole grain breads, wild rice, brown rice, and air-popped popcorn.

Whole grain foods are another weapon in your diet for hemorrhoids as they are a great source of vitamins and have a minimal effect on blood sugar and are also ideal for people on a diet to lose weight. Doctors and dietary experts have long held that eating more whole grain foods are one of the best diets for hemorrhoids, both in prevention and in treatment of them.

Here Are Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs

Just as there are some foods you should add to your diet for hemorrhoids, there are some foods that you most definitely should subtract from your diet.

Stay away from processed foods that are high in animal fat and low in fibre. This includes your steak and potatoes TV dinner and other frozen foods. These types of food can play a big part in the development of hemorrhoids as they impede the digestion process and do not easily pass through the intestines.

Fast food also frequently falls into this category, so avoid fried chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and other fast food that you know is processed. Processed foods are also a prime reason to that people begin to accumulate belly fat, one of the main factors behind men and women developing hemorrhoids.

Another food and drink you should stay away from when suffering from, or trying to avoid hemorrhoids are alcohol and caffeine. Both alcohol and caffeine work to diminish the supply of water in your body and they can also lead to smaller and drier stools that can place extra stress on the anal area during bowel movements, as well as possibly cause you to strain more, both of which are major factors in developing hemorrhoids.

Yet another food group you need to be aware of and stay away from when trying to stick to your diet for hemorrhoids are highly processed foods.

As with processed foods, these tend to be favourites of people who are overweight. This group includes foods such as white bread, white rice, pastries, pre-packaged cakes, sugary breakfast cereals, and sugary cookies.

All of these foods and foods like them impede the digestion process since they contain very little, if any fibre in them. This can lead to constipation and straining during bowel movements, both of which are contributing factors in men and women developing hemorrhoids.

Also avoid foods that can cause you to have an upset stomach and impede the digestion process. If you love spicy Mexican food, or Tex-Mex, keep them off of your diet menu when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Pizza, double-decker hamburgers are also known to cause problems for a large number of people.

Summing Up Everything

A diet low in fat, free from processed foods, and high in fibre is the key in your diet for hemorrhoids. When you know you are suffering from either internal or external hemorrhoids, it is very important to either stay away from or severely limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol, as these only tend to make you more dehydrated and impede the digestive system.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and add more beans and nuts to your diet as well, as they are also high in fibre. Replace your white sandwich bread with whole-wheat bread and cut down on TV dinners, pizza, hamburgers, and any other foods that are likely processed in some way.

Living a healthy lifestyle will do more than just to help you avoid hemorrhoids.

It can help you to maintain a healthy weight, stay in shape so you can exercise and live longer, and help you feel better overall and not feel tired in the middle of the day when your work is only half-way done. Do your body some good and implement your diet for hemorrhoids today.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

They can be external which means the hemorrhoid is situated outside the anal opening or internal or both. Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. It is an excruciating condition. They can be caused by straining to move stool, diarrhoea, chronic constipation or even anal intercourse. It can also be worsened by prolong sitting, straining of any kind, pregnancy and low fibre diets.

Men are more likely to experience hemorrhoids, because men tend to eat less fibre. Most of the time hemorrhoids occur between the ages 20 to 50 years old.

Conventional Hemorrhoid Tips & Treatments

For the not so serious conditions there are several things doctors usually recommend:

  1. Not to postpone or suspend bowel movement.
  2. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing to reduce pressure.
  3. Take some laxative to reduce straining during dumping.
  4. Shun away from eating too much spicy and hot food
  5. Eat high fibre food such as fruits and vegetables
  6. Apply petroleum jelly or over the counter creams
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Avoid scrubbing with soap, it may irritant some more.
  9. To relieve pain soak anus in warm water. This is called sitz bath.

The Problem With Conventional Treatments

The problem with conventional hemorrhoid treatments is that these remedies may contain irritants and chemicals that may further worsen the condition. Also, while they may provide temporary relief they don’t attack hemorrhoids at their source. As a result they are usually not a permanent cure.

For a permanent hemorrhoid cure we recommend you use H Miracle hemorrhoid medicine, which we believe is the best hemorrhoid cure on the market right now.

It’s safe and effective and not only does it have anti-inflammatory qualities as well soothing abilities that help with immediate pain but because H Miracle is an internal in treatment (i.e.: it comes in pill form) it works from the inside out (similar to how dermatological pills work to improve bad skin) and treats the cause of your hemorrhoids not just the symptoms.

Hemorrhoid Surgery

For the most serious hemorrhoid conditions doctors may recommend one of the following surgical procedures:

  1. Injection Schlerotherapy – the injection of a substance that will obliterate the hemorrhoids with scar tissue.
  2. Rubber band ligation. This is done one hemorrhoid at a time in 2 weeks interval. The hemorrhoid is tied off, withering it and drops off.
  3. Laser destruction – basically the burning off of hemorrhoids
  4. Infrared photocoagulation
  5. Electro coagulation
  6. Cryotheraphy – the freezing off of hemorrhoids

While you may think surgery is a sure cure, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that it doesn’t cure hemorrhoids in all cases and often hemorrhoids reoccur. There are also side effects to certain hemorrhoid surgeries you should be aware of. We recommend that surgery be used only as a last resort.

The Best Hemorrhoids Treatment

If you want to cure your hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming back then we recommend you use H Miracle hemorrhoids medication. H Miracle is a natural medication that both relieves your pain now and prevents hemorrhoids from back in the future. It comes in pill form and is made from a special formula including zinc, vitamin E, L-arginine hydrochloride, horse chestnut, and other special proven ingredients.

Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

Certain hemorrhoids treatment can be extremely painful and uncomfortable therefore it is a good thing that there are many different kinds of hemorrhoids treatment available. Before you choose the hemorrhoids treatment to use though, you first have to look at the pros and cons of each hemorrhoids treatment so that you can get the most beneficial results.

Among the most commonly prescribed hemorrhoids treatment are topical applications such as ointments and creams. The objective of these kinds of treatments is to soothe the swollen blood vessels on the rectal region, preventing your hemorrhoids from flaring up.

Most topical hemorrhoids treatments are quite effective in providing immediate relief but that is just about all they do. In other words, this hemorrhoids treatment only subdues the symptoms but do not really get rid of hemorrhoids for good.

1. Suppository Hemorrhoids Treatment

Yet another frequently used hemorrhoids treatment is the suppository. Its purpose is to provide moisture to the hemorrhoids inside the rectum, lubricating them so that they don’t tear despite constant pressure.

The use of suppositories is said to be very effective in getting rid of hemorrhoids but like topical applications, with this hemorrhoids treatment is not guarantee that the hemorrhoids will not recur in the future.

2. Hemorrhoids Treatment – Oral Medications

Oral medications can also be commonly prescribed as hemorrhoids treatment. They work by tightening vein tissues in the rectal area, allowing the hemorrhoids to heal without any further risks of bleeding or infection.

However, like in most other artificially prepared medications, this particular hemorrhoids treatment may have some negative side effects which may accompany the use of these anti-hemorrhoid pills.

3. Surgery As Hemorrhoids Treatment Alternative

If the above-mentioned hemorrhoids treatment does nothing to improve your condition, you might have to try some of the more drastic methods such as surgery. However, health experts strongly recommend that you try the milder hemorrhoids treatment approaches first before opting for these more serious remedies.

External Hemorrhoids Treatment

Many of us have had the experience of hemorrhoids; and of course, we have tried the most familiar external hemorrhoids treatment known to man: We also recommend you increase some of these foods in your diet:

  • Wheat germ bread
  • Potatoes
  • Oats
  • Spinach
  • Apples
  • Nuts

With that said the best external hemorrhoids treatment is always prevention. Potatoes are always readily available; oats, brans and nuts can also be found without a lot of additives or chemical enhancements. Eat your fruits and vegetables raw or steamed.

Notice too that all of these are high in fibre and nutritive values. The better food you eat and the more water you drink the more likely your bowel movements will pass comfortably and help you avoid hemorrhoid pain.

Treating Your External Hemorrhoids At Home

You can go to a health food store to get witches hazel and make your own medicated pads using makeup removal pads and a tightly sealed jar. Apply the treatment when you have passed a BM or when you are uncomfortable and need immediate relief.

Also, you can purchase other herbs like Butcher’s Broom extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory, or you can try Horse Chestnut to help with poor circulation.

Ideally, you can try Hemrid, which is a proprietary blend of these and other herbals proven to help ease the circulation problems, inflammation and pain internally through the blood system. The herbal capsules can be taken a few times a day with meals to help you recover within a week or so.

In most cases, hemorrhoids will heal within 7 days for most of the treatments mentioned here if the case has not developed too far. Prolapsed or bulging hemorrhoids will usually take about 2 months to fully heal. A Thrombosed hemorrhoid, which includes blood clots, can take up to 3 months to heal.

Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatments

Not many sufferers realize that you can find reasonable bleeding hemorrhoid treatments in your own bathroom. However, this type of hemorrhoids is often very painful and emotionally challenging to deal with because of the pain and embarrassment they cause the sufferer. The good news is they do go away, sometimes on their own; sometimes with the help of home or OTC remedies.

Bleeding hemorrhoids happen when thrombosed hemorrhoids become aggravated when passing a stool. Sometimes, the stool will press against the blood filled tissue and cause it to bleed. This is especially true if the tissue is extremely inflamed or the bowel movement is hard and dry.

Grade System For Hemorrhoids

Doctors have a grading system established regarding the severity of hemorrhoid cases.

Grade 1 is completely internal and often very small; so small that the sufferer hardly realizes they are there.

Grade 2 hemorrhoids are larger internal hemorrhoids that may make passing stools more difficult or even painful.

Grade 3 hemorrhoids are prolapsed or external that can be pushed back in to the anus easily by the sufferer if they so choose to try that. Grade 4 hemorrhoids are larger and cannot be pushed back in. These often are more painful and may bleed.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment Options At Home

One immediate method of treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is to sit in a warm—not hot—bath after using the toilet or at least 3 times a day. The warm water will soothe the pain and even reduce the inflammation.

Topical creams and homemade remedies can help with the itching or pain in the inflamed tissue around the anus. Topical creams should, however, only be used for a maximum of 7 consecutive days to prevent further damage to the tissue.

Cold compresses are helpful as well, but be sure to have a barrier between the compress and your skin to prevent it from adhering painfully to the skin. Another good idea is to use moist towelettes or baby wipes that had Aloe Vera to clean after passing a stool.

Natural Or Alternative Medications

Many doctors recommend natural hemorrhoid cures and treatments that can be administered from home because more invasive creams or procedures that carry more risks are often not necessary. For natural cures and immediate relief, you’ll find pills, creams and lotions to soothe pain and reduce swelling.

Some hemorrhoid cures in pill form, such as Venapro and Avatrol, work using essential oils to help soften stools as well as stop or prevent constipation.

Pills and topical creams may include natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, red sage, red root, aloe Vera, burdock roots, chamomile, calendula, horse chestnut, or butcher’s broom. There are also natural suppositories for internal hemorrhoids such as Neo Healer.

Whether you need relief for hemorrhoids itching, swelling, bleeding or pain, natural medicines and remedies can help you treat your condition without harmful side effects. Be sure to start treatment as soon as you realize you have hemorrhoids.

Early hemorrhoid treatment can help prevent a worsening condition. Many natural medicines are available online at affordable pricing, so there’s no reason to suffer with this painful condition any longer.

Tips For Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment At Home

Having good health is a must for every human being because without good health, there is no question that our body cannot do any activity with perfect performance just like we expect.

We must not forget that there are many people who are suffering of many kinds of disease and also health problem because they are not able to keep their health properly. The way for keeping health of our body is clear.

We should eat the food which is healthy and there is no doubt that this effort will not be perfect if we are not doing physical exercise regularly.

It must be true that the healthy lifestyle becomes the key for keeping our health. However, there are still many of us who are careless about our health and there is no doubt that it will be really normal if someday we will find problem about our health.

There is kind of health problem which we thought simple; but actually, it will be great problem if we do not treat it properly. Hemorrhoid sounds simple problem but we will not think it as simple matter anymore after we have to find internal hemorrhoids treatment at home which is a little bit complicated for many people after all.

People will prefer to do the internal hemorrhoids treatment at home first before they make appointment and go to the doctor. Of course, it is not impossible to make this since there is standard treatment which people can apply when they have hemorrhoid problem at home.

It is sitz bath which is the standard procedure which we should do for treating our hemorrhoid problem. Actually, this procedure can be applied not only for internal hemorrhoid but also for external one.

The procedure is super simple since we only have to prepare the bathtub with warm water and we should sit in it for about 15 to 20 minutes. This procedure should be applied every day for two or three times each.